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Internal Rebellion by matchmaker29
Chapter 1 : Painted Green
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awesome chapter image by charme. @tda!!!!




I don't own anything you recognize! JK Rowling is an absolute goddess!!!





There were three critical things that I, Bryn Elizabeth Baker, had learned in my short 17 years of life.

1.Don’t give little kids chocolate before bed. This will only end in your destruction when babysitting.

2.If somebody tells you that it’s a really good idea to get on a broom and fly around even though you have motion sickness, don’t do it.

3.If Dominique Weasley comes anywhere near you with any type of make-up item, even an innocent looking lip gloss, run far away.



“Come oooonnnn Bryny! It’s only lip gloss! I’ve been working on it for a while! It’s safe! I promise!"



You see Dom here (my drop-dead gorgeous part-Veela best friend) had a new obsession with creating her own make-up. She was going to find the perfect formula for beauty, call the brand ‘Domnifique’, and make millions selling it. You can’t say she’s not a dreamer. 



“No way Dom! The last time you tested your make-up on me I ended up with a puffed up face for three days!”


Dom rolled her eyes “How was I supposed to know you were allergic to poison ivy? It made the blush a pretty colour!"



Yes, she did put poison ivy in blush.



“Dom, pretty much everyone is allergic to poison ivy.”



Dom twirled a piece of her perfect strawberry blonde hair around her finger and sighed. “Well, there’s nothing dangerous in this lip gloss, I promise!”

 She handed the small bottle out to me and I look it tentatively, as if it would explode. Which some of her products have before. Dom watched me eagerly as I opened the lid of the bottle and smeared a tiny bit of sparkly gloss on my lips. I closed my eyes and braced myself for the worst.



And nothing happened! My lips were just fuller and glossier looking! I’m alive!

 “Dom,” I said happily “It worked!”

 Dom looked positively gleeful. “Yes! Now, I can make more and sell it at Vic’s wedding! I mean she does owe me since I practically made the wedding happen.”


You see Dom is under this delusion that she set Teddy Lupin and Victoire Weasley up. Victoire is four years older than us and when we were first years, Dom would insist that we spy on the teenagers. They had been best friends forever, but then Vic grew into her Veela-ness and boys flocked to her like…well a flock of birds. And Teddy began to get jealous. Dom and I’s entertainment first year was watching their jealousy wars and knowing they were secretly pining for each other. Then, our second year, and Teddy’s last year of school, he got a girlfriend. We expected Victoire to get jealous (he probably did too), but she just got really sad. She avoided Teddy like the plague and it seemed that their friendship was dying. And Dom, being Dom, wanted to get to the bottom of it, so she followed Teddy’s girlfriend for four days straight and found out that she was blackmailing Victoire to stay away from Teddy. I know, so much drama. Anyway, Dom told Teddy right away and he dumped the bitch and went to find Victoire right away. I have no idea what happened that night (they probably shagged), but the next morning they were together and happy as ever. And now five years later, they are engaged. Dom takes complete credit for their relationship.

I rolled my eyes. “Dom, there’s no way Victoire is going to let you sell—“



Suddenly I felt a burning sensation on my lips. The lip gloss was smoking! Dom’s big blue eyes widened and she quickly grabbed a towel and flung it to me. I hastily wiped off the gloss and the sensation went away. Phew.

But, Dom’s eyes grew wide again. Oh, no. I rushed to her vanity and looked in the mirror. My lips were green.







“Trying out a new fashion statement Bryn?” Nick Waters, the completion of our trio, asked me as I came down to dinner that night.



“Why don’t you ask your lover Nick.”

Nick visibly paled and looked around to make sure lovely Dominique hadn’t heard me. You see, Nicholas here had been in love with Dom since he first set eyes on her, but he doesn’t want to ‘ruin their friendship’. He just stood by like a puppy and watched her walk off with a different guy to shag every night. Poor boy.



“Shhh!” he whispered violently.

“She’s not down yet Nick, relax!”

It was sadly obvious how Nick felt, but Dom is so clueless that I bet if he went up and snogged her she still wouldn’t know how he felt.

Nick relaxed and then smirked again at my green lips. “So seriously, what happened? Another ‘Domnifique’ product?”

I nodded and he shook his head exasperatedly. “Thank Merlin I’m a guy!”

 “If only I was one!” I groaned and buried my head in my hands.

