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Something Like That by padfootforeveryoung
Chapter 20 : Revelations
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 “No, that is absolutely not acceptable!” Lily snapped her green eyes flashing dangerously. I was surprised at how seriously she was taking all of this.


“I haven’t not, not slept in the same bed as him sense December!” I told her, giving my best puppy dog face. She paused seeming to think about it for a second and I had a sudden rush of hope. Then she crushed it like it was one of her stupid potion ingredients.


“No. You’re getting married tomorrow and its bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding!” She said and I knew I was fighting a losing battle. We were sitting in an empty room right after the Order meeting. Everyone else had vacated it and made their way to the kitchen. The Prewett brother’s had brought a ton of snacks from their older sister, Molly.


“Ann is coming with us as well.” She said and my eyebrows rose. Those two usually didn’t get along, but I think they bonded over their mutual dislike of Dorcas.


“We’re just going back to your flat right?” I asked hesitantly.


“Yes, I know you don’t want to go out or anything and Regulus already cornered me and told me under no circumstances are you to be put at risk in anyway tonight.” She said mocking him in a deep voice and I burst out laughing. That was a pretty good impression of him I had to admit.


“I suppose I won’t argue anymore then as long as James is alright with staying here tonight.” I said and she nodded her head. Her and James shared a small flat together in downtown London and he was getting kicked out so all of the girls could get ready for the wedding there tomorrow. All of the guys were staying here, because they had agreed to put up all of the heavy stuff tonight that needed to be set up and do the decorations tomorrow morning. I’m not sure how that was going to work out, but it really was a small wedding so I wasn’t all that concerned about it. All of my family was in the wedding and the only one making an appearance for Regulus’ side would be Sirius. Merlin, I hope I didn’t just jinx that.


“Stop worrying, you know they’re too terrified of the both of us to screw anything up. Now, let’s go see if Dorcas and Ann are at it again!” Lily said excitedly and pulled me by the arm into the kitchen. Dorcas was an incredibly gifted witch, but she was a serious bitch sometimes. I really do believe the war had changed her. She used to be so fun loving and now she was just cold and miserable, unless she was busy making someone else miserable.


“Ah, Katherine just who I was looking for.” Dumbledore said from a chair around the table. Everyone was a lot better behaved when he was around and I was thankful for it at the moment. A cat fight was not something I wanted to deal with. The Prewett twins were even being quiet. Well, Fabian was poking Ann in the back and then whistling nonchalantly whenever she would look, but that was nothing compared to their usual mischief.


“He wants to double check about the length of the ceremony.” Regulus said leaning up against the doorway.  I hadn’t even seen him standing there when I had walked in and he gave me a quick wink. Dumbledore’s blue eyes were twinkling when I turned back to him. He was after all presiding over the ceremony for us. We didn’t have many options and when Dumbledore volunteered we practically jumped at the opportunity. Honestly, what couldn’t that man do? 


“We want to keep it as short as possible.” I said and Regulus nodded his head in agreement. We had thought about writing each other vows, but to us it was pretty clear how we felt about each other. All we wanted was to be married as quickly as possible. The wedding wasn’t even until four in the afternoon and then dinner and dancing or whatever.


“Very well then.” He said standing up and smiling. “I will see you two tomorrow and do try and get a goodnight’s sleep.” Dumbledore added and I could have sworn he gave us a wink before walking out of the kitchen. Minnie and Moody trailed after him, bidding everyone a good night. My old teacher even smiled at me as she left. She would also be attending the wedding tomorrow. As soon as we heard the front door shut, Gideon let out a breath.


“That man is brilliant, but I never know how to act around him.” He told the room and all of the guys nodded their heads in agreement, while Gideon loosened the buttons on his shirt. Godric, all of them were over dramatic.


Sirius and James were sitting in the corner stuffing their faces with whatever their hands could reach. Lily had her nose scrunched up in disgust as she walked over to them.


“I’m being kidnapped tonight.” I said turning to Regulus and he wrapped an arm around my waist.


“I figured as much. Just be careful is all I ask.” He said his grey eyes looking down at me.


“I always am, besides we are just hanging around their flat. James is almost as paranoid as you when it comes to protective spells.” I said and he gave me a playful shove. He hated it when people teased him, but his reaction was always entertaining. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Remus and Ann glaring in the direction of Gideon and Dorcas and muttering to each other darkly.


“Remus told me he ended whatever was going on between him and Dorcas.” Regulus whispered in my ear and my eyes widened. I think the fact that they were apart for so long in their relationship made them set the other at a certain standard in their head and when they finally did start to see each other almost every day it just got worse and worse. Plus, he didn’t want her to know about his furry little problem. No one in the Order knew yet, besides a select few, and I think Remus wanted to keep it that way for as long as possible.


“Well, what about Ann and Gideon what’s going on there?” I asked and I noticed that Fabian had joined us. The three of us were huddled together gossiping, which normally I wouldn’t have approve of, because it reminded me of what Mary, Marlene and Lily used to do, but this was some good stuff.


“I think he’s afraid of commitment to Ann, especially since were in a war and he’s trying to keep his distance from her, even though he does have feelings for her. If I know my brother I would say he just wants to protect her.” Fabian said and Reg and I nodded our heads in agreement. It made sense in kind of a twisted way, but flirting with Dorcas right in front of her would not help.


“Well, I’m going to go. Save me a dance tomorrow, Gideon!” Dorcas said rather loudly and Remus rolled his eyes. Ann looked like her grip might shatter the glass she had in her hand.


“Will do.” He said grinning at her and she walked out of the room. She gave me a quick smile before she was out of the room. It’s not like we couldn’t invite her to the wedding when everyone in the Order was going to be there.


“What are all of you staring at?” Gideon asked the group. Merlin, that boy was oblivious sometimes.


“You’re an arsehole, Gideon Prewett!” Ann snapped and walked out of the room. Her footsteps echoed around the house and we all heard a door slam loudly. Gideon looked a bit guilty before pouring himself a glass of firewhiskey and acting like nothing had even happened.


“Katherine, we really should be going.” Lily called over to me from across the kitchen. I let out a groan and Regulus tickled my side playfully.


“You’re acting like she’s taking you somewhere to be tortured.” James commented and I shook my head, but gave him a small smile. He always had an interesting outlook on everything.


