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Upside Down by aelover867
Chapter 2 : TWO
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 Damn you, Carolyn. Leaving me with all this fucking paperwork when you should be the one filling it out. You are really a shitty partner.

I groan as it seems that my paperwork load has tripled in front of my eyes. I try to wipe the exhaustion from my eyes as I glance down at my watch. It displays clearly 1:25 in the morning and I groan even louder, not worrying about alarming anybody since I’m the only person here because Carolyn declared that she needed a good night’s sleep so she can be ready for her bust tomorrow. She seemed to forget that I needed some rest to. Rufus is going to have my ass on a platter tomorrow if I’m sluggish and it’ll be all her damn fault.

The door creaks open and I look over my shoulder alarmingly, but then I only see Griffin sneak in, shutting the door behind him. I turn back to my desk with my quill in my hand and keep writing my report about the robbers who had gone through Hogsmeade and robbed almost every shop and restaurant there.

“Why you still here, Scorpius?” Griffin asks me as he walks towards his desk.

“Paperwork,” I tell him. “Why’d you come back?”

“Left my gloves here by accident,” Griffin replies as he walks past my desk and towards his in the corner. “It’s freezing like hell outside.”

“I’m sure it is. It’s January in England,” I respond back truthfully.

“Need any help with the paperwork?” Griffin asks me after he finds his gloves on top of his desk. “I don’t have anywhere I need to be and Rufus will kill you if you’re not on your game tomorrow.”

“I think I’m almost done,” I tell Griffin.

“Then I’ll wait for you. We’re heading the same direction anyways,” Griffin says to me and I nod subconsciously, my bright blonde hair falling into my eyes.

My eyes begin to blur as the tiredness starts to take over my brain. As I begin to read over the report before I turn it into the Head Auror’s mailbox, my eyes burn more than before and I sigh deeply. I can barely read my own cursive handwriting, which has begun to be sloppy as my exhaustion grew.

“This’ll have to do,” I mumble to myself. “I’m about to keel over.”

Griffin takes it from me and flies it over to the Head Auror’s mailbox with his wand. After I grab my coat and scarf, Griffin and I head out of the Auror’s Office and out of the Ministry of Magic. We walk together in the cold streets of London as the snow falls lightly to the dark streets. A shiver shoots down my spine as the cold begins to take hold of my body.

“Bloody hell, it’s never this cold,” I complain, shrinking my head into my scarf.

“You’re never out at this time of night to know,” Griffin responds quickly, visibly freezing.

“And you are?” I ask my closest friend at the Auror’s Office.

Griffin laughs. “A gentleman never kisses and tells, Mr. Malfoy.”

“Oh Jesus,” I snicker and Griffin laughs harder. “When do you even have time for that?”

“When my partner refuses to let me do any paperwork ‘cause he’s afraid I’ll fuck it all up,” Griffin tells me with a wide smile. “It’s very advantageous to have a partner like that ‘cause then I can go get pissed at the Leaky Cauldron while he writes the reports.”

I roll my eyes. “Lucky bastard.”

“You know you can tell Carolyn to do the paperwork once in a while, Scorpius,” Griffin tells me, glancing over at me as we cross the empty street. “You can tell her to shove it up her ass and do some of the work for once.”

“No, it’s fine. She’s covered for me once, so it was my turn to owe her,” I tell Griffin, shoving my hands into my pockets and taking hold of my flat key. “It was just a super inconvenient time.”

“Well, this is where we part now,” Griffin says as he begins to turn left down the block towards his flat while I continue straight. “See you tomorrow, Scorpius.”

“You too, Griffin,” I call back to him as I continue on.

It’s only a couple more minutes until I reach my Apparation point and Apparate to in front of my flat, where I waltz into my flat after I swiftly unlock the front door and into the front hall. I sigh as I head into the first door, which leads to my bedroom. Then, I groan when I notice that I’m not alone in my flat.

