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In Hot Water by daksmahklaks
Chapter 2 : Olivia: Help in the Best Form
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DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the things that J.K. Rowling has created!

After I changed out of my scarlet and gold swimsuit (Gryffie colours, of course!), I jumped into the shower and sighed contentedly as the hot water begun to run through my hair.

I lathered up some rather yummy grapefruit scented shampoo, and began to rub it into my short, bobbed blonde-brown hair and reveled in the feel of it.

...Okay, this is starting to sound a bit sexual HEE HEE, oh alright, I know I’m as immature as those pubescent 3rd year boys, go away!!

‘The world’s so much more fun when you see things with a dirty mind’ as my male bffl, Fred Weasley has said many a time before.

But this time, I swear, it’s just that I really love hot showers after swimming!

When I finished my extremely relaxing shower, I had for the most part calmed down about the problem with Al and “the girl”, so I happily shrugged on my cute, summery, scarlet (I am very biased toward Gryffie colours!) romper, and headed back to Gryffindor tower to drop my swimming stuff off.

Not long after, I reached the Fat Lady.


Just as I stepped into the common room, Roxanne and Charlotte, my other two best friends that I happily shared a dormitory with, ran over to me.

“Ollie! You idiot!” Roxanne exclaimed affectionately, using my childhood nickname, that was reserved for my brother, Finn, and close friends.

“Where were you?! We’re bloody starving!” Char nearly yelled.

I grinned, and replied, “Having a nice, hot, relaaaaxing shower, loves!”
Before scampering off quickly to the 6th year girls’ dorm, to avoid the very probable serious injury that I knew my lovely dorm mates would inflict on me.

I threw my bag across the room, where it landed with a neat plop on top of my bed, and proceeded to do some sort of victory dance. (Stop it... You do them too, don’t say you don’t!)

“Olliiiiee! There you are!”

“Dommie! Let’s go!” I replied happily and slung my arm around her shoulders.

Roxanne and Char waited at the bottom of the stairs, looking unimpressed at our lack of speed.

“Come on you lazy gits, get a move on!”

By the way, have I mentioned that Roxy is the daughter of George Weasley, the greatest prankster of all time, and that Char is the daughter of Lee Jordan?

Need I say more?

They are both amazing best friends, not to mention incredibly hilarious, though if you get on their bad sides, who knows what sort of terrible position you’ll inevitably end up in.

Dom and I, for that very reason, and also partly because we were starving, decided to stop winding them up and caught up with Roxy and Char, as the two of them had already began to walk away at an alarmingly rapid speed.

We soon arrived at the Gryffindor table, in the Great Hall, and plonked ourselves down on the seats beside Roxy's twin brother, and my best friend: Fred Weasley; Albus-bloody-Potter; Char’s twin, Will Albarn; and the last member of Gryffindor’s 6th years boys, Matt Wendell, who seemed to be having disturbing eye sex with Roxy. 

Thank merlin Fred hasn’t spotted it yet, he would go absolutely berserk. Roxy and Matt STILL aren’t going out, but they definitely should, as our group (obviously, except from Fred) has decided, because they fancy the pants of each other!

The four boys, to put it lightly, were the hottest and most sought-after boys at Hogwarts, except for maybe the 7th year James Potter and his two best mates, Sam O’Driscoll and Daniel Boyce. (WHEW THOSE SEVENTH YEARS...Merlin!!)

I could see the appeal in all of them, but I had always, and still thought that Al was the best-looking. The other three were a bit like brothers to me, and Fred was one of my best mates, so it was a bit weird thinking of them as hot, anyhow.

The boys grinned at us, saying their hellos in turn.

“OLLIE! My darling, it’s as if you had disappeared off the face of this beautiful earth!” Fred cried dramatically, putting his hand to his forehead in fake distress.

I grinned at his silliness and proceeded to happily pile my plate up with bangers and mash .

“By the way, Liv, did you win against Cassie this time?” Roxy asked thoughtfully.

