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The Pureblood and the Mudblood [Dramione] ♥ by Stellee123
Chapter 3 : Chapter 3
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 Hi! I would like to thank the two lovely readers who reviewed, thank you so much! I tried to add more description in this chapter, but chapter 4 is written and has lots of it! This is kind of a filler chapter, so hang on. It's a lead up to Chapter 4. 

I have decided to post  a song that relates to the chapter for every chapter. Chapter 3 is Mean, by Taylor Swift. You can find the song on Youtube easily. Also, I will be posting little pre-views of the upcoming chapter at the end of chapters. 

And before I go, could I please get just 5 reviews?! It would mean so much! I need your feedback to make the story better, after all. 

Without further due, here is Chapter 3! Enjoy!♥




Hermione walked quickly back to her friends, her face quite pale. She couldn't believe that Draco Malfoy, of all people, had been picked to be Head Boy. And what was worse? She had to share a dorm with him for the year! Why couldn’t have been someone less annoying? Someone that wouldn’t cause her to go crazy. Hermione's back stiffened as she thought of what Ron would think of this all.

Hermione reached her compartment and walked in, taking her seat next to Luna quietly.

"So how did it go, Hermione? Who's Head Boy?" asked Neville.

"Malfoy." Hermione said in a dreaded tone. Everyone went silent, a little too silent for Hermione likes. She had dreaded this moment.  Finally, Harry broke the uncomfortable silence.

"Malfoy?! How was he chosen for Head Boy? I could imagine Head Git, but not this!" He said eyes wide. Hermione avoided the gaze of them all, mentally annoyed at how they were all staring at her. Including Luna.

Hermione shrugged as she looked down at her shoes.

"I didn't ask any questions about it." She said subtly. It was true, she hadn’t. The only thing she had wanted to do from the second she saw Draco Malfoy standing in McGonagall’s office was leave. She might have even given up her spot of Head Girl for it.

No. She would not give up Head Girl for an arrogant prick like Malfoy! Hermione pushed that thought out of her head, mentally slapping herself for allowing Malfoy to mess with her determination and self-concept. 

Ginny shook her head disapprovingly and Ron spoke. "Just ignore him the whole year." He said like it was the easiest thing in the world. Hermione couldn’t believe him! Ignore the Head Boy?! That was like ignoring the fact that you just jumped off a building!

Hermione sighed, not wanting to talk about it, or anything, at the moment, to be honest. "It's going to be kind of hard to ignore him when I have to share a dorm with him!" she said, instantly regretting it. Hermione scowled, turning away from the rest of the lot and staring out the window.

"You have to share a dorm with Malfoy?" Harry asked shock visible on his face as he stared Hermione. Ginny lightly hit his arm to break the staring trance.

Hermione by her lip and nodded.

"Maybe it won't be that bad..." said Luna in her usual light and airy voice. She was always trying to make something bad seem good. That was what Hermione liked most about her unusual friend. Unfortunately, that would not help at all this time. Luna might not have seen the worst that could come from an over-dose of Malfoy, but Hermione sure had. Take Third Year for example. The memory of when Hermione had punched Malfoy put a temporary smile on her face. It didn’t last though, as it slid off when Ron spoke, cruelly jerking Hermione back to the present, though he didn’t mean it. 

Ron was frowning. "If he does or says anything bad to you, tell us right away, Hermione, and I will beat the-"

"Ron!" Ginny said, knowing the swear that would have followed. She scowled at her careless brother.

"He's right though. Tell us if anything happens, okay? Ginny asked with a look that said she meant it.

"I will, Gin, Ron. Thanks."

"Of course." the two Weasleys said in unison.

"You sound like Fred and George." Hermione said with a smile. It was half-hearted, but it still was a smile.

Everyone laughed and Ginny smiled.

"I wonder what the twins would think." Neville said.

"They would probably say it's theirs' and put a trademark on it or something." Ron said, rolling his eyes.

Everyone laughed again, even Luna broke out of her daydream to laugh.

The rest of the train ride was relaxing. The lot Talked quietly and Ginny and Hermione both fell asleep. Hermione could feel Ron stroking her hair as she was slowly pulled into wonderful dreams. That was, until Draco Malfoy made his way into them.

"You horrible little Mudblood. You don't deserve Head Girl. You don't even deserve to be here, at Hogwarts!" the Malfoy in Hermione's dreams spat. Hermione cringed in her sleep. The words stung like hell. It wasn’t her fault though; this dream was all too realistic, like it had actually happened.

After a few happier dreams, Hermione felt someone shaking her.

"Hermione, come on," said the voice. "We're at Hogwarts."

Hermione mumbled. "Go away...."

The person shaking her sighed and lifted her up. Now she was wide awake, and fully aware of what was going on. ‘Oh bloody hell!’ She thought.

"Ron! Put me down!" she yelled, trying to get out of his grasp. It was no use. Ron walked, with her over his shoulder, off the train, and to the carriages. The whole way Hermione yelled and screamed, Ron paying no attention what-so-ever. Once outside the carriage, he finally set Hermione down.

