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Playing House with Malfoy by DMlover
Chapter 17 : The Morning After
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AN: I don’t own anything from Harry Potter. And this chapter and story is rated 'M' and may contain some sexual content.



                The next morning Hermione woke up in a sweat, trying to stay as to still as possible. Maybe if she didn’t move, the feeling will go away. Breathing deeply, in and out, she closed her eyes and tried not to think about it. But then Draco shifted on the bed next to her, causing the mattress to rock and she couldn’t take it any longer. She groaned and quickly rolled out of her bed, and sprinted to the bathroom, barely making it in time before her stomach decided to revolt against her.


                Once her stomach finally emptied itself out, she sat back against the bathroom wall and pulled her legs up against her chest and dropped her forehead on her knees. The morning sickness passed, but she didn’t want to take any chances moving again too quickly. So she decided to just sit there, breathing in and out deeply.


“Are you okay down there, or are you…not finished yet?” Draco asked.


“Ughn.” She mumbled, figures he be awake, now, when she’s puking out her stomach.


“Need a hand up?” he reached out his hand to her.


                She put her clammy hand in his, which he graciously made no comment about, and he hoisted her up, keeping a hand on her waist to steady her.


It wasn’t until she managed to stand on her own, that he finally notice her outfit from last night. “Wow.” He uttered, eye brows raised in admiration.


                Ignoring his heated stare, she went to the sink and made quick work at brushing her teeth and rinsing out her mouth.


                Draco didn’t move from where he stood in the doorway, all he could do was stare. When did she put that on? Other than that first morning they woke up together, he hadn’t seen her in anything that resembled lingerie. Well there had been some incidents, but during those times, she made sure to cover herself up as much as possible.


But this was…definitely not her normal pajamas that swallowed her whole, this was… sheer and sexy as hell. Granted all the best parts of her body were still covered, but it still left very little to the imagination. He could even see where her belly button was, through the sheer fabric and the still very tiny bump forming low in her belly.


The only things that were truly covered, meaning that he couldn’t see through, were her breasts and whatever lay beneath her panties, which were in the same powder blue color of the rest of her negligee. As far as lingerie goes, hers was still very modest, but knowing how innocent she is, made it that much sexier, knowing she had gone out of her comfort zone to wear this.


And he still couldn’t get over the fact that a woman, he’d known for at least eight years now, had legs like that. How could he have never noticed them before? They were long, lean and perfect.


He had to clear his throat, before he spoke, for fear he swallowed his tongue. “You look…wow.”


“Hmm?” She turned to look at him, with her toothbrush still in her mouth, before he could clarify; she looked down at herself and grimaced. “Oh God!” she put the toothbrush down and tried to cover herself.


Draco went on alert at the look on her face. “What? Are you going to get sick again?”


“No…I just forgot I was wearing um…this.” She told him, blushing now and trying desperately to tug the hem of the teddy down, so it covered more of her legs.


“You forgot?” he asked amused, still not able to take his eyes off her.


“Yeah I mean I woke up feeling sick, so I came in here, and well here we are.”


So she didn’t put it on this morning then? “So how long have you been wearing this then? I’m assuming you didn’t put it on just to see if it fit?” If he wasn’t mistaken, she blushed deeper and wouldn’t meet his eyes.


“I…um had it on last night.” She told him in barely a whisper.


It was difficult to make out her words, but he was pretty sure he understood them. “And you wore this all night long?” He gestured up and down her body with his hand. “How the bloody hell did I miss that?” he ran a hand through his hair, trying to remember her coming to bed last night.


“Well, by the time I came to bed, you were already asleep.”


He walked closer to her realizing he was still standing by the door. “And I’m assuming, or hoping really, that you didn’t wear that just to sleep in?” He asked his voice more low and husky than it had been before.


Her blush and the way she wouldn’t look at him, was his answer.


“Why didn’t you wake me up?”


“I…well in my defense I did try…sort of, but you barely stirred. And well I kind of lost my nerve and well chickened out…” She trailed off, and then took a deep breath. “I chickened out. And don’t you dare make fun of me Draco Malfoy; you have no idea how much courage it took just to put this on in the first place. I’m not some tart who knows what they’re doing. This is my first time, and I have no idea what I’m doing or how I should go about doing it.”


He held up his hands to ward her off in case she decided to lash out at him. “Whoa, calm down, I’m not making fun of you.”


“Then why are you smiling like that?” She asked him crossing her arms defensively across her chest.


“I’m smiling, not because I’m laughing at you, I’m just proud and flattered that you even considered…taking that next step with me last night. Of course I’m also mentally kicking myself for being a typical male and falling asleep, before anything good happened.”


She bit her lip and looked away from him blushing. Merlin, he loved how her cheeks flushed with color whenever she was around him.


“I suppose, you wouldn’t want to pick up where we left off from last night, would you?” he asked her, stepping towards her and wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her close to his body.


She raised her eyebrow up at him. “You did just watch me vomit, less than two minutes ago, did you not?”


“Well yeah, but you’re not getting sick right now and you brushed you’re teeth.”


She rolled her eyes at him and pushed on his chest with her hand until he released his arms from around her waist. “That’s not the point. The point is that right now is not a very good time. And besides you have to be at practice in less than an hour, and Crissy will be up any minute.” She told him, walking passed him to grab her robe off the bathroom door and put it on over her teddy, covering up her body from him.  


