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Never Fade by padfootandprongs25
Chapter 39 : Chapter 39
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dear readers
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Chapter 39 - High and Mighty

Songs were written for feelings like this, sometimes Lily felt as if confusing songs were written to make people feel even more confused about how they were feeling. Clearing her head wasn’t the best idea considering she had invited Rosie and Louise along for the walk and all they were talking about – well arguing really, was that apparently that the new lead singer for The Goblins was hotter than the lead singer from The RockSpell. Lily honestly did not care, she was worried about Petunia’s wedding and was worried for Alex after her confrontation with Jasmine last night.
“Where shall we walk then?” Louise asked pulling Lily out of her thoughts as they reached the edge of the forbidden forest.
Lily shrugged but before she had a chance to answer her extremely chatty best friend swooped in with what she thought was a great idea, “Let’s try the forest” she said, wiggling her eyebrows.
“It’s forbidden for a reason” Lily reminded her in a sing-song voice.

“Yeah and it still looks creepy in the day time” Louise added.
Rosie snorted and stared at the pair of them sceptically, “Come on we’re Gryffindor’s and this our final year to have a peek at what’s in there” she paused and stared at them, “You’re not scared are you?”
“No” the pair of them chorused. Rosie raised her eyebrows then and Lily sighed, “Fine, after you” she said gesturing towards the forest. Rosie grinned and started to make her way inside.
Lily followed her, with Louise closely behind. James, Sirius, Remus and Peter came here at night all the time, if they could do it so could she, especially in broad daylight. Surely it wouldn’t be that bad. The three girls didn’t notice two pairs of eyes on them, watching them enter the forest with extreme caution.

the night before
“A deal” she said coolly, her eyes ablaze with excitement and triumph as if the thing she was about to announce was something she had been dying to say for a very long time, Alex raised her eyebrows at the girl she had shared a dormitory with for almost seven years now. The girl she knew nothing about except for the fact that she would do just about anything to destroy Alex’s life.
“What sort of deal?” Alex said cautiously, constantly en-guard.
“We’ll get to that in a moment” Jasmine said waving her question away. It looked as if Jasmine had a lot more to say than to just talk about this so called deal. Alex took a deep breath and regarded the seventh year girl in front of her, “I want to talk about Black first” she said.
Alex clucked her tongue impatiently, “This is repetitive, I’m so sick of having this confrontation with you Jasmine. Please move on” she said wearily.
“You’re the one to lecture me about moving on when you’re going back out with a boy you broke up with almost a year ago” Jasmine shot back.
Alex tutted, “A boy I was with for almost a year at the time, there’s a slight difference” she pointed out.
The atmosphere between the two girls was tense and Lily had moved to her bed whilst Alex and Jasmine stood facing each other. A variety of emotions on each girls face, anger, panic, hurt and determination, it was simple to pick out which girl showed which emotions.
“You know McCord, your friends, Sirius and other people think you’re so great, so perfect. But in reality you’re just a slutty bitch” Jasmine snarled. Alex almost gasped but made no noise, her mouth hung open and she stared at her adversary for a few seconds.
“You know you really need to learn when t-”
“And another thing” Jasmine said speaking over Alex as if she had not said a word, again. “You’re a mess, Sirius does not need to get involved with somebody like you. You’re a liar. You don’t deserve to be in a relationship” Alex snorted at this. “Plus you’ve got baggage McCord”
“What’s that supposed to mean?” Alex asked coolly.
“A past, a fucked up family, messed up relationships and I heard rumours that you cheated on Daniel” now she had crossed a line, she had no business bringing in Alex’s personal life. Alex took a deep intake of breath before saying anything at all; she took a minute or two to compose herself before saying anything.
“If you didn't hear it with your own ears or see it with your own eyes, don’t invent it with your small mind and share it with your big mouth” Alex said simply. Lily gave a low whistle across the room, both girls looked at her, both had forgotten the head girl had been present at that particular moment, she had kept so quiet.
Jasmine stood there for a few moments, looking slightly dumbstruck, her eyes were wide and she stared at Alex with the most upmost dislike on her face, as Alex let a small smirk appear on her lips. In seven years she had never seen her roommate lost for words, and she had to admit she was very pleased she had been the one to get her to shut up.
“You know what Jasmine” Alex snapped quickly as the triumph inside her faded away and she registered for a few seconds that this girl in front of her wouldn’t stop at anything to get what she wants, “I’m so tired of you, what is it you want?”
“You know what I want McCord” Jasmine said jubilantly, “What I’ve always wanted” a twinkle in her eye made Alex’s heart stop, for one second, it might not have happened at all.
“Still?” The latter whispered, “After all these years? You still want Sirius?” Lily let out a loud groan as the words came out of Alex’s mouth.
Jasmine nodded and small smirk on her face, “And let’s just put it this way, this time I’m serious. So here’s the deal McCord, all you ha-”
“You know what Jasmine I love that sound you make when you shut the fuck up” Alex interrupted loudly, Lily let out another low whistle, Alex’s head shot up she had forgotten her best friend was there for a moment Lily looked as if she was about to giggle, but Jasmine however looked dumbstruck at Alex’s snappy retort and interruption. Alex didn’t care she was sick of being controlled by this girl, always being put down and been bitched at.
“Pardon?” Jasmine spluttered, trying to redeem herself but failing miserably.
“I don’t want to hear this stupid deal; I don’t give a flying hippogriff. You just can’t stand the fact that you’ve lost everything, Alisha, Sirius, everyone’s respect. Nobody cares anymore, seriously give up because I’m not making an idiotic deal with you, you can try whatever the hell you like but do you really think that that will get people to like you?” Alex said incredulously, “I don’t think you really believe that”
Jasmine stood there for a few moments staring at the girl in front of her. In the past two minutes Alex changed completely, she had regained her confidence, put her foot down and stood up for herself – something which she had not done in a long time. This was her, this was how she used to be, everything was going to change now and for once it would be for the better
“This isn’t over McCord” Jasmine snarled through gritted teeth before pushing past the blonde haired seventh year and exiting the dormitory.
Alex raised her eyebrows at the head girl who was sat on her own bed with crossed legs and biting her lip, not in a nervous way but as if she was trying to bite back a laugh. Alex smirked slightly and Lily snorted.
“I think it might be over” Lily assumed.
“I doubt it” Alex sighed, leaning against the bed, “But she’s not going to win this time” she paused, “plus there are bigger things to worry about, we’re in the middle of the war and all Jasmine Hanson cares about is who she can shag” Alex sniggered, Lily rolled her eyes.
“Typical” was the last word muttered in that room before the two girls made their way back down to the common room to join their very curious boyfriends.

