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Love and War by starkidpottergal16
Chapter 22 : Clichés, Firewhisky, and Broken Hearts
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"Leave me alone Maylea."

"Lily come on. I need to talk to you."

"If you're gonna talk about Potter, I'm not interested."

Maylea took a deep breath, "You're hurting him, Lily."

"That's not my problem."

"You know Lily. Believe it or not James Potter is a human. He. Loves. You."

"Then why hasn't he told me?"

"Well in case you haven't noticed. You aren't dating. And you're being a total bitch to him."

"Sirius tell you to say that?"

"No! Lily!! It's true!! How can you live with yourself for what you're doing to him!! It's bloody torture."

"Whatever. Im just another play thing to him. That night in the dorms was a one time thing."

Maylea stopped. "What?"

"The night we spent in the dorms meant nothing to him!"

"What night?"

".... I don't want to talk about it."

"See!! Look what you're doing right there! The same thing with the snogging! Why do you feel guilty about snogging him!? If you had any sense at all you'd see you two were made for each other! You said it yourself! There is something different about it. Almost right. Why can't you see that you're perfect for each other! He loves you! Why else would he try relentlessly for you?!"

"Because he's a player! An arrogant tart."

"You can't call a boy a tart."

"But he is!!"

"That's what I thought about Sirius."

"Only after you're eyes were opened!! You liked him up until you met John!"


"So! I know Potter is a player. Let me get one thing clear. I HAVE NEVER FAINCIED POTTER AND I NEVER WILL!!"

Maylea stopped, knowing full well James was outside the door listening. She could feel his anguish from here. "Lily..." she said again.

Lily sat on her bed like a queen. She too knowing James was outside the door. "Yes?" she replied to Maylea.

"Lily... You're hurting him. Sirius said-"

Lily sat up fast, her anger flaring, "Since when do you listen to Black?!" she interrupted.

"Oh I don't know Lily, maybe since we've been dating!?"

"It won't last."

"Excuse me?!"


"Why won't it!?"

"Oh come on Maylea. Grow up. This isn't a fairy tale. You really think he loves you?! Because he doesn't."

Maylea's heart dropped. She couldn't believe her best friend said that. Her heart felt like it had shattered into a million pieces. She felt hot tears start to form in her eyes. "Lily..." she breathed painfully.

"He's a player. He won't ever love you."

Lily's last sentence echoed inside her head over and over. Feeling as if her heart breaks anew every time it repeats. She felt dead. Broken beyond repair.

Tears falling from her eyes she stormed out of the dorms. Slamming the door shut. Slamming out the girl she thought was her best friend.

She ran from the dorms. Into the common room where she found James being comforted by the rest of the marauders and Maggie. She had never seen James like this before. He wasn't even in a chair. He had fallen limp on the ground. Remus, Sirius and Peter trying to move him to the dorms.

"James. Come on. You won't have to go to class tomorrow. Just head to the dorms. Please." Remus was saying.

Maylea stood there. Her heart painfully watching her boyfriend. She wondered if Lily was right. Would he ever love her?


Maylea's thoughts were interrupted by Maggie who was the first to notice she was crying.

"Maylea! What happened?"

Maylea saw Sirius look up from James. Even from this far away she saw his quick temper rise. Remus noticed it too and gave Sirius a quick nod.

He ran over as fast as he could and pulled her into a hug. His hand held the back of her head.

"Maylea. What happened?"

She buried her head into Sirius' shirt and tried to stop the tears. How could he not love her? It can't be true. She mustered up all her courage and looked up at Sirius.

His grey eyes shone with anger. Silently saying he'd try to kill whoever hurt her. Suddenly her courage faded. Disappeared in a flash, replacing it, her Ravenclaw smarts. She couldn't tell him what happened. It would only hurt Lily and help no one. Damn her Ravenclaw spirit. Why did she have to think things through.


She hid her emotions, what Lily said hurt her. But she was still her best friend. Maylea couldn't, wouldn't turn the school against her.

"Nothing happened." she rushed out, "Just... What she said about James. It can't be true."

"It can't be. We need to give her some time to calm down. It'll blow over."

