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Harry Potter: Hallowed Existence by HarryGinny05
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Jake Roberts stared lazily as Amycus Carrow droned on about how to make a muggle squirm. Half an hour through the required daily session about how below their specie the muggles are and he is already inside the Room of Requirement practicing with his friends.

Today, the fifth year Gryffindor was merged with the 6th year Gryffindor and Slytherin class. Their original session yesterday was disrupted when Professor Longbottom sent vines to harass Professor Carrow while he was lecturing.

Ignoring Carrows’ impassioned lecture, he gazed around the class until he spied Majah Raj. Her hairs are still in a pigtail though she had freed some of her bangs that she had colored green. He hadn’t noticed it before on the account of her being a Slytherin but the girl is beautiful in her own way. She is cute being boyish except for the constant pout she wears on her face. She is shapely in all the right places despite her Asian height. She has long lashes that curl over her striking eyes and has full lips.

“Perhaps it is time I widen my horizon…” Jake murmured to himself.

“Roberts!” Amycus shouted, catching his attention. “Do you find this class boring that you seem to prefer daydreaming?”

“No sir!” Jake stood up looking at his professor calmly. Some of the Gryffindor tried to muffle their laugh.

“Then how about you get up here and show to the class how to properly perform an Imperius curse?” Amycus scowled. “You may use your seatmate as your subject.”

“But Professor…where is the challenge in that?” Jake asked as he pulled out his wand, twirling it with his fingers. “Our capabilities are of the same level. If you really want to test how good I am then how about we select somebody older, more experience…”

“What do you mean…?” Amycus started.

“Imperio!” Jake pointed his wand at his professor before he could react while the whole classes gasped before the Gryffindors erupted in cheers.

To Amycus it felt like peace has settled over him. He forgot about the dark mark on his arm or his allegiance to the Dark Lord. Only that mattered to him is the peace that was slowly enveloping him.

“Entertain us, Professor.” Jake whispered. The Gryffindors erupted laughing when Amycus started dancing jerkily in front of them.

“Release him, Roberts!” Cecil Parkinson shrieked as she stood up, pointing her wand at Jake.

“I suggest you lower that wand, Cecil…” Both class of Gryffindors stood up to point their wands at the Slytherins. “You are outnumbered, two to one though I’d like you to try. I’d never seen a whole class of Slytherin dancing like chickens.”

Cecil turned around to see that most of her house had not stood up.

“Cecil?” Jake raised a brow as Cecil lowered her wand hesitantly.

“Good girl…’ He smirked.

“You got balls, Roberts, I give you that. And if you aren’t hiding behind your House, I would hex you good right now.” Majah Raj smirked as she leaned on her desk. “But seeing that you have the numbers and I really don’t prefer dancing like chicken much, how about if I ask you nicely to release Professor Carrow so that we could finish this bloody class?” She asked calmly though sparks flew from her wand.

“Can I make him dance like chicken first?” Jake asked, smiling mischievously.

“Now, Roberts…” Majah glared at him.

Jake smirked before turning toward his professor.

“Class is dismissed.” Amycus Carrow murmured much to the delight of the Gryffindors.

“Roberts!” Majah screamed as the Gryffindor streamed out of the classroom. “Cheeky fool!”


“That was a stupid stunt!” Majah said vehemently after she waylaid Jake and pushed him inside a deserted class room. “You could have been given detention. He could have given you legilimens. Carrow would have…”

“He does not remember a thing.” Jake smirked, pointing his wand at the door and casting a non-verbal muffliato spell.

“When will you grow up?” Majah asked vehemently. “There are now more at stakes here than yourself. Staying under the radar keeps all of us safe from discovery.”

“I am sure the rest of the DA will be happy to know you care.” Jake replied. “And do you know that you are prettier when you are not pouting. If gives me the idea that you must be more beautiful if you are smiling at me instead of haranguing me.”

“Can’t you be serious for once in your life?” She almost shrieked.

“You’ll find out how serious I can be if you go out with me.” Jake said suddenly.

“You are…what?” Majah asked stunned. Nobody has asked her out before.

“I said will you go out with me?” Jake asked, smiling at her.

“I am not interested in that kind of thing.” Majah huffed. She reached for the door when Jake grabbed her hand. “Let…”

“You can’t just give me such a lame answer like that.” Jake said and for the first time, Majah saw seriousness in his eyes.

“Gryffindor and Slytherin don’t mix.” She muttered, admitting silently to herself that she likes Jake holding her hand.

“Lame…” Jake stepped closer.

“Roberts…” She said warningly.

“We can be good together…we can prove to them that inter-house unity can work…that…” Jake was leaning down to kiss her when she abruptly pushed him off.

“The answer is no.” She muttered before walking out of the room, slamming the door behind her not out of anger but out of confusion. She was tempted to take his hand on hers, to kiss him…a feeling she thought she didn’t have.

“That went well.” Jake muttered to himself, staring at the closed door.

“Oooooo…Jakey likey a slimy Slytheriny….’ Peeves cackled as he floated through the ceiling and hovered around Jake.

“You keep it quiet.” Jake glared at the poltergeist. “You don’t want the Carrow to banish you, do you?”

“But this is the first fun I have found since they took over.” Peeves pouted. In fact, he had tried his antics at the Carrow when they took over the school. In retaliation, they have almost succeeded in banishing him from the school until Headmaster Slughorn intervened and saved him. Ever since them, he has been quietly roaming the school’s corridor, being content at glaring at the Carrows every time he chance upon the two.

