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Hermione Zabini?? Why me... by Dracos Sex Goddess
Chapter 11 : S'mores and Trains
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‘Heaven, I’m in Heaven.  And my heart beats so that I can hardly speak…’ ahh Sinatra was a genius.  Singing in your head instead of out loud is not as much fun as one would think.  But this was how I was feeling at the moment.  Being held close to Draco’s body, my former enemy… having his arms wrapped around me and occasionally feeling his lips press against the skin on my neck was absolute and utter bliss. 


Who ever said ‘there’s a fine line between love and hate’ was the equivalent to Merlin in my book. Bloody genius.


We heard someone clear their throat and Draco slowly brought his head up to look me in the eyes.  My heart was flying as he smiled a true smile at me.  No, not a smirk.  An actual smile.  He was beautiful.  I smiled back at him and held his shining gaze.  He brought one of his hands up to cup my cheek and ran his thumb along it.  I closed my eyes and leaned into his hand enjoying the touch. 


“Uh, Mione?”  My eyes opened and I snapped my head to the side to see Ginny along with everyone except Ron smiling at me and Draco.  Maybe everything will fall into place after all.  I’m strong like bull; I can handle whatever the world has to throw at me.


Draco turned me around in his arms so my back was against his chest and his hands were resting on my stomach.  He leaned his head down onto mine.  I smiled sheepishly at our friends.


“Sorry guys…”  I apologized and received a wink from Chris, gleaming smiles from Pansy and Ginny, hold up I thought Pansy was obsessed with Draco or something… Oh well, less for me to worry about.  Blaise had his arm slung around Ginny and was giving us a small smile, Pete had his back turned and was flipping burgers and Harry shrugged and gave me a tight lipped smile.  Ron’s face looked pained and was starting to turn red. 


He took a step towards us.  “Mione… why him?”


I leaned further into Draco and his arms tightened around my waist.  “I don’t know… maybe because he makes me feel again.  A lot changed during the war…  A lot changed after it, and I was one of those things that changed.  I was broken Ron.  I’ve been spending every moment since trying to get back to who I was, but I never will.  I’m a changed person.”  I tried to explain to him.


Draco brought his head down to kiss my cheek and whisper “I’m sorry…” in my ear.  I nodded as best I could and squeezed his arm.  Ron’s expression turned furious when Draco’s lips met my cheek.


It all happened so fast, like in the blink of an eye.  I was flying through the air and caught by my brother.  I heard a splash from behind me and people screamed.  When I turned I saw Draco and Ron going at it like maniacs in the pool. 


“HARRY BLAISE GET IN THERE AND DO SOMETHING!!!  THEY’LL KILL EACHOTHER!”  I screamed at the two of them and all of the guys suddenly jumped in.  Harry and Chris tried to pull Ron off of Draco who was being held under water.  I could feel my heart beating erratically.  He really was trying to kill him.


Once Pete and Blaise pulled a sputtering Draco from the pool I rushed to his side.  He was coughing a lot but gave me a reassuring smile and asked for a kiss, which of course I happily gave him.  Then I rounded on Ron who was being restrained by Harry and Chris.




“I KNOW!  For Merlin’s sake Hermione, I know you were broken, we all were!  And you just threw me away; you didn’t even want to try!  I tried to help you but you shut me out!  If it hadn’t been for you turning your back on me every time I tried to talk about what happened during the war then we’d still be together.  I wouldn’t have…”  Ron started a rant but I didn’t want to hear it.


“What?!  You wouldn’t have slept with Lavender?  You wouldn’t have cheated on me with that stupid slut?”  I heard gasps all around me and Harry let go of Ron like he had burned him.  I felt my body shake.  I was livid.  How dare he be so stupid to try and make an excuse for hurting me like that. 


I continued yelling at him.  “Why would I want to relive all of the memories if I didn’t have to?  Why would I want to drag up all of the fear from those nights?  I tried to bury it deep down but you just kept pushing and pushing.  Harry never even talks about it.  Why are you so different?  Do you like being a hero Ronald?  The 1/3rd of the Golden Trio that enjoyed it all?  Well I’m sorry, but I will not let you blame me for the destruction of our relationship.”


