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I love you sister by kjp
Chapter 1 : The start of it all
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 (A/N hello this is another one of my new stories… I’m not to sure if this is going to work out, but lets hope it does ;) )( It is set in1964 and continues onwards until the battle of Hogwarts, its all about the black family. At the very beginning of this story Sirius is eight, Regulas is 3, Bellatrix is thirteen, Narcissa is nine and Andromeda is eleven)


It was a quite night out on the lonely London street. There was no person in site and if in the occurrence of the odd car coming down the street it surprised all. It was so quite Infact that if you listened carefully you can hear the muggles TV being turned on to the channel of BBC or something. No one would have noticed that inside Grimmauld place of number 12 there would be such a commotion going on. Or perhaps the reason no one couldn’t hear anything was because the house was invisible. No one would have guessed that it was a house full of witches and wizards that some of the most respected people in the wizarding world were living there.

Like they usually did the three Black cousins were visiting. Sirius Black hated the lot of them, they were all like each other, cruel and nasty and completely oblivious to everyone around them. Regulas, his brother, of course loved them to bits and looked up at them in awe, this worried Sirius, knowing that one day he could be like them and that thought drove him mental. The thought of making this innocent little baby so cruel to everyone was just too much for Sirius

Narcissa was the only one out of all the three Sirius could cope with. She was quite unlike the other two and was shy and Sirius thought of her as quite cute in her little blonde bunches high. She was also the kindest of them all, at least she said please and thank-you unlike the others. Maybe her being the youngest of the black sisters made her think that she should followed the crowed, well that’s what Sirius liked to believe hoping that she would be different and turn in the direction that Sirius was heading and actually be polite to people.

Andromeda was just down right mean. She would push Sirius down the stairs and laugh at him, she was strong for a girl for only eleven years of age and could easily beat him in a fight. Andromeda played the clever one in their little group, if there was a prank she was usually the one behind it, thank-fully she was off to Hogwarts this year and might just leave the poor Sirius alone.

He only hoped that Andromeda would change in the near future and actually grow a heart.

And finally there was Bellatrix, who just insisted on being called Bella and if you didn’t then she wouldn’t mind firing a jinx at you not caring about the underage restrictions, she never got caught anyway, there was too many wizards in the house to get caught anyway. Bellatrix (or Bella) was sneaky, very sneaky she could pull of any lie and almost never got told off because of it, and usually she blamed everything on Sirius even though he had been up in his room all day.

Even though little baby Regulas just adored Bella she wouldn’t mind pocking her wand at him and jabbing him, baby Reggie just thought it was all a game and didn’t realise she was making a joke of him.

For a third year Bella was what you call very immature it surprised Sirius that she wasn’t made fun off at Hogwarts, but like he excepted in her first year she came back with Outstandings across the board and zillions of friends.

They were all annoying to Sirius, no matter what they did they always seemed to annoy him. And of course Sirius was the youngest (apart from Reggie, but people don’t really count him anyway) and they always made fun of him, the pranks were based around him and poor Sirius was left to fend for his own because his parents would praise this sort of behaviour.

He would have to endure pushes down the stairs (usually Andromeda this one was) and had to be cautious whenever going down staircases incase someone was secretly hiding behind the statue of armour at the top of the stairs just to pull a trick on him. There had been many times when he had gone around all day with a non-removable sign saying “Prick head”. They were all childish games, ones that made Sirius feel very small.

“OI! Sirius past the pumpkin juice” Bellatrix called from across the table slouching as usual. The pumpkin juice was right in front of her but she was too lazy to go get it, or rather hated Sirius so much that she wanted him too do her dirty work.

“Get it yourself” he moaned back equally matching her moody voice.

Andromeda sniffled a laughter and he saw that she pointed at him and whispered something to Narcissa who smiled very lightly and painfully as though she really didn’t find it that funny at all.  

“Sirius can you got get your cousin the pumpkin juice” Mrs Black shouted at him head of the table looking like she owned the place, head up and back straight and glaring at her son menacingly while trying to keep everyone calm at the table and trying to feed her son at the same time who was wriggling about in her arms.

Being a single mother Sirius often felt sorry for his mother, but when he was seven she hit him and he instantly turned of her and loathed everything about her.

She also wore too much makeup and it made her seem like a very scary clown, but instead of bright happy colours, dark eye shadow took its place with midnight lipstick.

“She can get it herself! Its right in front of her” He shouted back again. He just refused to get her anything, anyhow he wasn’t afraid of his mother he actually found it funny whenever she got mad (well… the times she doesn’t hit him)

Mrs. Black warned him with her eyes but said nothing more and Narcissa leaned across the table to get the pumpkin juice for Bella to save any fights over dinner breaking out and poured a drink for her dear old sister herself.

“Auntie?” Narcissa piped turning to Mrs. Black with a huge grin plastered on her face

“yes dear?”

“I was wondering when I would be able to go to Hogwarts, Mummy has-” she began but was shortly interrupted by her lovely sister Bella.