“Besides, I have other things to ask you to do.” Jake whispered conspiratorially.

“Is it fun?” Peeves asked, hovering closer.

“It could be…” Jake nodded. “I want you to spy on her.”

“On the Slytherin Raj?” Peeves asked in surprised.

“Yes. I like her but I still don’t know where her loyalty lies.” Jake said truthfully. “Follow her and watch her every move. She’s a slytherin so you’ll have plenty of opportunity to glare on Carrows.”

“Ooooo….” Peeves smiled with mischief as he floated through the door.

“I hope you are worth it all…” he murmured to himself, thinking of the boyish yet beautiful Slytherin girl who had just slammed the door on him.


Princess Adam smiled as the giant octopus tossed from one tentacle to the others the ball she had conjured for it. With a last toss to the air, the giant octopus dived deep into the lake. Still smiling, Princess turned the ball into petals that slowly floated into the surface of the lake.

“You still like to play with it…”

Princess turned to see Matt Connor leaning on the tree nearest to the lake. The boy was not wearing his Hogwarts robe, displaying his mismatched attire. Princess could only shook her head in amusement. When they were together, she had tried to change his fashion as well as personality. She thought she could change him into a man worthy to be displayed and admired. In retrospect, such thinking was probably the reason why they broke up after only a month of dating.

“Free period?” She asked, staying on her spot. A lot of girls in the school do not understand what she saw…still see in him. It was actually his mind that attracted her to him. He might be shy and seemed weak compared to other boys in the school but Princess knows that there is no one more brilliant and more determined when he set his mind on something than Matt Connor.

It is a trait that still attracts her to him.

“Yes.” Matt shrugged. “I was thinking of walking the time away when I heard your laughter. I couldn’t help but come here.”

“Couldn’t get enough of me?” She asked flirtatiously, finally taking a step closer to him.

“You know you don’t have to flirt with me…” Matt smiled a little bit uncomfortably as his body reacted on its own volition. He took a step closer to her too.

“We never really had closure, I think…” She said almost in a whisper as they met half way.

“I really don’t think we have one…” Matt murmured back as Princess pushed some of his hair off his face. They were about to kiss when they heard a cough not far from them.

“Scott…” Princess glared at the Hufflepuff who was leaning at a tree, smirking at them.

“Look what we have here…” Scott drawled enjoying the moment.

“Why are you here?” Princess asked coldly, thinking if it is worth it hexing Scott. “And I suggest you answer fast…”

“Looking for Matt actually though you better come back to the castle as well, Adams.” Scott said, still smirking. “Headmaster Slughorn is just about to announce that starting today until further notice, the school ground is off limits to students.”

“Why would…?” Matt asked in surprise.

“The Carrows are on the prowl as well.” Scott said, becoming serious as he let the two back to the castle. “It seems they heard that an illegal group has been formed.”

“Raj!” Princess spat.

“She was the one who actually informed me even before the headmaster could announce it. She heard it from the Carrows so she bullied me when I encountered her on the hallway. Every one thought she was just her usual self but she managed to give me the message between the curses she was throwing at me.” Scott was actually smiling.

“She told you to find us?” Matt asked.

“No, I knew you usually take a walk around the grounds.” Scott shrugged. “Her exact word was: ‘The Carrows are about to impose a lock down in search of suspected illegal gathering. The lockdown would include the grounds and the hallways. The headmaster is backing them so tell that stupid Roberts to behave.’”

“Roberts…?” Princess was already trying to figure out why the Slytherin would single out Roberts. “Didn’t she and he have muggle hating lecture this morning?”

“Yes and she had been a foul mood since then.” Scott said. “Oh and don’t worry, I already found a way to inform Diana. She said she’ll look into their House for any snitch. I suggest you do the same with your house.”

“I’ll think of a plan to check ours.” Matt said, staring at the door to the castle. Princess followed his gaze to see Professor Alecto Carrow standing in front of the door, hands on her hips, glaring at them.

“And where have you three been?” She snarled.

“I was walking around the grounds when I run into these two.” Scott replied honestly.

Alecto turned to Princess.

“Matt and I are just catching up.” She replied, her chin rising up.

“Since when did a Ravenclaw mingle with a lowly Hufflepuff?” Alecto snarled, her hand already going for her wand.

“Even since you lot took over our school.” Princess Adams replied.

“Why you little…” Alecto raised her wand while Princess stared defiantly at her. Matt and Scott were already moving to place themselves in front of her when Selena appeared out of nowhere.

“Professor Alecto…” She called.

“Mitchell.” Alecto glared at her, furious for interrupting her.

“My father has just informed me that he would like to speak with you over the floo network to discuss important matters about the school.” Selena said calmly. She looked at her watch. “He will call you in about three minutes in your office.”

“Fredrick? Darn it…” Alecto huffed walking away from. Fredrick Mitchell is one of the Dark Lord’s biggest pureblood supporters and has recently been named as chief governor of the school.

“Close call.” Princess sighed. “Thanks Selena.”

“Back to our dormitories.” Selena instructed them, pulling Princess with her. “We need to find out who the snitch is. The DA can’t meet until we find out who it is. Too much is at risk to be caught red-handed.”

disclaimer: everything belongs to JK ROWLING

next chapter: DESPERATION - Susan Bones takes center stage

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