“You should be with me Hermione.  Be with me, I love you.  This is ridiculous; you’re really going to be with that ferret?  Everyone expects us to be together.  What can he give you that I can’t?”  If looks could kill Draco would be dead.  I laughed at Ron’s question.


“No Ronald.  You don’t love me and I don’t love you.  You know what he can give me that you can’t?  A fresh start.  That’s what I need Ron.  That’s what I want.  He is what I want.  I know you may not understand it, hell I’m not fully sure I understand it, but this is what I need.  And you’re going to have to deal with it if you want to be in my life.” 




“Go home Ron.  Go back to Lavender.  I’m sure she’s wondering where you’ve been all day.  Good luck with your Auror training.  I’m sure I’ll be seeing you sometime in the future.”  I finished with a forced smile. 


Ron said his goodbyes to Chris and Pete.  No one else, including Harry and Ginny, wanted to talk to him.  Blaise eventually escorted him to the floo in the parlor.  I hoped he wouldn’t pound him into the ground.


I let out a long sigh and relaxed against Draco when he stood behind me with his arms around my waist again.  He was soaked but I didn’t care.  “You ok love?”  He whispered to me.


I turned around in his arms and cupped his face in my hands.  “Yeah.  I’ll be fine.”  I gave him a smile then moved my lips up to his to plant a soft tender kiss on his perfect pink lips.  I leaned my head on his chest and wrapped my arms around his waist, my arms sliding against the wetness of his skin.


For some reason I knew this was the place I was supposed to be.  I changed.  He changed.  The world had changed.  My heart told me one thing and my head told me another, but this time I followed Ginny’s advice.  I’m following my heart.  I sighed and tightened my hold on him.


“Well, the food has been ready for the past 10 minutes people; I just didn’t want to interrupt the little scene we were presented with so I kept the grill on low.”  We all turned to look at Pete.  “Well, come on come on don’t just stand there let’s eat!”  He said and then proceeded to serve everyone before himself.


Did I mention I like Pete?  Great guy.


Mmm… cheeseburger where have you been all my life?


After the food was gone we all went in the house to change out of our wet suits and into more comfortable clothes.  It was getting chilly outside so Ginny and I put on sweatpants and sweatshirts and took our hair out of our ponytails to let it air dry.  Pete and Chris borrowed clothes from Blaise while Harry and Draco summoned their house elves to fetch them their own.  Spoiled brats.


Coming back to join the group Harry pulled Ginny and I aside to walk to the pond.  The sun was starting to set so the guys were starting a bonfire while Pansy supervised and set up a s’mores station.


“I’m so sorry Mione, I didn’t know.”  Harry said as he slung his arm around my shoulders.


“No one did.  Just me, Ron and Lavender.  I didn’t want it made into a big deal you know?  Ginny, please don’t kill your brother.  It all worked out for the best in the end.” 


“I can promise not to kill him, but that doesn’t mean I’ll promise not to hurt him.”  She grumbled.


I laughed, “Alright, I can agree to that.  Do you guys mind if I just hang here by myself for a while?  I need some time to think.” 


“You sure?”  Harry asked and I nodded.  They both gave me hugs and made there way back towards the group.


I sat down by the edge of the pond and watched the sunlight dance upon the water.  I smiled as I heard footsteps and felt someone sit down behind me.  I leaned back into the warm body.


“Chris, I’ve missed you, I’ve been waiting here for ages.”  I whined and smiled to myself.


“Ha. Ha.” Draco said as he brought his arms around to hug me.  “Thank you.”  He said as he kissed my now dry hair.


“For what?”  I asked, scrunching my face in puzzlement.


“For giving me a chance.  For giving ‘us’ a chance.  I don’t know how to explain it… I never felt how I did when I kissed you yesterday.  It was like my heart was exploding, my palms were sweating, and my body just longed to be touching yours.”  I was playing with his fingers and smiled as he said this because that was exactly the feeling I had.  “And then you told me you didn’t want me, you were taking that feeling away and I just went crazy.  I’ve never been in love, and I’m not saying I am, but that was the best feeling I have ever had when I’ve kissed anyone.  It killed me when you told me no.”  I could hear the pain in his voice and felt a few tears slip out of my eyes.


