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Behind Closed Doors by dreamingofdraco
Chapter 8 : You wouldn't believe me anyway...
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 Ch. 8

 You wouldn't believe me anyway! 


Draco was smirking to himself as he made his way through the Slytherin common room. This little plan he had to annoy Blaise was going to be hilarious he was thinking to himself, until he noticed Daphne Greengrass sitting on the steps to the boys dorms.

“I knew you’d have to come through here eventually”

“What do you want Daphne?” Draco sighed. He wasn’t in the mood for this

“Why did you say it to Blaise about what happened at Nott’s party? Why would you try and ruin what we have!”

“To get him off my back about something that isn’t even happening”

“What that you’ve turned into some muggle lover!”

“Listen I don’t need this Greengrass get out of my way” he tried to push past her, but she wasn’t budging


“Daphne don’t make me hex you!” He reached into his jacket pocket for him wand

She moved out of his way and he walked past her without looking at her

“Why didn’t you owl me back?” she choked before he went out of sight

Draco turned slowly, he had a feeling this was coming

“Because I had made it very clear that nothing was going to come out of it, it was just sex Daphne”

“So you just slept with me because Pansy wouldn’t sleep with you?” she asked bitterly. Her brown eyes welling up

Draco sighed and walked back towards her. He placed his hands on her shoulders

“Listen Daph, I told you that night how it was and you said it was fine”

“But I just said ok because I thought that’s what you wanted to hear”

“And what it would be different after?”


“You had the whole thing planned didn’t you?”

“No! How dare you suggest..”

“There were candles everywhere and the only words you spoke to me for the whole party was which room it was and the counter-charm to unlock the door”

“But you still came to me that night, you must have wanted me in someway”

“Don’t be so naïve, sex is just sex! You’re a pretty girl Daphne, you only get emotionally involved if you make a big deal out of it and why are you dragging all this up you’re with Blaise I’m sure he wouldn’t want you even speaking to me let alone about something like this”

“It wasn’t just sex, you’re my first” she blushed with embarrassment that she had actually said it out loud

Draco turned and walked back up the stairs “I know” he whispered shaking his head

“Doesn’t that mean anything to you?” she called after him clenching her fists in rage but he didn’t answer back.

Blaise was asleep when he got into his room, which he was pleased about. He knew he shouldn’t have done anything with Daphne that night, but after a few fire whiskeys and a beautiful girl offering herself up on a plate how could he refuse! Pansy was also out of the picture at this stage she wasn’t even allowed to see Draco, another thing he was pleased about! Daphne was bad but Pansy was worse. He did feel bad for Daphne but he didn’t want to show it, if he apologised to her he knew it would give some sense of false hope of it happening again. He was well aware of how one little gesture can be blown out of proportion especially but girls.


Hermione fretted as she paced the corridor waiting for Draco the next morning. She wasn’t a hundred per cent sure she wanted to do this, but she had a point to prove. She couldn’t let people like Draco think she was shallow. She fixed her new Head Girl pin that was in the middle of her school tie. Maybe this wasn’t the best thing to do now that she was Head? But on the other hand, if it looked like she of all people could accept someone like Draco, wasn’t that a positive message? She jumped a little as she heard his footsteps approaching from behind.

“Ah so you came?” he walked past her ignorantly expecting her to just follow him.

“Well this was your plan, wait where are you going?”

“To get breakfast!”

“But what are we doing?” she began to follow him “What’s your brilliant plan” she asked sarcastically

“To get breakfast” he repeated

“That’s it? Your brilliant idea to shock everyone is for us to eat breakfast?”

“Together yes” he held open the door of the great hall and let her past. “Play along” he grinned

Hermione looked at him confused. She had no idea where this was going and was frankly terrified he was going to humiliate her somehow.  Draco sat at the top of the Slytherin table and Hermione sat across from him and watched as he began to get what he wanted for his breakfast.

“What are you doing?” she whispered furiously

“Eating, breakfast is the most important meal of the day you know”

“Ugh you sound like Ron!” she rolled her eyes “But fine I can do this” she poured herself some cereal

“You think this is it? There’s no one worth preforming for here yet”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Oh our little show doesn’t start till it’s full in here” he smirked

The Great Hall slowly started to fill up with half- asleep students, most of which noticed Draco and Hermione sitting together.  Hermione’s nerves set in when Harry and Ron walked in and took their seats. She could see Ron standing back up to approach them, he looked angry, but Harry made him sit down looking over at Hermione confused. She dared not make eye contact with either of them. Draco was patiently waiting for Blaise to come in then it was show time. Hermione relaxed a little more, yes people were talking but it wasn’t as bad as she thought it was going to be. She took out her journal and began to read through a to-do list.