 He followed her and wrapped his arms around her from behind, so she was trapped between the bathroom sink and him, facing the mirror. “You’ll soon find out that I can accomplish a lot in less than an hour.”  He whispered to her, pressing his lips to the pulse point on the side of her neck, then slowly worked his way up until he hit her sweet spot just below her ear.


“Draco.” She half warned and half moaned, tilting her head to give him better access.


                He untied her robe and pulled it back open so he could see her luscious body again. She watched him silently with her big brown eyes, heated with desire, as he began to slip the robe off her shoulders until it hit the ground in a puddle at their feet. He ran his hands up her arms, and noticed goosebumps prickled along her skin. And he could tell just by looking at their reflection in the mirror that she was aroused in more ways than one.


                 With one hand, he slipped one of the straps of her negligee off her shoulder, while his other hand skimmed up the bare skin of her upper thigh. Just as his hand moved under her skirt and started to venture up higher, they heard Crissy through the baby monitor in their bedroom.


He dropped his forehead on the back of her shoulder and groaned.


Hermione seemed to shake herself out of the sexual fog she had been under. “Told you.” She muttered as she straightened out her outfit, then bent over and picked up the robe and started to put it back on, when he put his hand on her arm, and tugged her back over into his arms. “Draco we can’t.”


He lowered his head until his lips captured her and he kissed her passionately, before pulling away. “I know, but one of these days we won’t get interrupted and I promise you won’t regret it.” He whispered to her breathlessly, then kissed her again swiftly, before pulling away and walked out of the bathroom to get Crissy.


                Hermione didn’t release her breath until Draco left the room completely. What the bloody hell just happened? One second he was teasing her, wanting to pick up where they left off, and then her telling him no, to him practically stripping her right in front of the mirror as she watched. As if she had been hypnotized and in some kind of trance by the movement and the feel of his hands.


                If Crissy hadn’t woken up just now, she probably would have let Draco strip her naked here in the bathroom, as she watched. She turned the faucet on at the sink and splashed cool water over her face and neck.


                Her body vibrating with unsatisfied energy. She’s going to have to deal with this sooner rather than later, and last night was a horribly weak attempt, that obviously didn’t work out. And Merlin knew her body was screaming for some kind of release, pretty soon she might burst if they don’t do something soon. The sexual tension between the two of them had become increasingly suffocating each day they’ve been stuck here.


                Once she got herself somewhat under control and back to normal, she quickly changed into normal, ‘safe’ clothes and left the room. She walked into the kitchen and saw Draco rummaging through the fridge with Crissy on his hip.


Just looking at him made every nerve ending in her body tingle in awareness. Of course it helped that he’s currently without a shirt. The warm glow of the light in the middle of the kitchen, helped highlight his strong muscular back and shoulders. The bruising on the side of his torso, barely noticeable now. Her gaze moved down further south to his narrow waist, admiring how his jeans hung low…very low on his hips, accenting two tiny dimples just above his bu…


“You know staring is considered impolite in most countries.” He called out to her, with his head still in the refrigerator.  


She felt her cheeks light up. “What gave you the impression I was staring at you?”


“I meant staring in general; I never implied that you were staring at me.” He looked over his shoulder at her and winked. “That was all you.”


She rolled her eyes at his back when he turned back to the refrigerator; Crissy had her head resting on his shoulder, with her pacifier in her mouth, watching her with sleepy eyes. “What are you looking for anyway?” she asked him as she walked closer to him, taking Crissy into her arms when she reached out her little arms towards her.


“Her food, I don’t think we have any left.” He told her running a hand through his hair and pulling out a carton of milk.


“Of course we do, did you look in the pantry?” she asked him, inhaling Crissy’s now familiar, comforting baby smell, running her lips against her soft baby curls, as she watched Draco walk over and open the pantry cabinet to look inside.


“Nope, there’s none here either. “


“Hmm, well I guess I’ll have to stop by the store today and pick up some more.” She said reaching passed him to grab the box of cereal and then a banana from the counter.


                Seating Crissy in her highchair, Hermione unpeeled the banana and broke it in half, then tore it up into tiny bite size pieces for Crissy, and then added a small hand full of cereal for Crissy to chew on. Eating the other half of the banana, she walked over to the refrigerator and pulled out the jug of apple juice and filled Crissy’s bottle with it. She glanced over and caught Draco watching her as he leaned against the counter holding his own bowl of cereal.


“I thought you said it was impolite to stare.”


He nodded. “I did. Except I’m not staring, I’m admiring.”


She blushed and rolled his eyes at his corny-ness and went back to focusing on feeding Crissy. “And there’s a difference?”


“There is, staring implies unwanted attention making the other person uncomfortable.”


“So when you mentioned earlier that I was staring, was it because I made you uncomfortable?” she quirked an eyebrow up at him, ugh why was she even egging him on?


“No, the opposite in fact.” His eyes heated as he continued to watch her.


She blushed and turned away. “Shouldn’t you be getting ready to leave? You have less than 20 minutes before you need to be at practice.”


He chuckled. “Way to change the subject there.” He told her placing his bowl in the sink. “I’ll go get ready if it will make you feel better.”


She nodded and watched him walk out of the kitchen chuckling. “Daddy is making things very confusing for mommy, making it hard for mommy to concentrate.” She told Crissy who blinked up at her with her big brown eyes, stuffing pieces of cereal into her mouth.


