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Wizards by epikhippo
Chapter 4 : Chapter 4
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Draco shot out of bed when his muggle alarm went off with a shrill. Groaning, he groped around for the alarm with his right hand and brought it close to his face, “Only nine?” Squinting, he twisted the knob in the back to prolong his beauty sleep for another 30 minutes. Just as he slightly shifted to his right to put the alarm clock back down on the night stand, the silver block came crashing down on his face with a dreadful thud. “Bloody, fucking..” he growled as he jerked off his covers and stomped out of his room. Still mumbling some choice curse words, muggle ones he picked up from Granger, he went into his bathroom, and just brushed his teeth and washed his face with water.

Shirtless and just in his black pajama bottoms, he walked across the empty hall. His grogginess slowly dissipated, thanks to the joy he would get from the joy of seeing someone’s frizzy bed head and grumpy disposition. It was quite addictive, so he did this, almost every morning. With a boyish grin, he unceremoniously burst through Granger’s flat and bellowed,

“Get your skinny arse out of bed or else I’ll-”

His nose knew before his eyes. The lovely aroma of crispy bacon, fluffy pancakes, and freshly squeezed orange juice floated to his nose, and his eyes widened at the sight of Granger, neatly arranging it on the table for three. Eyes bulging, he managed to sputter, “Is it my birthday today Granger? Usually, you tell me to get lost and throw a bag of frozen waffles at me.”

Wiping her hands on her hideous purple apron, completed with white ruffles and artificial flowers glued everywhere, she scolded, “Took you long enough to get here.” She placed three glasses filled with orange juice, “Make yourself useful instead of standing there like some kind of idiot!”

“Of course, bullying me around before the sun even rises,” he muttered under his breath.With a huff, Draco opened the silverware drawer, and took out the silver fork and knives. The ones with dragons engraved because after all, he did buy those for her. He thought it was a nice touch compared to her boring, plain silverware, but Hermione always complained that they were too inappropriate for the table. Placing them discreetly on the table, he made a grand gesture at the table. “I did my part, now what’s all this for? Where’s Luna?”

“You’ll find out soon enough.” She finally looked up, horrified. “Merlin! Put on a damn shirt Malfoy!”

“Oh please, Luna likes it this way,” he scoffed while gesturing towards his chest.

“You only think that because she’s the only one who compliments-“

“Good morning Hermione and Draco,” Luna chimed from the doorway.

“Luna!” Hermione exclaimed while crushing her in a hug. “You’re here!”

“Why yes I am. Glad to see that you’re finally wearing the apron I got you Hermione,” she said with a faraway look. “And Draco, as always, your pecs are coming into excellent shape. They are quite nice.”

Draco smirked, “Told you Granger. Thanks Luna. Now, will somebody tell me what the occasion is?”

Hermione’s eyes lit up and clapped her hands together. “Luna’s moving in with me today!!!” Luna put her hands in their air, did a little wave, and mouthed, yay.

Confused, he pointed at Luna and then the floor. “Wait… Luna, I haven’t you been… living here?”

Hermione scoffed and sarcastically retorted, “And you’ve known us for… how long?”

“Well, I am always here in the morning and leave late at night,” quipped Luna.

Draping his arm around Luna, he proudly remarked, “See, at least she’s on my side.”

Fed up, Hermione tightly smiled, “I think we should get this breakfast started! I did make this all, the muggle way.”

At that, Draco’s eyes lit up, “What are we waiting for?! Let’s eat!” He plopped down in a chair, and stuffed a pancake in his mouth, “Yao gno gat I wuv yo phoo.”

Genuinely smiling, the girls sat down and Hermione smirked, “Yes Malfoy. I know that you love my food.”

After an exceptionally large breakfast, filled with pleasant conversation and content silence, Luna was the first to get up.

“Thanks for the lovely breakfast Hermione,” said Luna while levitating her plate to the sink. “But I must check on the Quibbler. We’re working on an article about invisible kneazles right now.”

Stifling a yawn, Draco stretched his arms over his head. “But it’s a Saturday morning Luna.”


“Even more the reason to work, is it not?” Luna beamed at Hermione.


Hermione stared at Draco, while she jibed, “Exactly Luna. I’m glad that somebody finally appreciates my work ethics.”


Not wanting to ruin his good mood, he got up lazily from his chair. “It was a marvelous breakfast with you ladies, but I must nestle back in my bed and digest my food there.” Giving Luna and Hermione quick pecks on the cheek, he hurriedly went back to his flat.

Luna finished levitating all the plates to the sink and began to wash them magically. “I’ll be back later with my belongings Hermione. If you need help with your case with the Diricawls, I’ll be more than happy to help.”

“Thanks Luna, I’ll let you know. Goodluck!” Hermione gave a little wave as Luna went to the hallway and apparated from there.

Taking the apron off, Hermione finished cleaning up the mess in the kitchen. Furnished with a simple white fridge, white stove, and green-ish cabinets that Draco and Luna painted, it was modest, but she liked it. The rest of her flat was quite simple. The orange couch matched with orange side tables, a little glass coffee table, a shell lamp made by Luna, and the telly were the only items in the “living room.” The only other piece of furniture was her light beige desk, facing towards the window, overlooking muggle London. Even though the flat wasn’t as lavish and modern as Draco’s, she loved it because it was hers and away from the wizarding world.

Putting her hair up into a messy bun, she looked at her stack of papers with dread. Yes, she liked to work, but sometimes, even for Hermione Granger, it was too much. She plopped down on her chair, spread the files across her desk, and began to read. Her latest assignment was on Diricawls. According to the files, they have been recently roaming around the muggle world, with a particular affinity for peoples’ backyards. Muggles knew them as dodos, which according to them were extinct. However, the Diricawls just simply turned invisible and roamed around the less inhabited areas of England. It was her job, as the head of the Office of Misinformation, to explain its origins and devise a plan to pass it off as nothing of suspicion to the poor people who thought they were hallucinating, seeing extinct animals.

She was jotting down ideas, when she heard pecking at the window. The first owl was Malfoy’s; it read: I decided the three of us are going out for drinks tonight. Whenever you to crazy women get done with your work. By the way, take a break Granger! I can feel your focused aura from here!

The next owl was one she hadn’t seen before, carefully untying the letter from its leg, she opened it: Hope the owl didn’t peck at you! It was quite fussy when Ginny tried to tie this letter to its bloody leg. Anyways, there is a reason for sending a letter instead of a postcard. Don’t freak out ‘Mione, okay? Ginny and I are coming back sometime next week! I know, it’s random, but please don’t get angry! We have reason for coming back, and I think you’ll be pretty excited! I’ll send another letter with more details later! Enough rambling, Ginny sends her love! See you soon, love Harry.

Surprised, Hermione read the letter for the third time. So many thoughts were racing through her mind. They were coming back? What was the reason? What if Ginny’s pregnant? The press are going to have a field day. She let out a groan when she realized what the biggest problem would be, Harry and Ginny’s reaction to Malfoy. Sure, they knew via postcard and the Daily Prophet that they were friends, but she wasn’t so sure about Harry and Malfoy actually getting along. All of the sudden, going out for drinks sounded like the perfect plan.    


A/N: Hope you enjoyed this chapter! Harry and Ginny are coming back! More characters to be introduced soon. Please let me know what you think! :)

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