present day: The Marauders
“I’m bored” Peter grumbled.
Sirius snarled for the fourth time, but it had been the fifth time Peter had complained how bored he was. James sighed but ignored the comment and continued to walk deeper into the forest. They had come this far before, but never in the daytime and never as humans, usually as animals. It was much safer as animals.
“Then go back to the common room” Sirius snapped when Peter repeated himself for the sixth time.
Peter glared up at the shaggy haired marauder, “It’s boring there too” he shot back. Sirius sighed.
“Pete, we’re bored everywhere, it’s a nice day, it’s our last year, we’ve never explored the forest as humans” Sirius pointed out, regaining his patience with his friend.
“We haven’t done a prank in ages” Peter pointed out, after a few moments of blissful silence and Sirius had to restrain himself from sighing or groaning again as his friend broke the silence he was so desperate for.
James luckily took the answer to this one, “We’ve been short of inspiration for a while, but we’re planning one for after the Easter break. We’ll work on it as soon as possible” James replied, a familiar twinkle in his eye Sirius only saw when he was talking about pranks.
“Yeah” Sirius said loudly, “And apart from our end of year one, it will be the best we do a-”
“Shh” James said quickly and sharply, cutting Sirius off instantly, he looked bewildered at his best friend but James’s eyes were occupied, he scanned the area around them, as if he was looking for something, “a thought I heard somebody, a male’s voice” he said in a low whisper.