*** *** ***

But it didn't.

In fact, all hell broke loose.

*** *** ***

"James. Get out of bed. Two days was fine. But four?"

"I'm sorry Jamesie. You smell like a pile of rubbish."

"Maylea!! Don't be rude!!"

"Prongs. Get. Your. Arse. Out. Of. Bed. This. Instant."

"Yeah. What they said."

James had been laying heartbroken in his bed for four days. And that needed to change. Or he at least needed a bath.

"James..." Maylea blinked sweetly, "If you get out of bed, me and Maggie will bathe you!"

"No you won't!" Sirius and Remus said at the same time.

"Actually, that's a good idea." Maggie informed.

"No it's not!!" Sirius and Remus said in synch again.

Maggie rolled her eyes, "Not us bathing James. The principle!"

Suddenly, as if a lightbulb went off above her head, Maylea understood, "Maggie's right!!" she turned to James, "If you get out of bed, take a shower, and head to the common room. I will PERSONALLY get Lily drunk."

James looked up, his hazel eyes filled with hope.

"Maggie, you're a genius." Peter smiled.

"Alright. Get out of bed and Maggie and I will head to the kitchens." Maylea encouraged.

James muttered the first few words he had said in days, "This better work, Lavone."

Maylea smiled, "Let's go Mags."

As the two girls left Gryffindor tower, Maggie kept figiting with random things like she does when she's stressed, "What happens if this doesn't work Lea?" she asked.

"It will."

"But what if it doesn't? What if Lily has her heart set on hating James?"

"Are you kidding me? She loves him."

"Uh... No. She doesn't."

"How much do you wanna bet they'll get married someday?"

"Alot. That won't ever happen."

"Don't you take divination?"

"Yeah. Why?"

"No reason.... Does 10 gallions sound sufficient?"

"Bring it, chica."

"Hey! That's my thing!!"

Maggie stuck her tongue out at Maylea as they arrived at the kitchens. It was a good thing the house elves were in a good mood, otherwise they would've had to steal the firewhisky. And lord knows Maggie would've had a heart attack breaking that many rules.

"So what's the plan?" Maggie asked as they walked back up to the tower.

"We improvise." Maylea replied with a smirk.

"I hate you-"

"Maylea?" came a voice behind Maylea.

"Flora!! Perfect!!"

Flora Mayberry. Maylea's cinnamon haired roommate. And newly found crush of Peter Pettigrew.

Maylea ran and grabbed Flora's hand, "Come on. You're gonna have fun tonight."

"Uhm. Okay?" she stuttered.

The three girls ran into the common room, probably looking like idiots. Maylea was dragging Flora behind her and had two bottles of firewhisky in her hands. Maggie had two more bottles and several cups. As they bolted past Sirius, Remus, and Peter, Maylea heard Sirius say to Remus, "That. Is why we need to crash a slumber party."

Maggie was first though the dorm door, and the first to improvise.


Lily sat up fast in a flash of fire-red hair and hit her head on one of the posts on her four-post-bed. "OW!"

"PARTY TIME!!" Maylea shouted, making Flora flinch.

"Guys," Lily started, "I'm flattered, but my birthday is in two weeks."

"So?! PARTY NOW!!" Maggie laughed.

"Lily," Maylea said catching her attention, "This is Flora Mayberry."

"She's the new Maraudette." Maggie added with a smile.

"What?" Maylea and Lily said at the same time.

Maggie's face immediately went flush, "Well, I mean... The Marauders, and we're like the female versions of them and..." she trailed off.

"I like it!" Maylea said, bringing Maggie's confidence back.

Lily rolled her eyes. She obviously hated it. She just didn't want to hurt Maggie.

Maggie started pouring glasses of firewhisky for everyone. Flora was beyond confused. But took a glass anyway.

"So what are we doing?" Lily said, taking a drink.

"How about Truth or Dare?" Flora suggested.

"A little cliché... But fun. Okay!" Maylea agreed.

"Okay Flora!! You first!" Lily said, taking another drink.

"Uhm. Maggie!! Truth or Dare?" Flora giggled.


"Uhhm...." Flora thought.