“You guys really do need to get a move on it. I’m sure you have a lot to prepare for, for tomorrow and everything.” Sirius said. I wouldn’t have thought anything about what he said if I hadn’t seen his hand sneaking towards the bottle of firewhiskey Gideon had just set down on the counter.


“Oh please, Black. You just want us out of here so you can get drunk.” I told him and he grinned.


“You know me so well, McEwen. Besides you can’t say Black in that tone of voice comes tomorrow, because you’re going to be one.” He said holding up his glass to me and giving me his signature smirk. I thought I saw a flash of bitterness in his eyes for a second, but it happened so fast I must have imagined it.


“You’re right, Sirius. She’ll be Mrs. Regulus Black at this time tomorrow.” Ann said walking back into the kitchen with an overnight bag. Sirius glared at her. Merlin, nothing would ever make those two be friendly towards each other.


“Come upstairs for a second, I want to give you something before you go.” Regulus said to me. Lily opened her mouth to protest but he held up a hand to shush her.


“It’ll take a minute and then she’s all yours for the evening.” Lily nodded her head reluctantly. Regulus steered me out of the kitchen and in the direction of our bedroom. I noted that a bag, already packed, was waiting for me on our bed. They were all plotting against me.


“What is it that you needed to give me?” I asked giving him a confused look. We had both agreed that we weren’t going to do wedding presents figuring our uh wedding night would be the best present we could both give each other.


“Maybe, I just wanted to properly say goodbye to you.” Regulus said in a voice that made a delightful shiver run up my spine.


“Well, I can’t deny you a proper goodbye then can I?” I asked stepping closer as he pulled me against his warm chest. I felt his lips press softly to mine and was disappointed when he pulled away so quickly.


“Wha…” I began but was silenced when he pulled out a long thin box. The kind you put a necklace in. It was probably in place of my lilac necklace that was destroyed when Rosier cursed me. I hadn’t noticed right away, because I was so accustomed to it just being there that I had a near panic attack when I noticed it was gone.


“I figured you might need something for your something new and something blue.” He said opening the box. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. I couldn’t believe he had ever heard of that saying, but I was pleasantly surprised that he did. Inside was a gorgeous blue sapphire pendant, hanging from a silver chain. It was exquisite and it matched the ring perfectly.


“Here let me put it on.” He said and turned me around gently. I held my long hair out of the way as he clasped the necklace and felt the cool stone against my chest. The touch of his hands on my neck felt incredible. I turned around and saw his grey eyes clouded with emotion before I pulled him into a lingering kiss. His hands went automatically to my waist and mine wrapped around his neck bringing us closer together. We were only a few seconds into the kiss when we heard a voice shriek from downstairs.


“It’s been five minutes Black. Katherine McEwen, get your arse back down here!” It was Lily and she sounded beyond irritated. I let out a small sigh and Reg fought hard to hold back a smile. He, for some reason, found Lily’s antics amusing.


“I better go.” I told him reluctantly and he nodded his head.


“I suppose you better.” He replied, before pulling me back into another soft kiss.


“Thanks for the necklace. I love it.” I told him and he nodded his head, his eyes lit up happily.


“Anything for you love.” He said and I felt my cheeks flush. “I’ll see you tomorrow.” Reg finished and handed me my bag.


“I’ll be the one in white.” I told him jokingly as I backed out of the room and he rolled his eyes. It hit me as soon as I made it downstairs that the next kiss him and I shared would be when we were pronounced husband and wife.



Sirius’ P.O.V.

Mrs. Regulus Black. Those three words had been echoing in my head ever sense that bloody bitch Ann had said them. It had been the reason why I now have two empty bottles of firewhiskey next to me and was ignoring the entire conversation around me. All of the guys were celebrating my brother’s last night of being free from marriage and here I was with a part of me wishing that one of them would get cold feet. But they wouldn’t and tomorrow I was going to watch the girl I was in love with become Mrs. Regulus Black, my sister-in-law. How fucked up is that? I took another swig of my drink and felt the burning sensation down my throat, but it soothed the ache that I was feeling.


“So things are over with you and Dorcas right, Remus?” Gideon asked from across the kitchen table. We had all just got done setting up a tent and a couple tables outside. We hadn’t had much to do, because of how small it was going to be. Only the order members, and Ann and Russell. Speaking of Russell, Katherine was going to flip when she saw how hung over her little brother was going to be. He and my brother were currently playing some stupid muggle drinking game, which involved a paddle and a ball. And people think I lose it when I’m drunk.


“Yeah, but I suggest you don’t get involved with her. She’s gone crazy that one. Bloody brilliant witch, but all the same she’s insane.” Remus said. That was the liquor talking, even though it was true, sober Remus would never speak bad about someone.


“Don’t stick your dick in crazy.” I said shaking my finger sternly at him causing him to burst out laughing.


“Too late, he’s already shagged Ann.” James cut in from across the table. Everyone laughed this time, minus Gideon, Russell, and Regulus. Russell, because it was his sister and he just made a disgusted face. Regulus, because it was Katherine’s sister and didn’t want to make her angry. Gideon’s reaction was the most surprising, because his eyes flashed dangerously for a second and his lips formed a narrow line.


“I don’t understand why you don’t just admit you like her, Gid.” Fabian said slapping his brother’s shoulder.


“You actually do like her?” I asked spitting out my drink on the table. I thought he just needed a quick shag was all.


“I’m not talking about this.” He said standing up and walking over to Regulus and Russell. The remainder of us all shared a knowing look. Gideon liked her and just didn’t want to admit it, which honestly made the whole Dorcas thing confusing.


“I wonder what the girls are doing.” Remus said out loud to no one in particular. He just had to bring my attention back to Katherine.



Katherine’s P.O.V.


“Too Katherine’s last night as a free woman!” Ann cheered while downing her shot. She had just discovered firewhiskey, thanks to Sirius, and was currently ordering us three to take shots. The memories of the last time I had drank anything were still seared into my memory. The thought of singing anyone Celestina Warbeck made me shudder. I can’t believe Sirius hadn’t teased me about it sense that night.


“I’m exhausted.” I said after the burning sensation finally left my throat. All I wanted to do was crawl into bed, how lame was I? We were all gathered on the couch in the sitting room of James and Lily’s flat and it was getting kind of late, almost midnight.


