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A Yellow Wedding by Indie13
Chapter 1 : A Yellow Wedding
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It was a beautiful day. Most people thought it was bad luck for it to rain on the day of your wedding, but it almost seemed as if Luna had planned it to be like this. It was one of those rare times when the rain was just ending and the sun was just starting to shine through the thin layer of clouds, casting a soft, dreamy glow upon the meadow behind the Lovegoods' house.

Hermione took a deep breath, causing Ron to turn his head and glance at her for a moment. There she stood at the end of the wedding procession at the start of the aisle, preceded by Ginny and followed by two other young women: Robin, Luna's cousin, and the groom's sister, Fae. Each of them were arm in arm with a groomsman. All in a line, there was the best man, a friendly, dark-haired man named Jack, then Harry, Neville, and Ron, all wearing dress robes with yellow bow ties and carnations pinned to their lapels. The bridesmaids each wore a flowy yellow dress and held a bouquet of glittering golden flowers. It seemed like everything in Luna and Rolf's wedding was some sort of sunshine color. The chairs were gold and spindly, all set up in rows facing an arc of sunflowers, yellow carnations and roses, and some flowers that, like the bouquets, seemed to exist only with the aid of magical herbology. Hermione smiled. It had turned out quite lovely, and quite Luna-like.

Actually, she wondered if this mystery groom, Rolf, had any say at all in the wedding plans! Only one of his own groomsmen was his friend rather than Luna's, and he had only just met the rest of them last night. Hermione hadn't even seen him yet, but when she inquired Harry and Ron about him, they'd said he was outgoing, friendly, intelligent, good-natured, and incredibly normal. Neville had added that he was rather charming as well. They had all decided he was a perfectly great guy and that he would be good to Luna, but Hermione still couldn't get over the feeling that the two of them were rushing into things. Rolf was just 19 and Luna only 18. She had just graduated from Hogwarts and they had only been dating for a matter of months! Apparently, they had met on a trip to the Amazon Rainforest headed by the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures' Division for Discovery and Education, and the rest was history.

Suddenly, music started, pulling Hermione from her thoughts. She jumped a little, giving Ron a chuckle. She smiled and nudged him playfully in the side just before they started down the aisle. It was then that she actually got a clear view of the groom. Rolf Scammander was tall and confident looking. He had wavy dirty blonde hair that hit his shoulders, but it was nicely groomed and made him look even more handsome. He didn't look the slightest bit nervous, just eager and ready. He was the kind of person who's positive energy seemed to radiate from him and fill up everyone else. Hermione gave him a small smile as she and Ron parted at the end of the aisle, but he wasn't looking at her. In a moment, Hermione knew why.

She reached her spot and turned to face out. She heard Ginny take a breath next to her and she followed her eyes to the start of the aisle. There was Luna Lovegood. She stood arm in arm with her father at the start of the aisle. She looked like herself, just older, and much more... radiant. Her long, flowing dress was white, but when she turned even a little, it glinted and glittered gold in the hazy sunlight. Her hair was only half pulled up, the rest fell down her back in silvery blonde ringlets. Her hair and skin seemed to glow, and her eyes looked bluer than usual. It was the most beautiful Hermione had ever seen Luna.

"Oh.." she heard Ginny whisper as the bride started down the aisle.

The crowd stood up and Luna smiled softly as she walked toward her soon-to-be husband. Hermione turned to look at Rolf. The young man's eyes were brimming with tears and he was beaming at his young bride drifting slowly and steadly towards him. Xenophilius Lovegood looked like he was on the verge of tears too, but he stayed steady until they reached the end of the aisle. As he parted from her, he patted Luna's hand and whispered in her ear. Hermione thought if she had been even inches farther away, she wouldn't have heard him murmur "Your mother would have loved to be here." Luna just nodded quietly and planted a kiss on his cheek. He sat down and Luna took her place beside Rolf. They looked at eachother for a brief, sweet moment and it was clear to Hermione that they had something incredibly special.

"Please be seated," squeaked a small wizard with tufty white hair standing before the bride and groom. The crowd obeyed and Hermione took the oppurtunity to look across at the groomsmen. Jack, the best man, was watching Rolf with something between pride and excitement, Harry was looking at Luna with a calm smile on his lips, and Neville was looking back and forth between Luna and Rolf and his feet. Hermione wondered... Well, she had heard there was something between the two of them after the final battle, but Luna left for the Amazon Rainforest and Neville started his vocational training as a proffessor, and it seemed to fade. Ginny had told her it was a casual fling over the summer, and that the two had drifted apart amicably. Neville didn't seem too hurt standing on the side at Luna's wedding, but Hermione thought his occasional smiles in Luna's direction seemed a bit forced.

Lastly, she looked to Ron, and to her suprise, he was looking right back at her. He half-smiled from across the aisle and Hermione felt a smile spread across her lips too. She looked away, to her toes peeping out from her yellow heels, to Luna and Rolf, to the short wizard still squeaking along. The ceremony seemed to be moving along a great deal faster than Hermione thought it had been. Already, he was saying to Luna
"For better, for worse,"
"For better, for worse," Luna repeated dreamily, smiling and looking into Rolf's eyes.
"For richer, for poorer,"
"For richer, for poorer," she repeated, her blue eyes never wavering from Rolf's.

Hermione now found herself mouthing the words silently as the little wizard squeaked along. She had gone to many muggle weddings within her family, but she never realized she had the vows memorized. She continued to mouth the words, just to see how much she could remember.