I’m a horrible person.  This poor guy, I totally ripped his heart out yesterday.  Draco Malfoy… how to cheer up a Malfoy.  They should write a book on this subject.


I sat up and kneeled to face him.  He wiped away my tears with him thumb and smiled. 


“Draco… I was scared.  I- I didn’t know how the world was going to handle the two of us together.  The Gryffindor Princess and the Slytherin Prince.”  He turned his head to the side and lowered his hand.  Oh crap, I definitely need that book. 


“But...”  He turned his head back to look at me and I took his hands in mine.  “I’m willing to try.  Ginny told me I don’t follow my heart enough.  I want to follow my heart on this Draco.  And it’s leading me to you.”


He dropped my hands and engulfed me in a hug which I enthusiastically returned. 

“You’ll give us a chance?  Even though I was a git to you in the past… and even today?”  He asked in an unbelieving tone.


I laughed and nodded.  “Yes.  This is us starting over.  Now come on, let’s go eat some chocolatey and marshmallowy goodness.”  Smiling I offered him a hand once I stood up.  When he was standing he bent down, picked me up and threw me over his shoulder.  Really?  How old are we here people?


“Draco!  Draco Malfoy you put me down this instant.”  I huffed at him, but couldn’t hide the laughter in my voice.


“Not a chance Granger.”  He laughed and playfully swatted my butt receiving a small yelp of surprise.


The night was one of the best I had in a long time.  Looking around the fire at friends new and old, cuddled up in the arms of my once upon a time enemy and eating gooey goodness was the perfect end to a semi perfect day.




The rest of the summer flew by in a flash.  I spent most of my time with Ginny and Blaise who were now dating, or with Draco my gorgeous boyfriend.   *sigh*  Yes I know I’ve become one of ‘those’ types of girls.  Deal with it. 


Ginny and I also spent many a days shopping in Muggle London, Diagon Alley and occasionally Hogsmeade with our mothers.  We had new outfits to wear at the clubs, new shoes to make the Patil twins jealous and everything under the sun we could possibly need this year at Hogwarts. 


Blaise and I received our Hogwarts letters one morning about a week before school.


Dear Miss Zabini,


I am very pleased that you and your brother will both be joining us to retake your 7th year here at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.  We have established a new dorm for all returning 7th years as only a small amount have agreed to return and there is limited space in the house dormitories.  However, you will not be sharing this dorm for you have been chosen as Head Girl and will be sharing a dorm with the Head Boy.  Congratulations dear.  I look forward to having you at our school once again.  I have attached your badge to your supply list.  I ask you to please join myself and the Head Boy in the Heads compartment on the train as soon as you board.  I will see you September 1st. 



Headmistress Minerva McGonagall


I was ecstatic!  Basically hopping up and down and screaming my head off.  Mother was laughing at me while Blaise held his hands to his ears and scrunched up his face in pain. 


“Seriously Blaise, you blare that music all day long in your room yet you can’t take a little screaming from me?  Wimp.”  I received a scowl from him and flashed a smile in return.


As soon as breakfast was over I ran to the floo and told my parents the good news.  They were very excited and proud of me.  That night Draco joined us for dinner.  I was totally bummed that he didn’t get Head Boy and he wasn’t too happy that I would have to share a dorm with some random guy. 


A couple nights after that Draco and I were sitting down by the pond.  It had sort of become ‘our spot.’  We decided to talk about our past together at school, at home, the war.  It was a hard night.  By the end we both had tears pouring down our faces, but I had never felt more connected to anyone in my whole life. 


I think that was the night I fell in love with him.  I learned about all the pain he had gone through while growing up as a Malfoy, all of the hurt and struggles he encountered trying to become the perfect son in his fathers eyes.  We just held each other until the sun came up.


I saw Ron once more before school.  The Weasley’s invited Blaise, Mother, Draco, Mum, Dad and me over for dinner out in their back yard.  Ron didn’t say much.  He didn’t bother to approach Draco which I was grateful for.  Besides, he had Lavender there with him.  She didn’t talk to us either, just glared every now and then. 


George was apprehensive around Draco at first, but eventually came around when he saw how loving he was towards me.  My parents adored him even though they knew about our past.  He had pulled them aside and explained everything.  Eventually mum took to him closely followed by my dad. 