                Adding more cereal to Crissy’s tray, she walked over and grabbed another banana and a jar of peanut butter, then walked back over to the table and sat down. Dipping a spoon into the peanut butter, she smeared the crunchy mix onto the banana and took a bite. Savoring the salty, sweet mix she pulled over a notepad sitting on the table and began to make a list of things they needed from the store.


                As she took the last bite of her banana, Draco walked back into the kitchen. Clearly the only thing he did was change into his practice uniform. His cheeks and jaw still covered in a day’s growth of stubble and his hair looked as though all he did was run his fingers through it. Of course on him, it looked great.


“That was quick.” She told him as she got up to dispose of her banana peel.


“I figured there’s no sense in taking a shower, when I’m going to get hot and sweating out on the pitch anyway.”


“Right, hot and sweaty.” She muttered under her breath.


Draco grabbed an apple from the fruit bowl, which also needed replenishing, another thing to add to the grocery list. “So what do you have planned for today?”


Walking back over to the table she sat down and spooned out one last dollop of peanut butter, before twisting the lid shut. “Well I need to get to the grocery store, because we’re running out of food. And I was planning on making a trip to Diagon Alley. I went over our stock of ingredients we have for potions and remedies and I made a list of items we need, not only for the Polyjuice potion, but also basic herbs and ingredients that are good to have around. And also to help not make it so obvious to the herbologist that we’re getting ready to brew up some Polyjuice. But there are still a couple of items that I won’t be able to pick up in Diagon Alley, but we’ll come to that when we have an actual plan in place.”


“Are you sure that’s wise, maybe you should wait until I can accompany you.”


“I’ve been to Diagon Alley loads of times, and I’m perfectly capable of going on my own and I appreciate your concern, but I’ll be fine.” She told him sticking her spoonful of peanut butter in her mouth and getting up to put the jar away, and to wet a clean wash cloth at the sink.


“And what will my princess be doing today?” Draco asked Crissy, lifting her out of her highchair and about his head as she giggled cheerfully.


Hermione walked over to them and grabbed one of Crissy’s sticky hands and began to clean it with the wet cloth, then moved to her other hand. “She’ll be coming with me on my errands.” She told him, tickling Crissy’s belly, before cleaning off her sticky mouth, before she accidently got any of it on Draco’s practice uniform.


                Once she was finished washing Crissy’s face, Draco walked into the living room and set Crissy down in her playpen after laying a kiss on her cheek.


“What do you want for dinner tonight.” She asked him wiping down the tray of Crissy’s highchair, then walking back over to the sink to rinse the cloth out.


“Whatever you’re in the mood for. I don’t care.” He said, his voice sounding very close to her, as if he were standing directly behind her.


Her spine straightened and awareness prickled her skin. “What have I told you about sneaking up on me?” she teased.


“Well you already knew I was in the room, so I didn’t feel the need to announce myself and I didn’t sneak, just simply walked up to you and you didn’t seem to mind yesterday morning in this very kitchen or this morning in the bathroom.” He told her putting his hands on her waist to turn her around, but she stopped him, since she wasn’t finished washing the dishes in the sink.


“This morning doesn’t count, since there was a mirror and I could see you.”


He replaced his hands on her waist and leaned in to whisper in her ear. “And did you like watching me in the mirror, Hermione?”


Grimacing, “Shouldn’t you be leaving for practice now?” she asked him avoiding his question altogether.


He chuckled, his breath tickling the back of her neck. “In a second.” He told her making her turn around in his arms.


“Hey…mpmh” she tried to protest before his lips met hers.


                It took her less than a second to just give in and melt into the kiss, though it was difficult trying not to touch him, since her hands were dripping wet with water. Even though she wanted to put her hands on his shoulders, mainly to steady herself so she wouldn’t fall down. After a few more seconds of kissing, he pulled away.


“Be careful in Diagon Alley today.” He said against her lips.


“Don’t fall off your broom today.” She said back.


Chuckling he kissed her swiftly once again, before stepping away from her. “See you later tonight.” He winked at her, then apparated out of their kitchen.

                Damn, how was it that he could manage to turn her into brainless mush, with one look or touch? She stayed rooted to the spot where he left her up against the counter in front of the sink, staring at the spot where he just apparated from. Before she managed to finally get her legs to stop shaking and work properly.


                Once she finally finished tidying up the kitchen, she got Crissy ready to go shopping. Diagon Alley, was usually a crowded madhouse, on any day, so to make things easy and simple, she decided to shrink all essentials, like Crissy’s diaper bag, full of goodies and Crissy’s stroller and put them inside her purse, while she had Crissy strapped to her chest in a baby carrier. Since it could be hard to maneuver around amongst the crowds, and she didn’t want to have to push around a stroller in all of that.


                Making sure to grab both of her grocery lists, which she made earlier, she headed towards the garage and taking the family minivan, buckled Crissy up in her car seat and then headed towards the Leaky Cauldron in London.


                Parking the van in a parking garage, that luckily was right down the street from the Leaky Cauldron, making sure she had everything she needed, she and Crissy made their way to the tavern. Walking through the heavy wooden door, Hermione felt as if she had been transported back in time. Everything looked and smelled the same in the Grimy, dirty pub. No matter how many times Tom and the other workers claimed to sweep the floors and wipe down the tables, the place still looked dusty.


                Many witches and wizards sat at various tables around the bar area, drinking a pint of ale or eating an early lunch. Some saw her and Crissy walk in and gave them a friendly wave or nod of the head. She didn’t recognize anyone while she walked through the tavern to get to the back, where the entrance to Diagon Alley lay.