“What are you doing here, Sienna?” I ask exasperatedly at the scantily clad woman in my bed.

“I thought you’d like the surprise,” Sienna replies seductively, tracing her finger along the outline of her curves that lie under the blanket. “May be nice for you after all the stress at work.”

I pinch the bridge of my nose. “Sienna, I’m beyond tired right now after all the paperwork I just did and I have a bust tomorrow morning. All I need right now is my bed and sleep.”

“Come on, babe,” Sienna purrs and I slide off my coat. “I’ll let you sleep, just after a nice romp in the sack.”

I roll my eyes and undo my scarf. “I’m not doing this with you tonight. Possibly tomorrow when I don’t have to worry about a big bust.”

Sienna pouts and lays on her side, not facing me anymore. I know I’m gonna pay for this tomorrow, but all I want right now is sleep and my nice, comfy bed is practically screaming at me right now to slide into it. All I do is slide off my shoes and then plop into the bed, not even caring that I’m still in my work clothes; I’m way too tired to even think about changing into my pajamas.

And there, sleep welcomed me as an old friend.


I crack open my eyes and my brain detests me for it. I flinch back from the bright light entering my room through the window and I shut my eyes again to hide away from the brightness. But, I force myself to get up and roll over to see my clock to check the time. All I see is blur, so I rub my eyes roughly and look at the clock again.


“SHIT!” I yell loudly and jump out of bed. I rush over to my closet, where I a bright pink Post-It note on the door. I take it off the door and read it.

I turned off your alarm last night when you passed out. Maybe you shouldn’t piss me off before bed again.

God dammit, Sienna!

“She is going to get me fired!” I scream as I quickly grab my work clothes from my closet and shove them on.

I run down the hall after I get dressed and grab a granola bar from a cabinet real quick, chomping down on it as I rush through my room and grab the last of my things. Once I lock my door to my flat, I run down the block to my Apparation point, a batch of trees near a park that almost nobody ever visits, especially in the winter. When I arrive in the atrium of the Ministry of Magic after I Apparated, I push through the slow-moving employees and reach an elevator just as it was about to leave. The elevator leaves quickly then stops suddenly.

“Level two: Auror Office.”

I run through the front hall and into our offices, where I see everybody milling about at work. I walk briskly over to my desk before Potter comes out and notices me walking in late. I slide into my chair and shake off my scarf and coat, just as I see Carolyn walk by me.

“What the hell? You’re never late,” Carolyn tells me with a surprising tone as she sits in her chair at her desk right across from me.

“Sienna shut off my alarm because I pissed her off last night,” I tell my partner truthfully.

“Sienna?” Carolyn questions. “As in your insane ex-girlfriend?”

I snort. “I seem to keep forgetting to get my flat key back from her.”

Carolyn laughs. “You’d think that you’d remember to do that, seeing as you hated her guts for the last three months of the relationship.”

I furrow my eyebrows and cross my arms as I lean back in my chair. “How’d you know that?”

Carolyn taps on her temple. “It’s a girl thing.”

“Obviously,” I mumble and run my hand through my loose hair. I didn’t have enough time this morning to gel it back, as I usually do when I don’t have my psychotic ex-girlfriend trying to get me fired.

“Potter hasn’t been out yet, so I don’t think he noticed that you came in late,” Carolyn tells me as she strokes the feathers of her quills.

“Let’s hope,” I reply.

Just then, Harry Potter-yes, the Harry Potter-waltzes out of his office and begins to walk down the aisle towards me. I’d expect him, the hero of the Battle of Hogwarts, to walk with his nose up in the air, but he’s actually quite down-to-earth. He acts like anybody else does, like he never killed Lord Voldemort and saved my family’s reputation. Dad still refuses to talk openly about how Harry Potter restored the Malfoy name by testifying for Dad and his parents when they were on trial for supporting Lord Voldemort, but Mom tells me how thankful Dad really is to Harry Potter.

