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A Street Vendor's Rose by Dark Whisper
Chapter 1 : Take Me Dancing
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Author's Note:

Well… I happened across some videos of people dancing the Tango and was inspired by the passion that this specific type of music can evoke from couples.

I did some research and couldn’t find any ‘legends’ or fictional stories of how it all started, so I took certain facts and spun them into my own back story and tied it into a short Dramione.

I hope you enjoy it.

Dark Whisper






“Why did you bring me here?” The brunette with sultry dark eyes asked the blond man still holding her hand.

“You told me to take you dancing. And well, if you want to dance, this is the best place in the world.”

“You apparated me to South America because it is supposed to be the best place to dance?”

“Why settle when you can experience the best the world has to offer?”

She wasn’t surprised by his answer. He was born with a passion for the finest.

“And of all the places in the world, what makes this the best?” She asked with intrigue.

“The street dancing, of course.”

Street dancing? She wondered.

Still holding her hand, he led her down a brick-paved street lined with antique gaslights that lit their path with a romantic glow.

She couldn’t help but notice the warm Atlantic sea breeze that seemed to carry with it a very specific type of music that accompanied a very specific type of dance.

The Argentine Tango.


More than a hundred years earlier, in the dark streets of the exotic Buenos Aires, Argentina, a young very poor couple immerged, dressed in the finest clothing they possessed to attend a Milonga, hoping that they could experience a magical night of dancing.

They had been through so much, immigrating half way around the world from Spain to finally be together and they craved this time to dance as a couple in love.

But they were refused entrance at the door because their attire didn’t meet aristocratic standards.

Humiliated and heartbroken, the couple ran off, hand in hand, and found themselves at the end of a street fair where a lady was selling Ecuadorian roses. They found a bench and sat down near her wooden cart.

In tears, the young woman blamed herself because the long skirt of her dress was frayed at the ends and torn a little.

But her beau tried to convince her that the fault was his that they were so rudely turned away. His suit jacket was borrowed and it was entirely too large for him. The handsome young man removed the over-sized jacket, suddenly hating the garment for ruining their night. But lovingly holding her tight on their bench, he made a promise to her.

He vowed that one day, he would have enough money to buy her a hundred of the finest dresses in all of Argentina and that he would own fifty tailor-made suits. And that for one magical night, they would dance the night away and all would be jealous that watched them.

The two would’ve been content to sit and watch the stars all night, but the dance music from the Milonga made its way to their street bench. And oh, how they wanted to dance to the new type of music that had gained popularity in the recent months.

It was a new sound from a new instrument called the bandoneón… full of passion and romance with an enticing dramatic beat.

After listening to the music for some time, the two lovers sat staring at each other. Eye to eye, they spoke no words, but they knew.

They would dance this night, even if it was in the brick-paved street under the romantic glow of gaslights at the end of the street fair next to a flower vendor.

The young man stood and offered a hand to his young lady.

At first, they stood gawking at each other as if they weren’t really sure what to do. All they knew was that they were madly in love and the whole world could’ve been burning and they would’ve never known it.

The rhythm of the instruments seemed to dictate their movements toward each other. She seemed to be flirting and teasing him, while he looked as if he were hypnotized with desire for her.

As she carefully placed her left arm around his shoulders, her delicate right hand carefully entwined with his.

Others in the street began gawking at them.

What were they doing? Dancing in the streets? In public? Such a display was unheard of.

But they didn’t care at all who was watching or what was going on around them. They only listened intently to the music and ever-so-sensually surrendered themselves to the rhythm, becoming lost in each other’s arms.

He guided their movements while she moved with fluid-like motion that enthralled him.

They had begun catching attention by onlookers from the fair and even some that were on their way to the Milonga.

The couple was stunning in their dance… creative and dangerously too close.

But there was something else about their dance that captured the attention of all who witnessed them.

The woman selling her flowers was the first to recognize what it was.

“Ah… Amor verdadero.” The woman commented approvingly.

The rhythm and beat grew stronger and so did their movements. He had spun her around in the air and as she came down, he inadvertently stepped on her long skirt. As soon as she moved, her skirt tore further up her leg, causing it to slit inappropriately for the time and era in which they lived.