“God you’re boring. How can we possibly be related?” Ann asked shaking her head. Trust me, I’ve asked myself that at least a million times.


“We really shouldn’t stay up that late anyways.” Lily added coming to my defense. Then a devilish grin graced her features. Who knew Lily Evans had a wild side. Being with James for so long must have really rubbed off on her.


“But we do need to talk about the problem known as Dorcas.” The redhead concluded and I saw Ann nod her head approvingly.


“She is always flirting with every single guy.” Ann said gripping her shot glass tightly.


“Not all of them are even single!” Lily chimed in. “I caught her trying to flirt with Benjy the other day! Marlene almost strangled the girl right then and there.” Now that was interesting. Marlene was actually pretty gentle when she wasn’t in a battle.


“She’s always all over Gideon as well.” Ann said in a huff and Lily’s green eyes went wide as she nodded her head sympathetically.


“What’s going on with you two anyways?” Lily asked cautiously and Ann downed another shot. They were both going to regret this in the morning.


“He doesn’t want either of us to get attached when he could die at any second.” Ann said making quotation marks with her fingers. She sure was a real treat when the liquor got her going.


“Do you buy that?” Lily questioned and Ann shrugged her shoulders.


“Who knows really. He’s always flirting with that whore though and it’s so bloody rude. I will tell you that Gideon is a fantastic shag though.” She said slamming her glass down on the table and smiling at nothing in particular. I didn’t even want to think about what memory she was recalling. I couldn’t believe she was being this open about everything. It definitely must be the liquor talking.


“You know I’m surprised that she hasn’t tried anything with Sirius. Although, I think he has his eye on someone.” I said chiming in, instead of just sitting there listening to these two start chirping about their sex lives. They both looked at each other before bursting out in giggles.


“How long did it take you to figure that out Katherine?” Ann asked covering her mouth with her hand in an effort to control her laughter. Lily’s face was beat red and she had an expression that basically said it was the most obvious thing in the world that Sirius fancied someone.


“What, do you two know who it is or something?” I asked dumbly while sitting up straighter, my back leaning against the couch.


“Are you serious?” Ann asked.


“She honestly has no clue.” Lily whispered with wide eyes.


“And we all thought she was just ignoring it for the sake of not hurting his feelings.” Ann said looking at Lily. I was getting beyond irritated now. I set my glass down on the coffee table in front of me before facing them.


“What’s going on?” I asked biting my lip. Lily cleared her throat.


“Sirius Black fancies you.” She said holding out her finger and pointing at me. They were bloody insane. Sure he was protective of me, but that’s because I was marrying his brother for merlin’s sake.


“That’s an understatement, he’s in love with you!” Ann practically yelled all the while still giggling.


“You two are beyond drunk.” I said and they both shook their heads furiously. “Sirius does not fancy me.”


“No he does. He’s always staring at you and talking about you and not to mention protecting you.” Ann added trying to sound serious, but slurring her words in the process.


“You two are absolutely insane. No more alcohol for either of you.” I told them and grabbed the bottle away from them. They both shot me dirty looks. Too damn bad ladies.


“You can ask anyone and they’ll tell you the same thing.” Ann snapped, her old bitchiness coming back at full force. I stood up and walked over into the next room, which was the kitchen, and poured the remaining contents of the bottle down the sink.


“I’m going to bed and I suggest you two do the same we have to get up early!” I said loudly over their disappointing groans. Bunch of bloody alcoholics. They could drink all they bloody wanted tomorrow and I’d be fine with it. As long as they didn’t go around saying such ludicrous ideas that is. I could hear the muffled sounds of their voices as I slammed the door to the guest room shut. It was weird trying to fall asleep without Regulus next to me and I wanted desperately to go back to the house and crawl into bed with him. However, if I did that and the sober version of Lily tomorrow found out I probably would have to walk down the aisle as a ghost.


Their suggestions that Sirius fancied me seemed absolutely absurd. We had grown closer over the past year and I loved him like a great friend or even an older brother. There was no way he would have feelings for me, and even if he did that wouldn’t change anything between Regulus and me, because Regulus was who I wanted and he always would be. No one could make me feel the way he did. I kept telling myself that Sirius had strictly platonic of brotherly feelings towards me, but replaying things he had said to me as my eyelids began to shudder close, I realized that maybe the idea of him having feelings for me wasn’t so absurd after all.



“You look really pretty sis.” Russell said quietly. I jumped a little at the sudden noise, because I had thought I’d been alone. I was already dressed in my wedding gown and was looking at myself in the mirror. Lily had done my hair in soft curls and the blue sapphire necklace, Regulus had given me the day before, was shining brightly down on my neck.


“You scared me!” I said clutching my chest in exaggeration and he grabbed his head at all the noise. Lily had reported back a few interesting stories when she had gone to check on them this morning.


“I know it’s your wedding day and all, but please don’t talk so loud.” He said rubbing his temple and I grinned. I smoothed down the sides of my dress as I turned to face him fully.


“I heard you had a wild night last night.” I told him giving him a pointed look and he smirked. The marauders were a terrible influence on my little brother.


“You could say that, but I’m definitely feeling it today.” He said shaking his head.


“Try not to party to hard tonight alright?” I told him giving his shoulder a small whack.


“I can’t make any promises.” He said laughing and I rolled my eyes. He was pretty much an honorary marauder and it’s not like there wasn’t a vacancy at the moment. I shook my head to get all angry thoughts out of my head. It was hard though when the scar was popping out against my skin along my neck. Rosier was not what I wanted to be thinking of today and neither was Pettigrew.


“The ceremony is starting soon is there something you needed?” I asked him and his expression grew serious and he straightened his posture.


“I just wanted to tell you that mum and dad would be proud of you.” He said his green eyes meeting my blue. I hadn’t felt the urge to cry yet, but he was definitely sending me in that direction. The abscene of my parents today was definitely heavy on my heart.


“They would be wouldn’t they?” I said and he gave me a quick hug. It was moments like these when I felt like he was the older sibling. The one that would protect me and watch out for me and then he pulled away and he was just Russell again. My little brother who used to pretend he was dinosaur when he was five years old and would run through the garden roaring at Ann and me. How had we all grown up so fast?


