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Dark Eternities by Broken Butterfly
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1
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 Chapter 1:


Immortality always comes with a price. In order for one man to achieve it, he must bind his life to that of another same age. Then they both will be immortal. Of course one of the men will not feel anything, not love, not the wind on his face, he shall be like the walking dead. While the other is free to love, eat, drink, and enjoy life as he would have in his own way without the unpleasantness of aging. All the gift requires is a sacrifice of immortal blood on the night of all Hollows Eve every third century.

Over a Thousand Years ago, my father Salazar Slytherin achieved immortality by binding his life to his best friend Godric, inflicting him with a fate of eternal Emptiness.

I was born 18 years ago as a mortal witch. Father married my mother who is also a mortal witch and when I was born I was born mortal because father’s immortality is not genetic and can only be achieved the same way father achieved it himself, by binding myself to another girl my own age. I had many questions about the ritual when I was little and father told me all he could because he wanted for me to gain immortality when I turned eighteen. Now though I’m not so sure it is something I wanted.

I once asked father why he kept Godric locked in the dungeon if he already couldn’t feel anything, or die. Father patiently scooped me up onto his lap, something he had never done before or since, and explained to me that a long time ago, when he had first achieved immortality, Godric had run far away in an attempt to escape the blood ritual on All Hollow’s Eve and end his suffering. He had almost made it and father only caught him the night before the ritual was to take place. He told me that because it had been so close that he couldn’t risk Godric trying to escape again therefore kept him locked in the dungeon.

Now, with all that has been done, seeing how evil the ritual is, it pains me to see Godric in so much pain.


“I want to speak with the prisoner. Alone.” I said crossing the threshold of the dungeon.

“Lady Isabella, that is ill advice. He is dangerous.”

“I said I will speak to him alone, now let me through and close the door behind you.”

“But I warn you My lady.”

“Guard I warn you do as I say before I hex you, or worse report you to father.”

“Yes My lady. As you wish.”  He left, after clearing the room of guards and closed the heavy oak door behind him. I took a deep breath and pulled my hood over my face and walked deeper into the dark, damp stone prison. The sound of water dripping from a leak and falling on the stone floor was loud against the silence of the place.

“So, ye wish to speak with me, aye?” came a voice drawled from the corner of the last cell in the deepest part of the dungeon.


“Well I won’t speak with a person I cannae see.”

I removed my hood from my face, tucking it behind my hair.

“That is better Lass.”

“That is my lady to you sir.”

“Lady, ah, you must be Salazar’s girl.”

“Yes. I’m Isabella Slytherin.”

“What could the daughter of my enemy possibly want with me?”

“I want you to tell me how you were caught the first time you attempted escape?”


“I just want to know.”

“I do nae trust ye lass.”

“Nor I you. Yet I am here.”

“I was caught because I went far as possible away from the place the ritual was held.”

I gave him a blank stare.

“Salazar expected me to be far away so he sent men to every place to find me and finally they did.”

“So what would you do, if you were able to escape again.”

“Lass, I have been here for a long time, over a thousand years now, the chances of me escaping are unlikely.”

“I’m not asking about the chances, I’m asking what you would do.”

“I would hide in plain sight. I would hide close to the druids were the ritual was and have your father assume that I ran far away again.”

“That would work you think?”

“I don’t know. But it is worth trying for freedom.”

“Yes. I see.”

“You will tell your father this I suppose.”

“No. Father will not hear of this.”


“All in good time my Lord Godric. All in good time.” I said and turned away from the cell and retreated back to the door. I knocked three times and the door opened and I was ushered out.


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Dark Eternities : Chapter 1


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