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Cheating the Bet by Ryebread
Chapter 6 : I'll Be Waiting
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Thanks for the beautiful chapter image by AtomicPanda @ TDA

The girls and I sprinted up to our dorms to change out of our uniforms and into something cute before the party. Roxy looked effortlessly gorgeous in some skinny jeans and a pink baby doll top that contrasted with her dark skin, and a pair of silver flats with a little bow on top. She always seemed to know exactly what to wear, but never spent much time on her wardrobe. She left her long black hair down and she stormed out of the dorm before all of the rest of us muttering something about Eddie Jordan and castration. I really didn’t want to know the details, but I felt bad for poor Eddie. Weasley women could be outright scary when they wanted to, so it’s best not to get in her way when she’s on the rampage.

Aileen, our resident fashionista, wore a light green, spaghetti-strap dress that brought out her green eyes. It was belted at the waist with a brown leather belt and flowed down to above her knees and would twirl as she danced. (That girl could move.) She looked summery with the light colors and her flowing light brown hair, which she, too, left down. She paired the dress with some dangerously tall, strappy silver heels that gave me vertigo just by looking at them.

Sophie wore a bold-colored floral skirt that stopped at mid-thigh and a deep blue sleeveless blouse with ruffles down the front tucked into it that matched some of the flowers on her skirt. She searched throughout our pigsty of a room, which wasn’t normally dirty, but had taken all the damage in our quest to look good, for her red ballet flats, that matched some other flowers on her skirt. She yelled out in triumph when she found them under her bed. She pulled her blond locks into a high pony tail, which was simple, but elegant, showing off her heart-shaped face.

Rose had more difficulty finding something that worked for her because of her modesty, cluelessness regarding clothes and her flaming red hair that clashed with certain colors. Sophie decided on a classic black dress for her that had a wide neck line, three quarter sleeves and came down to above her knee, but hugged her every curve perfectly. Aileen grabbed a pair of scarlet kitten heels to complete her outfit. Rose pulled her hair into a half up do and then went to work on doing the rest of the girl’s makeup.

I had no idea what to wear. I never dressed up. It wasn’t that I was a tomboy or anything, but I just always wore the basics. Plus, when one wears a uniform for most of the year, one doesn’t worry about fashion… well, at least I don’t. So, when the others were all ready and they saw me still in my uniform, they set to work.

Sophie and Aileen raided my wardrobe for something for me to wear and came up with a light blue dress that I forgot I owned. It had thick straps and flowed out under my bust, stopping a few inches above my knees. They slipped white pumps on my feet, which made me feel like I would fall over, but once I walked around in them, I realized they weren’t so bad (for now), though it was hard to avoid the mess in our room. I curled my hair using a simple heating charm and my wand so that it was in ringlets around my face. Rose, who, though a little fashion impaired, was a pro at makeup, assaulted my face with makeup. They went for a natural look; thank Merlin, because I wasn’t big on makeup. The overall effect was pretty and made me take a few minutes to look at myself in the mirror. I wasn’t a vain person, but damn I looked good.

Once we finished getting ready, we walked into a completely transformed common room. The normal sofas and side-tables were gone and even more students were dancing in the spaces where they used to reside as a Weird Sisters song played. The study table had also mysteriously disappeared and was replaced with a temporary bar, which was being tended by Al, who was making drinks for two girls that were definitely under-aged and definitely looking to get into his pants, judging by their dresses which didn’t cover their arses. I saw way more of them than I wanted to. I shuddered in disgust and horror.

I walked over to Al and the slags, faintly annoyed, but I couldn’t place why. Al looked up smiling and waving at me as I went over to him. The bimbos turned around and glared at me, the brunette one flipped her hair and the blonde one mouthed some vulgar, insulting word at me, but I wasn’t paying attention.

“Hey, Alice,” he greeted, smirking like always. “I didn’t know you drank alcohol. I thought Daddy wouldn’t like it.” I rolled my eyes.

“I don’t much, Al. I just want a butterbeer. Nice game, by the way,” I said, making small talk. He handed me a glass and poured some butterbeer in it. I sipped the warm liquid, enjoying the warm sensation as it went down my throat.

“Thanks,” he said. The two bimbos left when they weren’t getting enough attention. “You look good, Alice. You clean up really nice.” I smiled, pleased, and blushed lightly.

“Thanks, Al. You look pretty good, yourself,” I said, truthfully. He wore simple jeans and a dress shirt with a loosened tie around his neck. The sleeves were rolled up, exposing muscular forearms and his hair was in his usual messy, sexy style. He rubbed the back of his neck and muttered a “thanks”. It was nice to see him bashful, instead of his normally cocky self.