Trees arched over their heads blocking out any possible sunlight, it was around midday but the forest was practically pitch black, “Lumos” Lily muttered, illuminating the tip of her wand, Rosie and Louise copied her in sync with one another and the tips of their wands seemed to create a slight warmth in the cold forest, probably one of the hottest days they’d had so far this year but the forest, blocking out the source of warmth, was freezing cold.
“How come Alex didn’t come?” Rosie asked Lily and Louise who had been with her about an hour before their walk.
Louise looked around cautiously before answering, “She- um, was writing a letter to her Mother about something she wouldn’t mention”
Lily shrugged when Rosie sent her a questioning look, “I guess she wanted to keep it quiet” she suggested. Rosie tilted her head from side to side as if she was considering this but not agreeing with it.
The three girls kept quiet and continued to walk, Lily hoped they were getting closer to a more open area where the sunlight would shine through the cover of trees and maybe she would be able to take off her coat. Finally after about half an hour of walking in the dark they reached a clearing in the forest where the it was much lighter than before.
“Nox” Louise whispered, and the others did the same.
Lily sat herself down on a fallen down tree and the other two sat down next to her. It was such a beautiful day, she wished Alex had been here to join them.
“Um” Rosie said breaking the silence and the prefect and head girl looked at her, “I was just thinking, how are we going to find our way out?” Rosie asked, trying to keep the slight panic out of her voice.
Realisation sunk in, Lily of course had not thought of this. Why had they not thought of this? They were going to be lost in the forest forever. Louise let out a loud groan and buried her head in her hands whilst Lily’s mind raced through possible ways to get themselves out.

“I’ve got it” Lily said after a few moments of silence, Louise looked up at her miserably and Rosie looked at her curiously, slight panic still in her eyes, “I mean I think I have, hold on” she muttered, getting up and looking around, both Rosie and Louise’s eyes followed her but neither joined her.
“Lily?” Rosie asked when her best friend said nothing at all but continued to walk, looking up at the trees.
“Have either of you two got any parchment and possibly a quill on you?” Lily asked curiously, her head still looking up a tree.
“Yeah because I constantly carry around writing supplies on non-school days just in case I want to do a bit of extra homework” Rosie said dryly, putting her head in her hands.
Louise however stuck her head up and pulled a folded up piece of parchment out of her pocket and rummaged in her hand bag for a quill, getting up she tapped Lily on the shoulder and handed the stuff to her. Rosie said there looking dumbstruck but smiled apologetically at her friend who smirked slightly.
“Right Ro” Lily said sharply, turning to her, Rosie looked up and nodded, “I need you to get that owl down, and bring him here” Rosie nodded, obviously not quite understanding Lily’s purpose of this yet but did as she was told.
Lily took a deep breath and grabbed the parchment and the quill, kneeling on the floor she put the parchment on the tree stump and started to write.
“There should be a little bit of ink there, but not much” Louise pointed out, Lily nodded but continued to write anyway.
Stuck in forest, with Rosie and Louise not sure how to get out,
In some random clearing, could be miles away from school
Please find us.
Follow the owl or use the map, whatever.
Lily x

She folded the parchment up and on the other side she wrote, James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and/or Peter Pettigrew. Either one of them would do, just somebody to find them, she was pretty sure they would be able to, being regular visitors of the forest.
Rosie brought the owl over to her, “To James, Sirius, Remus and Peter please” she muttered putting the letter in the tawny owls beak, the owl hooted willingly and before they could say another word soared off into the distance.
Lily was about to open her mouth and say something but she was rudely interrupted, “Well, well, well if it isn’t the Mudbloods and the Halfie” a sneering voice said behind them.

“Prongs, I think you imagined it” Sirius sighed after three minutes of silence and following this supposed noise that James may or may not have heard.
James muttered something inaudible under his breath and Sirius made no attempt to get his best friend to repeat it, “Yeah maybe” James sighed, he had to admit it was very unusual for somebody else to be in the forest especially this time of day. It was probably a centaur, but he was going to admit that right now.
“Let’s head back to the castle, get some lunch with Moony” Peter suggested, James nodded as the started to go back the way they came.
Sirius clapped his hands together happily at the mention of food and James snorted, “Shame Remus didn’t come” he said breaking the moments silence after Sirius’s short moment of excitement.