“Hahaha- Oh Cissy, get out of the faze of calling her Mummy… its mother, if you want to be a proper lady you need to start speaking properly” Bellatrix smiled clearly proud of herself.

“Your sister is right, you must stop acting like a child” Mrs Black said making sure she said “must” very clearly to make sure everyone heard it.

“um… ok” Cissy’s face lighting up red as she went by while she slowly twirled her food in one hand with her fork “Well, when will I be getting into Hogwarts, Mummy… I mean Mother doesn’t tell me when I will be able to go” She looked nervously up at her Aunt who was feeding Regulas extremely forcefully and didn’t seem to be listening to her niece at all.

After about two minutes on waiting on what she was about to say Narcissa realised she hadn’t been listening and turned back to her food disappointed and embarrassed, she put her head down low and looked over jealously at her two sisters who were showing each other their wands with Bella showing Andromeda how to use the simple hovering spell on a teapot that was on the other side of the room.

Narcissa’s face lit up at the sight of magic but still looked jealous and on the verge of tears.

“You’ll get your letter when your eleven Narcissa” Said Sirius looking over at her with a discomfort feeling in him. He never really talked to Narcissa but looking at her warmed his heart. It looked rather awkward, a eight year old boy telling a nine year old girl a very well known fact in the wizarding world, but Narcissa wasn’t very bright and never catched up on things very quickly.

She smiled and him, a true smile, one that Sirius had not seen in a long time.



1st September 1964


Steam was coming at them all on the platform of nine and Ten in Kings cross station. Druella Blacks grabbed her youngest daughters hands and guided her through the station. She loved her daughters very much and wasn’t sure if she could bare it if any harm came to them.

Of course the oldest two were up ahead whispering to one another about plans they were going to put together of the school year. Druella wasn’t even sure which one was which from the back. Bella and Andromeda both had black twisty hair that looked like they had too many knots. Both had black on showing her support for their family and if it wasn’t for the height different Druella wouldn’t have been able to notice the difference.

Her youngest daughter however was completely the opposite. She was tall for a girl of her age and almost reached the same height as Bella who was four years older. She had lovely blonde hair that Druella sometimes couldn’t help putting her hand through because it was so incredibly soft and if she wasn’t holding her hand people around them wouldn’t have even noticed they were related.

She was very proud of all her daughters, all of them understood the importance of pureblood and how they should treat the dirty mudbloods. Bella has even been in detention many times over her two year Hogwarts years for calling muggleborn mudbloods. In Druella’s opinion the old wart Dumbledore should stop being an muggleborn lover and actually kick them out of the school, they are not worthy of magic.

They came up to the brick wall that takes them to 9¾. Bellatrix went first without doing it secretly so muggles wouldn’t see, She didn’t care if people saw us and exposed our magic. It was always like this every year.

Then Andromeda went next being careful not to let anyone see her and sneakily went through the wall and then Druella and Narcissa went through hand in hand.

If the steam was bad before, it was nothing compared to now. The Beautiful train appeared showing of its great colour of crimson. The words of “Hogwarts express” were in neat gold and stood out more than the train itself.

People crowded around the doors of the trains. The first carriages were already taken and most of the windows had children sticking there heads out to talk to their families. No doubt most of them were mudbloods.

Little children that were only here purely to say goodbye to their older siblings that were off to Hogwarts. It annoyed Druella that they couldn’t just stay still and stop acting childlike. Narcissa was a great role modal here, she was standing next to her and no hint of her planning on running around could be seen anywhere on her face.

Bellatrix was already on the train, she always forgot to say goodbye to her mother.
Andromeda had stayed close to her mother now wanting to go anywhere and now seemed more nervous than before. After all it was her first year and Druella could remember her first year as if it was yesterday, The first day is always the hardest.

“Andromeda, me and Narcissa have to go back soon your father is waiting. Please write and tell me if you got into Slytherine like I know you will” Druella said trying to comfort her daughter but doing it very badly indeed “Bye!”

Andromeda looked nervously up at her mother and then slowly walked onto the carriages with her trunk following behind her and following the lead of her sister who had completely vanished from site.

Narcissa waved at her but Andromeda didn’t give the gesture back but simply looked frightened and scared.

It was about two seconds later when Andromeda was safely on and no longer in eye site did Druella apparate with her daughter beside her.


Andromeda felt lonely and awkward sitting alone in a carriage. It wasn’t exactly how she planned her school year too go. She only hoped that Bella would come and check on her and sit with her perhaps or maybe a random stranger would come in and start talking too her.

She hated being lonely.

The compartment door opened to reveal a boy with a very freckly nose. He had short brown hair that had been pulled to the side. Andromeda thought in her head of what Narcissa would say if she saw him, she would call him “cute boy” because indeed he was very cute.

“Can I sit here?” He asked nervously going pink in the face.

She nodded slowly before he entered and sat opposite her looking extremely nervous and uncomftable.
“I’m Ted by the way”

This is where to story really began.

A/N thanks for reading, please leave a review to help me with my writing, i know its not that great

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