                Pulling out her wand out, she tapped on the bricks that opened to entrance, she let out a sigh of relief when the bricks shifted and began to pull apart revealing the crowded alley way of Diagon Alley. Luckily no had changed the password to get through the entrance in the last six years, of course why would they, since the entrance had been there, since, well forever.


                She took a moment to soak in the noisy hustle and bustle that was Diagon Alley, so happy to discover it was finally back to normal after the war, and that the Apothecary, the potions shop was still open after all this time, since it was the main reason for coming here to begin with. But she wanted to stop in there last on their way out, because she didn’t want to go around carrying a bag full of potions and ingredients all day. And of course since she was here she had to go and check out all of the bookstores, because how could she come here and not stop into Flourish and Blott’s?


                But first she wanted to get something to eat, the banana and peanut butter she had this morning wasn’t holding down her hunger. Walking down towards the various cafes she noticed Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlor was open, she heard it closed down during her 6th year after Florean Fortescue disappeared, but it seemed to be back in business. And what better way to cure her hunger than a nice big ice cream sundae. Walking into the shop, she noticed the sugar sweet aroma that was ice cream, walking up to the glass case to browse through the different ice cream flavors, but how could you possibly choose, when they had over 200 flavors to choose from.


                Of course they had all of your basic flavors, but then some were a bit more exotic, like lavender beeswax, and wheatgrass pineapple. But then some were just completely bizarre like, turtle wax mud, and mermaid scale coated seaweed. And since she had Crissy with her, she decided to go with something simple that they both could enjoy. Going with a strawberry ice cream sundae would do the trick.


                Of course she had to get the smallest size, because she didn’t want to ruin her appetite for lunch later on, and she didn’t want to give Crissy too much sugar, otherwise she wouldn’t be able to put her down for her nap later on in the day. And besides a small sundae was about the size of a cereal bowl.


                A short plump woman with red curly hair named Mary helped serve them, and she pretty much fell in love with Crissy, the second they walked in the door, constantly reaching out to pinch Crissy’s chubby cheeks. And though Crissy wasn’t thrilled about it she was still a good sport and didn’t cry or pull away each time the woman reached out to her.


                When Hermione reached in her purse to pay for the sundae, one of the bizarre flavors caught her eye. Pickle flavored ice cream, with real chunks of pickles in it. How did she miss that? Asking Mary if she could have a sample taste of it before she paid. Placing the spoonful full of the pickle green glob into her mouth, she closed her eyes to savor it. And it was absolutely disgusting…but her taste buds had died and gone to heaven, doing a happy dance inside her mouth as the ice cream made its way down her throat.


“Can I have a pint of this to go? Or better yet make it a quart.” She told Mary, who then graciously offered to hold it for them until they were ready to leave Diagon Alley.


                Draco would probably shutter in disgust when he noticed the flavor in the freezer. Walking out of the ice cream shop with the sundae in hand, trying to keep it far enough away so Crissy wouldn’t stick her hands in it and get all sticky before the day even started.


                She found an empty table near one of the cafes and sat down giving Crissy little bites of the sundae as she herself took big bites, being careful not to get a brain freeze. Once she and Crissy managed to tackle the mountain of ice cream, at least until it was no longer over flowing over the sides of the bowl, she got up to start shopping.


                Going inside Whizz Hard Books, one of the various book shops in Diagon Alley. Browsing through it quickly, just to see what they had. But she didn’t really find anything, mainly because most of the books they had in the shop were about Quidditch.


As they were getting ready to leave, the store clerk came out of the back room, “Ah, Mrs. Malfoy, how good it is to see you again. And how is little Miss Malfoy doing today?” the store clerk asked Crissy.


“At the moment she’s full of ice cream, so I’d say she’s doing pretty well. And…uh how are you doing?” She asked the elderly man, who she didn’t know, but he seemed friendly and he knew who they were.


“Oh good, good. Say is your husband here today?” he asked her.


“Oh, no he has practice today. I’m just here to do a bit of shopping.”


“Good, good. And how are his ribs doing? I heard he had a nasty fall the other day at the game.”


“Oh he’s fine, stubborn, but fine, completely healed.”


“Good, good. Well be sure to tell him, his book is selling like hot cakes, all the young teenage witches and wizards too, are buying them, can barely keep them on the shelves.”


“His book?” she asked before realizing that this was something she should have probably been aware of and should have kept her mouth shut.


“Oh you know that biography about your husband’s life and quidditch fame that, that author Charlie Monroe wrote.”


“Oh yes, how could I forget about that. Say you wouldn’t happen to have a copy of it here would you. A friend of mine wanted me to get a copy of it for her.”


“Oh sure let me just get one from the back. We just got a new shipment of them in today.”


“Great that would be wonderful thank you.”


                Hermione wondered what Draco would think about having a biography written about him. a moment later the store clerk came back out holding a slim paperback book.


“Here we are.” He told her holding up the book.


“Oh thank you so much.” She took the book and quickly flipped through it.


                It was very easy to tell why it was popular amongst teenage girls, since it was practically a picture book with some facts about his life. It had pictures of him on his broom, playing quidditch, standing, sitting, some with his shirt off, some with the rest of his team and one where he was standing in what looked like the middle of a quidditch pitch and she was there as well. He had his arm around her and they were kissing and it was obvious she was pregnant in the photo, since her belly stuck out.


“Dada!” Crissy squealed pointing to the picture of the two of them.


