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Rest in Pieces by BrittJade
Chapter 28 : Shoreline
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A/N: MEOW! Well here is the next chapter! I am hoping to get another one in before the que closed for the holiday, but if I don't there will be one soon after it reopens! I hope you enjoy it! 


Luna’s P.O.V


I opened my eyes after George and I landed at our mystery location, and found myself standing on the most beautiful beach I’ve ever seen. The white sand sparkled in the moonlight and the soft blue waves crashed gently into the shore as I stared.

       “Where are we?” I asked George in awe as he took my hand.

      “Australia. This place is called the gold coast. Hermione told me about it a while ago. This was where she sent her parents during the war, and when I mentioned planning our honeymoon, she recommended it immediately.” He whispered, snaking his arm around my waist and hugging me close to him.

       “Come one Mrs Weasley; let’s take a look inside our cottage.” With that George swept me up bridal style and carried me towards the beautiful cottage.

 I giggled as George tried to open the Beach House that he had rented for our honeymoon. He fumbled with the key, but finally opened it when I grabbed his hand and turned the key the other way. I smiled as he carried me into the house and set me down. I looked around in awe at the place. It looked exactly like Shell Cottage, where I had stayed for a short period during the war. I looked over to see George pull two tiny suitcases from his pocket. He withdrew his wand and they started to grow until they were the perfect size.

       “I’ll give you some time and meet you in our room in ten minutes.” George said kissing my head and walking up the winding stairs, dropping his tuxedo jacket on the way. I took a deep breath and carried my suitcase to the downstairs bathroom. I unzipped it slowly and found what I was looking for right on top; the scarlet lingerie Ginny had given me for my bachelorette party. I lifted it out and shrugged of the dress Hermione had dressed me in to travel in. I checked myself in the mirror and fixed a twisted strap. I smiled, and headed out of the bathroom.

I reached the door I knew to be the master bedroom and paused for a minute. Pulling my short black robe tighter around my body I opened the door. George was sitting on the massive bed with his back to me.

I cleared my throat and George turned to face me. He gawked at me for a few seconds.

     "Luna… you're… you look absolutely beautiful!" he stammered out before grabbing me by the waste and kissing me passionately. His hands travelled up my back and down, resting firmly on my bottom. I began unbuttoning George's shirt while he kissed up and down my neck, leaving marks behind him.

Once George's shirt was successfully off, I had to find a way to unbutton his pants. George was still firmly sucking on my neck and showed no signs of stopping as I fumbled with the button.

       ‘Stupid tux.’ I thought as I continued to struggle with the buttons. George only stopped when he noticed how annoyed I had become with his pants.

       "Oh, sorry gorgeous.” He murmured and he undid his pants with ease, letting them fall to the floor forgotten. He picked me up as I wrapped my legs around his waist and lay me down on the bed. I slid my hands around George’s waist as he undid my robe and slid it off my shoulders, leaving me in my racy lingerie. George made quick work of my bra and panties as I slid his boxers off, leaving us both completely naked.


George’s P.O.V


I positioned myself between Luna’s legs, as we fell back down amongst the fluffy cushions. Luna’s fingers gripped my shoulders and she raised her hips to meet mine, drawing our bodies closer together. She whimpered my name, burying her head into my chest. Her eyes fluttered at the feeling as we moved together, in a dance full of love. She groaned and kissed me deeply before pulling away from my lips, and whispering things in my ear as we moved together as one. I groaned her name as she turned me onto my back. I gasped as the warmness spread through my body.

Luna slowly stopped kissing me and lay across my stomach, placing her head on my shoulder, trying to regain her normal breathing pattern. I sighed and gently pushed my wet hair away from my face, my eyes fluttering up to look into Luna’s gorgeous blue eyes.

       “I love you, Luna.” I whispered as we drifted off to sleep.


I woke up to find Luna lying in my arms, still fast asleep. I looked down at her face and realized just how lucky I was. She was absolutely flawless, and I couldn’t be happier.

       “George?” A voice said a few minutes later. I opened my eyes again to find Luna had woken up.

       “Good morning beautiful.” I replied stroking her hair. She smiled up at me and snuggled up against my chest.

       “How do you feel about spending the day at the beach?” She asked as we got dressed for breakfast. I nodded as we headed down the narrow stairs to enjoy breakfast.




      “COME ON GEORGE!” Luna yelled at me from where she was standing in the ocean. I was sitting in the sand watching her, but I hadn’t gotten in the water yet. I chucked as Luna came running out of the water in her deep blue bikini. She grabbed my hand laughing as she pulled me towards the ocean.  

       “Luna!” I laughed. “It’s cold!” Luna just giggled as we went splashing into the water. The cold water sprayed out behind us as we ran deeper into the water.

       “You know you love me George.” Luna smirked wrapping her arms around my waist.

       “That I do Mrs Weasley.” I said kissing her softly. Luna didn’t kiss me back though. I pulled away and looked at her quizzically. She just winked at me and splashed me with water.

       “You’re going to get it!” I spluttered as she leaped away from the water I sprayed at her.


