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Witness by Hermionniny9
Chapter 15 : Chapter fifteen
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 “So, Miss Granger. Tell me about you; not Eve and not Anna.” Draco said looking darkly over his glass of wine at Hermione.

“Well you know most of the stuff about me from my file.” Hermione said sipping at her glass,

Draco frowned, “No, I know what the Ministry knows; I am asking you about things they don’t know. I am allowed to ask you know.”

“Well, I haven’t really spent much time as me in the last five years. But I am me, well most of the time.”

“Do you want my opinion; well you have no choice in the matter. I think that you have dropped the know-it-all pretentious thing you had going. I used to like that.” Draco said not realising how much he had let slip.

Hermione looked a little alarmed, but took another sip of her wine to get her mind off what he had just said.

“Opse that was meant to be part of an internal monologue.” Draco said looking guilty,

“Oh dear, Draco Malfoy what are you saying?” Hermione drooled in a scandalised manner.

“That was the one thing I used to like about you. The one thing.” Draco looked even guiltier now.

“I am still a know-it-all, just not to in your face. If you must know that makes me feel a little repulsed that you used to like me in any way.” She said sniggering into her glass of wine.

“Why thank you. You know how to flatter a man.” Draco said scowling,

“Sarcasm is the lowest form of whit, but the highest form of intelligence.” Hermione quipped,

Draco sniggered, “Well you know me: I repulse women, get turned into a ferret, and genuinely do stupid things.”

“Ah, you in a nutshell Mr Malfoy.”

“Draco, please. You should get into the habit.”

Hermione pouted, “Ok Dracokins,” she wiggled her way up the sofa so she was jammed right next to him.

Draco turned to look at her with an eyebrow cocked.

Hermione pouted at him some more.

“You look ridiculous, you know that. If you use that to seduce men I will be perfectly safe.” Draco sniggered once more.

Hermione sat bolt upright, “You really can flatter can’t you.”

“Just practicing my skills.”

“I was just practicing being your girlfriend.” Hermione snapped back,

“You are missing one key thing.”

“What?” Hermione said darkly,

“The intimacy.” Draco smiled venomously back, Hermione was astounded; this was Draco Malfoy propositioning her for what he called ‘Intimacy’. It made her stomach squirm with mixed feelings.

“Like what?” Hermione asked, trying not to sound too nervous.

“Put your wine glass down and I will show you.”
Hermione clung tightly to her glass, but Draco managed to prise it out of her hands.

“Don’t worry I won’t hurt you.” He said, the words starting to slur a little in Hermione’s mind. “Just relax and let me do what I want.”

Draco realised that what he had said was rather provocative and really not how he had intended it to sound.

Hermione looked at him even more scared than before.

“Not in that way, just relax.” He smiled at her.

Draco could see that Hermione had visibly relaxed, her shoulders were lower and she seemed less tense.

“I am going to show you how I am with girls. I mean not sex or anything. Not with you, not now. Anyway basically I am going to show you my romantic side.”
Hermione shuddered, regretting the wine which dulled her inhibitions.

Draco turned towards Hermione, and placed his hand on her cheek in a gentle way. Instinctively Hermione closed her eyes and lent into it.

Draco smiled to himself a little.

Leaning forward he placed light kisses from her collarbone up to her jaw. Hermione let out an audible sigh.

He pulled away and looked deeply at Hermione. Her cheeks were flushed and her eyes were wide with excitement.

“You have lovely eyes, so rich in colour.” Draco said looking interestedly at Hermione,


Hermione noticed that Draco was coming closer and noticed that he had wetted his lips slightly.

Suddenly he was there gently kissing the sides of her mouth and then slowly moving into the centre of her lips.

Draco felt his lips meet hers and something astonishing happened. She was kissing him back.

Their pace picked up and Hermione found her hands had laced themselves round Draco’s neck and that he had placed his arms round her waist.

Slowly Draco eased Hermione down on the sofa, once again placing light kisses on her neck.

Both of them had missed this intimacy, there was something lacking in both of their lives and finally they had worked it out. There was no one to give their intimacy to, no one to kiss or cuddle.

It was almost as if the two were devouring each other now, their bodies pressed tight together and their hands vigorously roaming each other.

Then suddenly there was a realisation for both of them, Draco climbed off of Hermione and she sat up trying to compose herself.

“Okay, well I think we can leave that part out of our relationship.” Draco said smoothing his hair down,

“Yep, I will say that you are right.” Hermione said gulping,

They looked at each other and laughed.

“Du Vin, the poison of the masses.” Draco said regarding the empty bottles of wine on the table.

“Let’s not drink again for a while.” Hermione said.

Hermione got up to leave, but turned back to Draco, “You were romantic I’ll give you that. But us, it’s not really what either of us want or need. Let’s leave it as fake boyfriend and girlfriend.” She said before rather ungracefully tumbling to the ground.

“Okay,” Draco said, getting up to help the young lady from the floor.

Hermione stumbled her way back to her room and shut the door.

She giggled a bit and then felt rather disgusted with herself. The third person she had ever kissed was Draco Malfoy. Of all the people she could have kissed it had to be him, and she was sure it would not be the last time she would be consenting to kissing him.

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