“So what brings you here, Allie?” he asked casually, handing a firewhiskey to Connor Young, a seventh year, though it looked like he didn’t need it. I raised my eyebrow at Al.

“I don’t think he needs more alcohol,” I said, worriedly. He rolled his eyes at me.

“Don’t get your knickers in a twist, Alice. It was water. I figured it out last year, that I could charm the water to taste like firewhiskey. I give it to people who’ve had one too many. Now, answer my question, Mom,” he said, smirking at me. I glared at him pretending to be offended with a fake snooty gasp and a hand on my chest.

“Fine, I’m just talking to my friend. Is that not allowed?” I challenged. He chuckled.

“Not what I meant. I mean why are you talking to me when there are plenty of other people to mingle with? Soph and Rosey are over there dancing. Why aren’t you?”

“I like you, Al,” I said, his face brightening at my words. “I don’t feel like dancing and you’re fun to talk to. You’re a good friend.” His face fell, but it happened so fast that I couldn’t be sure what to make of it. After a moment of silence, I had to say something.

“I thought you were going to lose the bet for a second there. Those were most definitely bimbos,” I joked, laughing as I looked back at the pair of girls, who had moved onto their newest victim, Eric Wood, although he seemed to be enjoying himself as his eyes obviously were glued to their chest areas. Al chuckled when he saw them, while cleaning up the bar area.

“No. I wouldn’t do that. I have my eye on a pair of gloves for quidditch and they cost twenty galleons, which you’ll be paying me.”

“You wish, Potter. I may not have enjoyed seeing all that much of them, but you did. I saw you flirting with them,” I scoffed.

“Are we really back to last names, Longbottom?” he joked. “And are you jealous?” He smirked at me. I could feel my face grow hot and I couldn’t explain why. Was I really jealous of those two girls?

“No,” I denied. “Why would I be jealous?” Al kept smirking as he stepped from behind the bar and grabbed his cousin, Fred, so that he could man the bar. Then, we walked over to the window seat and sat down.

“Maybe because you enjoyed snogging me more than you want to admit,” he suggested arrogantly. I laughed at the ridiculousness of his idea, though I could feel a little truth in his words.

“Oh, please, Al,” I said, still laughing. “You’re a good snog, but I don’t have feelings for you.” His smirk grew on his face.

“I never said anything about feelings. You have feelings for me?” I was mortified. My eyes widened before I blushed brightly and avoided looking at his face.

“I… I don’t like you th… that way. You’re my… my friend,” I stammered. He stroked my cheek with the backs of his fingers.

“So when you ran out to make sure I was okay after the game? That was friendly concern? My own family wasn’t as worried as you were. I didn’t even break anything.”

“I… I was just worried that you had been hurt. It meant nothing more,” I tried to reason with him, looking at him defiantly, though even I could tell that I was just trying to convince myself.

“Your other friends had injuries. Why not them?” he smiled self-contentedly, knowing he’d won.

“I… We… We’re friends. Friends, Al. That’s all.”

“Oh, really?” he asked, staring into my eyes intently. “Would a friend do this?”

My heart was pounding in my chest and even though music was blaring and everyone was dancing right beside us, I felt like we were the only two in the room. His face got closer to mine and he kissed me softly, pulling my body towards his. Al’s hands slid down my face to my neck and then made their way to my waist. I found myself straddling his lap as our snogging got more heated. His tongue slipped inside my mouth and my hands tangled in his hair, pulling him closer to me. I felt one of hands grab my thigh through my dress and the other was resting on my hip, but it was making its way down to my arse.

When his hand found its destination and squeezed, I gasped into Al’s mouth and I could feel his lips curl upwards, but I didn’t stop. I didn’t even want to stop and it scared me. The way that he made me feel scared me. I couldn’t do this right now. I pulled away from Al and sat as far from him as I could on the window seat as I caught my breath and slowed my heart, which I seemed to do a lot of lately. I was definitely going to have a heart attack before I graduated.

Al hadn’t moved from his spot and looked as though he wanted to smirk, but decided it wasn’t a good idea. What a smart boy.

We sat like this for a few minutes before he spoke.

“So you are really saying that you don’t have any sort of feelings for me?” I pinched the bridge of my nose between my thumb and forefinger and cursed under my breath.

“Okay, fine. I feel something for you,” I admitted. “I’m not really sure what it is, Al, so you can’t expect anything to happen between us any time soon,” I said, hoping he would understand. He just nodded. I looked down at the floor because I didn’t want to see his disappointment. He just put his hand under my chin and had me look up at him.

“But you do feel something for me?” he asked, smiling for real this time. It was as if he hadn’t heard any other word I said.

