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Silver Linings by TheHeirOfSlytherin
Chapter 2 : Albus: When Alcohol does not Solve Anything
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Oh, my God.

What was I thinking drinking so much? How could I possibly think that alcohol would solve my problem with Catrine? Because the noise from that goddamn alarm clock is doing a very good job of drilling into my head and killing whatever brain cells I have left, reminding me just how stupid I was.

Oh, finally, it stopped.

I drag my hands down my face, my eyes squeezed shut as I try to remember last night, and groan, maybe a little too loudly. How could I do this to myself? It hurts so much. And I cannot remember past competing with the shots.

I hate shots. They are the devil's drink.

Oh, wait. I remember moaning about Catrine with Lexi. I, er, think dammit, think. I remember her warning me not to cry, which I don't do. I remember asking if we were close and I remember -

I jump up, eyes wide. Oh no. How could I possibly think that kissing my best friend was a good idea? How could I follow her?

I search the room for anything familiar. It is familiar alright; this is Lexi's room. I pull the bed sheets closer to me and it takes me a little longer than it should to realize I'm naked. As in completely naked. "Everything's fine, nothing happened," I whisper to myself, over and over, just hoping that it'll eventually sink in and I can believe it. But I really can't believe those words or anything that wants me to believe that we didn't actually do what I really think we did.

We did, didn't we? We couldn't have.

I force myself to look to the left of Lexi's king size bed, praying for me to be alone, that she brought me here out of pity because I was a drunken mess and let me sleep. I'd rather take her pity than have to face the fact that I may have potentially ruined our friendship. But there she is, her back to me, still fast asleep. The covers just hide her waist, but she's bare from there up and I audibly gulp. The night starts to come back; the kisses, the touches, the way she felt. Admittedly, if she had been anyone else, I'd be patting myself on the back; last night is starting to look amazing.

But it wasn't just anybody; it was Lexi. The girl who introduced herself by saying she was only talking to me because she liked Dom, who didn't care who my family were, who would test Uncle George's products with me and bitch about the Bubblehead Clan. My friend.

I should wake her, I know I should, I don't want to be one of those guys who sneaks out of a girl's room at the crack of dawn. I'm not Louis!

I raise my hand, hover over her back to shake her gently, when she moves onto her back. I avert my eyes quickly and I think my 'whoa' is a little too loud.

"What's going on?" she mutters sleepily. At least she's awake.

"Morning." I have no idea what else to say.

"Al?" I nod, still refusing to look at her, and even though I can't see her reaction, I think she gets it and I have a good enough imagination to figure it out. She screams; I was not expecting that. The bedsheets move quickly and I drop my hands to make sure I'm still covered; I was expecting that. "Oh, my God. I remember."

I turn to see her running her fingers back through her dark hair. Flashbacks of me doing that very same thing last night hit me suddenly and I drop my eyes again. "I can't believe you kissed me!"

My immediate response is to apologize; I did kiss her and she left and I followed her and continued to kiss her. This most likely would not have happened if I hadn't followed her. But a thought comes to me and I stop myself, suddenly defensive. "Don't say this is all my fault! You kissed me back the second time and it's that time that allowed this," I gesture to us, to the bed, to the whole bloody room, "to happen."

"It wouldn't have happened if you hadn't followed me and kissed me, hell if you hadn't kissed me at all! What possessed you to do that?" I open my mouth to speak, but just let it hang because I have no idea how to answer that. Not that she'd really let me speak anyway. "But don't worry, I do put some blame on myself. I am clearly insane to think I could be a good friend and cheer you up, to have more drinks than I should, than I ever have, for you. Because, my God, it hurts!"

I just sit there, not knowing exactly what to say. Yes, I initiated it, but I thoroughly stand by the fact that it takes two and she's as much to blame as I am. But what shuts me up was not her long rant about why I was to blame or the fact that this is one of the rare times she has ever genuinely yelled at me. It's because she decided to get changed while she yelled and now she is standing up and glaring at me, while my eyes have unonsciously made their way to her night shorts and to her long, tanned legs.

More flashbacks. Damn. I turn away.

"We should just forget it ever happened," I hear Lexi's voice, but she sounds further away than I know she is. Oh, last night...

"Yeah, we can do that." I nod determinedly. We can so do that; we can forget it happened, go back to just being friends and pretend we don't know what sex together is like. What we're like... Yes, we can.

"You're imagining it!" she shouts.

I hate it when she does that; she just knows what I'm thinking. "No, I'm not," I deny anyway.

