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The XX Love Potion by HRHrDGNL
Chapter 1 : Letters, Love, Apologies, and Confusion
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Chapter 1

"Hermione, WAKE UP! There's a letter here for you!"

Hermione groaned at the sound of her best friend, Ginny's voice rang through the Burrow from the kitchen. She looked over at the side of her borrowed mattress to check the time. The clock read 6:30a.m.! Bloody hell! She was going to murder Ginny for waking her up this early, even if there was mail for her. Oh right, there was mail waiting downstairs.

She jumped out of bed and rushed down to the kitchen to see who would write her at such an hour. She found Ginny making a pot of tea with one hand while holding out Hermione's letter in her other.

"Where is everybody?" Hermione asked, puzzled that the two girls were the only ones up.

"Dad, Fred, George, and Percy all went to work early. Mum and Ron went to visit Harry at Grimmauld Place."

"Why didn't you go with them?" Hermione examined since Harry and Ginny had been dating since the end of the war this summer.

Hermione took her letter from Ginny,"Needed to sleep in. Looks like that didn't work out," she replied chuckling.

"Yea, thanks by the way for waking me up hours before the allotted time." Hermione ripped open her letter while her best friend just shrugged. "Ahhh!" she screamed as she read the contents that lay inside the envelope, causing Ginny to drop and break the glass kettle full of tea onto the floor.

"Damn it, Hermione! Reparo!"

"Ginny, look I got Head Girl at Hogwarts!" She handed her best friend the letter who read it out loud.

Dear Miss Granger,

I am pleased to inform you that due to all the mishaps last year, we are asking you and your classmates to return to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry to redo your final year along with the upcoming 7th years.

In addition, I am thrilled to announce that should you accept to return, you have been given the honor of Head Girl seeing as you have the highest marks in all of your classes.

I know with all that's been going on with the end of the war and that of many lives, it is hard to move on, but it is necessary.

I congratulate you on Head Girl and hope to see you September 1st!

Yours sincerely,

Minerva McGonagall

"Hermione, congrats!" The two girls hugged each other and jumped up and down with joy.

"What in Merlin's name is going on here?" Ron shouted in confusion at the scene going on in the kitchen with Harry and Mrs. Weasley in tow behind.

"I got offered Head Girl at Hogwarts!" Hermione said bursting with pride.

"Congratulations, Hermione! Always knew you'd get it." Harry proclaimed. He, Ron, Ginny, and Mrs. Weasley all rushed to give Hermione a hug, but it ended up being a big group hug.

"How about we all go to Diagon Alley tomorrow so we can get all of your supplies?" Mrs. Weasley suggested.

They all happily agreed.

The next morning, all the Weasleys, Harry, and Hermione flooed to Diagon Alley. Arthur said he would wait for everyone at the Leaky Cauldron due to his tired state from over-work at the Ministry. Percy wished to visit Flourish & Blotts for new books. Ginny needed new robes for her old ones were ruined in the final battle. Mrs. Weasley told everyone to meet at Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes in two hours. Harry, Ron, and Hermione all went to Quality Quidditch Supplies since Harry and Ron were eager to start Quidditch again.

"I feel so useless. Harry got Quidditch Captain and Hermione got Head Girl. I mean what have I got?" Ron complained.

"Tonsil Tennis champion according to Lavender." Harry said jokingly. Ron grimaced at the mention of his personal moments with his girlfriend. After Voldemort was defeated, Ron declared that his kiss with Hermione was purely based on mixed emotions due to the fact that they could be killed. Hermione felt devastated that he couldn't return the feelings that she had for him, but didn't say anything about it otherwise. Then when Ron and Lavender became a couple a few weeks after the battle, Hermione figured it was too late to change Ron's mind so she began to act coldly whenever Lavender was around.

Only Harry and Ginny knew Hermione's feelings for Ron, but they couldn't do anything to make him see reason because they were too caught up in their own love life to do something about it. Hermione never assumed that she needed someone in her life like that besides Ron, but since he was taken Hermione never felt more alone. After the war, Harry and Ginny got together along with Neville and Luna, Fred and Alicia, George and Angelina, and of course Ron and Lavender. Hermione had never been one to dwell on a silly thing like love, but right now at this point in her life, she wished someone would come along to share special, romantic moments with.

"Hello! Earth to Hermione; anyone home?" Ron asked waving his hand in front of her face.

"Sorry, just thinking about the upcoming school year," Hermione replied hoping the boys didn't see through her lie. But of course, Harry knew exactly what she was thinking about as soon as he mentioned Lavender's name.

"Okay, well I'm done in here. Let's go to Fortescue's for some ice cream. I'm dying for something sweet to eat." Ron said hungrily.

"Aren't you always?" Hermione asked glad that the topic changed from her daze to food.

As the trio walked out of the store, they spotted the three people they'd come to loathe over the years walking straight towards them.

"Well if it isn't the Slytherin losers headed this way." Ron said angrily.

Draco Malfoy, Blaise Zabini, and Pansy Parkinson all stopped in front of the Gryffindors looking very awkward.

Draco took a step forward and spoke in a slight trembling voice,"P-Potter, Weasley, Granger, l-look I know this probably isn't the best time or place or apology, but I am truly sorry for all the hell I put you through and the pain I caused you. I want to thank you for getting rid of the monster that tormented not only my family, but all of yours as well. This might be too much to ask, but I would like if from now on we could at least act civilly towards each other since the war is over. I, along with Blaise and Pansy, have changed for the better and hope that we can get to a point where we can tolerate one another, instead of trying to kill each other. What do you say?" He stuck out his hand to shake rather timidly, in fear that they might reject his apology and offer.

Hermione could see the sincere look upon his face, knowing that he meant every word he said. Harry knowing this too, reached out to shake Draco's hand. Draco looked relieved and gave him a small smile. He turned to the other two wondering what they were going to do. Hermione reached her hand out to shake Draco's as well before Ron stopped her.

"You're actually going to forgive this guy, Hermione, after all he's done to you, after all the insults, after what happened at his manor?" Ron said bitterly. He knew Harry would forgive him because that is what Harry would do, but he couldn't fathom why Hermione would want to.

"Yes, Ron, I am. The past is the past and everybody deserves a second chance, even Malfoy." Hermione replied looking smug. She didn't actually forgive Malfoy fully, but if it pissed off Ron then she wouldn't mind accepting his apology halfway.

Malfoy saw this exchange and knew what was going through Granger's mind by the look in her eye and the smug expression. He smirked at this, not really minding that she was using him as a way to get back at Weasley. He was actually enjoying this and was at least somewhat happy that two of the Golden Trio had accepted him. Malfoy didn't really care if Weasley forgave him or not, that was a cause long ago lost.

Ron was furious at Hermione and he turned away from the group and walked to the ice cream parlour by himself. As he walked away, Harry and Hermione somewhat made peace with the Slytherins and were about to turn away when Draco stopped Hermione.

"Congrats, Granger. Looks like we'll be seeing a lot more of each other from now on," he said smirking. And with that he turned the other direction to catch up with his friends leaving Hermione more confused than ever.

What does he mean? Hermione thought as her and Harry tried to catch up with Ron.

This year is going to be a long one

This is my first attempt at a fanfic, so please don't hate on me. Everything belongs to the wonderful J.K. Rowling of course; the only thing that belongs to me is the plot. So what did you think? Did I portray the characters well enough? Fred and Dumbledore are also alive in this story. Tell me all your thoughts in the review box please! Help me get better at writing to your liking as much as possible! Also, we will get to the main point of the story soon enough!:) Thanks!

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