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Kiss Me Again by heart_of_a_slytherin
Chapter 8 : Diagon Alley Part 2
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 A/N: Oh my gosh I’m sooooooo sorry I didn’t update in forever.  I just got so busy with school and life and just completely forgot about this fic.  Anyways some good news: I’m now on TDA J Look me up I’m: Princess_of_Slytherin.  Uh…TeilaWeasley11 is my beta except I can’t exactly PM her until I get an account on HPFF Forums. Anyways now that my ramblings are done…on to the chapter.


CHAPTER 8: Diagon Alley Part 2

chapter image by the AMAZING ColouredSkies @ TDA


            Draco’s soft lips met mine in a gentle caress, sweet and almost…well…almost loving, but that wasn’t possible.  Draco didn’t love me; he doesn’t even like me like that.  It was all for the show.  Just as his tongue gently slid across my bottom lip, he is wrenched away from me.  My eyes flutter open so quickly that I am momentarily blind.  A few minutes pass before my blindness disappears.  I am finally able to see clearly, and I see Draco slumped against the wall with a bleeding nose.  I gasp audibly.

            “Oh God Draco, are you okay?” I quickly run to him and kneel down next to him.

            “I’ve been better,” He groans.

            “Hold still, I’ll heal you.”


            “Prohebre Sanguinem” I mutter while waving my wand.  That stopped the blood but the pain was still there and his nose was still broken.

            “Dolor Liberum,” I murmur and he no longer feels any pain, now to heal his nose.

            “Are you done yet?”

            “Nearly,” I reply.

            “Sano Naribus,” I mumble and his nose is finally healed.  In the process of healing Draco I had completely forgotten about the reason I had to heal him. I turn around to find the very cause of Draco’s broken nose being a very shocked Fred Weasley who was gaping open-mouthedly at me.

            “Fred? What the hell?!”

            “Mi, I should ask you the same.  What the hell is this?  You’re looking after the Malfoy now?”

            “Well he’s looked after me more than your brother has.”

            “What are you talking about?!?! YOU are the one who’s cheating.  Kissing this ferret behind Ron’s back!”  I don’t know why but that last statement hurt.  It felt like he sliced through a freshly healed wound.  The pained expression probably could be seen clearly on my face because Fred promptly stopped speaking.  I didn’t realize it but sometime in between when Fred and I had been conversing Draco had stepped behind me and is now wrapping an arm around my figure.  I lean back into him for support.

            “Actually Weasley, it was your dumb brother who cheated on her with none other than Lavender Brown, and of course you had to rub salt into a fresh wound.” Draco irritatedly sneers. 

            “Come Mia let’s go.”

            “I’m so sorry Mi, I had no idea.”

            “Weasley you don’t seem to have much of an idea.  Mia doesn’t like to be called Mi, Mione, Hermy Herms or any other stupid silly nickname other than Mia.”

            I smile up at Draco.  It’s so sweet that he remembers.

            “Let’s go Draco, I’m tired now and I’d like to get some sleep.”

            “Of course, unless your red-headed friend has an objection?”

            “Yes I do, I don’t want my sister, cause that’s practically what you are, to be sleeping with a ferret.”

            “FRED!  You call me your sister? You know nothing about me.  I’m not sleeping with Draco!”

            “That was low Weasley really low, I just lost all my respect for you.  Well, whatevers left of it after you said that to Mia.”

            “Really? You had any respect for me in the first place?”

            “Yes, he did.  I’m surprised he admitted it.” I whisper almost inaudibly.

            “Drake can we please go now?”

            “Sure,” he answers automatically.  He gently grabs a hold of my arm and we walk out of the parlour quickly while Draco signals Florean to put our bill, which I knew he wouldn’t let me pay, onto his tab.  Florean merely smiles and nods. As soon as we reach the Leaky Cauldron, we floo to Draco’s penthouse.  I am unable to look at Draco and almost ready to run into my room.  Draco catches my arm yet again and twirls me until I am facing him but still I look down at my feet.  He reaches his hand out and lifts my chin up forcing me to look into his eyes.

            “Look Mia, I’m not angry at you.  It wasn’t your fault!  Hey! Look at me.  I said look at me.  Mia this doesn’t change anything between us.  You and I are still You and I.”

            “Thanks Drake but I still feel guilty.”


            I had never let anyone call me Drake but when Hermione called me that it just sounded so much hotter than when anyone else said it.  Lest to say it extremely turns me on. 

            “You have no reason to be guilty Mia, you didn’t do anything!” I exclaim.

            “But Drake-“

            “No buts Mia, I said it isn’t your fault.”

            “All the same I’d like to say that I’m so sorry.”

            “Hey! Don’t apologize haven’t you heard ‘in friendship there are no thank yous and no sorrys.’”

            “And that is why we’re friends.  You are exactly like me!  Goodnight Drake.”

             “Good Night,” I whisper to her already retreating form.


A/N: Hi guys sorry this was so short! I just had to end it there because this chapter was extremely difficult for me to write.  I just couldn’t get anything  to come out of my ever working mind.  Anyways yeah so please leave a review.  I promise the next chapter will be longer.  Oh and yeah did I surprise you?  It was Fred not Ron!  Haha for Draco/Ron conflict you’ll have to wait a bit J

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Kiss Me Again: Diagon Alley Part 2


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