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Alice Liddell by VeronicaOlivia
Chapter 15 : Winter's Cry
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  Disclaimer: Poem used in chapter image is by Lang Leav.

       A sea of battered umbrellas lied before me as I squinted against the pounding rain, crossing my arms as it seeped into my once dry clothes, freezing my skin. My blonde hair, now soaked by the relentless raindrops, stuck to the sides of my face while I ran towards coverage with a broken umbrella, that had not survived for more than a minute in this torrential downpour, in one hand.

Ducking under the under umbrellas and squeezing through the smallest of gaps, I attempted to find a good spot to which I can watch the game. "Alice! Oi, Alice!" a faded voice called in the midst of the screaming crowd. They couldn't have possibly meant me, could they?

I looked towards the direction of the voice. Several feet away stood Lily and Olivia along with Peter and Remus underneath two brilliant, scarlet red umbrellas. A small grin spread across my frosted face as I subconsciously said, "Excuse me," whilst I slid through the people who were chattering excitedly about the outcomes of the match.

"Hello!" I said breathlessly, wiping my forehead with the back of my also soaked hand. However they all laughed at my appearance. "That's actually quite rude considering the fact that you four have two, durable umbrellas. I had not expected this useless umbrella to give up on me a minute after I left the castle," I said, attempting to explain my ridiculous appearance. "That still doesn't change the fact that you look very much like a drowned cat," Olivia said teasingly, pushing back locks of long, dry hair.

"How do you all think the teams will fair under these conditions?"

"Well, it is quite a competitive game," Lily noted.

"And it's raining," Peter added, feebly.

"I suppose we will just have to see then for it is Gryffindor versus Slytherin. I have high hopes that this will be a good game though," Remus mused.

"And the games begin! Ladies, gentlemen, and various beings, I welcome you to the first Quidditch game of the year! Starting off from the Gryffindor team, we have the beautiful (talk to me after the game, Lena, yea?) Lena Sindyukova as Seeker! Coming up from behind, we have Sirius Black as Beater (I bet all you ladies out there are fainting - I think we're going to need you here, Madame P.!) and Brian Frinder - sorry, mate, I can't say the same for you! For Chasers we have the famous James Potter, Nina Dromwer, and Violet Criller who is the latest edition to the team and what I have seen from the practices, well, Slytherin, just watch your broomsticks."

"Guller, you better watch your mouth," McGonagall scolded.

"From the Slytherin team we have the beastly looking Gertrude Munov as Seeker. As the Keeper, we have Emily Gryphin. For Beaters we have the two fat arses - Christopher Bulstrode and Frederick Duffren. Lastly, we have Edward Mulciber, Michael Avery, and Ryan Greyhorn as Chasers."


The Slytherins threw their fists in the air as their shouts were muted by the heavy downpour. The Gryffindor team members took a confident spin through the stadium, causing crowds of students to cheer loudly. Of course, the Slytherins' also had their fair share of fans.

I grinned and shouted along with the rest of the crowd, "Go, go, Gryffindor!" James flew past the stands but didn't forget to wink at Lily who scowled. It now became obvious that the rain didn't deflate James's ego one bit. Then again, what does?

"Let the game begin!"

The stands roared with excitement as the quaffle was thrown up and the game begun.

And it was deadly.


"Gryffindor won."

Sirius grinned lazily and said,"finally, some good news." He looked pretty good for someone who was beaten by several bludgers and a bat. Well, except for some bruises, cuts, and a broken arm, that is. I stood at the corner of the Hospital Wing, deciding whether to leave or to first say some words of comfort to him, and then leave.

Everyone knew that Sirius was actually furious on the inside but he wouldn't let it show. His easygoing attitude about everything shone through his face at the moment as his "fan club" surrounded him. It was actually quite a comedic sight to see if you didn't look like some wanna be at the corner of the room.

"I have to give credit to the Slytherins."

At that moment, I was dragged out of my thoughts and looked up. Remus leaned against the wall next to me and watched Sirius. Confusion spread within me and forced me to ask, "Why do you say that?"

Remus glanced at me and said, "If you look at it from a strategic point of view, it was quite a good idea. Even though I am not one for the whole use of violence plan. You see, the Slytherins decided to take out the best Beater on the Gryffindor team which then means that they can easily take over most of the other members."

Staring at the stone ground, I nodded and said," I suppose that it is somewhat clever when you look at it from a different perspective; however, I also don't promote the idea of violence to win."

He smiled, saying, "Well, on a more positive note, Gryffindor did win and the plan for the use of violence was not successful!"

A small smile spread across my face as I said, "That's a good point. Ah, the world has now become a safer place with the failed promotion of violence on the Slytherin's behalf."