“Yeah and that’s you.” She told her pointing to her belly in the photo.   


She reached inside her purse to pay for the book, but the sales clerk shooed away her money. “It’s on the house. But if you bring me in an autograph from you husband then that would be even better.”


“Deal. Thank you very much. I’ll make sure to bring Draco with me next time and he can sign it for you in person.”


“Deal. Well enjoy the rest of your day.”


“Thank you, you too!”


                They walked out of the shop and she decided to take a look inside Magical Menagerie to look at all the animals and she figured Crissy would enjoy that as well. In the window they had a litter of kittens that had various shades of purple fur. They spent quite a few moments playing with the kittens and Crissy of course wanted to pet each and every one. They probably spent a good hour or so in there playing with and looking at all the different magical animals.


                Finally they made their way into Flourish and Blott’s, which she could spend hours in, but since she had Crissy with her, she had to keep the browsing to a minimum. Starting in the front, she made her way around the store, when she came to the G’s in the nonfiction section and she saw her name. It was an odd, but very thrilling feeling to see books that she had written, in her favorite bookstore. There was exactly one copy of each book that she had written sitting on the shelf. And just because she could, she took one off the shelf and began to leaf through it.


                Lost in reading an excerpt from one of the books, she felt a tap on her shoulder. She turned to see a young girl maybe around 18 or 19 years old.


“Um hi, I’m sorry to disturb you, and you’ll probably think I’m really lame, but I’m a huge fan of your books and writing. And I was wondering if I could have an autograph.” The girl asked, a pink blush crossing her cheeks.


“Sure of course I would be honored.” She told her, trying not to freak out knowing this was her first autograph signing and that this woman was actually a fan of hers.


“I wish I had a copy of one of your books with me to get signed, but this will do just fine.” She told her handing Hermione an old receipt and a pen.


“What’s your name?” She asked the girl accepting the piece of paper and pen.


“Suzy Jackson.”


“Well Suzy Jackson, like I said I’m honored and I don’t think your lame for wanting an autograph.” She told Suzy, handing back the paper and pen.


“You’ll probably think I’m a crazy fan, but I can’t wait to get home and frame this.”


Hermione chuckled, “I’m flattered.”


“Um, if you don’t mind me asking, but do you think or are you going to be writing any more books soon?”


“Well I’m not working on anything at the moment, what with taking care of this little one here, I haven’t really had time. But yeah someday I’ll probably start writing again. I can’t say when exactly, but someday…soon.” She added at the last second, because Suzy started to look bummed out when she told her she hadn’t been working on anything lately.


“Oh great, well I’ll be first in line when it comes out.”


Hermione chuckled again. “I’ll look forward to it.”            


                She continued to through the store, still on a giddy high, that she actually had a fan. Crissy was starting to get restless, so Hermione decided to go ahead and pay for the books she managed to find while looking. Once they left Flourish and Blott’s, they made their way towards Apothecary, the potions shop, walking inside the shop, wasn’t the most pleasant smelling place to be. The store keeper probably had 15 different potions brewing at the same time towards the back of the shop.


                Pulling out her list of ingredients they needed, she started looking through the shop, for the Polyjuice Potion she needed; lacewig flies, leeches, bicorn horn (powdered), knotgrass, fluxweed and boomslang skin (shredded). The fluxweed had to be picked on a night with a full moon, so she would need to find that later on. Leeches, as unpleasant as they are, she could find anywhere near a pond or stream. And knotgrass, she could also find on her own. So what she needed today would be lacewig flies, bicorn horn and boomslang skin.


                She found the bicorn horn and boomslang skin and added them to her basket, she also found the lacewig flies, there was only one jar left of them on the shelf. She also went ahead and added other various potions ingredients to the mix; bezoar, ginger, murtlap essence, belladonna, flobberworms and then a jar or wound cleaning potion.


                The store keeper bagged her ingredients, no questions asked, which was a relief, he seemed to be a bit distracted with one of the cauldrons in the back overflowing with reddish bubbles and slime. Checking just about everything off her list she decided to head back to the muggle side of the Leaky Cauldron, but not before stopping by to pick up her quart of pickle ice cream from Mary over at the ice cream parlor.


                They had one more stop, before heading home, which was the grocery store; Crissy wasn’t very happy to have to sit through more shopping and she was starting to get sleepy, which meant she was becoming cranky. But they both made it through the last errand without incident. By the time they finally got home, Crissy was about to crash, she could barely keep her eyes open, and unfortunately it was a little past her normal naptime, but hopefully she would still go to bed when it came to her actual bedtime.


                Once she put Crissy down, Hermione went to work putting all the groceries away first and then sorting out her potion ingredients, making sure they were all labeled properly and put away where they were supposed to go, mainly so they were out of reach from Crissy’s curious fingers.


                She was putting away the last potion ingredient when she heard a tapping at the window, looking over she noticed a light colored owl, one she didn’t recognize, opening the window she accepted the letter the owl was carrying. It was addressed to her; she opened the letter and realized it was from Draco.




I would have called on the telephone, but I kind of forgot the house number, so I sent this letter instead. Besides you are probably out shopping anyway and wouldn’t be there if I called. Anyway I just wanted to let you know, there has been a change in plans. The coach wants me to stay after practice to go over some stuff. So I probably won’t make it home in time for dinner, so don’t wait up for me. Give a goodnight kiss to Crissy for me and see you later.