"Why would you do that?! I asked you to put me down, I know how to walk!" Hermione shouted, outraged.

Ron just shrugged.

"Ugh!" Hermione yelled, and she climbed into the carriage, sitting as far away from Ron as possible.

Five minutes later, Hermione took her spot at the Gryffindor table between Luna and Harry. She noticed Harry and Ginny smiling at each other, Ginny was blushing. Hermione smiled at the two. They seemed to be in their own little worlds; the only thing they could see was each other.

The feast went by happily, everyone ate until they felt sick and then retired to their common rooms.

"Good luck, 'Mione." Ginny said, giving Hermione a sympathetic look as they took different routes down the hall at the top of the Grand Stair Case.

"Thanks, Gin. I'll need it." Hermione replied, and they departed.

Hermione sighed as she arrived outside the door of the Heads' dorm. "Shuffling hippogriffs." she mumbled the password, and the door opened. "Wow," breathed Hermione as she stepped into the room. "This is truly amazing." And Hermione meant it.

"Sure is better than anything you're used to, isn't it, Granger?" said a drawling voice.

Hermione looked away from the huge bookshelf stacked with books to look at Draco Malfoy. Great, the few minutes of alone time she had so much desired dripped away.

"Shut up, Malfoy." Hermione muttered, walking around to admire the room. The room was huge and square, with two leather sofas in the middle, backs to the door, facing the huge bay window that took up 7/8 of the back wall, only split down the middle for a flat screen TV on the wall. The walls were painted a pale white/blue colour and the floor was white carpet. Three rooms were off the either side and a study. The bookshelf took up most of the left wall, the doors and study on the right wall.

"The room adjusts to our liking." Draco said, the sofas turned silver and the carpet black.

"No. Black carpet looks horrible." Hermione announced and it turned back to white.

"Whatever. But the sofas are staying silver." He said, glaring at her.

Hermione ignored this. "Did you want the books?" she asked, staring into his stormy grey eyes.

Draco shrugged. "Kind of, I knew you liked to read too, so..." he trailed off, looking away and Hermione blushed. Wait. What? Hermione blushed because of Draco Malfoy? How uncalled for! For the second time that day, Hermione mentally slapped herself.

"I'm, um, going to bed." she said.

Without another glance, Hermione walked to one of the doors and looked inside, it was obviously hers. It was gold and lavender with another huge bookshelf, large window, and bathroom. Hermione walked in and set down her things, opening the big wardrobe against the wall. She chose a white pajama top and light blue and changed quickly. She then unpacked and slid into bed, flicking her wand to turn off the lights.

Early the next morning, Hermione woke to the sun shining fiercely through the window. Frowning, she got out of bed and walked to the wardrobe. Hermione picked a blue and green button down shirt and jeans before clipping back her hair with a sweep of her hand. She grabbed her bathroom essentials and walked out of the room, through the beautiful common room, empty and light with sunshine, to the bathroom.

Hermione didn't think much as she opened the door, looking around. There was a curse, and Hermione looked up in shock at a shirtless Draco Malfoy.

"What the bloody hell?!" he yelled, glaring horribly at her.

"I-I'm sorry." she stuttered, trying to avert her eyes from his abs.

Suddenly a smirk crossed Draco's face.

"Can't keep your eyes off me, can you, Granger?"

It was Hermione's turn to glare horribly at Draco.

"Of course I can!" she lied unconvincingly.

This triggered something in Draco’s mind. Hermione Granger, a Muggle Born, staring at Draco Malfoy, a Pureblood?! Draco was more than disgusted! How this would taint the name of his well respected and high up family name!

"Come on, I can tell when you lie, Mudblood." he said harshly, not thinking about his words. Of course, he never did. It wasn’t anything new; the word Mudblood was it? No.

Draco's POV

Draco didn't see much, but he was very much aware that Hermione had slapped him across the face, hard. He stepped back in shock and saw her eyes lined in tears, threatening to spill over. As much as this scene would have been a horrible sight to endure for someone other than him, Draco was very angry. How dare she?!

"Wait, Granger!" He called, not needing more drama as it was. It was no use. Hermione had crossed the room in a few swift movements and was in her dorm before Draco could say anything more.

Draco slid down the wall he was leaning on until he was in a sitting position. He put his face in his hands and sighed. This living together stuff was not turning out well.


Thanks for reading! I really hope you enjoyed, and I have some exciting plans for up-coming chapter. They involve jealousy, anger, and some well-needed action. Then in the far future, Draco will have his turn as star of the drama. (; I have LOTS of ideas!

Here is a pre-view of Chapter 4:

"He looks so cute in his Quidditch uniform!" _____ squealed, looking up at _____ from her plate of scrambled eggs.

What do you think? Is my chapter worthy of a rate and review? I hope so! I would be SO grateful and happy if I could please get at least 5 reviews? It would mean so much, and definitely make my day!

Keep look out for Chapter 4!




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