“Well shit,” Carolyn mumbles and turns her head down to her desk, pretending she’s working on something.

Potter stops at my desk and kneels down to my level. “Can I talk to you real quick, Malfoy? In my office.”

I sigh silently and follow Harry Potter, Head Auror, to his office in the back of the headquarters. Eyes bore into my back as I follow Potter back to his office and I meet eyes with Griffin, who happens to be talking to the head of our bust, Rufus Weaver. Oh Merlin, Rufus is going to give me so much shit about this if he noticed that I came in late. He’s always trying to test me, probably because I’m a Malfoy and just because of my last name, everyone associates me with being a ‘traitor.’ I’ve always put up a fight with Rufus whenever he tries to get to me, but I know that one day, I’m going to snap and it won’t turn out pretty.

I step into Harry Potter’s office and he shuts the door behind me, sealing out all surrounding noise from in the headquarters. Potter sits behind his big oak desk and folds his hands together on top of his desk.

“Please, sit.”

I gulp as I sit down stiffly in one of the chairs facing his desk. I rub my hands together to try to wipe away the sweat that’s formed.

“So,” Potter sighs, “I noticed you came in late.”

I sigh in response. “Yes, I did.”

“Well, that’s a first,” Potter says to me. “Any reason why?”

“It’s stupid,” I tell Potter. “It won’t happen again.”

“No reason is stupid for coming in late,” Potter tells me and leans forward. “I need to know why you were late, Scorpius.”

He needs to know? Why would he need to know? I can’t question the Head Auror just because I’m curious, but I can’t help but think this.

I sigh and pinch the bridge of my nose. “My ex-girlfriend turned off my alarm clock, so I woke up super late.”

“And why was she in your house?” Potter asks with a black eyebrow raised.

I sigh again. “She had stayed the night last night and I…turned her down.”

Potter chuckles. “I understand what you’re saying. ‘Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.’”

I snort. “You have no idea.”

“Make sure you take care of that, Scorpius,” Potter tells me as he stands up. “I’ll let it slide this time. But, next time, you’ll be staying helping me arrange reports by severity. And that’s never fun.”

“I’m sure,” I reply and stand up out of the chair. “Thank you, Mr. Potter.”

“You can leave now. I’m sure Rufus wants to get started on the bust soon,” Potter tells me as he holds a hand out towards the door, signaling that I can go.

I walk back down the aisle towards my desk and ignore the sneer that Rufus gives me. He’s been an Auror for the past ten years, making him the oldest guy here besides Potter. Aurors typically don’t live that long or don’t want to work as an Auror for that long. Being an Auror is tough work and Rufus makes it look like cake. He’s always intimidated me, but he intimidates basically everybody who works here. It’s not shocking when you take into account that he’s a towering six foot five and all muscle.

Carolyn twirls in her chair and sees me walking back over to the desk. She raises her eyebrow at me and I wave my hand at her, which she twirls back to her desk in response. I slide into my chair and rub my forehead free of the sweat that had beaded while in Potter’s office.

“What was that about?” Carolyn asks me, twiddling her thumbs on her stomach.

“He saw me come in late and asked about it,” I reply quickly.

“Did you tell him about Sienna being crazy?”

I nod. “Yep. That was easier to say than to lie about it. And he seemed to understand.”

“I’m sure he did. He’s been married for a long ass time, like over twenty years,” Carolyn says.

“Twenty-four, almost twenty-five,” I correct her. Carolyn gives me a strange look, the I explain, “My parents got married about the same time.”

“Everybody!” Rufus shouts and everybody involved with the bust pays attention. You don’t wanna be caught not paying attention to Rufus; he’s terrifying anyways and when you add anger to the mix, it isn’t pretty. “Let’s get ready for the bust! My team, over by my desk! Griffin’s team, over by his desk!”

Here. We. Go.

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