“I’ll see you soon. I’ve got to get back and make sure Regulus and Sirius have quit their bickering.” He said rolling his eyes. As he began to walk out, Remus began to walk in. His eyes were a bit bloodshot and I realized he must have been drinking as well. He was the most responsible one of the lot and he had gone and got himself drunk. His smiled widened when he saw me in my dress though.


“Please tell me Regulus isn’t as hung-over as you two?” I said in a way of greeting and he grinned.


“Of course he isn’t. He knew how to control himself last night. You look beautiful by the way, Kay.” He said looking me up and down. I knew he was the next best person, now that my dad was gone, to walk me down the aisle.


“Thank you, Remmy.” I said giving him a wink and didn’t even get prissy about me calling him that. If only everyday was my wedding day and people just agreed with me.


“Sirius sent me up here to get you, because all of the guests are here. Regulus is already waiting outside where he has been all day pretty much. He was already wearing his suit when I got up. He’s a good one, Katherine.” Remus said grinning. My heart skipped a beat when he mentioned Regulus, but at the same times my stomach clenched at the mention of Sirius. Ann and Lily couldn’t possibly be serious about what they said last night. They were both completely shitfaced anyways.


“Is everything alright?” Remus asked his brown eyes looking concerned and I snapped back out of my daze. This was my wedding day and I wasn’t going to let the ramblings of two drunks ruin that. Besides, I highly doubt Regulus would be okay with Sirius being anywhere near me if he was harboring feelings for me.


“Yeah, everything’s great.” I told him smiling and it really was. I looked in the mirror and glanced over my appearance. My something new and blue was the sapphire necklace from Regulus, something old was the diamond bracelet that once belonged to my grandmother on my mum’s side, and my something borrowed was the blue sapphire earrings from Lily. I was all set.


“Well, let’s go get you married then.” He said smiling and offering me his arm. This was it, I was about to become Mrs. Black.



Regulus’ P.O.V.


“Take care of her alright?” My brother said in a rough voice grabbing a hold of my shoulder when we were outside. Remus had gone to get Katherine a few minutes ago and I was expecting them to appear any moment.


“Always.” I said looking into his eyes. The difference between Sirius and me in this moment is that I was the selfish one and he was the selfless one. It was like we swapped the roles we had both been playing our entire lives. For those few seconds as our eyes were connected we were back to little kids. I was the younger one looking up to my older brother and hanging onto every word he said. He was my best friend again.


The music started and our eye contact was broken, the memories pushed into the back of my mind. Lily was walking down the aisle smiling brightly and I saw her wink at James in the process. He didn’t take his eyes off of her for a second. Ann came next and I noticed her gaze was focused to the front of the room. She was pointedly ignoring Gideon Prewett and I think everyone knew it was obvious. He on the other hand was doing the exact opposite and his brother was smirking next to him. The tempo changed and my eyes were focused solely on who was coming next. My heart stopped when I saw her. For a second I forgot everything and then our eyes met and I let out a small breathe. She was gorgeous and beautiful and the most amazing sight I had ever set my eyes on.



Katherine’s P.O.V.


Merlin it was awkward feeling everyone watching you and knowing you were solely their focus for that minute it took me to walk down the aisle. I tightened my grip on Remus’ arm, in order to keep myself from falling, and he let out a low chuckle. The bloody git should try walking in these stupid heels I was in. My eyes quickly scanned over the crowd before meeting a pair of sparkling grey ones. The awkwardness I had been feeling a few seconds ago evaporated almost immediately. He looked beyond handsome in his suit and his gaze caused me to blush.


What seemed like an eternity of walking finally came to an end as Remus kissed my cheek and joined my hand with Regulus’, before stepping to the side.


“You look incredible.” He mouthed as Dumbledore cleared his throat and began speaking. Our eyes never left each other as we repeated the words that Dumbledore said. His speech was sweet and simple.


“Sirius, if you could please hand me the rings.” Dumbledore said and Sirius shook his head looking like he was coming out of deep concentration. He fumbled with his pockets for a minute and then another.


“Regulus, I think I may have uh forgotten something.” Sirius said nervously as he dug around in his clearly empty pockets. Reg hung his head and my eyes went wide. Everyone began to talk amongst themselves. I heard Ann let out a distinct snort.


“You lost them!” I demanded swinging my lilac bouquet wildly and he looked quite frightened by my expression.


“I wouldn’t say that, I just may have misplaced them.” He said looking a bit guilty and I felt my blood pressure rising steadily.


“More like he probably flushed them down the toilet in desperation.” Ann mumbled and received three very nasty looks from Regulus, Sirius and myself. My brother was the only one that found this amusing as he had to stifle a laugh. My fists clenched and before I could even make the attempt to strangle someone, a hand was placed gently on my shoulder. Regulus was looking down at me calmly as he gestured to Dumbledore who had pulled out his wand. I heard a swishing sound and saw a flash of silver as the two rings dropped right into Dumbledore’s outstretched hand.


“It’s times like these were being a wizard comes in handy.” He said letting out a low chuckle and I let out a deep breath. Regulus squeezed my hand softly and I relaxed.


“Do you Katherine Shayne McEwen take Regulus Arcturus’ Black hand in marriage?” Dumbledore asked his blue eyes twinkling and I bit my lip out of excitement and nerves.


“I do.” I whispered and Regulus grinned before slipping my ring gently on my finger. I mouthed I love you to him and I could have sworn that I saw his eyes watering a bit, but then Dumbledore’s voice filled my ears once again.


“And do you Regulus Arcturus Black take Katherine Shayne McEwen’s hand in marriage?” Dumbledore asked.


“I do.” He said rather quickly and I slipped his ring on it. It was a simple white gold band that I had picked out. Our hands were joined and I was shaking from anticipation.


“By the power invested in me by the Ministry of Magic I know pronounce you husband and wife. Regulus you may kiss your bride.” Dumbledore said and I threw my arms around Regulus’ neck as he pulled me into a soft kiss. I could hear wolf whistles and I figured it was the Prewetts, but our lips still didn’t leave each other. He dipped me backwards and gave me one last kiss before pulling apart, both of us grinning like crazy as we turned to face the crowd. His arm pulling me in close to his side. I couldn’t keep myself from glancing at him and grinning like mad. He was doing the same thing.  


“I present to you Mr. and Mrs. Regulus Black.”



“So it’s been a couple of hours, how are you feeling about this whole marriage thing?” Regulus asked slipping an arm around my waist and kissing my cheek softly.


