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Hermione needs Strength. by slyth_girl_456
Chapter 8 : Fear and Detention
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Hermione hadn’t talked to Draco since their talk in the library about her first time. She felt weird after their talk, she never told anyone besides McKean about her first time cutting. But worse she never had the feeling before that she got when he looked at her. He had a glow to his eyes she had never seen before. She hadn’t even talked to Blaise much. Draco was always around him. So most of her time she was alone. Harry and Ron weren’t even talking to her at the moment. Harry had told Ron all about the kiss she shared with Blaise. Ron went over board and they got in a fight.

“So how was the kiss?” Ginny asked on morning at breakfast.

“Ginny, I’m not going to tell you that!” she shirked to where the whole Great Hall could hear her.

Hermione noticed how everyone had started to look her way and lowered her head. She could feel the heat rise up on her face.

Draco and Blaise were sitting talking about Hermione that morning. About how much she had changed from the summer for Blaise. Draco was just listening to him talk. His thoughts were muted with what Hermione had told him in the library still. At least they were until they heard her. From the other side of the Great Hall.

“Ginny, I’m not going to tell you that!” she shirked.

Both boys looked over at her while she was lowing her head. Blaise looked over at Draco who was holding back a laugh shaking his head.

“Wonder what that was about?” Blaise asked.

“Who knows but whatever it was it really got to Granger. Look at how red she is.” Draco said pointing at the now leaving Gryffindor.

Blaise watched as she quickly opened the door to the hallway. Blaise also noticed that Ginny was not far behind her.

“Mione, you’re hiding something from me. What is it?” Ginny asked when he caught up with her.

“IkiddedDrakoAlfoyaldo.” She muttered so quick that Ginny couldn’t understand her.

“What about Malfoy?” Ginny asked eyes wide having a good idea of what her bushy hair friend just said.

“I kissed Malfoy also.” She said looking around making sure no one was around to hear.

“OM MY LORD! You and Malfoy!?”

Hermione nodded color returning to her cheeks.

“When did that happen?”

“Before Blaise. Harry knows nothing about that kiss. Only you and Blaise know. And I want it to stay that way.” Hermione said giving her red head friend a look.

Ginny put her hands up and nodded that she understood. Not a soul was to be told that not only had she kissed Blaise Zabini but Draco Malfoy also. And in the same day to beat that.

After talking to Ginny till after breakfast was over, Hermione had to run back up to her room. She forgot that she had History of Magic and forgot her book. She grabbed her book off the table in the common area and took off running hoping to make it there in time.

“Mrs. Granger, welcome, glad you decided to join us.” Binns said not even turning around.

Hermione took her seat next to Draco. She only had one class that she didn’t have with him and then she had that with Blaise. That was the only time she would see or talk to Draco, in class. That was just about the class work.

Draco had been sitting in the library after Hermione’s outburst in the Great Hall. He was reading more letters before classes. The one he was looking at now was written in print. It was dated three days before school.
I understand how you can’t come with me for my last session. And no, I haven’t talked to my father. I have my mother. She sends her thanks to you for helping me. I’m still at the Weasley’s house. I’ll see you on the train.



Draco was confused, when did she leave treatment? He thought she stayed in there till school started. He didn’t have much time to be confused though. He had like two minutes to get to class. Not that he really cared if he was late; it was just that he had to talk to Granger.

He stood up and quickly made his way to History of Magic. When he got there Binns welcomed him to class without turning. He took his normal seat and Hermione wasn’t even there yet. She was never late for class.

What if something had happened to her? What if she got so upset again over something that she cut again? Or even worse. Draco thought but that thought wasn’t there for long. He heard the door open again and turned to see Hermione.

“Granger, why are you avoiding me?” he asked when she took her seat next to him.

She just sat there like he didn’t say a single word to her. Draco growled, he hated when girls did this. They kiss, the woman gets mad, and then they won’t talk to him. Even if Granger didn’t get mad, she still wouldn’t talk to him. He shouldn’t even worry that she’s not talking to him. She is a mudblood after all. But a mudblood with feelings, and more problems than his own self. And now who is what he would call a friend in a way. They weren’t friends but not enemies either.

Hermione had heard him growl and felt a chill go down her spine. Him growling freaked her out abit. But she thought it was kind of sexy.

“Wait did I just think that?” she wondered shocked.

“Look I’m sorry if I made you feel weird about that talk we had. I haven’t told anyone, I just want to help.” Draco explained.

Hermione looked at him with a questioning look. She nodded letting out a breath she didn’t know she was even holding in.

“Fine, I’m sorry for how I’ve ignored you. It’s just no one knows the story of how I started. Unless you count McKean.”

“Understandable. Who’s McKean, if you don’t mind me asking?

“He was my doctor at the treatment center.” Hermione answered.

Draco nodded. He always wondered how she could stand staying in a treatment center from her parents. But he then remembered that her father was the reason she left her house in the first place.

“So when did you get out of treatment?” Draco asked slowly not sure if that would upset her or not.

“I got out a week before school. I told my parents and Blaise I was staying with the Weasley’s the whole summer. Then I told them that I was staying at my house for the summer to help my mom out with a few things around the house.” She explained laughing.