"HOW FAR HAVE YOU GOTTEN WITH REMUS?!" Lily shouted, cutting Flora off. She shrugged it off.

"Yeah, Maggie. What Lily said. " Flora smirked.

Maggie's jaw dropped and Maylea burst out laughing.

"I uhm.... I..." Maggie stalled.

"Come on! We haven't got all night!"

"we... Uh.... Haven't gotten past undergarments."

Everyone started clapping and Maggie's face looked like it would explode from redness.

"I bet he's a hunk under all that cloth." Lily said going on her third glass of firewhisky.

"MAYLEA!! Truth or Dare!!" Maggie shouted.


"How far have YOU gotten with Sirius?" Maggie laughed, expecting the answer to be embarrassing.

"Not past his shirt coming off." Maylea replied.

"WHAT?" screamed a flustered Lily, "His shirt is off half the time ANYWAY. That's hardly fair."

"Yeah, Maylea!" came Sirius' voice outside the door, "When do I get to take your shirt off?"

Maylea chucked an empty firewhisky bottle at the door, "QUIT IT!" she yelled.

Maylea took a deep breath. Her plan is now in full swing. "Lily?" she asked, "Truth or dare?"

"Well, not truth. Cause you'll ask me something about Potter.... DARE!"


"Just a quick question though. How many glasses of firewhisky have you had?" Maylea smirked.

Lily thought for a moment,"four and a half."

Maylea thew an all-knowing smirk at Maggie. She smiled back. And poor Flora in the middle sat there confused.

"I dare you. To go sit in the common room for ten minutes." Maylea laughed.

"Psh. Easy" Lily said confidently.

"Wait!! I'm not done!! You have to sit down there in nothing but your bra and underpants."

Lily took another confident swing of firewhisky, and thew her shirt off, "I'm so gonna win." she laughed, taking her bell-bottom jeans off.

Maylea, Maggie and Flora strolled down to the common room to find the Marauders all sitting on the couches. Maylea sat down by Sirius who was sitting by a hopeful looking James.

"Where's Lily?" James asked his hope fading.

"Don't worry. She's coming." Maylea turned to Sirius, "You. No staring."



All male jaws dropped.

Lily walked down the stairs. When she reached the bottom she pouted.

"Where am I supposed to sit?"

"JAMES!" Maylea shouted, "Talk!"

"I can't!! You had to have her half-naked. I CAN'T TALK TO HER NOW." he said in a half whisper, half yell.

She got up and pulled James off the couch and pushed him towards Lily. Then turned around and shut her boyfriend's mouth.


Lily's expression turned from pure joy to utter disgust in a matter of seconds.

"What?" she said annoyed.

"Lily, why... I.. Ugh...." James took a deep breath, "I've changed since fourth year."

Lily's personality changed in a blink. She suddenly giggled and clung extremely close to James. And poor James, you could almost hear his heart racing. Lily laughed as she played with James' shirt, "Of course you have," she finally said, "You've gotten taller."

The six teenagers watching this unfold, collectively gasped. This was not going the way they expected.

"Lily... I don't think you understand-"

"Of course I do!" she laughed, "it's an apology! Right?"

"Apology for what?!" James hissed. "You're the one who needs to apologize!!"

Lily laughed again, "What for? Surely not this?" in a blink of an eye drunken Lily had ripped James' shirt off. And every jaw in the audience of six sixteen-year old's, dropped.

"Lily! What are you doing?" James said stepping back.

"Oh! You don't like that?!" Lily hissed, her personality changing once more, "How to you think I felt? You insensitive git!"

"If I recall correctly, YOU kissed ME first!!!"



Lily stood there. Frozen in shock. Maylea's heart had dropped once more. James did hear everything. Including what Lily told her. She suddenly was filled with so much sympathy she wanted to stand up and fight with James. But she couldn't. She was stuck. Her mind reeling at what he said.


Maylea wanted to help him more then anything. But all she could do was watch.

It's all anyone could do.




I'm sorry if that was too long..... Please don't stay quiet anymore!! You all scared me!! But thanks for all telling me to keep going. That means alot to me. Thank you. Don't forget to tell me what you thought in the reviews!! :)



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