“Huh you know I’m not sure about this after all.” I told him giving him an apologetic expression and he narrowed his eyes and I broke out into a smile. “You’re so funny to mess with.”


“You’re not funny at all.” He growled but his eyes were still lit up. Of course I was funny; in fact I would go as far as to say I was hilarious.


“You know if you don’t take that back, I might go as far to revoke your privileges that only husbands are entitled too.” I said with a smirk. There was no way in hell I would do that, but like I said he was fun to get a rise out of.


“You won’t do that.” He said confidentially and I scowled.


“What makes you so sure about that?” I asked, rather loudly, over the music. We were standing in the corner of the tent watching our friends. Some dance moves should just not be done in public. Suddenly, I felt my back pushed into the wall and the pressure of Regulus’ body against mine.


“Because, I won’t be able resist you much longer and from the way your cheeks are flushing when I do this,” He whispered kissing my neck softly. I let out a low moan. “You want me almost as much as I want you.” Regulus finished in a husky voice. How much longer did we have to stay here and entertain our guests? Regulus continued to trail kisses down my neck.


“You’re the most gorgeous person I have ever laid eyes on.” He whispered as his lips reached my collarbone. “You don’t realize how happy it makes me that you’re Mrs. Black now and mine.” His lips were crushed against mine as I pulled him to me once again.


“Well, I suppose this is the wedding night.” Fabian said, walking up behind us. We sprang apart and I glared at him. Bloody git. He did dress up quite nice though and he looked rather dashing in his suit. Why couldn’t Ann have gone for him?


“Shouldn’t you and your brother be up to no good right about now?” I asked trying to keep my voice even as I felt Regulus’ hand drift lower and lower down my back. It was not an easy task to act normal in this situation; especially when he gave a rather playful squeeze.


“He currently is.” Fabian said darkly and gestured his head towards the woods. Gideon has his arms pinned around a completely sloshed Dorcas. How lovely. I quickly scanned the crowd and saw her dancing wildly with Russell and Remus and laughing hysterically. At least she wasn’t letting this indiscretion bring her down, or she was just doing a really good job hiding it.


“Do you mind if I steal Katherine away for a dance, brother?” A new voice said approaching our group. I turned to see Sirius standing before us. Regulus stiffened, but nodded his head slowly.


“As long as she is okay with it.” Reg finally said and Sirius looked at me giving me a charming smile. Fabian was watching this whole interaction carefully and it looked like the wheels were spinning in his brain.


“Of course it is. I have to give my new brother in law a dance.” I said and Sirius’ expression tightened, before it was replaced with another smile. He held out his arm for me to take and kissing Reg’s cheek quickly I accepted. The song was slow and I wrapped my arms around his neck. This seemed like the millionth time I was on the dance floor tonight for a slower song. First Regulus and I had a dance and then Remus and me and then Russell and me. Now, it was Sirius and mine’s turn. He placed his hands at a respectful part of my waist and I smiled up at him. He wasn’t as tall as Regulus, but I still needed to glance up to look into his eyes. He grinned back at me, as we moved gracefully across the dance floor. Lily and Ann were completely wrong with their accusations last night.


“You know you look beautiful tonight.” He said as he dipped me back slowly. It surprised me how well he knew how to do this. He was graceful and confident on the dance floor as he twirled me around.


“Thanks, you look pretty good yourself.” I said and his grin grew wider.


“Tell me something the world doesn’t already know.” Sirius replied giving me a cocky smirk. I prayed that if Regulus and I had children they didn’t have the Black family arrogance. Two members of that family were already enough to deal with.


“You know it meant a lot to your brother that you were his best man.” I told him and Sirius’ expression grew well, serious. He cleared his throat before looking down at me again.


“He’s my brother and despite our issues I want to see him happy.” He said and my heart melted. They could still have a great relationship I knew it.


“I’m a pretty lucky girl aren’t I?” I said smiling and glancing over to Regulus who was chatting with Fabian, Marlene, and Benjy. He kept glancing over at us though every few seconds.


“He’s a pretty lucky guy.” Sirius said and his eyes went wide with shock. It was like he spoke without thinking and knowing Sirius he probably had.


“I’m lucky to have got such a great brother in law.” I replied as the song began to slow down. Sirius looked around carefully, as the song began to end, before clearing his throat.


“If he does anything to hurt you, let me know and I’ll straighten him out.” He said gruffly and I stood there surprised. I jumped when a voice spoke from behind me.


“This is sweet and all, but you and Regulus need to cut the cake, now.” Ann said tossing her hair over her shoulder and glancing at Sirius who was in a staring contest with the ground.


“I suppose you’re right.” I told her and she nodded her head. “Thanks for the dance Sirius.” I said giving him a smile, which he returned before looking back at the ground quickly, and walking away. Regulus was already at the cake table, probably under direct orders of Ann, as was pretty much everyone else.


“About time I’m starving.” James said and Lily smacked him upside the head. Tomorrow, he would be proposing to her, so she should really stop being so abusive.


“Everything alright?” Regulus asked and I nodded my head, before reaching up and kissing his cheek. The whole cake cutting process didn’t take long and James pretty much pushed people out of the way to get to his slice. I had a sudden thought and grinned evilly to myself. Regulus was talking to Russell animatedly and I walked up slowly behind him. Russell realized what I was doing and started to smile, but kept Reg engaged in conversation. Picking up the piece of cake on my plate I smashed into the side of his face, mushing it around for good measure and laughing hysterically.


“You should not have done that.” He growled playfully. Before I knew it he had picked me up and was leading me over to the creek, over his shoulder. I was screaming and laughing, the white frosting was all over his cheek, and I giggled even more. We came into a stop above the small creek and I knew what he wanted to do.


“Not when I’m in my dress!” I squealed and he shrugged his shoulders as he lifted me up about to toss me into the water. He hesitated before looking down at me and grinning. Godric, he was gorgeous.


“You’re lucky.” He said before kissing me on the lips and setting me down, gently on the ground. We were covered by the trees, but we could still see glimpses of what was going. Regulus’ hand began running gently up my side as I saw what looked like Dumbledore and Minnie twirling around on the dance floor, but I didn’t have time to process what was going on when I felt my husband’s breath on my ear.


