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Odd one out by elliefelton
Chapter 7 : Match time and After parties.
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 I was fixing my chaser gloves in the changing room. James was rambling about something or other. Something about Hufflepuff, if we loose I will line you all up and lob food at you. 







"Ready guys.... 1.2.3. GRYFFINDOR!" We marched out onto the pitch with our heads held high. I saw Jan Turner. She hates me, one of Elles little friends. I narrowed my eyes at her as she did the same. James shook Harrison Jackson's hand and Harrison gave him a slight smile. Nice lad that one. Then we were off.





What felt like hours later, we were in the lead with a 30 point lead. 




"50-20 TO GRYFFINDOR." I heard Gareth Jordans voice fill the pitch. It wasn't a tough game, but it wasn't easy. I had a bludger pounded into my ribs by Jan. I carried on.




Jack and Lily were having loads of fun I could tell. The smiles were plastered onto their faces the whole time.




They had each scored 2 goals.




Then it all happened. I heard Jack scream my name as he tossed the Quaffle to me. I held it like a sacred object and I hurled it through the hoop.




The keeper narrowly missed it. Then I heard the stadium erupt. Someone had caught the snitch. I looked around by it was raining and my vision wasn't as clear.




I hopped off my broom to be lifted up in the air again. James.




James had caught the snitch.




We had won.





"So let it be known fellow seventh years. We will win the cup this year. For us. FOR GRYFFINDOR!" James rambled on in the common room. He slurred- he was wasted. 




I took another slurp of my drink when I felt someone brush up behind me.




Elle. Ergh.




Then she ran right up to James and kissed him. Full on. He didn't even pull away, she made eye contact with me. She knew. Right away I knew she was doing this to spite me. 




I walked away tears threatening to spill. I wont cry. I curled up in a hidden alcove and put my head between my knees. My body shook from sobs and I could feel someone walk up to me.




"Katy?" I heard little Hugo Weasley's shy voice 




I looked up at him. He was adorable, his hazel eyes had worry in them. I apologized for looking a mess, he just sat down and told me to stop crying.




"Let me tell you a story I heard my Mum tell Rose." I nodded at him. "When my Mum was in her sixth year she was in love with my Dad. Dad loved her but wouldn't admit it because he was scared she'd reject him. Then Dad was worried about loosing a Quidditch match so Uncle Harry pretended to put Liquid Luck in his cup. They won and they threw a massive party in the common room. My Mother was so happy for my Dad (once she found out they hadn't cheated.) then someone came up to my Dad and kissed him, Mum said it was rank. She also felt like daggers seared through every bit of her and she watching him enjoy it. She ran out crying just like you did back there. It's the same really."




I was moved I cried even more. Fucks sake why can't it be so easy.




"But the thing is Katy. You love James and we all know it, we see the way you look at him. Your eyes filled with Loyalty to him and respect for him and he basks in it without knowing it." I asked him what this had to do with anything and he just shushed me. "That night when my Mum cried Uncle Harry went to comfort her. Now I am being Uncle Harry and you are my Mum and I'm going to make sure you're okay before you go back in there."




This little 14 year old boy just gave me a speech that made me want to cry even harder. This kid should be a psychiatrist or something.




"Someone should give you a medal or something Hugo you know."




"I've known you since I was like eight Katy. It's Christmas soon, I don't want you sad then. And seeing as Jack is the least sensitive person I know, I'll comfort you."




I couldn't help but giggle.







The weeks went by in a blur. A mix of screaming into my pillows and Quidditch. So much Quidditch. 




Whenever I felt annoyed and James and it playing suck face/neck/chest I would go at out hurl quaffles through the hoops. 




Danny. Don't get me started on him, he was starting to annoy me now. He knew I was vulnerable and he chose that as the right time to tell me something.




"Katy! Kat wait!" Danny panted from behind me.



"What?" I snapped. I didn't mean to sound harsh but I was going to the pitch to take my anger out. He grabbed my hand and pulled me towards him. So close I could feel the breath on his neck.



"Danny, what?"



"These past few weeks have been great. I know now is not the time what with Potter being with your sister but. I love you." He looked me dead in the eye.