But no matter, for he had placed his thigh between hers and pulled at the back of her knee, exposing her bare leg and running his hand down the length of it.

The crowd made an audible gasp, but the couple didn’t seem to notice.

He then gave her body a swift jerk and in response, her head tilted and her body arched backward.

The ever-growing audience gasped yet again as they thought she might fall backward onto her head, but he held her strong and tight, not letting go.

The audience grew into a crowd as they continued their sensual dance, completely oblivious to the ever-increasing eyes staring, staring, staring at them.

Everyone, men and women alike, watched in near hushed silence so that the music would not be diminished by their unwelcome noise.

They watched in awe and wonder… completely enthralled as he kissed the delicate spot between her breasts.

Suddenly, all stood wide-eyed with jaws agape, some blushing and trying to shield their eyes to no avail.

It was intense and shocking, the intimate dance of two lovers seemingly caught up in the heat of the most erotic moment of their young adult lives.

Soon the music built to a new height of excitement and crescendo… but ended dramatically with a strong and fast beat of a drum and then… silence as he thrust her into a final pose.

She clung to him as if she would die without him.

And while one hand held her tight, his other hand softly cupped her face.

They had halted their dance abruptly, but had not stopped moving as his lips crashed to hers.

No one knew what to do or how to react to such a display.

Should they be arrested for public indecency?


The woman flower vendor had helped the crowd decide what they should do.

She chose her best and most romantic, fragrant, long-stemmed red rose and plucked it from her many bunches and turned toward the young and poor Tango dancers.

“Fantastico!” She smiled brightly waiting for the couple to acknowledge her. “Amor verdadero! Bravo!”

The couple came out of their trance and turned to her in an almost shy and embarrassed manner as they realized just how many people had been watching their dance.

Through the crowd, she tossed her rose to them and it was caught by the young man, who presented it to his dance partner, his love.

She took the flower, whose very meaning was love, and brought it to her face to take in its lovely aroma.

She bowed her thanks to the woman for her unexpected and beautiful gift.

But then the music began again and it welled within her heart to dance with her beau yet again, but she thought the rose might get in the way. She didn’t want to put it down either, so she did something completely unexpected.

She carefully placed the stem of the rose into her mouth as her hands went to her lover in a classic dance position.

Seeing the flower in her mouth sent fire searing through his veins and the couple became lost in each other once more… lost to the rhythm of the music as it settled in their bones.

The woman and the crowd began applauding their approval at the fun loving display and other couples decided to join them in their boldness in dancing in public.

And thus through humble beginnings began a long tradition in Argentina that still stands today… the street dancing and the style of dance that would eventually hold the world in awe and wonder.


More than a hundred years had passed since that first couple conceived what was known as the Argentine Tango.

And as a pretty brunette danced the night away with her blond lover in the present day, an old woman took notice from her flower cart.

Her heart soared at the sensual display of two people who were completely lost in each other as the music took hold of them.

She’d seen many a thousand couples in her day. Anyone could take a class or learn from family as the tradition passed from one generation to the next. And some couples looked as if passion may have been only one-sided.

There had even been professional dancers who came to Argentina in all their glamorous gowns and tuxedos with perfect technique because they loved the dance. But still they had not loved their dance partners as much as they loved the dance itself. So in the old woman’s eyes, they all got failing marks for their lack of genuine love for each other.

But this was one of those rare and lovely instances in witnessing a couple not only madly and wildly in love with each other… but one that had been through fire to be together.

Battles fought and won for their love.

There is always a certain noticeable difference in their movements and in the way they look at each other… eye to eye as if no one else in the world existed.

She saw this difference in them and immediately knew they had most likely been through a great personal battle and sacrifice to be together.

The evidence was obvious to her… their eyes locked, their seamless movements, and a certain surrendering of the souls to each other.

A noticeable difference, indeed.

Couples of this caliber would always live on the very edge of great tragedy.

For they would only ever have this kind of passion with one person their entire lives. Like graceful swans that only ever have one mate for life, even if the other should die.

They would never have this passion with anyone else, even if they spent the rest of their lives searching for it. In the end, they would only be able to thank God for allowing them to experience it once in a lifetime.