"Oh, don't you lie to me!" Alexa scoffs. I turn back to her. She's got her hands pressed against her hips, her hair flowing over her shoulders, and her eyes wide. She's not glaring at me anymore, that's a small consolation. I watch her until I finally understand what's she's thinking. Why she's so mad that it happened and her determination to forget it. It's exactly what I was thinking before.

"We're gonna be fine, Lex, this won't ruin things between us," I assure myself as well as her. "We're just gonna forget about it. It was one night, we can ignore it. Go back to normal."

"Yeah?" she asks quietly. I nod and she relaxes slightly. She believes me and if she can believe me, so can I.

We both turn to the sound of a door opening and closing. "Lexi, did you get home alright?"

Oh, shit. Her dad!

Her fear returns, this time for a totally different reason. She leans forward and grabs my shoulder, tries to push me off the bed. "You have to go now," she whispers fiercely.

I move to get up, then realize I'm still naked. Right now, I don't know which would be worse; Theo Nott catching me in his daughter's room or Alexa seeing me naked again. I think my answer is enough to determine which I think I'd rather endure. I pull the sheets tighter. "You know, I'd rather not."

Alexa narrows her eyes, tries not to yell, and runs around the room. She throws me my clothes and the look she gives me tells me I have no choice but to get dressed and go before she makes me. I don't doubt that, she's done it before. I grab my pants and swing my legs off the bed, pulling them on along with my socks and shoes before I stand up.


Lexi goes to the door, pressing herself against it so he can't get in. "I got home fine."

"I heard quite a bit of noise last night," he says. We share a look, one question; do you think he heard something? But his tone sounds more curious than demanding, like he just wants an explanation for noise rather than one for having sex with her best friend. I pull on my t-shirt and shake my head, my gut telling me we're fine.

"It was probably when I apparated in, you know I hate it because I can never get it right. Thank you for putting down the wards so I could come straight to my room, by the way. I really appreciated that."

Alexa rolls her eyes at me while saying that, then mouths at me to hurry up. I bet she's thinking that being able to stop for a second, even due to protection spells, would have given her enough time to come to her senses and stop us from having sex. Because I'm thinking the same thing. I find my jacket, wave it at her in an 'are you happy?' motion and mouth something I've been wondering since she told me to go; what exactly am I supposed to do?

She shrugs, then points to the door. I'm about to say I can't go through the door with her dad there when it dawns on me she might be gesturing to her dad. She's waiting for him to leave.

"Alexa, are you okay?"

"I'm fine."

"Well, can I talk to you face-to-face instead of through a door?"

Fuck. I was not expecting that. And neither was she. She points to her bathroom, but I don't get there in time. I jump behind her door as it opens and she plasters on a huge, fake smile. I roll my eyes; is it to act as though nothing's going on or to hide a hangover? Probably both.

"Morning, Daddy."

"Morning. You're okay?"

"Uh-huh, completely fine."

"Last time I heard that, your brother was hiding Dom in his bathroom."

We both hold back nausea, not believing he actually said that. He's so damn near right, it's scary. Alexa recovers quicker than I do. "I can't believe you just compared me to Kieron, Dad." She opens up the door wider, pushing me further against the wall. Ouch. "Do you want to check the room, Dad? Because you can check the room."

I hold my breath. I'm gonna get caught. He's gonna kill me. "No, I believe you." Oh, thank God. He changes the subject. "I'm going to make breakfast, would you like some?"

"I would love some, I'll be down in a minute." She shuts the door. I rub my arm. "Okay, Albus, I am going to have breakfast with my dad. I'm going to keep him talking and busy in the kitchen. You are going to sneak out the door and we're going to forget about what happened and go back to being friends. We're never going to talk about it, it never even happened. Yes?"


"Okay." Alexa heads for the door again. "I'll see you tomorrow. Maybe."

She leaves me alone in her room and more memories of last night come back. Ah, if only it hadn't been Lexi. I give it a couple of minutes, then sneak out, down the stairs and to the door. I pause when I hear their voices, but no one comes. I don't think I breath again until I'm out the door and running down the manor's estate. As soon as I'm able, I apparate to my family home, straight to my bedroom because my dad had done the same as Theo.

Only there does the most important memory of all come back to me.

No protection!

A/N: I'm so excited for this story and now that I've got my chapters posted for another story, I think I'll be able to update this quicker than last time. Because it's only gonna get bigger for them from here on in. ;)


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