I didn't mean to do what I did next. I lunged at him and put my lips next to his. Next thing I know. Bam Room of Requirement. Erm, you get the idea. Heat of the moment is my excuse




Now he wont leave me alone. He's owling me. WE GO TO THE SAME FUCKING SCHOOL?! I might need to talk to Dom soon.




Oh speaking of Dom. She is royally pissed at James. She's made it apparent too. She trips him up on purpose and curses him whenever she can. She's had two more Howlers this week from Fleur saying to leave him alone. She doesn't care though.








Lucy and Hannah were on a double date near the lake (can I add that it is nearly November.... WHAT IS IT WITH THESE PEOPLE?!) so that left me to put up with the Devil itself. 








But I had bolted- right out the door.




"LORCAN! Please come and control your woman. She's scaring me now!" 




"DOM GUESS WHAT?" He bellowed from his dorm




I heard her muffled shout back "WHAT?!"




What he said next had me in stitches for the first time in weeks.




"Stop shouting or no sex for like a week."




Then Dom rushed through the door. Up to his dorm and well... I had to leave. I had Quidditch practice tomorrow anyway. Need my rest.





Doms POV.




I stormed off down the concrete steps to march down to the Quidditch field. That's when I saw her. Watching them practice. Like she owned the place. I knew I couldn't summon her under the steps. So I summoned her bag instead. What has to be done- will be done.




"Weasley what are you doing?!" She squealed as she snatched her bag back.




"Why would you do this Elle. To your own sister! You knew you little bitch! Do you have no fucking respect! You're a cow Elle Andrews you know that!" I shrieked.I was getting angrier with every word I spat out.




She scoffed. She scoffed at me. Honey I am part Veela and a Wealsey. Do not look down on me. I will hurt you.




"Because I can. What other reason is there. I do it because I can. Live in the moment my Father says. My father always said that if I wanted something that someone else had/wanted snatch it. Because I deserve it." She replied




"Well news flash your Father's a wanker!" I spat the words out as if they were venom




I saw the anger rise in her eyes. She wasn't all that. Her eyes were slightly wonky.




Unlike Sophie, Tony and their Dad's eyes her were a light green. Not the emerald that I saw in their eyes, that oh so reminded me of Uncle Harry's and Albus'. I think I realized this as her personality shone through. The evil practically oozed from her skin.




She turned on her heel and stormed off. Oh and she has no bum just for the record.





Katy was on the field. Her hair had grown a lot. Now below her collar bone. Her freckles still as prominent as they were. If you had just met her you'd think she was gorgeous.


She is, but she is my best friend I see things that others don't. I see that the dark circles under her eyes had gotten darker. Her blue eyes didn't sparkle anymore. Now they seemed empty, like they were open but they did not see.




That was why I was angry at James. Not for getting with cow face, but for what he did to my best friend. My Katy was gone.





Katy POV




I was flying upwards the October rain drenching me as I got higher. I saw someone at the bottom of the pitch. I flew downwards. It was Lucy. I know what the group are doing. 




They make someone come and actually walk to me to dinner so I can eat something. I do. I stuff my face with calories.




I don't care how much Joanie Finnegan scoffs at me. I loved each calorie and each and every one of them were yummy.




"Did you have a good practice?" Hannah asked. Hair back to its common sky blue today




"Yeah it was okay. Nothing major don't have a game for a while. Playing Slytherin next.




But that's not until like February so I'm taking it easy." I said as I shoved something


else into my mouth




"Katy. That's salad. You don't like Salad..." Lorcan informed me


But I had figured that much out. I let the lettucey stuff drop from my mouth and everyone cringed. I don't even care. EW




"You're rank you know that!"








"Why are you so strange!"




I heard loads of funny shouts. 




Then shit face came over and started giggling hysterically at something Potter said.




Okay he is not that funny!




That was when I heard Lucy mock her laugh in a much high pitched version and then everyone joined in.








I was on the floor (almost) tears spilt over. I love these guys.



a/n okay- how did you like Hugo and Dom? I really hated writing this chapter but it had to be done. :(

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Odd one out: Match time and After parties.


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