 “Oh, your not far from it Baker.”

Wait. That wasn’t Nick’s voice. I lifted my head and came face to face with the most arrogant, selfish, bigheaded prat in the UK: James Potter.

 “I mean,” he continued “You already look like a guy, so you can’t be far off from your goal.” Potter gave me his signature smirk.

I glared at him. “Why don’t you just fuck off Potter and go find something to snog. You know I was thinking of doing an article for the Hogwarts Daily: ‘The Day in the Life of a Manwhore’. You interested?”

Potter:0 Bryn:1

 Potter scowled and stalked away to his group of devils-I mean ‘friends’. There were Mimi and Faye, or as Dom likes to call them the ‘doublebint twins’. Madison Radly, the bitchy leader of the doublebint twins, Joseph Simet, Harvey Fillin, and the only member of the group with worth, Fred Weasley.

 Fred was an actual human being that was nice to everyone, but since he’s pretty much been best friends with Potter since birth, he finds himself in the so-called ‘popular group’.

You see, Potter and I have been enemies ever since I can remember. Back in our first year, 6 years ago, his ego was as big as the Atlantic Ocean and he basked in the limelight that everyone gave him because of who his family was. Girls flocked him asking him to flex his muscles, or flash them his signature smirk. It was disgusting. Finally, I called him out. And he was not happy. I was a little fire-cracker back then (still am) and we had our first duel against one another. And then our first detention together. The first of many. Ever since we have hated each other. We pranked each other, duelled, he ruined quite a few of my relationships, and I interrupted quite a few of his rendezvous. We hated each other and we always would.

 “I’ve done it!” I looked up from my plate to find Dom holding the tube of lip gloss that cursed me with a triumphant look in her eyes.

 “Dom, get that stuff away from me!” I said scooting away from her.

 Nick raised his eyebrows. “What exactly have you ‘done’ Dom?”

 Dom smiled evilly. Oh no. “I, my dear Nicholas, have thought of a proper use for this lovely Domnifique product!”

Before Nick or I could stop her, she got up and started making her way over to Madison and the Doublebint twins. I saw Dom smiling convincingly and gave the lip gloss to them. Madison glared at her (she was super jealous of Dom’s veela-ness), but took the lip gloss anyway. Dom then made her way back to our table end.

“How stupid are they?” I asked exasperated.

 Dom smirked. “You know Madison can never resist my charm! And besides, this is payback for stealing Jonah from you Bryn!”

 Jonah Ryans had been my boyfriend for a few months before Madison decided I’d had enough fun and fucked him in a broomstick closet. She broke his heart a few days later, but really he should have known better.

 Suddenly there was a screaming coming from the three girls as their lips turned green. Shrieks of ‘OMGOMG’ resonated around the Great Hall.

 Dom smiled and Nick and I burst out laughing. Payback was sweet.


I was in good spirits as I walked back to the Gryffindor Common Room, so I decided to take the long way so that I could go to my favourite spot in the castle: the Astronomy Tower. At night you could look out the window up there and see all the beauty that Hogwarts has to offer. It was so peaceful and I tried to go up the Astronomy Tower and think as often as I could. It was hard sometimes though because Hogwarts was full of horny teenagers that liked to shag on the tower floors. Hopefully it would be empty tonight.

There was a cold chill in the tower when I finally reached the top and I pulled the sweater I was wearing over my uniform closer to me. For a few moments, I was in a peaceful bliss watching the stars. And then guess who ruined that bliss?

“Cold Baker?”

I didn’t even have to turn around. “Potter can you fuck off for like one night?”

 Potter chuckled and I felt him move behind me so that his breath tickled my ears. “You know Baker,” he mused playing with a strand of my blonde hair “your hair is really soft.”

 Okay. What the fuck was he playing at? Potter and I never compliment each other. Ever. Unless it’s a sarcastic compliment.

 I turned around stupidly forgetting how close we were and our noses were almost touching. “What are you playing at Potter?” I voiced my thoughts.

 He didn’t say anything, but took his fingers and gently brushed them down my cheek. I was too stunned to move. Why was he acting like this? Why was he looking at my lips? Why did he have that look in his eyes? Oh shit.

Potter leaned in close and I think we can all guess what’s coming next. His lips touched mine and that was when all hell broke loose in my very fragile world.



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Internal Rebellion: Painted Green


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