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We are Broken by LyrisLovegood
Chapter 1 : We are Broken
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A/N: Hi guys this story is written for the 'St. Mungo's' challenge by academica. I hope you like it :)

Just to warn you this story does touch on a very sentive topic so only read on if you want to and are comfortable. 

She was beautiful.

And flawless... much like the beautiful sunset when it kissed the ground and bid goodnight. Her smile was contagious, bright like the moonlight. She had soft, full lips that I’d learnt to part with, but had yet to forget.

Why would I?

She was the same girl I used to know so well. But I knew that she wasn’t.

Her eyes used to hold so much happiness, so much care and love. It used to dance like a flame, clashing against the wind, determined to stay alight in the hardest of times. And her smile, that beautiful smile that could melt the hearts of a thousand Hogwarts school boys...

How did I become so lucky?

This girl possessed the same smile as she had before, but now she did not project the soft laughter that used to send shivers down my spine.

I used to love her long blonde hair and I still did; especially when it was curled neatly and put into a side ponytail. She used to wear red lipstick and light make-up. It complemented her skin so well. Every time I saw her I wanted to pull her into my arms and kiss her right then and there – but not now.

Her appearance was ragged, her hair untamed. She only had those four walls for company and that was the way it would remain.

I was a stranger to her – a monster in her closet, a demon in her light.

She did not remember me, and she won’t.

Acacia Ellis was the love of my life. But a terrible accident caused her to become mentally unstable. She’d never been the same since.

Her smile no longer held happiness; it was rather a sad reflection of her past, her history, her current state.

She was broken. And I couldn’t fix her – not that she needed fixing. But I wanted to help.

I wished to fill the gap left behind by this. I would do anything to make her smile again, just to hear the chimes of her laughter and see the flames dancing in her blue eyes once more. I’d go to the moon and back if I thought it would help. But I knew better.

It was too late and that was that. She was lost.

A memory popped inside my head and I tried to crack a smile. It was the first time Acacia Ellis told me she loved me.

I remembered it well, like it was yesterday. It was December sixteenth.

It was a beautiful day.

The sun was shining and the ground was a blanket of white. Snow kept falling, quickly and rapidly, gathering on the ground.

She smiled and giggled as we played tag in the snow. Or, more importantly, it was me playing tag and she was the one running away.

I finally caught up with her and pulled her into a warm embrace. I recalled Acacia to smell like vanilla: sweet and innocent. I pulled her back in to me as I rested my chin on her right shoulder, kissing her swiftly on her rosy pink cheek.

“Tag, you’re it,” I whispered softly, lifting my head up, spinning her around so that she was facing me.

“I don’t like this game,” she explained, looking rather sad. “I always lose.” She pouted her kissable pink lips. I pulled her close and did just that: kissed her, short and sweet on the lips.

“But you’ll never lose when you have me,” I said jokingly. She broke into a smile and shook her head lightly at my cheesy line.

She paused for a couple of seconds as if contemplating something. And then she said those three words.

“I love you,” she mumbled.

I stared at her, unsure of what she had said. “Pardon?” I asked politely.

“I said,” she paused once more as if deciding whether it was worth repeating or not. She saw my curious eyes and, breathing in deeply, she said, “I love you, Hugo Weasley.”

On December sixteenth, Acacia Ellis told me she loved me.

That was a long time ago. She no longer felt those emotions for me.

I wish I could say the same for her.

But she had remained in my dreams: every night, without fail, she was there. She was always happy in my dreams. I suppose my subconscious didn’t really want to think of her any other way. I already knew Acacia as my happy Acia – that was the nickname I gave her. It wasn’t that the name wasn’t beautiful but Acia was shorter, easier to roll off of the tongue. I mean, she loved her nickname, or at least she hadn’t said otherwise.

As I watched her through the glass, another memory popped into my mind.

It was summer, roughly a year and a half since we’d gotten together.

I felt in my heart this was the time.

I was spending my summer at Shell Cottage as my Uncle and his family were away on holiday. I was asked to look after the place.

In this memory I was twenty-one.

“Hugo, what are we doing on the beach so late at night?” Acia asked, sceptical. Nevertheless, she continued to follow me even though she hated surprises.

“Keep your eyes closed,” I warned sternly, quickly spinning her around as we reached our destination, making sure she couldn’t see what I’d planned. “Are you going to keep them closed?” She nodded her head and did just that. 

“Can I open my eyes now?” she begged, no longer wanting to be kept in the dark.

“Not yet,” I answered; I wanted to make sure everything was perfect.

“What about now?” She was getting irritated; I could hear it in her voice.

“Alright, open them,” I responded with uncertainty. I didn’t know how she was going to react.

“Oh, Hugo-” She stared in awe at what was before her. It was a ring in a shell – quite ironic since we were at Shell Cottage. She was sat at a small table for two, with a single candle in the centre and the bright stars and moon in the sky for light.

Could it get any more romantic?

I got down on one knee and said these words: “Acacia Louise Ellis, will you make me the happiest man alive and do the honour of becoming my wife?”

She was gobsmacked.

I was worried.

She still hadn’t given me an answer.

And then it hit her as she realised that I was still down on one knee. “Oh Hugo, get up,” she whispered, seeing me get slightly drenched as the tide came in.

Clearly I didn’t set it far enough away from the shore.

I got up and looked at her. Acacia was average height: standing at five foot six, I easily towered over her. She glared back up at me; her bright blue eyes piercing into my warm brown ones. “Yes! I will marry you. You should stop holding your breath now, though,” she giggled, stretching up, standing on her tippy-toes so she could reach my lips.

I smiled back at her, picturing her as my wife.

Acia’s condition still hadn’t changed. I kept coming to see her every day but she never realised it was me.

Healer Lyon kept telling me she was getting better, but I knew she was lying.

Looking at her I could still see that she was crushed and broken, after that one accident that sent everything spiralling out of control. I could see it in her body language.

“Is she okay?” my wife asked, concerned, waiting for a cry... anything. “What’s wrong with her?” she started to panic, kicking and screaming, wanting to see her newborn.

“We just need to do some check-ups,” Healer Harris informed Acia, rushing little Alyssum Weasley away from her mother.


I stared at Acia hopelessly, sweat dripping down her forehead as she wore a sad expression on her face.

“Please, promise me she’s okay,” she begged; but I could not reassure her.

Healer Harris soon came back and informed us of our loss.

“Hello Acia, do you remember me?” I smiled, taking a seat beside her. She watched me closely as I sat down.

“Be quiet,” she shushed me. “I’m trying to get Ally to sleep.” She smiled down at the baby in her arms, quietly humming a lullaby.

She was happy again. For now.

But her reality was just the beginning of our nightmare.

Acia Ellis-Weasley had never been the same since we lost the baby.

Now my wife walked around holding a baby doll.

A/N - Hi there. So what do you think about this? This is my first time at trying my hands at a one shot and a sad story.

Thanks for reading :) please R&R since you got this far.

Lyris xo

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