“I would say we’ve spent enough time entertaining guest don’t you?” He asked and my eyes went wide, before nodding my head eagerly in agreement. I grabbed his hand and started to drag him to the house and he stopped us both in our tracks and he was smiling nervously.


“What? I thought you meant…” I trailed off confused, this only increased his grin.


“That’s exactly what I meant, but we aren’t staying at the house tonight, I have a surprise for you.” He finished, his grey eyes sparkling.



Sirius’ P.O.V.


“We’ll see you all tomorrow.” Katherine said, her cheeks flushed, and waving good bye to everyone. Her and my brother where getting ready to head in for the night, and I think everyone knew what that meant. They were going to have sex. That’s not exactly something I wanted to be thinking about. They started walking towards the gates, her wedding dress hugging her curves and her hair falling down, when a thought dawned on me.


“Why are they going to the gates? I thought they were staying here for the night.” I said turning to Russell and he shook his head. His eyes were glazed over and I realized someone slipped him alcohol. Probably, Prongs.


“No he’s taking her somewhere for a surprise.” Russell said emphasizing his words carefully and crinkling his nose up in disgust.


“Taking her where?” I asked suspiciously. I knew my brother was more than a capable wizard, but it was a lot safer here for them here. Plus, I wouldn’t have to worry about her being in danger if she were here. Although, this way I wouldn’t have to be a room below them while they were doing it.


“The new flat he bought them as a wedding gift. She doesn’t know though yet, so don’t tell her.” Russell said laughing.


“He bought them a flat?” I asked the surprise evident in my voice and Russell nodded his head before looking woozy all of the sudden. I was in such a state of shock that I didn’t even recognize how familiar this was. I heard him start to gag and just like his sister, he threw up all over my shoes.


“Fuck.” I said simply looking down at the orange colored vomit. Russell muttered an apology before turning and emptying his stomach away from me. I quickly cleared away the mess with my wand and began to storm inside. My feet seemed to have a mind of their own and carried my directly to Regulus and Katherine’s room. I creaked open the door and saw that everything was gone, minus the bed.


“Regulus didn’t tell you, did he?” A voice asked from in the hallway. I whipped around and was surprised to see a red eyed Ann staring at me. She looked like she had been crying. I didn’t even have it in me to try and piss her off.


“No, he didn’t. Russell just blabbed outside before throwing up everywhere. You knew?” I asked curiously. She nodded her head slowly.


“Who gave Russell alcohol again?” She asked and I shrugged my shoulders. This was the first civilized conversation I had ever had with her. It was completely new territory and it made me feel awkward.


“I can’t believe he didn’t tell me he was moving.” I said more to myself then to her.


“He only just told us today, so don’t feel too terrible. It’s not like he’s lying about not wanting to get involved with someone and then going and shagging some tart.” She said muttering to herself darkly. I had a feeling we weren’t talking about my brother anymore.


“Um are you alright, Ann?” I asked a bit nervously. It’s not like I wanted her to start crying all over me. I was buzzed though from the alcohol and my emotions were messing with my mind.


“You know what, no I’m not.” She said in a shaky voice as she stepped inside the bedroom and walked over to the window. For some reason, unknown to me, I followed her inside and shut the door.


“We both have pretty miserable love lives.” She said sniffling a bit and glancing down to the yard. A few Order members were still down there, I noticed, looking over her shoulder.


“You could definitely say that.” I replied sighing.


“Now I know how you feel everyday watching my sister and your brother together. Gideon and Dorcas are always flirting right in front of me and tonight I saw them…” She trailed off, because everyone knew what they were doing. They weren’t exactly being discreet when they were practically going at it against a tree outside.


“It sucks and now I don’t know if I should be thankful about not having to watch them anymore or incredibly pathetic for being disappointed that I don’t get to see her every morning when I wake up.” I told her looking down at her.


“I know exactly how you feel, that’s why I go to the Order meetings.” She said turning to face me completely. “I can’t help but want to see him, even if it kills me to see him flirting with every available girl on the premise. Pathetic isn’t it?” She asked and she looked like she was going to cry again. Who would have thought that she and I had heartbreak in common?


“You really love him don’t you?” I asked as I looked into her green eyes pooling with tears.


“Yes I do. I never thought that I would find anyone when I was told I had to move here and then this great guy just walks into my life and says all the right things and seem so impossibly perfect, but nothing and no one are perfect are they.” She said as more of a statement then a question. “You really love my sister don’t you?” My thoughts went back to Katherine in her wedding dress and how I felt when we were dancing and the answer was obvious.


“Yeah I really do, but I can’t have her.” I told her simply. That’s when Ann did something I never would have expected in a million years. To be honest if it were any other moment I would have thrown her off me, because this was Ann. I couldn’t stand her and I knew I never would, but I was hurting right now and so was she. So I did the only thing I could think of, I kissed her back and began to walk back towards the bed.


“I love Gideon.” She said pulling away for a second.


“And I love Katherine.” I responded and our eyes met for a second. We had a mutual understanding, this would never happen again, but it was a temporary solution to a permanent problem and right now I was okay with that. Our lips met again and I laid her back down on the bed. She was still in her dress from the wedding and it made it easy for me to have access to her as she trailed kisses up my neck.



Katherine’s P.O.V.


“Where are we exactly?” I asked as Regulus opened the door to a building we apparated into. I was still in my wedding dress and he was still in his tux. If anyone where to see us they would probably think we looked ridiculous. I had wanted to go and grab my overnight bag, but he said that everything was taken care of. We stepped into a dark room and Reg felt along the wall for a light switch. We were in a muggle neighborhood that was apparent, but it wasn’t a hotel. It seemed more like an apartment building of some sort. The lights flickered on and I realized that we were in a fully furnished flat.


“Surprise.” He said grinning and I looked around. There was a small kitchen and a sitting room off to the side with a fireplace and a window overlooking the street. There was also a trail of flower petals leading down a hallway. 


“Regulus, who’s flat, is this?” I asked with my eyebrows furnished.


“It’s ours.” He replied simply and my eyes went wide. He went and bought us a flat already? How had he even managed to do that?


“Ours?” I asked and he nodded his head and pulled me into his side.


“Yes it’s ours. I couldn’t help myself and when I saw this ad in that muggle newspaper you get I couldn’t help, but come and check it out. It was just so perfect and I thought you would like it. You do like it right?” He asked and the millions thoughts that were running threw my head stopped. He bought us a flat.