From the corner of his eye Draco saw Blaise come through the doors with Daphne. He looked over at Hermione who was reading her journal, and gently placed his hand on top of the hand she was resting on the table. He could feel her hand go rigid and she looked over at him in shock. He gripped her hand tightly so she couldn’t pull away

“Play along” he smiled as if he were saying something nice

“This is too much”

He entwined his fingers in hers and smiled over at her. Hermione was terrified to look at anyone else. She could feel everyone’s eyes on her. So she just looked straight ahead at Draco who was still smiling sweetly at her it was almost believable to her, but his eyes gave him away it was as if they were looking right through her.  She slowly pulled her hand back from his and got up from her seat and to her surprise so did he. She didn’t want him to follow her out but he did.

“You can go now” she snapped when they got out of the Great Hall wishing she had never agreed to this

Draco backed her up against the wall placing his arms wither side of her so she couldn’t get away. Then he moved right in to her, the sweet smell of her perfume wafting back at him. She looked petrified

“You’ve proved your point Malfoy, and I proved mine so stop it”

He closed his eyes and tilted his head. Every part of her told herself to knee him and run away but to her own surprise she closed her eyes instead.

“I win” he whispered and began laughing in her face

She placed her two hands on his shoulders and pushed him back hard “You’re such a git Malfoy! You certainly do not win, I proved my point”

“Not really, you still care what other people think about you!” he brushed off his shoulders and fixed his tie, still laughing

“How? I done what you wanted me to”

“Exactly, you cared what I thought and done that to prove something to me, which means you still care what other people think” he laughed harder

“So you did all this to piss me off?”

“And clearly still self-absorbed too” he stopped laughing and cleared his throat “Pissing Blaise off was my motive, getting you was just a bonus” he began to walk off down the corridor to his first class, leaving Hermione to get lost in the sea of students that were now coming out of the Great Hall.

“Mione!” Harry called past a group of girls “Wait up”

Hermione turned to see a confused Ron and Harry approaching

“What the bloody hell was that?”

“Ron, can we not talk about this now? I feel pretty bad as it is!”

“What’s going on Hermione” Harry gently gripped her hand to stop her walking away

“I’ll fill you’s in later, right now I just want to forget about it”


Hermione wrapped her scarf round her neck as she ran down the steps at the back of the castle. She was making her way towards the lake. She was supposed to have a study with Draco but didn’t feel like facing him about that morning just yet. She was annoyed at herself that she let herself do such a thing, and that he got his twisted pleasure out of it! She picked up a handful of pebbles and placed them in her pocket and then sat on a large rock right in front of the lake.

For a long time she just stared out at the peaceful lake, all the while, thinking about everything that had happened since she got back to school. Every so often she’d throw a pebble in, every time she had a bad thought. It was as if she was throwing away all the negativity.

“I see we both had the same idea to avoid each other”

Hermione jumped up, startled by the voice behind her. It was Draco he was smiling which seemed odd as it seemed genuine

“What do you want now?” she huffed as she folded her arms across her chest

“I came here to avoid study, but you obviously had the same idea”

Hermione sat back on the rock. She was going to be stubborn about this, she was there first he could just go somewhere else.

“Listen Granger, about earlier, it was a joke ok no one got hurt”

To Hermione’s surprise he sat on a large log near the rock she was on.

“I feel humiliated” she angrily chucked the rest of the pebbles from her pocket into the lake

“Nothing new there” he smirked

“That might be alright for you Malfoy, just because you have no shame left”

Draco rolled his eyes and shook his head, thinking to himself she was much more self-conscious than he ever thought she was.  Then a thought stuck him and he began to laugh

“What in Merlin’s name is funny now? Honestly you’re twisted”

“You, yet again, indirectly insulted yourself”

Hermione looked over at him. She hadn’t a notion how she had. She thought it was strange to see him genuinely laughing, even if it was at her.

“You said I have no shame left, so basically you said it’s shameful to be with you”

“I didn’t mean it like that, well actually I did but I meant it would be about you and your feelings towards muggle borns”

“How do you know what I think” he snapped. Draco was beginning to get sick of other people deciding what he should be thinking.