       “How about some dinner?” I asked Luna as we sat on the beach watching the sunset. Luna just nodded as she leaned against my chest. We were both exhausted from racing around all day. I scooped Luna up and brought her inside to the couch. I ran into the kitchen where I had pre-ordered fish and chips for us and brought it back out to the lounge room. I smiled slightly when I realized Luna was fast asleep on the couch. I set the fish and chips down and brought her up to bed, being careful not to wake her. The fish and chips would have to wait for another day.




Luna’s P.O.V


George and I had been on our honeymoon for a little over three weeks now, and we loved it. We would spend almost every day either at the beach, exploring the nearby cliffs or at the markets. There was so much to do and Australia was a beautiful country, but I found myself getting a bit homesick. We hadn’t heard from anyone but Molly (She won’t let me call her Mrs Weasley anymore since I am one as well) since we got here, and that letter was just letting us know everyone was alright.

George had taken me to a fancy restaurant, called “Gracie’s” for dinner that night. I had ordered some sort of seafood dish, while George had ordered fish and chips. I swear that boy could live off of it.

       “Luna?” George asked me half way through our meal. “How is your seafood platter?”  I smiled and swallowed my mouth full.

       “Great, how are your fish and chips?” I asked teasingly. George stuck is tongue out at me. I just laughed and took another mouthful. As I swallowed a wave of nausea hit me. I clutched my hand to my mouth and ran to the ladies room where I was promptly sick.

       “Luna?” George’s worried voice came from outside. “Are you okay?” I stood up and walked over to the sink to rinse my mouth out.

       “I’m fine!” I called, trying to erase the awful taste from my mouth. “Probably just an allergic reaction.” I walked out of the rest room to find George standing against the wall, looking like he was going to cry.

       “George, honestly, I feel fine now. But can we please go home? I need to rest.” George just nodded and took my hand. We walked out into the main dining area, payed out bill and left.


I was lying in bed that night when another wave of nausea hit me. I ran into our bathroom and was sick again. This time George didn’t bother waiting outside the door; he just ran in and collapsed beside me. George held my hair back as I was sick again. I sat up and grabbed my toothbrush and toothpaste. George sat there staring at me.

       “Luna, what if your cancer is back.” He said in a small voice. That’s when I realized how worried he was about me. I got up and squeezed him against me.

        “George, this is definitely not cancer.” I said kissing his cheek. “Go back to bed; I’ll be there in a minute.” George glanced at me one more time before walking back into our room. I scanned the door to make sure he wouldn’t come back in before pulling out the pregnancy test I had bought earlier that week. My period was a week late, and I was always regular.

Those five minutes I had to wait were probably the longest in my life. I glanced at the clock on the wall to see that enough time had passed for me to check my results. Squeezing my eyes shut for a moment I picked up the test. I took a deep breath and opened my eyes to look at it. There was one word on it; the word that would change my life: Positive. I felt a surge of relief and fear. I was going to be a mother in nine months. My hand moved unconsciously to my stomach.

       “George.” I whispered looking at the door to our room. I had no idea whether he even wanted kids or not. How was I going to tell him that we were going to become parents?

I crawled back into bed and closed my eyes, willing sleep to come.

I woke up the next morning to find George had already left. I pulled my purple dressing gown over my underwear and wandered down to the kitchen where George was making breakfast. I tried not to breathe in the smells, hoping to keep away the morning sickness, but it was no use. As soon as I caught a whiff of the bacon and eggs sizzling away on the frying pan I felt sick.

       “Luna, please tell me what’s wrong? I’ve called a healer and she should be here in about ten minutes.” I turned to face him after cleaning my mouth out for the thousandth time.

       “How do you feel about having kids?” I asked abruptly. George looked shocked and just stared at me. I began to feel worried. What if he didn’t want them?

       “I hadn’t really thought about it, but I would love kids; especially if you were their mother.” He whispered snaking his arms around my waist. “Why?”

       “George, I’m pregnant.” I said leaning into his chest.

       “You’re… you’re what?” He asked pulling my chin up so I was forced to look at him.

       “You’re not happy that I’m pregnant?” I asked, my lower lip wobbling slightly. George grinned at me.

       “Of course I’m happy! I’m ecstatic!” He exclaimed twirling me around. I giggled as he sat me down on the ground. The doorbell rang and George sprinted to get it. I followed him, shaking my head at how excited he was. Standing in the doorway was a mediwitch who reminded me a lot of Professor McGonagall. George was rambling on to her about how we knew what the problem was, we just wanted to make sure. The mediwitch observed me quietly before ushering me to the sitting room.

       “Now Mrs Weasley, I’m just going to cast a spell on your stomach as a form of ultrasound. It won’t hurt a bit.” She said rolling my shirt up and waving her wand over my stomach. I watched intrigued as an image appeared in front of us. It made no sense to me, but the mediwitch smiled at George and I.

       “Well, Mrs Weasley you are definitely pregnant. You are only about three weeks along but the babies seem healthy so far.” I stared at her.

       “Babies?” George said, voicing my thoughts as he gripped my hand.

        “Yes Mr Weasley, plural. You are having twins.” George and I stared at each other. Twins? George stood up and thanked the mediwitch for her time, payed her and she left. I was still trying to wrap my head around the fact that I was not only pregnant, but I was going to have twins.

       “Well Luna, I’d say it’s about time we headed home and told everyone we are going to be parents.” George grinned. I smiled up at him as we climbed the stairs to collect our luggage. 

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