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Pranksters world by TheOneWhoRightsTheWrong
Chapter 4 : Just Go With It...
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Hermione stood staring as she proccessed George's words through her head. Hermione reached her hand forward and George who was poised and ready for an attack Jumped back grabbing Fred.

"What!?" Hermione asked startled George looked over Freds shoulder suspiction and fear obvious in his ember green eye. Fred stood perfectly still looking over his shoulder at his twin like hes lost his marbles.

"put the hand down Hermione! ive got...~he looked around and grabbed the slosest thing~ I've got...I've Got...I've got a coat hanger? And...And im not afraid to use it!" George pointed the coat hanger threateningly...if that was possible.

"George put the coat hanger down!" Hermione said dropping her hand.

"im not going to hurt you!! i was going to say thats ok!" she walked past George and Fred toward the couch pulling Fred behind her.

"ok?" George was dumbfounded. he thought for sure shed be angry..unless..unless she didnt know of course. George walked around to the other couch across from Hermione and looked her dead in the eye.

"yes ok all we have to do is Accio it right? simple!" she shrugged and grabbed an apple off the table infront of the couch and quickly inspected it to make sure it was neither poison, plastic, a bomb, a joke...well you get the idea. George looked over to Fred who in response shook his head and shrugged his shoulders.

"Hermione do you not know?" George asked Hermione. she looked up at him with curious eyes.

"dont know what?" she asked fred took in a bit of air and turned to her.

"Hermione...what my idiot is trying to say~Geoge looked offended~  is its true when a muggleborn~he gestured to her with his hand intending no offense~ or squib or such loses something they can just Accio it. but when a full blooded wizzard or witch loses something its gone." George walked over to hide behind his brother. Hermione just sat there.

"gone vanishes that is of course if its an enchanted object. such as the key my brother is trying so desperatly to find." Fred finished.

"ok." was all Hermione said. Fred and George looked at each other again.

"OK?" they said in unison.

"yes we can just use a spell or special locksmith or something to make another one right?" she said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world

"Hermione you dont get it." Fred sighed.

""this chain is also enchanted....meaning it cant be unlocked by anything other than that key!" Hermione sat there silently staring at Fred...

"George..." she said dangerously low.

in a quivering voice ful of dread he glanced over his brothers shoulder. "yes?"

"im giving you 3 seconds to the count of three you better have jumped of the roof of this building or i will personally make sure you disappear off the face of this planet..." George sat there for a moment. then understood and quickly opened the door and ran down to the shop. Hermione got up pulling Fred with her.

" know waht 3!" she yelled and began to run after him


it happened so fast Freds feet never touched the ground.

'why me?" was all Fred said.




"Hermione" Fred said from the couch as he inspected his fingernails.

"as much as i enjoy this and believe me i do, do you think you can allow my twin to breath now...its been about 2 hours since you caught him and mother will be home soon." Fred looked down to where Hermione was strangling George. Hermione looked over her shoulder than down at George.

"Fine!" she said realeasing his unrecognizable throat. getting up she walked over and sat next to Fred. George sat up Gasping for breath!

" with you!" she gasped yes SHE gasped...Hermione turned poor George into a girl. Fred laughed.

"a girl..a am i suppose to live like this!." George said getting up awkwardly in heals.

"sorry miss." Fred laughed.

"but i do believe you deserved this."  George glared at his brother. and sat down again.

"oh George its permenent!" Hermione said still fuming.

"What!?" he said in an astonishingly high voice. Hermione couldnt hold bakc. laughing so heard Hermione wiped the tears away and pulled out her wand and waved it sending the counter curse to George.

"i really couldnt take you seriously." she said George just sat there pouting. finally stopping to breath Hermione and Fred cleared their throats.

"ok but seriously you guys since the key is gone we are gonna have to do something..while George lookes for an antidote." Hermione said both boys at attention.

"antidote? you make it sound like a disease." Fred said.

"it might as well be its killing me." Hermione sighed. Fred chuckled.

"i never knew you had a sense of humor." he looked her seriously in the eye. Hermione blushed.

"hey love birds we have a serious problem to worry about!" George said in a high feminen voice. he quickly cover his mouth.

"oh there will be side affects." Hermione laughed again. "so what should we do?" she continued

George and Fred looked at each other. smioling. Hermione was taken aback

"what is it?" she asked.

"the only thing there is to do." Fred said. Hermione gave a questioning face.

"Just Go With It!" they said in unison one in a deep voice the other a relitively high voice





my readers thanks so much for all the comments and enjoying my story i do hope youll continue! because it is George and Fred after all and after whats already happened what else could go wrong? right?

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Pranksters world: Just Go With It...


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