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fight back by pottermaster97
Chapter 14 : 14. Blind
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Hermione opened her eyes knowing the world would still be black. “H…a…rr…y?” she choked. Someone took hold of her hand. “No it’s me Luna, do you want me to get harry?”

“Yes, please” Hermione said finding her voice. A few minutes later she heard footsteps enter the room. “Hermione! I’ve been so worried”

“Harry I’m blind”…


“What are you talking about Hermione?”

“Well it’s kind of obvious harry, I can’t see” Hermione replied slowly

“The healer is right here, maybe she can help” Hermione felt the nurse step closer and begin to inspect her eyes. After a few minutes the nurse straightened up. “I’m sorry but I’ve never seen anything quite like this but I don’t believe there is anything we can do for your eyesight miss granger.” A small beeper went off somewhere in the room. The healer looked down and sighed “I’m sorry but I must go and attend to another patient”

“Wait! The curse that Draco malfoy and I were hit with, it was bona…bona extremum”

“Lucius Malfoy’s curse?”

“You’ve heard of it?”

“Yes but only once” with that the hearer hurried from the room. Once she was gone Hermione felt harry sit next to her. “Um Luna can we have a minute?” Hermione asked

“Of course I’ll be right outside keeping an eye on the nargles” harry chuckled as she left.

“So you and Luna?”

“Uh you’re blind, how did you know?”

“It’s obvious harry”

“Oh anyway I wanted you to know that I’ll be here to help you through this blind thing”

“About that I need to tell you something harry”

“What is it? You can tell me anything”

“I chose to be blind”

“What? Why would you do that?”

“I had to make a choice between Draco dying, me losing all my memories from the past few months or me losing my eyesight”

“So you chose to lose your eyesight? Why?”

“Well I couldn’t choose him dying, and I just couldn’t forget everything, how would you have felt explaining to me that my parents were dead? I can’t go through that again, so losing my eyesight was the safest option”

“Fair enough but you do know how hard this is going to be right?”

“Of course I know that but it’s worth it, so can you explain to me everything I’ve missed”

“Well it’s only been a 2 weeks, so not much but me and Luna got together officially, narcissa malfoy was arrested, Lucius is still missing and that’s about it”

“Why was narcissa arrested?”

“She’s a wanted death eater Hermione but don’t worry I’m sure she won’t go to Azkaban”

“I hope she doesn’t, is Draco awake?”

“No not yet”

“What sort of injuries do we have?”

“You have a broken shoulder bone that they couldn’t fix for some reason and a lot of internal damage so you’ll be sore for a bit but then you’ll be fine and no one really knows all of malfoy’s injuries but quite a few of his bones were broken and have been fixed but they said they’ll be able to find out more when he wakes up.”

“Thanks harry” Hermione relaxed back into her soft pillows hoping that Draco was ok. Before she knew it she was asleep


The next week went by in a whirlwind of speed. Hermione was released from the hospital since they couldn’t fix her shoulder or her eyesight. Once she got back to Hogwarts she could feel everyone talking about her and watching her although it did help that she couldn’t see them.

Harry and Luna had been great. They had helped her around the school and to lessons; they had even started staying in the heads dorms with her. Hermione had spoken to Ginny a few times to but she couldn’t let go of the fact that Ginny had cheated on harry with Draco.

Ron hadn’t even spoken to Hermione since she had been released from the hospital. In a way she was happy, being in the situation that she was it showed her who her real friends were. As Hermione sat down in the great hall for breakfast she heard the owls delivering the morning post. Harry untied the letter from the barn owl next to Hermione. He quickly read the letter. “Hermione, McGonagall wants to see you in her office come on” he helped her stand up and holding her hand they walked towards McGonagall’s office.

When they reached the office harry knocked and guided Hermione through the door. “Thank you Mr Potter, you can wait outside if you wish” harry quietly closed the door behind him.

“Miss Granger I have some news for you”

“What is it?”

“Mr Malfoy is awake and asking for you”

“oh, so he’s ok?”

“I haven’t been told the extent of his injuries but I called you here to say that you may be excused from classes today if you want to go and see him.” Hermione didn’t know what to say, she needed to check he was ok but she was still mad at him. She decided it was more important for him to know that she wasn’t ready to forgive him. “I’ll go thank you”

“Ok I’ll set a flow network from here to st mungos for you it should be ready in about an hour, would you like Mr Potter to go with you?”

“Yes please”

“Ok that is fine you and Mr Potter go and get ready and meet me back here in an  hour.”

“Yes professor” Hermione slowly got up as professor McGonagall led her to the door.

“What was that about Hermione?”

“Um Draco’s awake a McGonagall said we could miss lessons and go to see him”


“Well I hope you don’t mind but I said you would come too”

“Of course I’ll come if that’s what you want, come on let’s go and get ready”



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