Well that explains the letter and his curious mind of when she got out. The rest of the class they listened to Binns and Draco told Hermione about his home life. He talked about his mother, his father very little since Hermione had already met him many times. He even talked about his childhood.

“Miss. Granger and Mr. Malfoy I need to have a word with you. The rest of you can go ahead.” Binns said when it was time to go.

They walked up to the front of the class where there should have been a desk and waited.

“Since you both were late, both will have detention. Tonight at 8. You will report to the library.” Binns said and dismissed them both from the classroom.

Once in the hall Draco stopped Hermione.

“What?” she asked with a smile and a confused look.

“I was hoping you could help me with the potion we have to do and the essay. Since you understand it better than I do.”

“Oh, Ummmm, yea. Sure, we can work on it together.” She said making her way down the hall to her room.

“We should start with the potion first. That way when we get back it may be finished.” Hermione said while walking in through the portrait door.

“Back from where?” they heard a voice come from over on the couch.

Hermione looked over and seen Blaise with a book in his hand.

“Umm we got detention. For being late to class.” Hermione said pulling out her potion book.

Blaise nodded, not wanting to know why both of them were late. After Hermione’s out burst this morning Blaise when to class to talk to the teacher about his work. Therefore leaving Draco alone. Blaise had a feeling his friend had feelings for Hermione. He wasn’t sure how he felt about that part of him liked it but the other half hated that.

“But we will be in my room working. If you need anything just come on in.”

Draco and Hermione walked up the stairs in to her room shutting the door. Hermione pulled out her work cauldron and potion set form her closet. She pulled them into the middle of the floor. She walked back over to her closet grabbing a few things. Draco was sitting on her bed looking around the room.

“I’m going to go change out of my robes. If you want you can go ahead and get started.”

She walked out of the room into the bathroom. Draco sat down in the floor. He never imaged her room this way. Instead of the normal Gryff colors it was green and blue. It was lit up by one light and a few candles on the wall. It was dimmer than what he had thought. It reminded him of his room at home.

He started reading the potion book and was picking out the things they needed when she walked back in. He looked up and her and was speechless. She had on a pair of dark skinny jeans with a lose baggy shirt that hung off one shoulder. She sat down and smiled looking at Draco’s shocked face.

“What?” she asked confused on why he was looking at her that way.

“Nothing, you just look really nice.” He commented.

Hermione blushed looking down at the open book. After it heated to where it should be, she started to put the first few things in the cauldron.

“So what’s the point of the Befuddlement Draught anyway?” Draco asked confused almost done with the potion.

“It’s supposed to make someone confused. Like you are.” She laughed.

Draco nodded and started stirring the potion until it turned a light purple color. An hour later they were adding the last item into the potion. Hermione looked back at the book for one last time.

“It should be ready by 9 maybe 10 in the morning.” Hermione said.

Draco nodded getting up off the floor and laid on Hermione’s bed.

“Granger, we should hand on over to the library.” Draco said looking at the clock, Hermione looked at her watch and agreed.

The halls were quiet on their way there. Both of them stayed shhhh…they whole way there. They didn’t even look at each other. When they got there the librarian, Prince told them what to do.

“All the books that are in the boxes need to be put up. You will have until 11. If you get done early you are to stay here. I will be back when you can leave.”

With that said Prince walked out locking the door behind her. They looked at each other and sighed.

“I’m ready for a break if you are.” Draco said two hours into it and only had a box left.

Hermione smiled sitting down the box she had. She sat down next to Draco. Hermione took out of her books and started reading. As soon as she started she felt Draco move closer to her on the table. She looked at him putting the book down in her lap.

“Is that one of the books?” he asked looking at the cover.

Hermione nodded, “It’s the one about cutting.”

“Well, umm, do you care if I have a look at it?” he asked shyly.

She handed him the book and got back up to finish what books they had left. She would sneak glances at Draco every now and then and blushed. She didn’t understand why she would but she liked that fact that Draco took a caring into her recovery. Real or fake. She was still happy that he changed in some way.

After Draco looked at the first few pages he walked over to Hermione. He took the book that was in her hands and tossed it on the shelf it belonged on. She looked at him shocked, confused on why he had done what he did.

“Draco I have to finish this box. It’s the last box.” She whined.

Draco took out his wand and waved it over the books. Soon after the books that were once in the box were in their rightful home

“There you’re finished.” Draco said being serious.

Not an inch of his face was joking. It scared Hermione abit. It made her think of how he growled early that day in class. Before she was truly scared of Draco Malfoy. She knew he knew spells she wouldn’t dare look at under Dark Magic. But them becoming not enemies she didn’t feel so afraid anymore.

“What’s wrong?” she asked backing away from him slowly.

“You’re scared of me, aren’t you?” he asked looking disappointed.

She didn’t say a word; she looked down acting like she was amazed with the floor. He already knew the answer. It was written all over her face that she feared him. They stayed the way they stood for many minutes. But then Draco spoke up.

“Can I see your arms?” he asked suddenly.

A/N: Thanks for reading once again. Review please, hope to have Chapter nine posted before the week break coming up. Dealing with some writer’s block .

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