                Well at least that means she wouldn’t have to cook anything decent for dinner tonight, maybe she’ll order in Chinese instead. And also, this time her actually remembered to call and write, telling her she wouldn’t be in till late tonight, unlike last time when he didn’t and she ended up worrying all night long, wondering where he was.


                Taking out her pickle ice cream, she scooped some out in a bowl and then went and sat down on the couch, finally enjoying a quiet moment for herself and relaxed after a long day of walking. Crissy napped for about an hour and a half and then woke up, because she was hungry. Once she got Crissy fed and her Chinese food arrived, they say down together and popped in a movie, once Draco would probably not want to sit through, since it was an animated picture about a princess who wanted to find her prince charming and it was the kind of movie where the characters constantly broke out into song every ten minutes or so.


                Crissy fell asleep halfway through, so Hermione went ahead and out her down for bed. It was still fairly early when Crissy went to bed, so Hermione decided to take a bubble bath. She wanted more of that delicious pickle ice cream, but she didn’t want to make herself sick so she decided to forgo it. Making sure she could hear the baby monitor from the bathroom, she filled the bathtub with jasmine scented bubble bath, until it was practically over flowing.


                Making sure she had all of her new books that she purchased that day to read and look through as she relaxed in the bath. Stepping into the hot water and laying back until the bubbles reached her chin. Picking up the first book on the pile she opened it up and started reading. It was a baby book she found at Flourish and Blott’s, it was called I Have a Magical Baby, a how to book for parents who have a baby who is showing signs of performing magic. Crissy was still really little, but her magic would probably be kicking in soon, so it was probably a good book to read.


                But since it didn’t really apply to Crissy at the moment, she decided to put it down and read something else, because she was in here to relax, not study; even though that’s what she’s good at. The next book she picked up, happened to be Draco’s ‘book’ if that was even what you would call it. It was mainly a picture book with some facts about his life and his quidditch stats. She looked through all of the pictures one more time before setting that book down along with the baby book. Next was a non-fiction romance, novel she picked up, one of her guilty pleasures, which she soon got lost in, when she opened it up and started reading.


                After a long, hot grueling day at practice, Draco’s coach Bob wanted to take him out to dinner and discuss things. He quickly realized that he must have heard the rumors that he might transfer teams. He took Draco out to ta little hole in the wall pub, that served really good ale and fish and chips. And just as Draco suspected the coach did want to talk about the future and what he was thinking about doing.


                According to Gwen, he couldn’t tell anyone his final decision until they had some kind of press conference, and he really wanted to assure his coach that everything would work out, because he was seriously considering staying with the bats. Of course he hadn’t said anything to anyone about what his possible decision was, not to Gwen, not even to Hermione. Overall, despite the tension they had a good time and the coach promised good amenities and financial benefits if he decided to stay with the Bats.


                He didn’t get home until much later, than even he expected. It was just before midnight when he apparated into the kitchen. The house was quiet and all the lights were out, which probably meant both of the girls were already asleep. He set his bag down on the kitchen table and went over to the refrigerator and pulled out a bottle of water, gulping down a few swigs of ice cold water, he quietly walked up to Crissy’s bedroom and cracked open the door to peek inside.


                She was sound asleep, lying on her back sucking her thumb, while her other hand clutched to the tail of her stuffed dragon.


“Sleep tight Princess.” He whispered to her running a light hand over her curls


               Taking one last look at his daughter her quietly shut the door behind him and proceeded down the hall to the master bedroom. He couldn’t see any light coming from underneath the door. So that probably meant Hermione was asleep.


                He quietly opened the door, not wanting to knock in case he woke her up. And sure enough she was sound asleep as well, curled up on her side facing away from him. He quietly padded across the room to the bathroom, where he got ready for bed. Walking back out to the bedroom, he took off his shirt and stripped down to his boxers, walking over to his side of the bed, he pulled back the sheets, trying not to disturb Hermione.


                He did notice…sadly, that she wore her usual pajamas that covered everything up and swallowed her whole, to his greatest regret. Of course, it wasn’t like he was expecting her to be wearing her sexy little outfit she had on this morning…okay, so maybe he was hoping, that she at least be awake when he got home, so they could pick up where they left off. But he didn’t expect to be home so late either, so he couldn’t blame her for going to bed.


                He tried very carefully not to jostle the bed as he got in and to his relief…and disappointment, Hermione didn’t even stir. He lay on his back and draped the bed covers over his waist and stared up at the ceiling. He was tired, but restless, like he couldn’t quite get his body to relax and be still. He had been distracted all day by images of Hermione wearing nothing but a sexy negligée that left very little imagination as to what lay underneath it. And damn it, now he couldn’t get that image out of his head. Scrubbing a hand over his face, he tried to think of anything other than that, before he embarrassed himself. Glancing over at her quickly, he noticed that she still hadn’t moved and by the even sound of her breathing she was out cold. Sighing he turned over on his side and shut his eyes, willing sleep to come, and not think about the woman sleeping next to him, and how much he wanted her.


                Hermione woke up after a practically steaming dream, involving a shirtless Draco, bubble bath and pickle ice cream. Bringing on that foreign achy, needy feeling where she felt hot from the inside out. These pregnancy hormones were causing her imagination to run wild and get very creative lately.


                Looking over at her bedside clock she noticed it was a little after midnight. Turning to her other side, she noticed right away that she wasn’t alone in bed. When did he get back? She didn’t even hear him come in or feel him get into bed. She must have been more tired than she thought.


