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Brightest Star for the Brightest Smile by sophie_elle_malfoy
Chapter 30 : Trouble With Sleep
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 I told Mum that I’d be staying with James for the summer, just like what the boy intructed me to do. She looked disappointed, but when Lily said that we were going to prepare a surprise birthday party for him, she’d finally let me go. It was a lie, of course. James birthday was still in a few weeks. I wasted no time no more and off to go to the Potters, with Lily on by my side. I had to thank her someday, for anything she’d done for me. She was probably the best friend I could ever ask for.


“James! Where’s Sirius?” I asked instantly when I arrived at the Potters.


“Here’s in my room,” James said, showing me the way. I caught a woman, maybe James’ mother, helped Lily with the trunks. She looked nothing like James, but I could see the resemblance a bit.


“How is he?” I said, as we got closer to James’ room. “What exactly happened to him?”


“He’s sleeping right now. I think. And I’ve to admit, I still don’t know what happened. He just Apparated into my living room, with blood all over his shirt and a knife on his-”


“Wait, what?” Lily said, suddenly already behind us. “Sirius can Apparate?”


“Yes, he can,” said James coolly. “And, since when did you call him Sirius, Evans?”


Lily glared at him. “Since he became a better person than you are, Potter. You know what, I thought it was Sirius who’s the worst between the four of you, but I was wrong.”


“Oh, you don’t know anything about it, Evans. You are  wrong. I can be a worse person than Sirius if I wanted to. You’d be the first one to know.”


“It’s obvious that you’re going to make sure that I’ll know it.”


“You bet I will-“


“Shut up, you two!” I snapped. “My boyfriend is dying and you couldn’t shup that hole in your face just for once?”


“He started it!” Lily pointed out.


“I did not!” James protested. “How dare you-“


“Zip it!” I said. “I don’t want to hear it.”




“Enough, Lily. I came here to see my boyfriend. Not to hear you bickering with James.”


Both glared at each other before James decided he better showed Sirius to me before I got really pissed at him and attacked him viciously like a mad woman. James opened the door to his room and I closed my mouth with my hand to muffle the scream from my mouth. Sirius was shirtless so I could see clearly what happened to his body. There was a horrible scar from his chest to his waist and a big red wound on his right ribs. If it wasn’t for the movement on his chest, I might have thought he was dead already.


“Sirius...” I whispered and hurried over his bed. I kneeled next to the bed, my hands clasped around his right one. I felt really scared. I didn’t want to almost-lose him again.


“He’s fine,” James said. I glared at him and he sighed. “Alright, he’s not fine. But, he’s going to be. He’s a fighter. Trust me, Lina. He’ll be fine, with you being here right now.”


As if on cue, my boyfriend opened his eyes.


“Fuck, I’m gonna kill Reg when I meet him again,” he groaned. He grasped my hand firmly as he turned his head slowly to look at me.


“Hi there, beautiful,” he said weakly with a smile on his face. “I don’t think we can have sex for awhile,” he joked. I didn’t know what to do. I was between relieved and angry.


“You stupid, idotic, bastard!” I exclaimed loudly. I carefully moved to hug him. “You are forbidden from joking when you’re nearly dead, you understand me?”


“Crystal, my Lady.”


I calmed a bit when I felt his hand stroked my back. This was where I wanted to be. With him, Sirius. With the person I loved dearly. I shouldn’t have came back home. If I came with him, this wouldn’t happen. Sirius would be fine. He wouldn’t have to suffer these horrendeous scars.


“I should have stated with you,” I whispered. I felt his chin grazed the tip of my head as he shook his head, his hand was still stroking my hair.


“No, you have to go home. You have to be with your parents.”


“But, none of this would happen if I-“


“Don’t you say that,” Sirius interrupted. “It’s not your fault. It’s nobody’s fault.”


“I am really sorry that-“


“Hush up for a few minutes, will you, love?” Sirius said. “I said that this is not your fault.”


I looked for a fight but finally let him to win. He kissed my forehead before he turned his attention at the forgotten James and Lily, who were standing awkwardly side-by-side. “James, I think I’ve to stay here for awhile.”


“I know that,” James said. “I’ve figured that out. I just want to know what happened.”


“I got a fight with my parents,” he began.


“Not something new,” James commented. Both Lily and I glared at him for the interruption. He rolled his eyes. “Sorry. Please continue, Padfoot.”