“Yes, but—,” I tried to argue.

“No, ‘buts’, Allie,” he cut me off. He grabbed my hands and squeezed them. “I can wait for you to figure it out. I may have been an arse, but I’ve liked you for years and you’re worth the wait. Ever since we were kids, before Hogwarts, I had a huge crush on you, but never got the courage to say anything to you. I have acted stupid for years, but now that I have you, I’m not going to mess it up.” He got up to leave, but then turned around. “And, also, you have nothing to worry about with those girls. Total slags. They have nothing on you, Allie.” He kissed my cheek and then disappeared into the crowd of people.

I kept sitting down on the window seat stunned. He’d liked me for years? After all of our fighting and yelling and insults, he had a crush on me? How old was he? Seven?

I had thought it before, but now I was certain; Al was mental. And sitting there after his announcement, made me realize I liked him, too, so I must be mental as well. He was right when he said that even though we fought, it was just how our relationship was. In a strange way, we’d become friends, but now, I wanted more. I was ready for more with Al, though maybe not an actual relationship, I wanted to get to know him and spend time with him.

I got up off the seat, determined. I searched the room for Al, but I couldn’t find him. I saw Rose sitting with Sophie at the bar talking with Freddy. I made my way through the crowd of grinding and dancing Gryffindors, passing by Aileen, who was dancing unstably with a firewhiskey in her hand and a Slytherin bloke in front of her, and went over to them.

“Hey, guys, have you seen Al?” I asked the trio. All three of them shook their heads and I gave up the search for the time being and sat down with them to talk. We chatted about all sorts of things until Freddy saw Eddie Jordan, who must have already run into Roxy because he looked terrified, and decided it was time to get him back for hitting on his little sister. Eddie saw Fred coming toward him and bolted into the dance floor to escape his wrath with Fred chasing after him with an empty butterbeer bottle in his hand. Sophie, Rose and I just looked at each other’s faces and burst out laughing. When we finally could contain ourselves, Rose asked me why I was looking for Al.

“Um…” I said stupidly, blushing. Damn my blushing. It always gave me away. “Well… I’ve decided I want to be more than friends with Al. I think I like him and I want to ask him to Hogsmeade so we can really get to know each other better and we’ll see where we’ll take it from there.” Rose squealed and gave me a bone-crushing hug. Sophie just smiled knowingly.

Rose left the common room after wiggling her eyebrows at me, probably to go to the Slytherin common room to visit Scorpius. Sophie turned to me after she walked off and shoved me off of my stool that I was sitting on.

“Go away and don’t come back until you’ve found Al,” ordered Sophie, trying to look stern, but failing miserably. She gave me a push in the direction of the middle of the room. I shook my head and laughed. I was friends with some nutters.

She got up after shoving me and went to talk to Cole. I watched them for a minute. Soph kept smiling and playing with her hair and would bite her lip unknowingly. Cole would reach his hand up every once in a while to (I’m just guessing here) put her hair behind her ear. Both were smiling goofily. I would have to ask her about that later.

I scoured the dance floor for Al for a second time. This time I found him. He was in the back corner of the room, sucking face with one of the slutty girls that were flirting with him at the bar. I stood there and stared, dumbfounded. I felt stupid. It was all shit that he was feeding me, just to get into my pants. All he wanted was stupid slags.

Al… No, Potter broke away from the bimbo for air and saw me standing there. His face looked pained. He knew I’d caught him, but I didn’t want to hear his bloody excuses. I didn’t turn back as he called my name. I just shoved my way through the crowed and went to my dorm, struggling to hold in my tears.

I heard him yelling my name from the bottom of the stairs when I got into my dorm, but I didn’t go back down there. I got into my jumper and sweat pants and crawled into my bed. I wasn’t able to hold in my tears anymore and they flowed freely onto my face and then started to dampen my pillow. So much for him waiting for me.

The next morning, I woke earlier than usual, feeling like shit, even though I wasn’t hung over. The alarm clock said it was six fourteen in the morning. I groaned, but got up and dragged myself to the bathroom. Looking in the mirror, my eyes were red and swollen and my nose felt stuffed up. I showered quickly and made sure I looked fine. I didn’t want anyone to know I’d been crying over Potter. I left the room before my mates had even woken up.

I reached the Great Hall and there were only a few people there eating. I grabbed a waffle and ate it with my hands, even though I didn’t feel hungry. Within minutes, I was done and speed-walking out of the Great Hall only to bump into the one person I didn’t want to see.

“Allie,” he tried to explain, but I shoved him backwards, away from me.

“You’ll wait for me?” I sneered before fuming away with hot tears in my eyes, not understanding why I was feeling hurt of this magnitude.

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