                The room was dark, but the moon was bright, providing enough light to make out his features. He was on his side facing her. One arm tucked underneath his pillow, the other laying across his naked abdomen, his lips slightly parted in sleep. She took a few moments, just to look at him, taking this moment to really study him without him knowing or watching her in return.


                He really was quite beautiful, the moon light making his skin look pale and smooth like marble, making her fingers itch to touch him to see if his skin would be cool or warm under her fingertips. She scooted closer to him to get a better look; she could make out the ripples of muscle that outlines his biceps and forearms, as well as the muscle along his chest and abdomen.


                Without thinking she reached out and ran a feather light finger starting from his shoulder down to his elbow, his muscles slightly bunching beneath her touch. His skin definitely not cool to the touch, but deliciously warm. She looked up at his face; to make sure she hadn’t woke him up. She let her fingers linger on his arm, and then lightly trailed back up over his shoulder. She traced his collarbone and then up his throat and along his jaw. Which she noticed was smooth and free of stubble, he must have shaved at some point between him leaving this morning for practice and now.


                Some of his hair fell into his eyes, so she reached up and pushed it back off his forehead and let her fingers linger some more over his temple, across his eyelids, down his nose, over his cheeks and last but not least his lips. Which were as soft as she imagined, of course she knew now firsthand what they felt like on her, but she had never actually touched them and explored them like she was doing now. She wanted to explore more, more than just his arms and face. Of course she wasn’t going to act on that impulse, touching him as she was now, was bad enough, and she wasn’t planning on groping him while he slept, because morally it wasn’t right and she didn’t exactly trust herself in doing so.


                Keeping her fingertips on his lips, she looked down his body, imagining what the rest of him would feel like under her fingers or against her skin. The bed sheet coving his body, pooled low on his hips, exposing his naked abdomen and chest. His chest was smooth and hair free, which she liked, she wasn’t a huge fan of guy’s with hairy chest; it just didn’t do it for her. She wanted to be bold and run her hand down his chest and feel the warm smooth skin. She was about to move her hand, which was still caressing his lips, and do just that when she looked up at his face and realized his eyes were open and he was silently watching her.


                She gasped and tried to pull her hand away, embarrassed that he caught her touching him. But he caught her hand and held it against his cheek, keeping his hand there on top of hers, slowing caressing the back of her hand and wrist with his fingers. How long had he been awake? She wanted to pull her hand away and turn onto her other side away from him and hope he would go back to sleep, but she didn’t, instead she stared right back at him as he continued to watch her silently.


                Instead of backing away from him, she moved closer to him, til she felt his legs brush up against hers. Her gaze dropped back down to his lips. His hand moved up her arm, caressing the sensitive skin on the inside of her arm. Her hand stayed against his jaw and cheek, her thumb tracing the corner of his mouth. He caught her wandering thumb between his lips and nipped at the pad there, then gently sucked on it to sooth the sting.


                Her breathing increased, and she had an extreme urge to kiss him, but he still wasn’t making any move towards her to do just that. He continued to watch her silently, it was dark in the room, but she could still see the intense heat in his eyes, challenging her to make the first move. Not taking her eyes off him, she scooted even closer to him until her body was practically flush up against his.


                He still didn’t move or say anything, but she could tell he was just as affected as she was based on his breathing alone. The hand he had on her arm moved to her back, gently caressing the back of her shoulder blade. The light pressure from his fingertips encouraged her to close the distance between them.


                It was now or never, don’t chicken out now, she told herself. Licking her lips she leaned in and kissed him lightly on the lips. He responded, but left the control all for her. So she kissed him again, harder this time, tangling her fingers through his hair. Feeling even braver she used her tongue to trace the seam of his lips until he opened up and let her in, deepening the kiss.


                Taking her time he let her explore his mouth, lip and teeth. Sucking on his lower lip she gently nibbled on it, to see how he would react, and in response he groaned low in his throat and rolled her onto her back, taking control over the kiss. She lay beneath him as he hovered over her, keeping the majority of his weight off of her and onto elbows beside her head, his hips settling in against hers.


                 They continued to kiss, tongues dueling, breathing heavily. Her hands left his hair to trail down and explore the muscles on his shoulders and back. She wrapped her legs low on his hips to keep him where she wanted him. He smelled so good, like warm musky soap with a hint of mint, it was practically intoxicating. And he felt so good lying on top of her, warm smooth skin and hard muscles, her fingers couldn’t get enough of him.


He lifted his mouth from her to suck in a deep breath and looked down into her eyes, as his hand reached up to stroked his fingers down her cheek. “Are you sure?” he whispered to her.


                Was she? She ran her fingers up and down his spine and over the back of his ribs. Yes she was, she nodded her response to him then reached up to kiss him again, but he stopped her.


“Baby, I need to hear you say it” he told her, his voice taking on a more husky tone.


She nodded again. “Yes I’m sure.” She told him breathlessly. “I want this. I want you, Draco.” She added blushing.


He smiled down at her, and then leaned down to kiss her again. “I love it when you blush.” He mumbled against her lips.


“Ugh why, it’s embarrassing.”


He chuckled. “No, I think it’s sexy.”


She pushed at his shoulder teasingly. “You’re such a lair. How can you even tell I’m blushing?”


“Because I know you now, and I know you blush every time your around me, but I also know because I could feel your face get really hot.” He told her kissing her cheek, then her jaw, down her throat to the pulse point at her neck, which was beating rapidly.