“You’ve got to be kidding me!” Hermione began laughing now “You are hardly all for my type, forgive me if I’m wrong but weren’t you a death eater” her words dripping with sarcasm

“You know what? Everyone here can shove it! Why is everyone so obsessed with labels and titles” Draco got up from where he was sitting and began walking back towards the castle his fist clenched

Hermione watched him as he walked away. Almost feeling proud of herself that she had got one up on him, but suddenly guilt washed over her. An image of her crying into Harry’s shoulder two years previous came to her mind, she had been asking him why people cared so much about where you came from and not who you were.

“Malfoy wait!” she got up from her rock and followed after him as he wouldn’t stop “I said wait!”

“What do you want Granger?” he stopped dead in his tracks and turned to face her. The look in his eyes was almost frightening

“I’m, I’m sorry ok! If anyone knows what it’s like to be labelled it’s me”

His expression softened a little but was still fierce. He turned and continued to walk back towards the castle.

“But at least now you’ve gotten a taste of how you made me feel” she called after him

He stopped again “How many times are we going to have this argument Granger, I’m trying here”

Hermione was taken back, she didn’t expect him to respond she thought he would have kept on walking.

“Well today it didn’t feel like it”

“Yes I pulled one on you, but it was a joke! It had nothing to do with your blood, I was proving you care what people think”

“You used my blood status to piss off Blaise, so yes it was about it!”

“That part you knew about it’s not like I tricked you”

Hermione turned to walk away from him. She wasn’t angry at him but she had nothing to say. As she turned her school trousers got caught on the side a jagged rock that was half buried in the ground and she slipped down the slope of the ground, on her side, and banged the side of her head on the same rock, cutting just above her left temple. She didn’t scream just gasped. It had all happened so quick that neither one of them could stop it. Before she knew it, she was lying there with blood trickling down the side of her face and a few scrapes along her side and her leg.

“Shit!” Draco dropped his bag and rushed towards her reaching out his hand to help her up “Are you ok?”

“Yea I’m fine” she put her hand up to her head “I don’t think I done any damage”

“You’re bleeding” Draco walked back to get his bag

Hermione took her hand down from her head to see her hand was covered in blood. Her head was throbbing

“Here” Draco handed her a white hand towel to hold up to her head

“You carry a towel in your bag?” she took it off him and held it to the cut

“My bag has an expansion charm on it so I can carry my Quidditch stuff in it too, don’t worry its clean” he placed his hand on her arm and pulled it away from the cut to see how deep it was.

Hermione looked up at him like he was crazy. He was just invading her personal space as if it was completely normal.

“I can probably fix this, but I will take you up to the hospital wing if you want?”

“No, no its fine” she smiled softly at his kindness “They’ll only make me stay overnight and off classes tomorrow, completely unnecessary”

Draco nodded and took his wand from his robes. He closed his eyes as he held it to the cut. A rush of relief tingled from Hermione’s head down to her neck.

“Much better” she sighed

Draco stood back and took his towel back off Hermione

“Thank you” she whispered

He smiled with his mouth closed and placed the towel across his bag

“You must be really good at non-verbal spells if you can use it healing ones”

“Something I learned at Death eater” he answered sarcastically

Hermione sensed it wasn’t malicious and laughed. She went to fix her scarf round her neck when she suddenly became dizzy and needed to sit

“Woah” she reached out her hand for Draco’s as she slowly sat on the ground

“Are you ok?”

“I’m just really dizzy” she held her hand to her head once more “And, and…” Her eyes suddenly became extremely heavy “And sleepy” they closed slowly and tightly but before she could lie back she could feel herself being lifted up and cradled. Then everything went black.

Draco had quickly lifted her up and made his way back to the castle. He couldn’t believe this was happening and was hoping he would be able to make it to the hospital wing without anyone seeing them, he knew exactly what everyone was going to think!

He was almost there, unspotted, when he turned the corner and there stood Harry, Ron and Ginny coming from the Quidditch supply room.  

“What the…” Ginny gasped dropping the bag of quaffles in her hands

“Just get out of my way” he called as he walked past them. He could hear them follow as he turned into the next corridor but nobody spoke a word.

They all finally reached the hospital ward and Draco backed through the doors

“Madam Pomfrey” He called as he laid Hermione on a bed, panic in his voice

“My goodness what happened?”

“She fell and banged her head, I healed the cut but then she got really dizzy and, and I rushed straight here”

Madam Pomfrey inspected the cut on the side of her head “Ok, out, out, out” she shooed Draco away from the bed. He looked over his shoulder to see Harry, Ron and Ginny waiting at the door.

