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The Quiet Girl by whatarenargles
Chapter 4 : Furry Little Problem
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Remus POV

As the first couple of weeks flew by, Remus and Katie had begun to be very close. He spent most of time with her rather than any of the other Marauders and they always did they’re homework together, whether they needed the help or not.

Lately, they had begun to tell each other things that weren’t something you’d just blurt out to someone. Like how Katie would make growly noises if she found something cute or if someone annoyed her, which Remus found adorable. She had also told him her worries that she would stay lonely for the rest of her life and that she was seriously insecure with her body. To which, he replied that he was her friend now and that she was beautiful. He noticed that she had blushed deeply once he had said it and then shrugged it off. This had made Remus more determined to make her believe that it was true.

Remus kept thinking over about whether to tell Katie about his ‘furry little problem’. He was worried that she’d be afraid of him and never talk to him again. Although, he knew she wouldn’t do that, thinking back to the conversation they had about her views on werewolves.

Remus and the rest of the male Marauders were in the boy’s dormitory, where they were lazing about.

“Guys, do think I should tell Katie about me being a werewolf?” He asked.

“Well, she is a Marauder now. So we should let her in on our Marauder secrets.” replied James.

“So we’d tell her that we’re unregistered animagi, too?” wondered Peter.

“Yeah! Then we could teach KittyKat how to become animagus and join us in the Shreaking Shack!” Sirius said, excitedly.

“No! She is going nowhere near me when I’ve transformed.” Remus said, angrily.

“Fine.” Sirius huffed.

“I think you should tell her, mate. If she’s fine with it you can stop your worries about your ‘furry little problem’ and not being good enough for her and ask her out, already.” said James.

“She deserves so much better than me though. If people found out what I am and I’m associated with her then it’s not just me who’s going to be alienated.” Remus said, sadly.

“Mate, will you stop thinking like that! If she likes you, she’s not going to care.” said Sirius.

“Okay, I’ll tell her tomorrow.” Remus decided.


The next day, Remus had met Katie in the library to finish their Potions essay on the effects of Polyjuice Potion. They were both about half a foot through when Remus decided it was time to tell her. There weren’t many people around so it was unlikely that anyone would hear.

“Katie, I need to tell you something.” Remus said to her, nervously.

“What is it, Remus? Why do you look so nervous? I won’t bite.” She replied, kindly.

“Um, well remember what you said about if you ever knew a werewolf you’d never treat them badly or judge them for it?” asked Remus.

“Yes, why do you know one? I’d love to meet them!” She said in a nice tone which calmed Remus.

“Well, you’re talking to one.” He said.

“What?” she said confused then gasped in realisation.

“You’re a werewolf? There’s no wonder why you were afraid to tell me. Remus I would never stop being your friend because of your condition or tell anyone. You’re one of my first real friends and I don’t want to lose you.” She replied.

“Really?” he said in shock.

“Yes. I’ll support you in anyway.” She replied.

Remus then did something that even took him by surprise. He placed his hands on her cheeks and brought his face to her and kissed her, deeply.

He felt her tense up but after a second she relaxed and kissed him back, eagerly, wrapping her arms around his neck.

They had been kissing for a good amount of time and didn’t even notice that Madam Pince had spotted them and came walking over to them, glaring. They split apart when she started shouting at them.

“What ARE you two doing?! I don’t want you fornicating in my library! You’re setting the kids a bad example! You should be ashamed of yourselves! GET OUT!” she shouted at them.

Remus and Katie both grabbed their books and bags and dashed out of the library and round the corridor until they couldn’t breathe. They both started to crack up, laughing at what had just happened and walked back to the common room.

They had both calmed down before they were about to enter the common room. As Katie was about to go in, Remus grabbed her hand and pulled her back, gently.

“Will you be my girlfriend?” he asked whilst blushing.

Katie just stood there and grinned like a Cheshire cat, looking at him.

“Is that a ‘yes’?” Remus asked, amused at her.

Katie nodded excitedly and attacked his mouth (snogging not actually clawing, just to clarify).

After their make-out session, they both walked into the common room holding hands. Sirius was the first the notice, eyeing up the holding hands. He whacked James to look at them who then whacked Peter to join in. They got up and applauded them, grinning.

Remus and Katie looked at each other smiling whilst shaking their heads and went over to join the rest of the Marauders.

Sorry about the short chapter. I hope you guys liked it anyway.

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The Quiet Girl: Furry Little Problem


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