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I've Got It All (Most) by Where Love Died Laughing
Chapter 10 : Making Amends
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So, this is a short bridge chapter. I needed some chapters without Wood popping up everywhere Riley goes. I promise the next one will be longer and will have Wood in it. (:

Making Amends

“Rye, Rye, we were so worried about you,” Fred exclaimed running towards me and engulfing me with his long arms.

“Seriously, Fred?” I replied whilst arching one of my eyebrows.

He nodded frantically, “seriously.”

“Where were you? You’ll be in detention until the end of the year!” George intercepted.

“It doesn’t really matter. And for once, Professor Snape did me a favour by giving me detention. At least I won’t have to put up with that until the end of the year,” I said, pointing at the accusatory faces.

“Oh come on, cheer up,” George started. “It isn’t really that bad.”

Fred merely gave out a snort as I glared at him.

“So, it’s not the greatest, but I bet everyone will forget about it soon!” George yelled.

“George, this is Hogwarts. In case you haven’t noticed there aren’t really too many scandals here. Hogwarts scandals usually involve You-Know-Who and basilisks and whatnot… they’re hardly ever drunken mistakes.”

“Well, someone else must’ve done something,” he argued.

“I think I’ll just sit in detention until the end of time.”

I looked around the room looking for a forgiving face, but to no avail. Alicia didn’t even bother looking at me while Katie shook her head in disapproval.

“Do you reckon I should talk to Angie?”

“No!” the twins screeched in unison.

“Okay, okay…” I said, trying to calm them down. “She’s that pissed, eh?”

“Well, wouldn’t you be?”

“Fair point. Are her and Wood still an item?”

“We don’t really know, but we’re guessing they probably aren’t,” Fred said. “I want to be bloody captain! Wood doesn’t even care about anything but quidditch and still manages to get both you and Angelina!”

“He hardly got me, Fred. I was completely pissed and I don’t even remember what happened! ... Can I sleep with one of you guys tonight? I just don’t feel like going back to my dorm tonight, I have a feeling the mood is rather hostile towards me there,” I pleaded.

“Yeah, it’s fine,” Fred and George smiled.

“I think I’m going to go see Angelina,” I said firmly after thinking about it for a few more minutes. “I can’t do more harm than I already have.”

George opened his mouth to protest, but I quickly ran off towards the stairs.

As I made my way up to the girls’ dormitory, I became less confident about my confrontation with Angelina with every step I took. When I reached the room, I peered through, scanning the dormitory and the girls inside. To my luck, everyone was in the Common Room except Angelina who was sitting on her bed and reading.

“Hey,” I whispered while walking in. Angelina turned to make sure it was me, looked around to make sure I wasn’t talking to anyone else, and continued reading.

“So, you’re still angry I take it,” I started. “I mean, it only has been 9 hours, so you’re obviously still angry, but I figured I could make conversation that way. I was obviously mistaken.”

I shifted around awkwardly for a few moments while Angelina ignored me and read.

“I’m sorry about sleeping with your boyfriend, Angelina. I’m sorry I slept with Wood. I didn’t mean on having it happen. Hell, I don’t even remember what happened! And if there’s one thing you can believe with certainty, it is that I don’t want anything to do with Wood.”
“Oh sod off, Riley! This isn’t even about Wood and you know it. I mean, he’s hardly boyfriend material and it was never too serious. He’d just talk about quidditch all the time anyway, every so often giving me the opportunity to snog him. You bloody well know this isn’t about him. It’s about you, being one of my best friends, and sleeping with someone who is supposedly mine. You obviously don’t give a fuck about how I feel and if Wood and you can’t be civil towards one another, well then you just can’t stand him being pleasant to anyone else!” she yelled while chucking her book at me. I ducked as the book hit the wall behind me before straightening my robes.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean for any of it to happen, Angie. I really didn’t,” I said as truthfully as I could.

Angelina nodded before speaking up again. “I know, but I’m not forgiving you anytime soon. I’m sorry everyone found out. That was too evil, even for me. I was just really mad.”

“It’s okay, I guess I had it coming,” I said and smiled meekly before leaving the room.


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