All in all I had the most amazing summer of my life.  And after fighting in a war, I really needed it.




Knock knock knock


“Mmgmgmrufm” I mumbled into my pillow.  Not the sun again!  “Ok ok, I’m up.”


“Hogwarts today Miss Head Girl.  You better go get ready.”  Minnie told me.


“Shit!”  I yelped as I hopped off my bed and ran into my bathroom.  Shower…. Ahh lovely hot water, hello my friend.  Ok, dry the hair, brush the teeth.  Makeup?  Hmm, maybe a tad today.  A little blush, pink lip gloss and a swipe of mascara.


I opened the door to find Minnie making my bed.  I ran to my closet in my bathrobe and picked out a simple outfit.  Thank Merlin I packed last night.  Why is it that I’m always up late on important days?  Blue or green?  Green.  I think I have some new obsession with green.


I wanted to make a good impression today right?  Needed to more like it… Green, pleated dress with a baby yellow belt to go around my waist.  Ok cleavage looks good, hemline hits right above the knee, belt defines waist.  I slipped on the pair of baby yellow sandals Mother made me buy to match the belt, and spun around in front of my floor length mirror.


“Minnie, do you think I should curl my hair?”  I called out to her.


“Let me see what you’re wearing.”  I walked out to show her and twirled around a bit.


“Well?”  I asked as I walked to my vanity.  I took out my gold and pearl tea drop necklace that hit just above my chest and fastened it around my neck.


“Yes.  I think it would look lovely.  Just a little bounce.”  I smiled to her and went into the bathroom to curl my hair.  I ended up pinning the sides in a clip at the back of my head.


“Funny, my hair used to be mega frizzy and curly and I always wanted it straight.  Now it’s pin straight and I sometimes wish it was curly.”  I mused to myself.


“Mia!  We gota go!”  I heard Blaise call from the hallway.


I went over and hugged Minnie.  “Ok, trunk check, purse check, owl check, cat check, I guess that’s all I need.  Locomotor trunk and cages.”  I said as I pointed my wand at my luggage and made it follow me out of my room.  “I’ll see you soon Minnie!”  I called back after me.


I followed Blaise and his luggage down to the entrance hall.


“There you two are.  We are meeting your parents at the station in 5 minutes.”  Mother huffed with her hands on her hips.  Calm down woman, we’ll make it.  We’re magical for Merlin’s sake.


“Sorry Mum.”  I mumbled.  We then walked out of the manor and out of the apparition wards.  With 3 pops we were standing in an alley outside of Kings Cross Station.  Blaise and I went to get two trolleys that had been left outside and loaded our trunks and pets onto each.


“Ok, hurry kids.”  Mum said moving quickly to the entrance.  I spotted my mum and dad as soon as we reached platforms 9 and 10.  I had them grab onto the trolley with me and we ran at the brick wall and appeared onto platform 9 ¾.  Blaise and Mother followed behind us and we all said our goodbyes while our luggage was being loaded onto the train.


“You take care of each other now you hear?”  Dad instructed us while waving his finger.  I smiled and hugged him once again.  I was so grateful that my parents accepted Blaise and Mother into their lives with open arms.


 Dad had even had ‘man dates’ with Blaise while my mums and I had girly days.  He took him fishing, watched football at my house and went shopping in Diagon Alley.  They even invited Draco when they went shopping for school supplies.  It’s like Dad got the son he never really knew he wanted until now.  We have turned into one big happy family. 


Blaise told me one night how mother was always dating and marrying throughout his life and mysteriously all her husbands died.  I did NOT want to find out any more about that, but he said that she seems happier than she had been in a long time.  He figures she was lonely and now she has more people to call family.  I’m happy the way things turned out.


“You owe me Mia, big time.  I was at school until the war.  Technically I shouldn’t be taking this year again.”  Blaise grumbled, snapping me out of my reverie.


“I know bro, but you didn’t get to take your NEWTS.  And you’d miss your dear, dear sister too much to be away from her for months at a time.”  I told him while pinching his cheeks.


“Yeah yeah.  Ok well we gota go.  See you all in about 4 months.  Love you mum.”  Blaise kissed mother on the cheek while I said goodbye to my parents.  I then hugged Mother and he hugged my parents.  Then we headed off to the train.