“Can you blame him?” Sirius said doubtfully, “I highly doubt this is his favourite place in the world” he added.
James nodded and then shrugged, “I suppose” he muttered, they stayed in silence for a few minutes, neither saying anything.
Occasionally the silence was broken by the hooting of an owl or a scuttle in the grass but never by any voices, not again. James had to admit he was slightly disappointed he was sure he had heard somebody say something. He couldn’t make out at the time what it was but as he recollected his thoughts it sounded like, ‘They went that way’. Of course he was probably kidding himself, he hadn’t had anything dramatic since Hogsmeade and he assumed he was slightly bored in the forest in the day time.
Something fell from the sky and hit him on the head, a second later and owl swooped down in front of the three boys causing them to stop and look at it curiously. James turned around and looked at the ground, a piece of parchment was lying just behind him. He made a grab for it before the wind could carry it away. He found it strange that the owl stayed still and did not attempt to leave the three boys as soon as possible.
“What does it say?” Sirius asked, James shrugged before pulling it open.
James’s eyes scanned through the letter and he groaned slightly, “Louise, Lily and Rosie are lost in here, they’ve asked us to find them. Lily said the owl will take us to them” he muttered, eyeing the tawny owl warily.
“Come on then” Peter muttered, waving a hand at the owl, who took off and a slow pace and close to the ground. The three boys followed it grudgingly, back into the dark forest.

Lily drew her wand quickly as she faced the two Slytherin’s, Rosie already had hers out and Louise drew hers only a second after Lily had done so. Carrow and Avery stood there, their eyes glinting maliciously as they stood facing the three Gryffindor’s. Both had their wands drawn, and even though the Gryffindor’s outnumbered them, Lily knew the three of them had very little chance against the two Slytherin boys.
“Going for a stroll?” Amycus sneered, walking closer to the three girls who in sync took one large step backwards.
Neither of them said a word, they gripped their wands tightly, ready to throw a hex or a jinx at any minute just in case the two boys tried anything. All Lily hoped was that James or somebody had gotten their note and had chosen not to ignore it.
"I don't think that's any of your business" Louise snapped bravely but her voice trembled slightly as she said it.

"How dare you talk like that to me, you filthy little mudblood" Amycus growled, "Crucio" he yelled aiming his wand at Louise.

Lily closed her eyes as the jet of light hurled towards her friend she knew it was cowardly but she could not bare to hear Louise scream. But no noise came, Lily opened her eyes and looked at her best friend. Louise was pulling herself up she had obviously thrown herself to the floor the minute the curse left Carrow's mouth.

"Now, now Amycus let's play nice" Avery sneered maliciously, his eyes not leaving the girls, "And you three, drop your wands" he ordered the three girls.

"No" Lily said firmly, gripping onto her wand.

"Now now Lily Evans, remember what i said about playing nice, it applies to you too" Avery said walking towards her, Lily stood rooted to the ground determined not to show any signs of fear, "Let's put it this way Evans, you hand over your wand and i won't make you watch your friends being tortured" he said with a malicious smile, "Your choice"

Lily took a deep breath and handed her wand over to the Slytherin. He grinned baring his teeth and held tightly onto her wand.

"Same goes for you two" Carrow barked at Rosie and Louise who dropped their wands instantly and Carrow picked them up, "For Gryffindor's you're not very brave" he sneered.

Lily growled, "Come on Evans don't spoil that pretty face with a horrible noise, i didn't think even filth like you would growl" Avery taunted her.

He was stood behind her now she could feel his breath on her neck, she felt extremely sick and panicky.

"Such a pretty face" Avery continued, putting his hand on her cheek, but she shook it off almost immediately, "Shame  about your filthy blood" he paused, "If you ask me it's a good job Snape realised what you were when he did"

mudblood mudblood mudblood mudblood mudblood mudblood mudblood

That was all Lily could hear going round her head at the moment in Snape's voice. She bit her lip, determinded not to give them the reaction they wanted.

"As i was saying, such a pretty face" Avery said loud enough to hear, "Shame it's wasted on James Potter" Lily was almost shaking with fury now, "James Potter maybe a blood traitor but his blood is purer than yours Evans, you may be pretty to look at but all you are to James Potter is a shag, that's all you were to Severus, and like him Potter will soon see you for who you are a filthy little mudb-"

"STUPEFY" Somebody screamed behind them, both Avery and Lily turned round.

The Head Girl ducked almost instantly but the Slytherin boy was too late, the stunning spell hit him square in the chest and he was thrown off his feet and into the middle of the clearing.

James Potter was stood at the edge inbetween two trees shaking with fury. Lily had never seen her boyfriend look so angry.

But before she did anything else she immediatly summounded her wand from Avery's hand. Carrow had his own wand out and was in the middle of trying to revive his fellow Slytherin and did not notice Lily's wand fly towards her. However he still had Rosie and Louise's, but more on that later.