“GO! OUT!” she yelled and waited till they all left

Draco took a deep breath as he walked out the doors to face the other

“Malfoy what happened?” Harry asked,

 Draco could tell he was already expecting the worse, but before he had a chance to answer Harry.  Ron had already jumped to the conclusion that Draco had purposely harmed her. He pushed through Harry and Ginny and went for Draco, punching him right in the side of his face. Harry pulled Ron back and Ginny helped

“Ron stop!” Ginny cried “Let him explain”

Draco held his right eye “Agh” he winced

“Do we really need to hear what his says, it will be all bullshit anyway” Ron snapped

Harry looked at Ron, he hadn’t seem his this angry since he wore the horcrux locket

“We were down by the lake, and she slipped and banged her head, then got really dizzy and passed out so I took her here”

“Unlikely” Ron pushed Draco back by the shoulders

“What you think I done this to her?” Draco shouted

“Do you need me to answer that, why would she be down at the lake with you?”

Draco ran his hands through his hair, gripping it at the back in frustration

“Whatever Weasley, I don’t need to explain myself to any of you” he sighed and walked away from them. He had to go back and get his bag anyway.

“Ron!” Ginny punched him in the shoulder when Draco was out of sight

“What?  I can’t be the only one who thinks it’s sussed”

“Not really it sounds pretty believable to me” Harry replied not sure if he believed that himself or not

“You saw them this morning Ron, maybe that’s why they were at the lake together” Ginny tried to reason, she was like Harry, wanted to believe the best of the situation.

“Ha you’s have lost it if you think there is something going on with them!”

“They were holding hands Ron”

“That means nothing, Hermione’s not that stupid I’m pretty sure it was some sick joke on his behalf”

“Well there’s no point in us arguing, when Hermione wakes up she’ll tell us!”

“He better pray he’s telling the truth and that she’s ok” Ron spat angrily


Hermione’s head ached as she slowly opened her eyes. She was feeling thankful the room she was in was dark. Her first instinct was to sit up but her body was tense and she still felt quite dizzy. After her eyes adjusted to the darkness she figured out she was in the hospital ward and then remembered she had fallen. She ran her hand along her head to feel where she had banged it, there was no longer a cut but it still hurt just as much. A shadow moved from behind her. She slowly turned to see a pale, porcelain skinned, tall person approaching her. His hair almost glowed in the dark it was that light

“Draco?” she asked, her voice raspy, she was uncomfortably thirsty

“Hey, I couldn’t sleep and I wanted to return your bag” he placed her things at the end of her bed “How you feeling?”

“Like I’ve been hit by a train” she managed a smile

“Madam Pomfrey gave you a potion to make you sleep. She said it would help your head too and that the rest would probably be better than you trying to do things, but personally I thought you weren’t supposed to let someone who has had a head injury sleep”  Draco made his way back to the door to leave

“Draco” she called again her voice still groggy

“Yes?” he whispered

“Thank you” her eyes welled up, she had no idea why she was upset. She could feel a lump rising in her throat

He didn’t answer just waited till she closed her eyes once more then left. He thread softly through the empty dark corridors as it was well after curfew and he didn’t want to be caught.

He had been having trouble sleeping thinking about what happened that day so he decided returning her things would set his mind at ease. When he had got to the hospital ward, madam Pomfrey was just leaving and explained to him what she had given Hermione to make her sleep, however, she didn’t ask him to leave. She gestured that he sat on a chair and turned off the light when she left the room. Draco thought it was quite odd but some part of him didn’t want to leave till she woke up.  The light from the moon through the window fell softly on Hermione’s face. She looked so peaceful. He studied her face, it was delicate and pale, and he was beginning to see what Ron saw in her. He started to become captivated over her appearance.  A ripple of nerves washed over his when she began to open her eyes and then he let his thoughts go and made himself forget what he was thinking.

As he got back into his bed he began to wonder why he had gone to see her. He didn’t feel responsible for what happened, it was an accident, but he did feel guilty. He didn’t know why he felt guilty and not sure he ever would.



Ok so I hope this chapter was ok! I think Draco is starting to feel drawn to her, unknowingly, but fascinated by her none the less. I think it’s pretty natural to be interested in something you were raised to hate but have to see it every day!  Anyway, Thanks to everyone who has left a review and to everyone who has taken the time to read my story.

Please keep reading and reviewing




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