“Where was I, again?”


“You got a fight with you parents,” Lily reminded. Sirius nodded.


“Oh yes. So, as usual, we screamed out at each other’s faces. The problem we were fighting this time was because my mother, burnt all my Muggle stuffs, and my bastard of a father defended her. I went inside my room, trying to ignore them. Then, my father forced me to open the door and threatened me that if I didn’t, I was no longer his son. I said fine and I packed my things up. Before I went here, my parents and Reg teamed up to kill me. But, it was Reg who split my chest open.”


“God, your family sounds really fucked up,” Lily said. Sirius laughed dryly.


“Tell me about it, Flower.” He looked thoughtful for awhile before he added, “Can I call you that?”


Lily nodded. “Sure. As long as it’s not about my hair, it’s okay.”


“So, you’re staying here with James then?” I said, stopping the both of them from talking anything else not connected with the topic we were talking. Sirius nodded.


“Yes. I will never come back to that house, not even if that was the only place that could save me from the doomsday.”


“My parents don’t mind about it,” James said.


“Really?” Lily said sceptically. James nodded.


“Of course.” He took a deep breath and shouted, “MUM! DAD! Can Sirius stays with me forever?”


“Yes, dear. He’s already like our son. Just make sure that he makes his bed everyday,” I heard Mrs Potter answered.


“There. Settled,” James said. I rolled my eyes.


“You two are spoiled brats.” Both boys grinned.


“I’m sorry. Can’t help it to be spoiled,” James said.


“It’s kinda a habit, you know? Being spoiled brats,” Sirius added.


“James!” I heard a deep voice called from the living room. That must be Mr Potter.


“Yes, Dad?” James shouted back.


“Tell Sirius that he has to sleep so that he won’t die from all the blood loss.” Hearing this, Lily and I glared at both Marauders. They could only grin meekly.


“Alright, sir!” shouted Sirius.


“You’re dying from blood loss and you didn’t tell me?” I hissed at him. He sighed.


“I’m sorry. I don’t want to make you panic.”


I glared at him but only said, “If you do this again next time, I won’t hesitate on killing you myself.”


Sirius smiled boyishly and kissed me sweetly I was fighting to not melt over his charms. Damn him and his bloody charms. “Aye, aye, ma’am,” he said, grinning.


“Good boy, Sirius!” Mr Potter shouted again, surprising both Lily and I. Merlin, what was with this family and yelling? Why couldn’t they just get to meet each other and talk about it? They were in one house, for the love of Merlin!


“And James?” Mrs Potter shouted. “Tell the girls that I’ve prepared their room. It’s between your room and Sirius’ room.”


“Okay, Mum!”


“Well, I guess I’ve to go now,” Lily said. “I’ll wait for you in our room, Lina.”


“Okay, Lily,” I said.


“I’m in your room if you need me,” James told Sirius.


“Right, thanks for everything, Prongs,” Sirius said. James smiled and nodded.


“Don’t mention it, Padfoot,” he said and left.


“So, what do you want now?” Sirius said, eyes glinting in mischief. “Do you want to go to accompany Lily or to accompany me?”


I laughed when he raised his eye brows. “Sirius! You’re nearly dead an hour ago and you’re still thinking of sex?”


“Oh, I forgot one more thing, Sirius!” Mrs Potter shouted.


“And that is?” Sirius answered.


“Don’t you dare to have sex right now! You’re still weak, boy. Don’t even think about it.”


“Yes, you idiotic sex-maniac!” James shouted, supporting his mother. “Don’t you dare to have sex! Especially, not when you’re in my bedroom, on my bed!”


Sirius rolled his eyes. “Alright. I won’t do it.”


I giggled. “Guess we have to wait until you recover, then.”


Sirius sighed. “I guess so.” He took my chin and pulled me closer for a kiss. He kissed me sweetly and I almost regretted my decision.


“See you tomorrow, love,” he whispered against my lips. I smiled and kissed him for the last time.


“Yes, see you tomorrow. Don’t die, okay?”


He laughed at that. I winked at him before I left him room, but I could still hear his words.


“Love, now that you’re with me, not even Voldemort and his stinking Death Eaters could kill me.”

I should have known Sirius lied to me about him being fine.


