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Ron's First Sleepover by Turtlerose555
Chapter 7 : Seven: On the Run Again
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~Seven: On the Run Again~

St. James’ Park (3:00 A.M.)

The gang fled throughout the park. Police officers were in hot pursuit of them, destined to capture them.

"Ron!" Hermione yelled.


"This has got to be the most stupidest idea I've heard and done all night!"

"Well, didn’t you hear me say that it wasn't a smart idea?"

"Hermione, we might as well! I don't wanna get arrested!" Dean yelled.

The gang fled up The Hill and landed in the usual spot. They hid behind the oak tree and made sure to conceal themselves. Below, police officers ran right past The Hill, still trying to find them.

"Hermione, fleeing from the police was the best thing to do!" Ron said.

"Are you kidding me?" Harry said disbelievingly. "You do realize that all of us are in trouble now! And if they manage to catch Dean now, he'll be in more trouble than he already is!"

"So? It's just Dean!"

"HEY!" Dean cried out in offence.

"Maybe so," Harry continued, "But remember our little "bet" a few years back when we decided to switch places for a week? The police are still on our asses about that, and if the two of us get caught, we'll face jail time too!"

"Dammit!" Ron cried out. Unfortunately, he cried it out a bit too loud.

"They're up there on top of that hill!"


They took off down the other side of The Hill, the way that faced the city, and ran off. They reached the sidewalk and took off even faster. The police were coming behind them.

"EVERY PERSON FOR THEMSELVES!" Ron shouted out when it became obvious that they wouldn't survive running together.

They didn't know how long they ran together after that remark, but eventually, they split up without even knowing.


Number 12, Grimmauld Place (3:22 A.M.)

The Old Black house, where Sirius once lived, was still where it was: In the Muggle neighborhood hidden from Muggle eyes. Ever since Sirius had died, the house has been mainly used for safe keeping. Harry had run all the way here. His old instincts had token him to the place where he knew he’d be safe. And he was damn right happy at that moment that the house was still there.

"Thank God," He muttered under his breath.

He unlocked the front door, ran inside, locked it shut, and pulled back the curtains. He didn't want the cops to find him there. He moved over to the couch to catch his breath. Just then, the front door opened up again. He turned around, ready to greet Ron, only to see Ginny plop down next to him on the couch.



"What are you doing here?"

"Well, I had Ron's keys for some reason, and so I let myself in."

" stole Ron's keys, followed me here, and came into the house to have another lip lock session with me!"

"Well, last time I checked, you kissed me!"

"That was an accident!"

"Sure didn't seem like an accident to me!"

"When are you gonna get it through your thick, naive skull that I don't like you and that I'll never have any romantic feelings for you?"

"Oh yeah? Then why did you kiss me back at the park?"

"Because the mood was right only for that moment! I meant nothing else of it!"

"So you don't like me?"

"How many times do I have to say it? NO!"

It got silent as they sat there staring at each other. But for some reason, at the same time, it got immensely hotter and hotter. Harry could feel his body temperature rising, and so did Ginny.

"Well, I don't like you either, Harry Potter!"

"That's good to know! Because I wouldn't like you even if we were the last two people on this Earth!"

More silence. The temperature was even hotter. Before they knew it, Harry and Ginny lunged forward, and locked lips as they kissed passionately. They grabbed each other's face as Ginny fell on top of Harry.


 St. James’ Woods (3:25 A.M.)

Dean, Luna, and Hermione had run together into the woods. They kept on running, no stopping to break, for they didn't know how much longer they had till the cops caught up with them, nor did they know if the cops had stopped.

"How...much...longer...?" Dean asked, panting heavily.

"Just keep going!" Hermione yelled.

"Those coppers aren't gonna catch us!" Luna yelled.

They kept going, but then Dean tripped over a thick tree branch and laid sprawled-eagle on the ground, out of breath. Luna and Hermione stopped, and went back to him.

"I guess it's time we took a break..." Luna panted as she rubbed Dean's back

"Yeah...a break sounds good right now..." Hermione panted as she slumped to the ground and lay across Dean's butt. Even though she was always exercising and was always in shape, she had never felt so much soreness in her legs.

"What are we gonna do, Hermione?"

"Well I don’t know...Ron, Ginny, and Harry split up from us, so I don't know if they hid, or got caught."

Just then, they heard footsteps coming from all around.

"C'mon! We've got to get out of here!" Hermione yelled as she scrambled up to her feet.

Luna jumped up, and the two girls grabbed Dean by the arms and pulled him up. They took off again. They just had to get out of these woods. The cops were drawn to them like a magnet.

"Oh my God! We're almost there!" Hermione cried out as she saw the other side with no trees.

"We can do this! C'mon Dean! Keep running!"

"I'm...trying!!" Dean yelled out in agony.

They ran more and more, until they came to the end. But suddenly, they tried skidding and turning around, but with no avail. The cops were on the other side, and they caught the three of them.

"Three down...three to go!" One of the cops yelled.

"Aww man!" Dean cried out.

The police escorted them down into the police cars, and the three of them were whisked away to the Jailhouse.


Downtown London (3:33 A.M.)

Ron had stolen someone's bike. He didn't know who, and he couldn't care less. He raced all the way back to the Old Black House. He didn't know where his set of keys were, but luckily, he had a spare. He shook as he fought to open the door.

"C'mon...c' you fucking door!" Ron muttered under his breath.

Finally he opened the door, and slammed it shut. But when he turned around, he faced a sight he didn't want to see.




Harry and Ginny were completely naked on the couch, and they were right in the middle of their “thing”. Ron quickly averted his head.

"PUT ON SOME FUCKING CLOTHES!" He yelled at them, bending over to make retching noises.

"Well soooorrryy you had to see that!" Ginny said as she and Harry scrambled to put back on their clothes.

"Damn Harry! I should've known that your hatred for Ginny all these years was just you trying to relieve sexual tension!"

"How about you shut up and just pretend you didn't see it, God dammit!" Harry yelled.

"That's gonna be a bit hard to do now, considering that my eyes have been contaminated with this shit and I have just been mentally scarred for the rest of my fucking life!"

Harry and Ginny finally got all their clothing articles on, but Ron still refused to look at them. Every time he tried to, he only saw them naked.

"How much longer do you think we think till the cops come for us?" Ginny asked.

"Not much longer..." Ron replied. "Once they check all the usual places and realize that I'm not there, they'll come for me here."

"How much time do you think we got?" Harry asked, getting up to stretch.

"'Bout five to ten min-"

But before he could finish, the door bust down, and the cops filed in, handcuffing them each.

"We caught the other three!" One of the cops yelled.

"Damn..." Ron muttered under his breath. That meant that Hermione and the other two had been caught as well.

They were escorted out of the house, stuffed into the police car, and were driven to the Jailhouse.


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Ron's First Sleepover: Seven: On the Run Again


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