“You are the sweetest husband a girl could ask for.” I told him throwing my hands around his neck and he lifted me off the ground and began spinning me in circles. We were both laughing in our daze of happiness. He set me down gently and we just looked into each other’s eyes for a second and then we both brought out lips forward and the feeling I got when they met was indescribable. He backed me into the wall and I let out a small moan.


“You are so incredibly beautiful.” He whispered and began trailing kisses along my collar bone.


“Bedroom, take me to our bedroom.” I whispered hurriedly and he readily agreed, before picking me up. This was what we had been waiting for. The hall wasn’t long at all and we followed the trail of flower petals to a door which he practically kicked open. I wiggled out of his arms and took it in. It was set up just like our old room and the only thing that was different was the bed. One of his arms snaked around my waist while the other one began to fiddle with corset back of my dress. I couldn’t help but giggle.


“You know I loved seeing you in this dress, but I just want it off you right now.” He whispered into my ear and finally I felt it come loose. He pulled it down over my hips and it fell gently to the floor and I turned to face him, because my need for him was becoming unbearable. Regulus looked me up and down as I stood before him in just my lacey lilac colored knickers and strapless bra. His eyes were glazed over in lust and adoration. I could feel my cheeks burning under his gaze. Then his lips came crashing down on mine and we pressed ourselves closer together.


“Why are you still wearing clothes?” I asked huskily and began to unbutton his shirt. When it successfully came over his head he pushed me gently back onto the bed and trailed kisses up my stomach. I worked my hands down to his pants and tugged them off.


“These need to come off as well.” I whispered and pulled down in his boxers. He moaned in relief and anticipation.


“Now the question is why are you still wearing anything at all?” Regulus asked and unlatched my bra. Our bodies where pressed together and he tossed my bra aside before running his hands up and down my thighs. Each time they rose higher and higher. His touch was so gentle and I was completely under his power, then his hands began to play with the band of my knickers. He was teasing me and it was practically torture, I could feel him grinning against my lips when we met for another kiss. Finally, I felt him began to pull them down and I was breathing heavily in anticipation. He gazed down at me and ran his hands softly all over my body.


“Make love to me Regulus.” I whispered. He straddled my hips more securely before doing exactly that.



Sirius’ P.O.V.


Holy hell what had I done. I woke up, because of these blasted birds chirping outside of my window. Then I realized that I didn’t have a window in my room in the basement. I jumped up quickly and saw a sleeping Ann. No, not just a sleeping Ann, but a naked sleeping Ann. Her blonde hair was fanned out over her face and she was drooling a bit. Godric, that was disgusting.


“What the fuck.” I said a bit more loudly then I had intended too. She stirred feebly before mumbling in her sleep.


“Go away, it’s too early.” She said and I thought I was going to pass out. I looked down at my body and realized I was naked too. Fuck.


“Wake the fuck up and tell me what happened.” I growled and she bolted out of bed when she recognized my voice.


“Oh shit, I was hoping that was a dream.” She said her green eyes wide with disgust. It was another thing we had in common. The memories of last night started coming back at full force. Russell throwing up on my shoes, wandering up here, Katherine and my brother moving out, Ann being all heartbroken, Ann and I kissing, Ann and I…


“You’re not the only one.” I snapped. “This is never spoken about again. Now close your eyes I need to my find clothes.” She did as she was told, surprisingly with minimal arguing.


“It’s not like I want to see you naked ever again and to have people know that I slept with you. Disgusting.” She muttered. Here comes all of the bitching. I had just finished pulling on my pants and was beginning to throw on my shirt when the door burst open.


“Found him, Russell.” Gideon called back into the hall, before turning back to me. The smile slipped off his face when he saw who was in the bed next to me, still naked.


“You have got to be kidding me.” He growled, his face turning as red as his hair. How in the hell had I dragged myself into this mess.


“What are you doing in here?” Ann snapped and Gideon looked livid, before a clearly hung over Russell joined the party. How wonderful this morning was turning out to be.


“Sirius, do you have any more of that hang over solution?” Russell asked bursting into the room. It didn’t take him long to figure out what was going on.


“Merlin, Ann put some clothes on.” He said the disgust evident in his voice, while he covered his eyes.


“What in the hell is everyone doing in here?” Ann demanded.


“I’m going to kill you, Black.” Gideon said before lunging at me. He tackled me to the ground and tried to punch me.


“Get the hell off me, Prewett. It didn’t mean anything and it’s not like you weren’t shagging Dorcas last night.” I grunted and shoved him backwards. We were about the same size and were evenly matched. I didn’t want to fight him though. It’s not like I wanted Ann all to myself. He could have her for all I was concerned. Gideon was right back at it though and punched my face. I could feel blood trickling down my chin, from my lip.


“That’s it.” I growled and flung myself on top of him. I got a clean shot in on his eye and soon we were both hitting each other wherever we could reach. He and Ann were perfect for each other, they were both bloody insane.


“Come on guys stop.” Russell said trying to reach in and break us up. Ann was screeching about something or another while sitting on the bed.


“You couldn’t have Katherine so you went after her sister. Classy. But I wouldn’t expect anything less from a Black.” Gideon sneered and my blood ran cold. I was going to murder him.


“You fucking prick.” I whispered and went to wrap my hands around his neck. I felt someone grab me from behind. I whipped around to see the sandy hair of Remus looking livid.


“Enough.” He said in a dangerously low voice. Gideon froze and I shrugged Remus’ shoulders off of me. I didn’t ask for this. I stormed out of there but stopped looking at Gideon and Ann.


“All of this could have been avoided if you would just man up and tell her how you feel.” I snapped and Gideon’s face paled. Ann had her face buried in the sheets. I continued on the way out of there and I could hear someone following me. Moony was standing there, his brown eyes apologetic.


“Why did you do it?” He asked and I hung my head. It was impossible to lie to Remus. He was just a good person through and through, and he never got angry, which just made you feel even guiltier when he did.


“She was upset about Prewett and I was upset about Katherine. We needed a distraction.” I told him and he shook his head.