I couldn’t sleep for the whole night. Sirius kept on screaming and screaming I found it difficult to ignore. It wasn’t no help that James used a spell to barricade the door so that I couldn’t open it. He said I needed not to worry more about Sirius. I even threated him that I would blast the door if he didn’t cast the spell of. He merely said the door wouldn’t blast. He was right. The door couldn’t be blasted how hard I tried. I ended up tossing and turning in my bed, trying my hardest to ignored the screaming from Sirius’ room.


“Lily, are you awake?” I whispered, finally deciding to have a chat with my best friend to kill the time. I heard a muffled snort from Lily.


“Of course I’m awake, Napralina. I think people five miles from here can hear Sirius’ scream,” she said, right when Sirius screamed again. I let out a shaky breath.


“I wonder what spell hit Sirius,” I said. “He seems really in pain.”


“I think I know,” Lily said. She propped herself in one elbow. “Sev- I mean Snape, has told me once about a spell that could split your opponent’s body open. He creates the spell himself.”


“What? Snape creates that awful spell?” I said, bewildered.


“Yes. The incantation is Sectumsempra. I thought he was joking when he first told me. But, after what I saw tonight, I don’t think he was joking.”


“Did..did he tell you what’s the spell to heal the person who got hit with his curse?”


“No, he didn’t. I don’t even think he knows what the spell. It’s meant for enemies, he said. You won’t make some spell to help your enemy, won’t you?”


“Yeah. I guess you’re right.”


Snape invented that spell. I should have known. He knew that someday, one of his cronies would use against the Marauders. Dirty little coward. I bet Sirius was only acting to look fine when he first woke up. His wound looked really bad. If he kept on acting to be fine whenever he was with me, he’d have no power left. I got it now why James didn’t want me to be there. He knew that Sirius would force himself to look fine in front of me. That would drain him.


“Lina, listen!” Lily said suddenly. I focused my hearing to hear anything.


Only that I didn’t hear anything except my breath and Lily’s.


“Erm, what am I supposed to hear? Because, I don’t hear anything.”


“Exactly!” Lily said. “Nothing. Sirius has stopped screaming.”


She was right. There was no more screaming.


I ran right to the door, banging my fist on it as I shouted, “James! Open the door! Open it now!”


I heard noises from outside and within a few seconds, the door was opened. James looked tired, but glowing in happiness, nonetheless. “My mother has healed the wound completely. I think last night it wasn’t enough to heal it in a way I healed knife-cuts,” James explained.


“What did your mum do?” I asked as we walked to Sirius’ room – which was actualy James’.


“She healed the broken cells in his body and then closed his skin back. She kind of stitched his skin together. Disgusting, if you ask me,” James explained. I cringed when I imagined it.


“Stop talking about,” Lily said. James looked like he wanted to snap at Lily, but he took it back. I heard Sirius argued something with James’ mother.


“, I won’t go to St. Mungo!” Sirius exclaimed. “I’m fine, Mrs Potter.”


Mrs Potter looked sceptical. “Really?”


“Yes. I’m not lying!”


“If you’re lying, Sirius Black, I won’t hesitate on dragging you myself to the St. Mungo,” she threatened him. Sirius grinned.


“Got it, Ma’am.” Mrs Potter sighed before she excused herself from the room. Sirius saw me and motioned me to come toward him.


“I’m fine, Lina. Don’t worry about me,” he said. He scoot over, leaving quite a space for me. “Just tonight, will you sleep with me? I promise, I’ll be good.”


He looked at m pleadingly and my heart melted. “Okay, but you’ve to tell me when you feel something’s wrong. Promise?”




He glanced at James and Lily and grinned. “Will you please go? I’m extremely tired and I want to sleep with my girl. You two can do it, too.”


James and Lily looked at each before snorted. “Not in a million years,” James scoffed.


“I’d rather eat my own shit than to sleep with Potter,” Lily growled.


Sirius rolled his eyes. “Whatever. I don’t care. Just go out. NOW!”


“It’s my room, Padfoot,” James spat though he made his way out of the room. Lily followed him after saying goodbye to me.


“Now, Isilee,” Sirius started. “Why don’t we have some sleep?”


“That’d be a good idea, Black,” I said, smiling.


A/N: I admit, this might be not the best chapter I ever wrote. I was thinking about how to start with all the chaos Voldemort created but still keeping on the romance between Sirius/Lina and James/Lily. But, I promise, the next chapter will be (I hope so) better than this.

Thanks for reading and please review!


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