Suddenly, Madame Pomfrey came sweeping in with her arms flailing as she screamed, "Out! Out! Visiting hours have now finished!" Remus and I exchanged expressions, knowing exactly the thoughts of one another at that moment. "Well, that's our cue," I said with a twinge of disappointment.

"Hope you feel better, Sirius," I called behind me. A crowd of people flooded out of the Hospital Wing, everyone going their own separate ways, breaking into groups while they wandered aimlessly around the castle searching for something to occupy their time with.

"See you, Remus!" I said quietly, also whispering my farewells to the others.

Alone, I wandered into the silent corridor, listening to the pitter patter of the rain.

At that very moment, it was the most beautiful sound in the world.


A soft grey light filled the room, a relaxed feeling settling at the pit of my stomach. I turned over as the realisation of it being Monday finally registered into my mind. Despite the fact that class was in an hour, I stared at the ceiling for a few minutes my thoughts wandering back to yesterday's events and then to my so called home. It has been ages since I heard any news from my father. I noted to myself that it was about time I wrote a letter to him.

After deciding that I had enough time to think over everything that I had left untouched,I pushed myself off of the warmth of the bed and forced my books into my bag as I grabbed an essay I had finished over the weekend for Defense Against the Dark Arts. I remembered that it was also my Transfiguration test today but I was comforted by the thought that I had studied in advance.

I rushed down the stairs as some exited the Great Hall and others entered it, joining their groups of friends. Once again, I sat down in my usual seat, pretending to look as if I was doing something and didn't want to be bothered by taking out my Transfiguration notes. Every few minutes I glanced up, realising that nobody even bothered to look way as usual, and returned my gaze to my sloppy notes.

I secretly watched from my seat as the Marauders came in, laughing of course, as James continuously glanced behind him to spy on Lily who was anxiously looking over her pile of notes. When I thought that it was a good time to start heading towards the Transfiguration class room, I quietly got up and slipped out of the hall.

Students slowly began to gather in front of the room, all of them exchanging notes as others who hadn't studied before hand rushed to study at the moment. Some even began writing the notes on their hands although everyone knew that McGonagall wouldn't let something as silly as that get past her hawk-like vision. She was no fool.

Alas, the heavy doors opened as students stuffed their notes into their heavy bags.

It was obvious that Transfiguration exams were the best way to start off everyone's mornings.



The day had painfully dragged on as I waited each period for it to alas be put out of its misery. The temperatures had dropped a few degrees today and it became clear that a harsh winter was on its way. The fierce winds that blew on the school grounds that day sounded almost like crying. It was the cry of winter. It was hard to believe that three months had passed and that we were now into the beginning of December. The bare branches of the trees swayed as the darkening clouds gathered. It didn't seem like the sun would ever shine through.

A harsh wind blew into my face and my blonde hair flew up as I wrapped my cloak around me tightly around my frozen body. But little did I know that somehow had been walking a few feet behind me this entire time. Thus, I came to a stop and waited for the person to catch up.

"Hello," I said looking into the face of the one person I still had not thought about yet.

"Would you like me to give you my cloak?" Jacob asked when I could clearly tell that he was also freezing.

I laughed quietly and said, "Oh no, that's all right!"

"Right." We began walking against the wind once more as we both stared at the ground, silence filling the empty space between us.

"Do you think you did well on the test?" I finally brought up, attempting to create a conversation.

"I think I did all right."

Slowly, we made our way to the warmth of the school as we dreamt of our cosy beds awaiting its occupants. When we finally reached one of the entrances, he stopped and blurted out, "Would you go with me to Hogsmeade?"

The question that I had been dreading this entire time had been uncovered and brought out into the open after I had spent hours trying to bury it, putting it off for another time. I honestly didn't have my decision made yet. If I say yes then I confirm his feelings and makes it seem like I have the same emotions for him too. Although, if I refuse, I leave a heartbroken and disappointed person behind that had not done anything to harm me and will probably forevermore hate my very existence.

Dear, oh dear.

Could one measly date hurt so much? We could hardly hold a two minute conversation that didn't consist of the topics school and the weather. How could we even be friends, let alone a couple? Perhaps by going on a date with him he would realise that things between us won't work out and he will finally leave me at peace.

"Fine," I whispered after several long minutes. Hopefully my theories of Jacob leaving me alone after he experiences the awful date that we will have will be confirmed; if not, I may be in a bit of a pickle.


I took a deep breath, "Sure."



So it's summer again and I finally have another chapter done. I had no inspiration at all for the past months but I am happy to say that this is the last time i will be revising.
So, what do you all think of this chapter?

What do you think will happen with Jake and Alice? What do you think of the being together? Thank you and please leave a review.


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