“Eughh, no, I didn’t! I wish that I would though, she’s getting so cocky about it. I train, and I train, yet I can’t seem to beat her! Coach Sacks hardly helps, he just makes us swim tens of thousands of laps. I really wonder what I can do, maybe I could get one of the 7th year swimmers to train me on the side or something.” I ranted grumpily to my friends.

“Hmm... Maybe James would help you? I seem to remember he won tons of races at last year’s swim gala.” Will contributed seriously.

Mmm, James Potter. He was a lovely bloke, in both looks and personality.
(Shut it!! I can think my crushes brother is hot, can’t I?!)

“NO!” A frowning Albus shouted. Nawww, he looks cute when he frowns!
Wait... What?

I nearly jumped out of my seat, I was so shocked.

“Why not, Al?!” Char and Roxy asked simultaneously, confused as I was, whilst the boys just snickered, and Dom grimaced like she was in pain.

“Wait, what’s happening?” I asked suspiciously.

“Oh, uh, no, nothing, I just meant... No, I don’t think James can, because he’s mentioned to me previously about how much home work he’s getting recently because of his NEWTS and stuff.” Al corrected himself quickly, seeming relieved as he finished.

Dom nodded approvingly.

I suppose he was right, NEWTs were awfully important.

“Fair enough, who else could though? I doubt that anyone other than a Gryffindor would. Who does that leave...” I said, thinking out loud.

Matt broke off his eye sex with Roxy (THANK MERLIN), and nudged Al hard in the ribs.

“Go on mate!” He whispered, in a way that was obviously meant to be discreet. (He failed miserably.)

Watching Matt and Al’s small exchange, I got all the more confused, and felt more than a tad awkward. (But I’m used to feeling awkward, I tend to constantly exude awkward, so it’s allll good, guys!)

"Uhh... I think I can help you!"

Al exclaimed loudly, looking nervous and proud of himself at the same time.

“Yeah, I can!” He continued quickly after, more confidently, seeming to be trying to assure himself about something.

Wait, what thaaa?
This sudden exclamation of his was followed by me choking on my mouthful of pumpkin juice and Dom grinning like a bloody Cheshire cat.
Can't really blame her though, as I (and basically the rest of the group) began to do the same.
"Thank you so much Al! You’re pretty brilliant at swimming, why didn’t I think of you earlier! When are you next free?"

I may have been mistaken, but I am sure I saw a hint of a blush, tinging his tan skin, that I so desperately wanted to touch. (CONTROL YOUR URGES, WOMAN.)


The rest of the group watched on with amused expressions on their faces.  
"Yes really, Al! Wait you can, right?"
"Yes, uh, yeah of course! How about this Tuesday? "
"Yeah, that'd be great, Tuesday, at the pool at 5, 'kay?"

*Insert Jamaican accent here* Yah mahn, I’m silky smooooth.
"It's a date!" Al replied, the grin on his face almost cracking his face open.

At this, the boys (...and Roxy) had collapsed onto the floor in fits of snickers, attracting many looks from the other (actually sane) people that were eating lunch with us in the Great Hall, and a few glares from the teachers. Our lovely head of house: Professor Longbottom, however, just smiled and shook his head knowingly.

Dom looked as if she were about to die and go to heaven.

And I really don’t know how on earth I managed to keep myself from fainting, instead, I just beamed ecstatically (Yes, I am sure that I did look like a maniac.)

Al had been acting a bit weird though...
But I didn't care.

I was a lucky bastard!

I never thought that I would think this, but I have to thank Cassie!

I had a date (RUINING MY MOMENT HERE, GUYS, YES, IT IS A DATE, HE SAID SO HIMSEEEELF!), with not just anyone. 

But with the guy I had been obsessed with since my first year...

Albus Potter.


Hope that you enjoyed that chapter, I certainly enjoyed writing it!
Please leave a review, it would be amazing, and definitely encourage me to write more!
Sorry for the cheese in this chapter, by the way... hehehe...
-Juliet xxx

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In Hot Water: Olivia: Help in the Best Form


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