Soon enough, he came to "Till death do us part." Hermione mouthed it along with Luna, and her eyes drifted to Ron, only to find he was still looking at her. She finished the vow and continued to look questioningly right at him. His eyes didn't move for a second, but he smiled wider, as if her mouthing the vows was amusing him, and she wondered if he had been watching her this whole time. They continued passing looks across the aisle at eachother as the tufty wizard finished up and started in on Rolf's vows.

Hermione found herself studying Ron as they were now both stuck in an unofficial staring contest, both too stubborn to back down. His red hair lay shaggily on his forhead, just skimming the lids of his blue eyes. He seemed to be getting slowly more freckley lately, as he usually did during the summer. Hermione noticed his lemon-colored bowtie was a little crooked and she tapped her neck at him subtly, hoping he would get the hint. His eyebrows crumpled together and he stared at her bemusedly. "It's crooked." Hermione mouthed and lifted her finger just slightly from her boquet to point at his wonky bowtie. He looked at his chest and then back up at her. He made face that quite plainly said "What are you talking about, crazy woman?" Hermione shrugged and rolled her eyes, surrendering to Ron and his careless dressing. Ron smiled widely, as if he was about to laugh and Hermione glared at him, hoping she could scare him into silence.

"To have and to hold," she heard the small wizard cheep.
"To have and to hold," rolf's voice repeated.
"To have and to hold," Ron mouthed soundlessy, still looking right at Hermione. He was smiling mischeviously, and Hemione rolled her eyes again. He would take any oppurtunity to poke fun at her.

"From this day forward,"
"From this day forward," mouthed Ron.
Hermione giggled as quietly as possible, shaking her head. She hoped no one saw what he was doing, this was supposed to be about Luna and Rolf! But she doubted anyone actually noticed; the bride and groom were so captivating. The little wizard kept squeaking out vows, and Ron kept repeating them silently. Hermione decided to play along.

"In sickness and in health,"
"In sickness and in health," the two looked right at eachother, looking across the bride and groom and their best friends, looking across relationships and little worlds, looking across years of bickering and friendship, across train rides and duels, deaths and pain, lessons and kisses. They looked right into each other's eyes and Hermione felt a little explosion of butterflies in her stomach.

"To love and to cherish,"
"To love and to cherish," They mouthed along, no more glints of joking in their eyes, no more embarrassment or giggles, just what Hermione could only later identified as love. What they had been since the battle, since their "now or never" kiss, was confusing. There had been more kissing, there had been words said, about how much they really truly liked eachother, even loved eachother, but none of it had seemed real. It had been more like a dream, one that would eventually end when they both woke up. They were both being completely thruthful, but time had been spent apart and memories left deep wounds that had to be healed, so a promise of a future together had ever been discussed. But now, at someone else's wedding, they searched each other's eyes and in all sincerity repeated under their breath

"til death do us part."

"Luna, do you take Rolf to be your lawfully wedded husband?"
"I do." Luna said.
"I do." Hermione whispered so quietly that even Ginny right next to her couldn't hear. She waited and watched Ron swallow and look away for a second, the first time since the beginning of the ceremony. Hermione shifted uncomfortably. Maybe she had misread him. Maybe he had just been joking, as usual. She bit her tongue and looked down at her saffron painted toes.

"Rolf, do you take Luna to be your lawfully wedded wife?"
"I do." said Rolf. Hermione willed herself to glance back up at Ron.
"I do." Ron's lips mouthed, his blue eyes now looking right back into hers.

Time slowed down and all sound fell away from Hermione's ears as they both smiled, even beamed, not at the bride and groom, but across at each other for what must have seemed to others like no reason at all. The crowd erupted into cheers and Hermione turned just in time to see Luna and Rolf's lips part and the two practically run back up the aisle, emanating pure happiness. The wedding party followed, linking up with their partners as they met. Ron smiled as they joined arms. Hermione stared bashfully at her feet. She felt a blush spreading across her cheeks. It hadn't seemed so silly until now, but when the rest of the world came back into focus Hermione feared their silent wedding had become childish and a lot less meaningful than she had originally thought.

Suddenly, she felt Ron's warm breath and then his lips on her cheek. When she turned to look at him, he smiled that same goofy, sheepish half-smile he'd had since she first met him on the train a lifetime ago.

"One day, maybe we can do that for real." he said.

Hermione looked up into his eyes and realized he wasn't joking at all. Where did anti-commitment, rarely serious Ronald go? She looked at him as they walked down the aisle, as if even after nine years of being best friends, she still hadn't figured him out. And that was the kind of challenge that Hermione Granger had always liked.

"I love you." Ron finished sincerely, without a trace of nerves or uncertainty or silly flirtation.Hermione smiled.

"I love you too." she said.

And the two walked hand in hand back through the meadow in the dreamy, hazy sunlight as the rain began to fall again.


A/N: Hey! This is my first ever fanfiction, so thanks for reading! Please review! Any critiques, compliments, advice, constructive criticism, regular criticism, ANYTHING would be just great! I'm trying to decide whether to continue this as a collection of one-shots, or if i should just leave it be. Also, just a random tidbit that I wanted to include but couldn't fit it in: I imagined the song that the wedding party and Luna and her father walked down to was the intro of Photographs and Memories by Jason Reeves. Also, I apologize for any spelling, punctuation, or gramatical errors I didn't catch. Alright, that's it! Thanks again for reading!

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