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Erised stra ehru oyt ube cafru oyt on wohsi by XxBeyondChapinxX
Chapter 1 : Sees loneliness
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      Draco opened his eyes. He looked out his window and it was far to early to be awake, the sun was just starting to rise so it couldn’t be anymore than five in the morning. Sighing, he sat up and slid his legs over off of the bed. He stood up slowly, stretching and moving his head side to side. Draco then walked over to the mirror and looked at his emotionally exhausted self. His eyes had dark bags under them, his figure looked slightly thinner than normal, and the color of his skin made him look ill. He had been so worried about his “task” that he cant eat, cant hardly ever sleep, or even work on his school work very well either. 

   Draco changed out of his black sweatpants and tank top that he had slept in, and got into his school uniform. He didn’t even bother to try and fix his hair, actually, he didn’t really care about his appearance anymore at all. His footsteps were soundless as he walked out of his room and out of the Slytherin common room. 

       He decided he would kill his time by walking through the castles empty hallways, since he really had nothing better to do at three in the morning. Draco headed up to the Astronomy Tower, when he got there, he sat on the floor and rested his back against the wall. He looked out to the sky and watched the sun finish up rising, its golden rays shining through the gaps of the tower and touching Draco’s skin. He closed his eyes and put his head back, letting in the warmth. It felt nice…peaceful even. Draco thought about how rare he felt like this anymore. He hardly ever smiled, nor did he ever laugh or crack a joke. He found no interest in letting Pansy Parkinson dote on him or wait on him hand and foot. He didn’t even find harassing Potter amusing anymore either. 

       Potter, he thought. How can Potter and his friends find any happiness at all? What was so great about their lives anyway? Draco would never admit it but he actually secretly admired them for that. He would always see them in classes or in the hallways smiling and laughing together. He even recalls a memory of when they were in potions class just this year and he saw Potter and Granger preparing their potion. From what he saw Potter had been doing very well, unlike Granger who refused Potter’s help and insisted she was doing the potion just fine. Potter had been smiling and laughing about her stubbornness, while Granger was furiously stirring away at her potion while her frustration caused her hair to frizz. 

       When Draco thought of that he had lifted the corners of his mouth just slightly, making a barely noticeable smile. He’d always found it interesting on how Granger’s curls changed depending on her mood…thought of it as cute even…

      What?! Draco snapped open his eyes and hit his fist on the floor. What are you saying Draco? You despise her! She’s a mud blood! You cant like her! After Draco gave himself a prep talk and pushed Granger out of his head, we looked at his watch and saw that it was seven twenty.  “I should probably get going down to breakfast” he said out loud to himself, “Blaise and Pansy will probably wonder were I am…” 

      Draco stood up, stretched some more, and headed out of the Astronomy Tower and down the stairs. While fixing his collar, he couldn’t help but think to himself…since when did he have and interest in Granger?


  Short first chapter I know :/ but I didn’t really see a reason for it to be any longer than this…Thank you for reading and please review! I am open for suggestions or really anything! :D 

All recognizable Harry Potter content belongs to J.K Rowling 

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