“Goodbye parental units, love you all!  I promise to write!”  I shouted and received love you’s and waves.  I looked around the platform for a familiar head of bleach blonde hair but couldn’t find it.  “Guess he’s already on the train.”  I sighed to myself.


“Ok, I’m guna go find Ginny and you have to high tail it to the Heads compartment, the train has started to move.”  Blaise moved out of the way as  I ran to the front of the train uttering ‘excuse me’s and apologies when I bumped into people.  Great way to start your reign as Head Girl Hermione, fabulous.


I reached the Heads compartment and straightened out my dress and hair before heading it.  I slid open the door and saw a tall boy in a sky blue polo and dark wash jeans standing up and looking out the window.  He had blonde hair.  I felt my whole face light up.


“Draco?!  What are you doing in here?”  He turned towards me with a smile and pulled me into his arms. 


“Hello love.”  He whispered and then leaned down to capture my lips in a loving tender kiss.  “Hmm, I like your hair curly.”  He said as he wound his fingers into it.  “You look very beautiful Hermione.”  He moved in for another kiss. 


I wrapped my arms around his neck pulling him closer to me.  I love this man.  Yup, totally head over heels in love.  We continued to kiss innocently until we heard a tap on the glass.  Terrified it was McGonagall we separated quickly and looked to the door.


“Ginny, Blaise!  You scared the hell out of us.  We thought you were McGonagall.”  I let out a nervous laugh.  Draco pulled my back against him and wrapped his arms around my stomach.


“Nah sorry to disappoint, but we just wanted to see how you’d react when you found out Draco here is Head Boy.”  Blaise smiled at his friend.


“What?  I thought you were just in here to see me for a sec.”  I said as I tilted my head back and to the side to look at him.  What just happened?  I get to live with him!!??


He leaned his chin on my shoulder.  “Nope.  You are stuck with yours truly for a whole school year.”  I could hear the excitement in his voice.


I turned around in his arms and started jumping up and down in excitement.  He chuckled at me.  “I know; I feel the same way love.” 


“This is awesome!  Why didn’t you tell me?”  I playfully swatted his chest.


“Because I wanted to surprise you and see you jump around like you’re still doing.”  He said outright laughing at me now.  I stopped and scowled at him.  “Hey!  Weaslette knew too and didn’t tell you.” 


“What?  Ginny you knew and didn’t tell me?  You just let me go on and on about how I have to share a dorm with some loser?”  I rounded on her.


“Well you got the loser part right.”  I heard Blaise say and chuckle at Draco’s glare.


“I was told to keep quiet.  You know how Malfoy can be when he doesn’t get his way.”  Ginny defended herself.


“Yeah, yeah.”  Draco mumbled.


“Crap, gota go guys, McGonagall’s headed this way.  See you at the feast.”  Blaise said and pulled Ginny down the hall.


Draco and I moved over to sit on the left side of the compartment, a few feet separating us.


“Ahh, my apologies.  I hope you haven’t been waiting long.”  The Headmistress said while taking her seat.  We both shook our heads no and she continued.  “Good good.  Now as you know Mr. Malfoy and Miss Zabini… Do you prefer Zabini or Granger still?”  She asked while looking at me over her spectacles.


“Zabini is fine Professor.  I no longer look like a Granger anyway, but everyone is welcome to address me as either.” 


“Very well then.  The two of you will be sharing a common room and bathroom.  You will have separate bedrooms of course.  There is a small kitchen as well.  I expect you to behave like proper young adults and put your differences aside.  It is your duty to show the student body we are all one.  I have a list for you; it has each of the common room passwords and instructions on what your job entails.  Prefect meetings will need to take place once a week, the day is your choice.  You will need to organize Hogsmeade trips and school activities.  Now, any questions?”


“No Professor.”  We chorused.


“Good.  There will be a prefect meeting in this compartment in 45 minutes.  I will see you at the feast then.”  She got up to leave and turned back to look at me.  “Miss Zabini I almost forgot.  Before the sorting of the first years we will be placing you under the Sorting Hat once again.  Because of your new found identity we must let the hat decide whether or not you still belong in Gryffindor.”


