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Time Turner Troubles by ginnypotter4ever
Chapter 1 : A Sleepless Night
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Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter! J.K. Rowling does!



It was one o’clock in the morning, and fourteen year old Teddy Lupin was spending the night at the Potter’s home in Godric’s Hollow. It was Christmas Eve, and he was spending it with his godfather Harry Potter. Teddy would go back home to spend Christmas with his grandmother later the next day.

“Teddy!” whispered a small boy with raven black hair and brown eyes.

“Teddy!” the boy said again, louder this time.

“What do you want James?” Teddy moaned, looking over at the time.

“Come help Albus and me look for our Christmas presents!”

“It’s one in the morning James! Can’t you wait just a few more hours?”

“No! It’s too exciting! And if you don’t help us then ummmm, then we ummm, Oh! If you don’t help us then I am going to tell Victoire Weasley that you like her!” the nine year old put his hands on his hips victoriously, knowing that he had found the older boy’s weakness.

“fine!” Teddy said, “I’ll help you, but if you are loud and wake up your mum and dad-“

“I’ll be quiet! Just come on!” and with that, James dashed out of Teddy’s room.

Teddy yawned as he grabbed his wand off the bedside table. His godfather Harry had taught him to always keep his wand close at hand, just in case. Harry was a bit paranoid, but since he was the boy who lived, he had a right to be. Teddy slowly made his way down the hall towards the room that James and Albus shared. James was trying to convince a very apprehensive Albus to look for Christmas presents.

“Come on Al, don’t be such a baby! Don’t you want to know if dad got you the wizard chess set you wanted?” At that statement, Albus Potter’s eyes lit up.

“I thought so.” James said slyly, as he turned to look at Teddy. “I think that dad probably hid the presents in his office, because us kids aren’t allowed in there.”

“Dad’s office is locked James.” Albus said in disappointment
“I know.” The boy replied. “That’s why I woke up Teddy. He is the only one of us that has been to Hogwarts so far, and he therefore probably knows a spell to unlock things, don’t you Teddy?”

“I’m not supposed to use magic outside of school.”

“Don’t worry!” said James, “I’ve got it all figured out! No one will be able to tell that you used magic, because you are in the home of Harry Potter. Dad put up so many protective spells around this place, that baby Lily could produce a patronus and the ministry would never know!”

Teddy sighed in response.

“Good! So it sounds like everyone is on bored with the plan, yes?” With that, James left the room before anyone could reply.

Albus looked at Teddy, who simply shrugged and left the room with James. Not wanting to be left behind, Albus quickly followed after them. The two boys found James down the hall in front of Harry’s at home office. James raised his eyebrows at Teddy and said, “Work your magic my brother.”

With a wave of his wand and a roll of his eyes, Teddy unlocked the office door and the three boys quietly stepped inside. Teddy took a quick scan of the room. On the walls he saw many pictures and newspaper clippings, but before he could take a closer look, James grabbed his arm.

“Look what I found!” James said, as he gestured to a small blue box with a silver bow on top.

“You didn’t find it, I did!” exclaimed Albus. “It was over-“

Teddy quickly covered Al’s mouth. “You two are being way to loud!” Teddy whispered. “look! You have woken Lily!”

The red haired toddler stumbled into the room. “Mum? Dad?” the confused four year old looked around the room. “TEDDY!” Lily exclaimed once she spotted him.

“You have to be quiet Lily Flower.” Said Teddy soothingly as he lifted the little girl into his arms.

“Spark! Spark!” Lily demanded as she pointed to the wand in Teddy’s hand. He lifted his wand and made red and gold sparks come out of the end of it. When Lily assured him with a small giggle that that was what she had wanted, he handed her the wand so that he could talk to the boys while she contently watched the light.

“Now listen, you can open that box and see who it is for, but after that we are all going back to bed. Got it?”

“Okay fine.” James agreed as he tore open the lid of the box.

A small slip of paper fell out of the package, and Albus quickly caught it before it landed on the ground. he proceeded to read the untidy scrawl out loud. “Hermione, I found this at the bottom of my Hogwarts trunk the other day. I am not sure how it came into my possession, but I thought that you might like it back. Merry Christmas, Harry.”

James lifted a necklace out of the box for everyone to see. It had a gold chain and an hourglass shaped pendant with real sand inside.

Teddy took the necklace out of James’s hand. “Okay, so now we now what your dad got Hermione for Christmas. Time to go back to bed.”

“No!” James said, outraged. “That is so not fair! that present wasn’t for any of us! I say that we keep looking!”

“No James, we are all going back to bed now. Honestly I’m surprised that your dad is still asleep with all the noise you’ve been making.”

“I think Teddy is right James” Albus stated as he took a step towards the door, “We aren’t even supposed to be in dad’s office. If he ever found out, we would all be in a heap of trouble.”

“Pretty! Pretty!” exclaimed Lily as she pointed to the necklace in Teddy’s hand.

“You want to hold the necklace, Lily?” Teddy asked the small girl.

Lily nodded her head enthusiastically, and Teddy traded her the necklace for his wand. Lily happily held the necklace in her tiny hands.

“James, if you don’t go back to bed right now-” Teddy was cut off by a loud crash. Lily had dropped the hourglass necklace, and it was broken into a million pieces on the floor. A flash of white light filled the room, and when it was gone, so were Teddy, James, Albus, and Lily.

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Time Turner Troubles: A Sleepless Night


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