“Come on let’s go downstairs, the Order meeting will be starting soon.” He said and I was surprised. Usually, whenever I did something stupid I could count on Remus’ lectures. It was just our routine, but I wasn’t complaining at this point I had too much on my mind. When we got down to the sitting room everyone was pretty much there, minus the two newlyweds. Gideon walked in red faced, and eye swelling shut a few seconds after we did. Fabian raised an eyebrow at his brother who shook his head. At least, not everyone had heard the fight. Maybe, there was a chance from keeping this from Katherine after all.



Katherine’s P.O.V.


“Good morning.” I whispered into Regulus’ ear. I had just got done exploring our flat, while I let Regulus sleep. He looked so peaceful and relaxed I didn’t want to wake him. He had a sleepy grin on his face as he sat up slowly. His chest was still bare from last night.


“Good morning, Mrs. Black.” He said his grey eyes dancing playfully. My heart skipped a beat when he called me that. The wedding had gone by so fast and everything that happened the rest of the night was a blur. A very pleasant, earth rattling, and life changing blur.


“The flat is really nice. I got a chance to look around and it’s going to be great having two extra bedrooms.” I told him and he grinned. It would be especially nice compared to the chaotic and usually packed house we had just lived in.


“I thought we could use the extra room for the future.” He said and I nodded my head in agreement.


“Yeah, I mean we have plenty of storage now and if Ann or Russell or anyone else wants to come and stay they can.” I finished while fiddling with a piece of my hair. It would be fun to decorate all of them. I had always loved helping my mum paint when I was younger.


“Or they could be used for other things…” He said trailing off and looking at me hesitantly. It took me a minute for it to dawn on me what he meant.


“You mean like for kids?” I asked with wide eyes. We had never really talked about kids before.


“Yeah, maybe in a couple years we could start our own family.” He said before taking a hold of my hand and trailing kisses up it. It was hard to focus on anything while he did that. Someday, I wanted kids, but I was nervous to bring them into a world that was cursed with war.


“Think about it, if we had a girl that looked just like her mum. Our kids would be bloody adorable” He began and I bit my lip trying to hold in my laughter.


“Or a little boy that had the same grey eyes as his dad.” I said as he pulled me closer. The whole reason I had woke him up was to get him ready for the Order meeting. As nice as it would be to take off and have a vacation together, we couldn’t leave when the war was going on.


“It’s just something to think about.” He mumbled against my neck, his fingers tracing lightly at my sides. He was pretty irresistible.


“We have an Order meeting to get too.” I said trying to get back on schedule.


“They’ll understand if were late.” He said and began playing the hem of my shirt. “All I can think about is how I want to make love to my wife again.” I was too far gone in desire to argue.



Two hours later


“Nice of you to join us, Black and well I suppose, you’re a Black, now as well, missy.” Moody growled when we strolled into the meeting a tad bit late. I blushed a bit as I trailed in after Regulus, who was still grinning madly. The git tried to convince me that it would save us rent if we shared a shower together from now on. And that was after this morning in our bed.


“Sorry we’re late; it was a bit of an uh delayed start.” I said and I avoided everyone’s gaze. Regulus led me over to empty seats by Gideon and Fabian. I noted that Gideon’s eye was swelled shut, and it made me wonder if he had run into problems during patrol.


“As I was saying Crouch has given permission to Aurors to use unforgiveables on anyone who is captured. Some people, like me, are refusing to do this.” Moody said gruffly and my eyes went wide. A similar reaction seemed to be going around the room. I caught Sirius’ eye and I couldn’t get a read on what he was feeling. I did notice that he had a split open lip; which was strange, because he and Gideon don’t patrol together. A quick scan of the room told me that no one else was nursing any injuries.


“Thank you Alastor, for the information. That will conclude our meeting today. If anyone has any questions about patrol please let me know.” Dumbledore said in a pleasant voice. How that man could remain so positive at times like these was beyond me. Chairs began to scrape and I realized everyone was standing up, getting ready to leave.


“Did you see your brother’s face?” I asked leaning over to Regulus. He nodded his head and eyes were narrowed suspiciously.


“Prewett has some marks as well.” He said sounding as though he were thinking things through carefully. I saw the blonde head of my little brother approaching us. His eyes were bloodshot and he looked really tired.


“Russell, were you drinking last night?” I asked with narrowed eyes and he looked guilty immediately. Ann was suspiciously absent from his side as well. Those two usually sat together during meetings.


“I wasn’t drinking.” He said quickly, his left eye began to twitch. What a little liar. “But I think you should go talk to Ann. She’s locked herself in her room and is refusing to talk to anyone. It was a bit of an uh traumatic morning for the majority of us here.” Russell whispered.


“What do you mean traumatic?” I asked.


“Does my brother have something to do with this?” Regulus asked in a low voice. What would Sirius…


“Did he and Gideon get into a fight?” I asked putting together the evidence in my mind. From the look on Regulus’ face he already had a pretty good idea about what had happened.


“You could say that. Well, I’m going to go work on something.” Russell muttered before bolting out of the area. Something bad must have happened to make that kid so skittish.


“Sirius Black get your arse over here right now.” I yelled and he froze. He was almost out the door with James and Lily. He had a guilty expression on his face, which seemed to be going around here.


“Katherine, maybe you should just go talk to Ann. I’ll deal with my brother.” Regulus said in a rushed tone. What in the hell was going on here? Sirius was walking slowly over to us and I saw James form his usually smiling face into a grimace.


“You called?” He asked. Up close I noticed not only was his lip split open, but he had a small bruise forming on his cheek.


“I wouldn’t let him too close to your wife, Regulus. Your brother has a thing for sleeping with another guy’s woman.” A voice called out. I turned to see Gideon looking murderous in the direction of Sirius.


“You slept with Dorcas?” I asked him giving him a disgusted look and Sirius’ face paled.


“No I wouldn’t touch that. Who knows what type of disease I would pick up.” He said his nose scrunched up in disgust.


“Wait then what girl is he talking about, Sirius?” I asked confused. Regulus wrapped a protective arm around my waist. Sirius looked anywhere but at me and Gideon rolled his eyes. The only other girl Gideon had been with, but Sirius hated her. But all of the evidence pointed too…


“You had sex with Ann?” I cried out.



Author’s Note: Sorry about the wait, but I figured this extra-long chapter would make up for it! A lot happened and I would love to hear what you guys have to say. Big thanks to everyone who has been reviewing. I really appreciate it! Please leave a review!  

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