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I've Got It All (Most) by Where Love Died Laughing
Chapter 9 : Fortuna Major
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Fortuna Major

“Wood said he’s sorry,” Fred started, his words cautious as he couldn’t believe them himself.

“Right,” I confirmed.

“To you,” he finished.

“Yeah, it was odd,” I said while nodding. “He also called me Riley at one point. I bet he’s scheming against me as we speak. He hasn’t made a single decent gesture towards me in years, there’s no reason he should start now, especially when he has the upper hand.”

“The upper hand?” Fred wondered.

“Well, yeah, he remembers what happened and I don’t,” I explained. “He’s clearly in a better position than I am.”

“Rye, for once I really doubt that this is a competition as it usually is between the two of you,” George said joining in on the conversation. “I mean, he didn’t seem like he was trying to put you down during breakfast or embarrass you in any way.”

“Well, that’s exactly what he succeeded in as the entire hall was talking about it. Well, at least the entire Gryffindor table was. And what will I do about Angelina?”

Fred and George both seemed to be deep in thought about possible solutions for a whole ten minutes. Simultaneously, they both replied with a, “no clue.”

I smacked my palm against my forehead, aware that I needed to tell her even though Wood asked of me not to tell anyone.

“Hey, guys?” I said whilst getting up from the seat, “I’m going to find Angie. I know I should tell her. I need to man up!”


I peeked through the door of the dormitory to see whether Angelina was there.

“Angie?” I whispered as she immediately looked up, surprised to see me. “Can I talk to you? Over in the other room?”

Angie nodded, got off her bed and continued towards the private room while I shuffled behind, trying to control the knot in my throat.

“So, what did you want to talk to me about?” she said with a sigh as she closed the door.

“I’m sorry about getting mad before, I overreacted,” I began, trying to ease her into what I really wanted to tell her.

“It’s okay, I s’pose. I went the wrong way about telling you, anyway,” she smiled. “It’s all in the past if you can come to terms with me dating Wood?”
I nodded reluctantly, putting off telling her for as long as I could.



“What was that all about at breakfast?”

I did my best to speak, I really did, but words sort of failed me so I just stared at the ground as Angelina went on talking, her voice becoming angrier with every word.

“Just tell me the truth, Rye. I’m not stupid, I know Oliver disappeared from the party at one point and nobody knew where he was. Was he with you?”

This time I managed a glance, a simple glance at her and though I didn’t utter a single word it was enough for her to understand.

“And you were the one pissed at me? Are you serious! You go sleeping with my boyfriend and you’re angry at me!”

“I don’t even recall anything,” I choked out.

“Oh really? That just makes it fucking okay, then!”

“I never said that,” I whispered.

“No, but it’s what you meant! Don’t even bother talking to me anymore, it’s enough I have to sleep in the same room as you!” she said, storming out. As she opened the door, the clutter of Gryffindor girls dispersed as they attempted to seem inconspicuous and not caught in the act. In contrast to my mortified face, Angelina looked as though she hadn’t even noticed them. But then again, she wasn’t facing the disapproving looks of every girl in the dorm.

I ran out of the dorm room, past Fred and George, past all the gossiping Gryffindors and back into the closet which I had hid in earlier. I stayed in there all through Herbology and Charms, not really wanting to deal with all the gossip which was probably echoing throughout the entire school.

I peered through the door and turned my head both left and right to check whether anyone was there. It was dark outside and the moon provided the only light in this particular hallway. I hadn’t even noticed that I had spent all day inside the closet as I thought about nothing and yet everything at the same time. It’s weird that thinking about nothing makes time fly.

I started tiptoeing to the Tower, but changed my mind when I remembered what I would be coming back to.
Oh stop acting like such an idiot, Riley. Man up! It could have been worse… you could have ended up like Gwyneth Stone’s sister; knocked up and expelled in my fifth year. Even if I am pregnant, at least I would have made it a year more than she has. Oh god, what if I’m pregnant? I should ask Wood… he remembers.

Great. As if I didn’t have enough to worry about.

“Fortuna Major!” I said as I walked up to the portrait which flung open the entrance to the Common Room.

Fortuna major, for fuck’s sake, even the portraits are making fun of me now. In Latin at that!

Sure enough, my attempt at a quiet entrance failed and was turned into a grand one judging by the whispering, gasps and disgusted faces which ensued.


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