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That Dang Potter... by DDMalfoy
Chapter 2 : The Room of Requirement
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Danni left supper early; she didn’t really feel like eating much. She mumbled an excuse to Draco about not felling well and got up and left. Not wanting to be caught hanging around the 7th floor corridor she headed to the library. She figured as long as she had the time she might as well get started on some of her homework. She gave a heavy sigh as she sat down and pulled out a particularly nasty essay from Snape. She started scanning through her books trying to find 13 different ways a bezoar can help counter-react poisons. She found five before she decided she should head up to the 7th floor to meet Harry and Draco. She was not excited about the explanations she was going to have to give. She got up there five minutes early, but she found that apparently she was late. Harry and Draco were standing there looking like they had just had an argument.

“Hello, love.” Draco said as he walked over to Danni and gave her a kiss.

“Ewww.” Harry complained.

“Oh, get over yourself. Anyways you’re going to have to get used to it. Now come on into the room of Requirement before anyone sees us.“ Danny said before another argument could pop up. When were they going to learn that they had to get along.

The room had made itself into a cozy room with a couch and a chair next to a fire. Draco starched out on the couch and Danni want and cuddled with him. Harry glared at them both as he went to sit in the chair.

“So…” Harry prompted.

“We figured I had better get a dark mark because…” Danni started

“Hold on who’s we?”

“Draco and I. Anyways we thought that it would be best and that it would make everyone more accepting of me and I would be more trusted.”


“Beletrix, the Malfoy’s, Lord Voldemort, all the death eaters, you know everyone.”

“Oh I see. So when?”

“As soon as the year’s over. We figure the longer I wait the more they will suspect. I’ve told them that I hate you and that I think that your filthy mudblood friend is an obnoxious know-it-all and that mudbloods should not be allowed to learn magic and that they pose a threat to all truly magical people, along with muggles. Of course none of that is true.”

“But how can you lie to Voldemort, no one can.”

“Snape has been teaching me occlumency. I’ve also learned legilimency.”

“That’s bloody brilliant.”

“I think you’ve been hanging out with Ronald too much.”

“Right, sorry.”

“Any other questions?”

“Just one.”


“When’s the wedding?”

“Um. Actually we don’t know yet.” Draco said.

“What do you mean you don’t know!”

“Well setting a date for the wedding hasn’t exactly been on the op of our things to do list.”

“Than what has?”

“Oh, just stuff like me becoming a death eater, living with the Malfoy’s, and, oh yah, trying to figure out what we were going to tell you, you know all that unimportant stuff. I’m sooo sorry we haven’t set a date for the wedding.” Danni replied.

“Right, I guess I should have thought of that.”

“Any more pointless questions?”


“All right, then I have a question for you.”

“You have a question for me?”

“Yes. First of all I was wondering if you’d be o.k. with me going to stay with the Malfoy’s over Christmas. I thought I’d ask because you are family and I wouldn’t want to hurt your feelings. Second of all would you be mad if I slept in the Slytherin common room?”

“Yes and WHAT!”

“I’ll take that as a no for sleeping with me.” Draco said.

“It’s just…”

“It’s just what?” Danni asked with a glare as if daring him to oppose her.

“It’s just that you’re my little sister and I want to protect you.”

“First of all I was born first and second of all do you think Draco would let anything happen to me?”

“All right, all right. Have it your way.”

“Thank you. Now I’m off to bed. Draco?”

“Be there in just a second love.” Draco responded. Then he said to Harry ”Thanks for being so understanding. She was so worried that you were going to take it badly and she didn’t want to have to start a big fight with you. And honestly she may not seem to care about you all the time but she worries about you constantly. You should have heard her last night. She was going on and on and on about if getting a dark mark was the right decision because she was so worried that you would completely freak out.”

“Whoa, I didn’t know that she thought of me that much.”

“Of course she does, I mean you’re the only real family she has. She loves you more than anything. Also don’t tell her I told you that. I’d be in so much trouble.”

“Draco, hurry up.” Danni yelled.

“Coming love.”

“See you tomorrow?” Harry asked Danni.

“Of course.” She replied.

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