The old woman couldn’t take her eyes off the two and others noticed as well.

Ah, the passion, the lustful positions they took as they tangled themselves together and became one in front of admirers and onlookers.

He would hold her demandingly as their lips would come only centimeters apart in the tease of a kiss, then she would unravel herself only to be spun into him once again where there would be no space between them… only the mere threads of their clothing.

She would place her leg against the length of his and trustingly lean her entire weight onto him, knowing he would never let her fall.

He loved this about her… their dance symbolizing the fact that she trusted him with her life now… no matter the past. It would’ve been a normal tango move to everyone else, but to Draco it meant something much more intimate than just a dance move.

She reveled in his possessive touch… how his strong hands made her feel like the most desirable woman in his world.

She was his and he was hers. But it wasn’t mere possession. Moreover, it was the act of giving himself fully to her, only her. And she giving herself fully to him, only him. Bodies, hearts, souls surrendered fully so that the receiver truly possesses the whole of them.

Such fire displayed in their dance.

As he bent slightly forward pressing his temple to hers and then dancing cheek to cheek, she proceeded to lift her leg through the slit in her dress and wrap it around him as he pressed against her hip. His hand roamed across her bare thigh to her backside.

Her head went back slightly as her lust for him built and he took advantage of the tendon now exposed on her neck and placed his open mouth to it, devouring her.

Knowing what he was doing now, she understood why he chose this place to dance with her.

The only place in the entire world that would allow him to push the edge of decency and love her in a most seductive display ever permitted in public would be Buenos Aires, Argentina… originators of the most lustful dance in the history of the world… the Tango.

It was the best place to dance, indeed.

After the tanda, or three songs in sequence, all couples took a customary cortina.

Draco and Hermione took a seat on one of the park benches to rest a bit. It was during the second cortina, or break, that the woman meandered her way to their bench with her best red rose.

She smiled at Hermione who carefully grasped the gorgeous flower and immediately took in its beautiful scent.

Draco put a hand in his pocket to pay the woman for her rose, but she stopped him and said something to him in Spanish.

He looked at her in pleasant surprise and thanked her. “Gracias por el regalo.”

The old woman smiled and nodded her head as the music began again, indicating the break was over. She raised a hand and gestured them to continue their street Tango.

“Ready?” He asked Hermione who was already taking his hand.

“What did the woman say to you?” His love asked.

“She hasn’t witnessed a couple dance so sensually in over a hundred years.”

Over a hundred years? Hermione questioned in her head.

“That means she is…?”

“Magical? Yes.” Draco finished her question and answered it as they took to the street with six other couples. Apparently they inspired others who had been watching them.

“And I thanked her for her lovely gift to us.”

The old witch watched as the blond man stared deeply into the pretty brunette’s dark eyes with a rare seriousness and passion as the two got lost in each other’s arms once more… lost in the music of the Tango.

But Hermione needed her hands in order to dance and one was being taken up by holding the rose. So she paused her dancing for a moment and snipped off most of the stem.

Draco thought she might tuck it in her hair, but instead she ignited his passion when she tucked it in her brassiere in the space between her breasts.

His eyes grew wide as he took hold of her as if he would die without her. She threw herself back into a beautiful arch as his face came to her breasts to take in the scent of the street vendor's rose.

They audience graciously applauded this pose of passion, but they didn’t seem to hear them. They were too busy getting lost.

“Ah… Amor verdadero.” The old witch commented in awe. “Amor verdadero.”

True love.




Author’s Note:

My apologies if my Argentinian Spanish is flawed. : )

I do hope you enjoyed this little one shot. I suppose it is more of a fiction of how the Tango was started and not too much Dramione, but I hope you enjoyed it anyway… and perhaps learned something about the Tango. I know I learned quite a bit in my research.

I’d love to hear from you. Please Review.

Dark Whisper

 P.S. Should anyone happen across this in the future... It is never too late to Review. :)


Milonga is a place or event where people go to dance.

"Amor verdadero" means 'True love.'

“Fantastico!” means fantastic!

“Gracias por el regalo” means "Thank you for your gift."


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