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I cannot love a Gryffindor by Breeloveyou
Chapter 18 : The game of seduction
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I couldnt take my eyes off her. She inched closer towards me not leaving the bed.

"So what do you say?" she smiled charismatically. I stared at her incrediously my mind racing.

Hours ago she had glared at me, hatred in her eyes. Such a big change from the girl who would normally look at me dreamily, with love and compassion. "I hate you! and never want to see you again!!! you selfish inconsiderate ASSHOLE!" were the words she said to me not long ago. After i had told her i hadnt loved her, i lied. I shook my head violently bringing my mind back into the conversation. My voice husky and tired yet confused, why Scar why?

Was what i had meant to say yet no words came out, i was speechless.

I couldnt bring myself to speak in front of her deep, meaningful green eyes. Filled with Seduction and hope.

"Why?" i finally choked. She sighed heavily staring at the ground.

"Because it would mean everything to me, please Draco just do this one little thing for me?"


My strides were long as i turned the corner into an allyway. I looked around suspiciously before moving again. I could feel my long black woolen coat brush against my trousers. I moved quickly, i was late..very late.

Opening the door silently i sneaked into the clearing, a long black table filled the room. The seats taken by deatheaters.

At the end of the table, there it sat. Lord Voldemorts chair.

I dared not sit in it, instead took my rightful place next to it. Eyes of everyone staring at me. Just as i sat questions filled the room.

"Lord Voldemort is dead."

"Why are we here?"

"What are we supposed to do, now that the elder wand is gone"

"Silence" My voice echoed through the glossy black room. "Time is of the essence and the dark lords heir is already completing her first task"

"what? hier?"

"whats the plan?"


I sighed in fustration, all will be explained in good time. The new lords horcruxes will be made and then we will take this world just as it should rightfully be ours! but..i need to know if u all will side with us!" i stood trying to sound as convincing as possible. "Are you with me?" i shouted my fist in the air.


"Draco, please i.." she stopped flashes of the real Scarlett i knew returned. Not a stern glance but a dazed beautiful glance, her body relaxed. But seconds later her normal state returned.

"I dont know Scarlett, what your asking for is huge considering you never wanted to see me again.."

She stared at me in sorrow, but stood and strode silently and gracefully to the door.

"Just think about it ok?" She spoke with a seductive yet angelic voice before leaving the room closing the door behind her. I sat on my bed dazed, hearing only the faint sound of my breath. I stayed motionless then slowly reached over for a piece of folded up paper on my desk. Standing up i grabbed my coat, only one word in my mind.



I gasped as the hot water hit my skin slowly puring down my body. It felt good to wash off all the makeup and smell of liqour after a long night. Finally i turned the tap off and ringed all the water out of my hair before stepping out and wrapping myself in a dark blue towel. I walked into my room, changing into a matching pair of polka dotted undergarments. I stared at myself in the mirror, i wasnt the skinniest of people i knew. But i thought my body look amazing anyhow. I turned to grab a dark brown t-shirt when i heard the door creak open.

I gasped looking down at my half naked self, until i realised who was there.

A hot looking Draco, stood leaning against the doorway. His blonde hair ruffled, rings under his eyes. He wore tight black skinny jeans and no shirt, he looked me up and down smirking. We walked toward each other and he wrapped me in his arms, yet i felt something wrong. His breath smelt of fire whiskey and as he walked he staggered dizzily, it felt wrong. To take advantage of this boy that is completely posessed by alchohol.

I knew of the girl. The girl he loved so deeply and passionately about. I wont lie, i wanted to be that girl. So i took the plunge, my lips pressed hardly against his as he deepened the kiss. The kiss was vicious and hungry, not soft and passionate, his hands raked through my hair and frisked my body.

I looped my fingers through his jeans and smirked. He picked me up, my legs wrapping around his uncovered waist. Never breaking the kiss he took me over and placed me on the bed.



I awoke the next morning in a dark and unfamiliar room. I moaned in pain, clutching my head. I couldnt remember anything from last night, but wanting to forget what Scarlett had so willingly asked me to do. Then choking down another couple of fire whiskeys and heading somewhere.

I groaned turning around in the bed, to see Brittany lying beside me. She wore black and white polka dotted bra and underwear and i wore my black skinnies and no shirt. I began to panic, what exactly had happened last night?

I sat up, examining the room, ur ordinary bed room closet overflowing with clothes. A bookshelf filled with books on history and astrology, bed covered in red and black sheets accompanied with a black side table.

The walls painted a soft dark colour covered in paintings. The floor covered in timber and a mirror leaned against one wall.

I stood, looking for my shirt which was no where to be found. I shrugged, then heard a soft moan come from the bed. I turned around and met the happy gaze of Brittany lying relaxed in the bed. "Have fun last night?" she winked flirtasiously.

I looked at her in disgust "No."

She stared at me shocked with a questioning look on her face showing flashes of guilt.

"I dont remember last night, because i was drunk!" my voice sounding more harsh than i thought it would be.

"I know.." her voice was so quiet i could barely hear her.

"You knew?" I started to scream "What the Hell Brittany? i admit i liked you and we had some fun but this!" i gestured to her queen sized bed.

"i..." she couldnt speak

"You disgust me! you filthy two faced slut!" Her eyes welled with tears. As i walked out slamming the door behind me.


I couldnt wait! i was bursting with excitement, Karmelina had finally agreed to give me her number and i sat waiting to meet her. I stared out at the view which was spectacualar a sparkling blue river ran through rich green shrubbery which covered the park. A grey bridge made of copperstone gaining you access across the water. Happy little children ran around playing with bright red kites and boys and girls kissing romantically.

All seen from where i sat, a red and navy blue plait blanket was spread along the grass. A bottle of champagne and two glasses in the middle. There she was, dressed in a short, floral dress with brown sandals. Her long hair pulled up into a pony tail, her lips covered in bright red lipstick pulled into a big smile.

She sat beside me "Hey!"

"Hey!" I replied, "Champagne?"

She giggled "I thought you only drank champagne when you were celebrating something?"

I looked at her smirking "We are celebrating something" She looked at me curiously.

"Me getting to spend the day with an amazing girl like you!"


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