"What the fuck is going on?" Sirius snapped, staring from Lily to Louise and Rosie and then to the two Slytherin's. Avery seemed to be awake and trying to get himself up, "Your letter just said you were lost"

Lily looked at James he was still red in the face and Peter had grabbed his arm as if he was worried the head boy would do something stupid.

"We were, they showed up just after" Lily hissed.

"I knew i heard somebody" James growled and Sirius looked at him apologetically. Lily however did not have time to question this as the two Slytherin's were facing them again.

The six Gryffindor's faces them, all gripping their wands, it was now six to two and Lily felt much much braver.

"Where's Alex?" Sirius growled.

"Dead" Avery smirked.

Sirius started to make his way forward but James held him back, "She's in the castle" Lily told him.

"You bastards" Sirius spat but Avery merely smirked again.

"How are we going to play this then Potter?" Carrow asked looking directly at James, glee in his eyes, "What are you going to do to stop us killing your little mudblood right in front of you"

Lily started to shake again, she wasn't sure whether this was with anger or fear. Sirius grabbed her arm as James was too busy as he now had his wand aimed straight at the two death eaters.

"Touch her or hurt her in anyway and i swear to Godric i will kill you right here" James snarled.

"The mighty James Potter would use a killing curse" Avery sneered.

James snorted, "I'd rather torture you to death, feel half the pain i'd feel if you  did as much as hex her" he threatened.

There was something about the way he said it that caused Avery and Carrow to exchange nervous glances, Lily thought quicky as the pair were occupied.

"Stupefy" she cried, sending the stunning spell at Avery again and just as she had hoped Carrow looked dumbstruck and before he had a chance to react Lily sent a stunning spell his way too, also knocking the Slytherin off his feet.

"Come on let's get out of here before they wake up" Louise piped up, like Rosie and Peter she had not said a word the whole time but had now managed to regain her confidence.

Rosie walked over to the two Slytherin's to grab their wands but before she did, she brought her foot down very quickly on Avery's noise.

Sirius took a sharp intake of breath, "That will hurt in the morning" he muttered before following Rosie back the way the boys had came.

Peter and Louise followed but Lily stayed back with James, he didn't look her in the eye but averted his gaze to the two unconcious seventh years.

"James" she murmured, touching his arm, he flinched slightly and still did not look at her, "James" she repeated, she knew what was on his mind, "I never even kissed Snape, i swear. Gosh the fact that they could even think-" she cut herself off not wanting to continue.

James finally looked at her and gave her a weak smile, "You're okay?" he asked, Lily nodded and put her arms around his waist leaning her head on his chest as he kissed her head softly.

"This is only the start of it" Lily murmured sadly, James did not reply but embraced her tighter.

Sirius stood in front of the magnificent entrance to Professor Dumbledore's office. The golden statue glistened in the candle light. James and Lily stood by his side occasionally shooting him or eachother curious glances, he han't told them why they were here especially after a day like this one, but he had told them it was important.

"Pepper Imps" Sirius said closing his eyes as the golden staircase revealed himself, his heart drummed against his chest. He was putting so much on the line here.

He started to walk up the staircase and his friends followed, still looking utterly bemused but following without questions anyway. They reached the door of Dumbledore's study and Sirius tapped twice on the door.

"Come in" they heard their Headmaster call from inside.

Pushing open the door the first thing Sirius noticed their professor sat behin his desk in ruby robes looking extremely tired.

He looked up as they entered, "Miss Evans, Mister Black, Mister Potter" he exclaimed, "What a lovely suprise" he sounded delighted, "Mint imperial?" he offered pointing to a bowl on his desk.

All three of them shook their heads in sync, "Actually Professor there is something i needed to warn you about" Sirius confessed and Dumbledore sat back in his seat gesturing for the seventh year to continue and he did.

i was going to have the Sirius bit in this chapter, but it would be extremely long!
Also i have two questions for you guys!
Instead of doing a sequel do i just make this like 100 chapters or would you rather a seperate story as the writin technique is going to change?


I know it says Sirius and Alex are invited to Petunia's wedding but would you rather it was just Lily and James.

it's up to you guys!
thanks for being amazing!
p.s is it really bad that this chapter scares me:')

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