“Wha… what, Professor.  I’m sure that’s highly unnecessary.”  I sputtered.  What the hell!  What if it puts me in Slytherin because of my new attitude and family?  I didn’t change that much after the war did it?


“I’m afraid it is necessary my dear.  But don’t fret, things won’t change much even if you do happen to change houses.  You will still have your own living quarters, the only things that will really change are your wardrobe and timetable.  Well, I better be off.  I will see you soon.”  And she left.


I stood up and started pacing in the little space I had.  “Oh, my god, what if I’m put in Hufflepuff?  I don’t want to be characterized with those happy go lucky all the time people.  Shit what if it puts me in Slytherin that’s even worse!”  I threw my hands up in the air.


“Hey!”  Draco pouted at me.  Haha, oops…


“I’m sorry… it’s just… I like being a Gryffindor.  I don’t want that to change.  That’s who I am.”  Draco nodded in understanding then got up and moved to the door.  I watched as he closed and locked it.  Then he pulled the blinds down.  When he turned around he had a sultry look on his face.  Hmm… I’ve seen that look before, and it only means trouble. 


“And just what do you think you’re doing Mr. Malfoy?”  I asked with a smirk on my face.  I took steps backwards until I hit the window.  Draco was still stalking towards me.


“Draco…” I whispered as he stood in front of me.  He brought his hand to my face and ran his thumb across my bottom lip.  My mouth parted and my eyes slid closed.  He ran his other hand up my side and then down again to encircle my waist.  He pushed himself against me and I let out a gasp. 


I felt him bite my lower lip and I moaned.  Then he kissed his way down my jaw to my neck while the hand on my face moved into my curly hair and pulled my head sideways so he had better access to the flesh of my throat.  I ran my hands up his arms to grip his strong shoulders. 


His lips made their way to the swell of my breasts, made even more prominent while pushed up against his body.  Merlin that feels amazing...  He licked and kissed his way down my cleavage and nipped at my tender skin.


“Merlin Draco…”  I breathed and felt his lips curl into smile against my breast.  The hand that was in my hair caressed my throat and made its way slowly over my chest causing my breathing to become even heavier.  His lips eventually found mine again.


He didn’t waste any time teasing me, he plunged his tongue into my mouth and kissed me with a fevered passion I hadn’t experienced with him, or anyone before.  It was like he was ravenous.  I tangled my hands in his hair and let him devour my mouth while pressing farther into my body.  I could feel just how aroused this was making him and smiled while he growled.  One of his hands lifted the fabric of my dress and made its way under.  His fingers skimmed the fabric of my lace panties and I felt my body tremble and heat flooded between my legs.


I whimpered as he continued to bite and taste my mouth and tongue.  “Draco, not here… not now.”  I managed to breathe out when I could get a break from his lips.  I wasn’t too keen on our first time being in a train compartment. 


He broke away from my mouth and gave me puppy dog eyes; silently begging me for more.  I just shook my head ‘No.’  “Oh alright.”  He whispered before claiming my lips once again.


I let out a small moan.  “I want to hear that again.”  He said as he moved to nibbling on my ear then he licked and bit a tender spot on my neck and I didn’t have a choice but to moan again. 


“Draco…”  I whimpered and brought his face back to mine.  It was my turn to be forceful.  I whipped him around and slammed him into the window.  He let out a grunt and then a deep growl when I claimed his mouth and swirled my tongue with his.  His hands gripped my backside and held me tightly against him.  Eventually I broke our kiss to fill my lungs with air.  I stared into his perfect eyes for the longest time.


Draco leaned down to plant a sweet tender kiss on my lips before he said, “I love you Hermione.”


My eyes widened.  There was nothing but tenderness and love written across his features as he gazed deeply into my eyes.  Have I slipped into dreamland again?  Did I really just hear what I think I heard?


“Wha- what?”  I said as my heart sped up again.  He smiled a little and brought his forehead down to mine.


“I’m in love with you.”  He whispered sweetly.




A/N: I do NOT own anything Harry Potter.  The song lyrics ‘Heaven, I’m in heaven’ are part of the song ‘CHEEK to CHEEK’ by Frank Sinatra.  I don’t own S’mores. 


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