                She forgot what she was going to say when he gently bit her earlobe, then sucked it into his mouth, her hips involuntarily lifted up to meet his, which resulted in a moan from him. His hand found the hem of her night shirt and began to push it up over her belly, stopping just below her breast. His hands skimmed up her belly and over her ribs, caressing her skin with feather light touches. His fingers reached in under her shirt and skimmed over her breasts.


                She sucked in a breath at the feel of his hands on her. Arching up to press herself more fully against him, a whimper escaped her throat. Regretfully Draco pulled his hands out from under her shirt and sat up a little. She thought maybe he was stopping altogether when he took the hem of her shirt and pulled it up and over her head, then tossed it somewhere on the ground, revealing her from the waist up. She had the strongest urge to cover herself up, embarrassed, but kept her arms down at her side as his gaze raked over her body. Anticipation made her body quiver with need as he leaned back over her and kissed her.  


“Perfect.” He mumbled against her lips as his hands made their way back up, exploring her chest. “Your skin is so soft.” He told her as he kissed down her neck, over her collarbone and down the valley between her breasts.


“Draco.” She whimpered, tangling her fingers though is hair.


                He continued to torture her, exploring, kissing and tasting her naked flesh, until she was withering in need beneath him. Somewhere along the way he managed to get her pants off, leaving her in nothing but her panties which were lavender lace.


“Pretty.” He murmured tracing a finger over the top of them.


               She never thought that she looked beautiful, more like plain or maybe cute even, but not beautiful. But the way Draco was looking at her now made her feel more beautiful and sexy then she ever thought possible. He tossed the bed sheet away from their bodies creating a draft of cool breeze hit over her heated skin.


“What are you doing?” she asked him breathlessly.


“I need more room and I also want to be able to see you, all of you.” He smiled at her wickedly, as he hooked his fingers into the sides of her panties and began to drag them down her legs.


                Closing her eyes, not wanting to witness the look on his face when he saw her in all her naked glory. She could count only a tiny handful of people who had actually seen her naked and they included doctors, her mother and maybe her grandmother. But never a boy…no a man in such an intimate setting.


                Her eyes flew open and she gasped when she felt his lips on her ankle, then the inside of her knee and moving higher. His hands skimming up her thighs, he crept up even higher, his lips following the path of his fingers. He wasn’t going to do, what she thought he was going to do, was he?


“Draco, you don’t have to do…”
“Shh,” he kissed the inside of her thigh. “I want to.” And then he kissed her…there.


                Her body tensed up with these new sensations he was creating for her. She may be inexperienced when it came to sex, but she still read, a lot, particularly romance novels, so she wasn’t completely uninformed when it came to bedroom activities.


“Hermione just relax and stop thinking, just feel.” He mumbled against her skin.


                She took a deep breath and forced herself to relax, letting the sensation take over. It didn’t take long until her body turned into a withering pile of nerves and her bones turned to mush. Trailing kisses back up her body, he stopped just above her belly and looked up at her.


“This won’t hurt him, will it?” he asked her talking about their baby.


She shook her head, “No.” she managed to say catching her breath.


                She ran her hands down his chest and abs, then helped him remove his boxers, then finally settled his hips against hers, as she wrapped her legs around his waist.


“Last chance to change your mind.” He whispered against her lips.


She looked into his eyes and ran her hand against his jaw. “No. I still want this.” She whispered back. “You?”


“Me too, more than anything.” He told her his voice sounding hoarse; he smiled down at her and kissed her sweetly on the lips. “You’ll tell me if anything hurts or feels uncomfortable right?”


She nodded. “I have a feeling my body is a lot more experience than I am, so I think we’ll be okay.” She giggled, and then sighed. “Okay now kiss me before I manage to talk myself out of this.”


He chuckled. “Bossy. I like it.”


                He kissed her and then the next think she knew it was happening. It felt even better then she expected or imagined it would feel like. And it didn’t hurt one bit. And Draco was so great about it, clearly he was more experienced than her and actually knew what he was doing, but he was also so gentle and sweet about it, making sure she was okay the entire time. She couldn’t get enough of the feel of him on top of her, his body warm and hard against hers, it was enough to send her over the edge. He followed after her, almost collapsing on top of her, but he caught himself before he squished her, and turned over on his side taking her with him, until she was on top of his chest, nestled against his body.


                She was sated and completely relaxed, more relaxed then she had been in a really long time. There was only one small thing that was going through the back of her mind over and over again as she tried to catch her breath. Holy crap, she just had sex with Draco Malfoy, and she liked it and wanted to do it again.  


AN: Hey everyone, okay so again sorry for the long update. I just graduated and then went on a short vacation. I tried to get it sent in before I left, but I ran out of time, and didn't have access to a computer, when I was away. Anyway enough excuses. I hope you liked this chapter, finally something happened between them...yey!! You were probabaly wanting to yell at me, when nothing ended up happening between them in the morning, so I hope I made it up to you in the end. I have to tell you writing a love scene is very difficult, I didn't want to make it too mushy and sappy or go the other route and make it too smutty and 'dirty'. I think it would have been uncomfortable either way. I mean I know I was blushing the entire time I was writing this. But anyway the deed is now done, I hope everyone approves and don't worry this won't be the last time either, there is still more to come. So anyway, again I hope you liked this chapter and sorry for the long wait, I really am trying to work on it. But as always please keep reading and reviewing. I really want to hear what you thought about this chatper!!

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