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Her Reason to Stay by kitty_kat9211
Chapter 26 : A Rare Kind of Relationship
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As the night went on, everyone participated in the celebration with a sense of joy and happiness, except for Draco. Astoria, of course noticed there was something up with her date, so whenever she had the chance, she would do anything and everything in her power to cheer him up a little. When Astoria wasn’t dragging him to the dance floor, she found him standing by himself starring while she was off talking to friends. She didn’t want to admit it, but Astoria knew that what Draco was starring at was in fact Hermione. Watching her dance with Blaise with that sparkle in his eyes that Astoria never got…even after the night they made up.

“Astoria?” one of her friends asked.

“Oh. Yes Harper? Sorry… what did you say?” Astoria said snapping out of watching Draco stare again.

“The girls and I were just talking about how nice it would be to be with someone. It must be nice to find it so early instead of going around trying to look for someone? It must be great.” Harper said.

“What do you mean?” Astoria asked confused.

“I always knew since Hogwarts that Ginny Weasley and Harry Potter would end up together…I think everyone knew. And they’re so happy together. You can tell they are. And look at you and Draco.”

“Me and Draco?”

“Ya, you guys have been together since you got out of Hogwarts and now you guys are gonna get married. I’m so jealous.”

“There’s not that much to be jealous of.” Astoria said thinking back to their recent argument.

“Ya there is. It only took you until after you graduated to find him and it’s not just a normal kind of relationship either. It’s one of those rare kinds that only come once in a while. That’s what Harry and Ginny have. That’s what you and Draco have. The rest of us have to search and search for what seems like forever to find something remotely close to what you guys have.”

A rare type of relationship…huh…Astoria thought to herself as she walked up to Draco watching Hermione and Blaise dancing.

“Isn’t it great…”Astoria said leaning against the table next to him.

“What is?” Draco said not taking his eyes off the couple.

“The wedding…Ginny and Harry look so happy.”

“They do…don’t they.” But Draco wasn’t looking at what Astoria was looking at.

It’s one of those rare kinds of relationships that only come once in a while… That’s when Astoria realized it…

“To be with the one you love is something greater than magic itself. When you find that one person who you love more than anyone else, no words can describe that feeling. No one can get in the way. So I’ll cancel the wedding Draco.”

“What?” Now Draco’s focus was on her.

“I’m done with this engagement…I’ll pack my things and be out of your hair in no time. Goodbye Draco…” as Astoria turned around to leave, Draco quickly grabbed her wrist turning her around.

“You don’t just randomly end it, and try to leave without giving me a good explanation why.” Draco said.

“Let go of me Draco.”

“Not until you tell me what’s going on! I love you Astoria, I want to be with you for the rest of my life… why are you canceling this now?”

“Because the one you truly want isn’t me.” Astoria said looking at Hermione and Blaise dancing.

“…She’s with Blaise. Why are you saying this?”

“I was talking to Harper and she was saying how we have that rare type of relationship…” Astoria started.

“A rare type of relationship?”

“Yes Draco, please listen to me. It’s hard to explain…but it only comes once in a while. Ginny and Harry have it. They found each other early on in their lives and have been together since. Look at them, they are still as happy as the first day they got together.”

“So what do you mean? They have nothing to do with us…” Draco said quickly glancing at the newlywed and back to Astoria.

“But it does.” Now Draco was confused.

“She was right about them. Harry and Ginny definitely have a rare type, but she was also wrong. We don’t have it…”

“And you’re gonna believe what she says? It’s Harper for goodness sakes.”

“But she’s right…” Astoria was fully convinced.

“Ok fine, let’s say she’s right. So what if we don’t have a rare type of relationship, what does that have to do with you ending our engagement?”

“Like I said before, I’ve known you’ve had feelings for Hermione for a while… I’ve actually known since the first day I met you. But I still had feelings for you and tried to be with you… knowing that your heart didn’t fully belong to me. If I didn’t try to be with you, I think you and Hermione could have had a rare kind of relationship like Harry and Ginny.”

“But she was with Weasley.”

“Because you didn’t do anything to get her Draco. You were too busy worrying about other things.” Astoria said grabbing his hand for the last time.


“I’m sorry for holding you back…Goodbye Draco. Thank you for giving me a hint of happiness. I’ll always love you Draco…” and before Draco could stop her again, Astoria had already apparated away, giving him no shot at stopping her.

“Astoria…” Draco said realizing he had dropped something.

The ring…Draco thought to himself.

If I didn’t try to be with you, I think you and Hermione could have had a rare kind of relationship like Harry and Ginny…

A rare kind of relationship huh? Draco thought to himself squeezing the ring tightly in his hand.


**Wahoo for Chapter 26! So what do you guys think?? Was it worth the wait? Tell me what you guys think and ill see you guys in chpt 27! Just a few more chapters left! ~kitty_kat9211**

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