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Come Back With Me by Hotmammabellatrix
Chapter 3 : The Hospital Wing
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Draco's P.O.V

"Bertie Bott's," said James. You could tell that he was still confused by what he had just witnessed. And who wouldn't be? Hermione was absolutely brilliant coming up with that line. It took me alot to keep me from laughing at the looks on their faces. He had been silent the whole time we walked up to Dumbledore's office. I felt a wave of jealousy when I saw the way Hermione looked at Sirius. I snuck a glance at her, and saw her looking at the ground, doing the perfect impressioin of being scared out of her wits. She kept a tight hold on her wand, and her breathing was shallow. She looked at me, and her eyes danced with laughter as she took hold of my and timidly. 

"Professor, there are some people here to see you'" James said, opening the door slightly. 

"Send them in."

"Off you go. You'll be okay now. He's a good man," James said, opening the door wider to let us enter. We said nothing and walked through the doors.

"Ah. The new students. Just a moment. James, take your friends and leave now." Dumbledore said, his eyes twinkling. We heard grumbles and why nots come from outside the door. When Dumbledore was sure that no one was there, he allowed us to speak. Hermioine told the story, starting with the death's of James and Lily, and ending with how we got here. Dumbledore looked t her with his x-ray vision. 

"Well, obviously we have some people who actually care. What houses were you in?"

"Slytherin, and Hermione was in Gryffindor. I would like to be in Gryffindor though."

"Very well. We will need to get you new robes, and I think the best thing would for you to share the head's dorm with Lily and James."

We nodded and school robes appeared out of nowhere. Apparently, Hogwart's uniforms haven't changed over the years.

"Mr. Malfoy, you will need to pick a new name for yourself. I think that Tom would know that you are not from this year. He is best friend's with your father."

I sat there shocked for a moment. There is no way Voldemort went to school with my dad! 

"Believe me , Mr. Malfoy. It is very possible. Now please pick a name. You may keep your first."

I nodded numbly and said "Spungen?"

"Very well. James, you can come in now." James came through the door, looking very embarassed at being caught. "James, this is Hermione Granger and Draco Spungen. They will be sharing rooms with you and Ms. Evans. Do not ask them questions about what they have been through. Please take them to Madam Pompfrey." 

I just noticed that Hermione had made us look all beat up before we left. She had a spectacular black eye, a cut on her forehead, a swollen lip, and several more bruises and cuts on her arms and legs. I had no doubt that I looked just as bad. 

"Certainly, Proffesor." I could tell that he was itching to ask us, but he would probably do what Dumbledore asked. We left Dumbledore's office, and walked silently to the Hospital Wing. When we arrived, Madam Pompfrey began to fuss over us, asking no questions, thank Merlin. 

"Mr.Spungen, I need you to take off your shirt so I can look at you wounds." I looked at her with skepticism in my eyes. 

"Mr. Spungen, you are perfectly safe I assure you! Now take off your shi-" her words were cut off by a group of students barging into the hall. Hermione and I jumped up, pulling out our wands, ready for an attack. It was only the Marauders.

Hermione's POV

"Put your wands down, please. They are just students here. They will not harm you, I promi-" her words were again cut off by a group of students walking through the doors. Draco and my wands immediately went up again. We were slightly surprised when the Marauder's wands went up as well.

"That's Tom Riddle." I whispered in Draco's ear, just as I saw my Bellatrix, Lucius, and Crabbe and Goyle's parents. 

"We heard there were new students, and wanted to meet them."

"Get out of here, Bella. Go be a deatheater somewhere else," Sirius growled, and I allowed myself to shoot a stunning spell at Bellatrix, which she deflected with a gasp.

"You dare shoot a spell at me?"

"If you're a deatheater, then yes, I do." I said, allowing the shell of bravery I had acquired during the war to take over. Draco turned around and said "Hermione, stop it. We don't know if he's joking or not."

"Well, he shouldn't joke like that. I am NOT getting captured again. I won't be stupid this time." I said, tears welling iup in my eyes, although I was struggling to hold in laughter.

"We aren't deatheaters, I can promise you that," Tom said, he was rather handsome for a evil guy. He came toward us, with his arm extended.

"I'm Tom, these are my friends Bella, Lucius, Vincent, and Gegory. What house are you in?"

"Gryffindor," Draco said, "We're pureblood. And you're obviously a Slytherin." he motioned to Tom's uniform.  

"Great, now that we're all introduced, get out!" snarled Sirius.

"Farewell, Hermione, Draco. May we meet again." He is officially a creeper. I watched him leave, and watch Draco take a deep breath and take off his shirt. 

"Let's get this over with."



Hey guys!! What do you think so far??

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