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Through His Eyes by angel_speaks
Chapter 2 : The First Meeting
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Chapter 2

As the morning came around, Lucius was greeted by the same dreary weather. A cluster of grey clouds, which didn’t show any signs of stopping, shielded the sun. The temperature of the room had seemed to be at its lowest since the previous night. He allowed himself another minute or two under the sheets, preparing his strength to face the long day ahead of him, then begun the arduous task of getting ready for his first class of the day. He groaned as he got out of bed, thinking that nothing interesting could possibly happen to him today.

The halls of the great castle seemed even more crowded than usual as fifth- year Sage D’Arc hurriedly made her way down the hall, to her next morning class. Despite her utmost concentration on trying to avoid running into every student that crossed her path, she had been very thankful that she had worn a headband to keep her medium- length ebony hair off of her face as it did show signs of being a hassle if the headband hadn’t been on her head. Her morning had been running smoothly until she had bumped into her best friend, Ella. Just as she exited the Gryffindor common room, Ella had pulled her into a conversation that required a lot of maneuvering and a great amount of time to get out of. It was five minutes before the class had been scheduled to start, when she finally established a lunch date with Ella for the end of the week and begun to run for her class.

In a few moments, her cheeks had been flushed which overpowered the green of her eyes. Small beads of perspiration had formed on the tip of her perfectly shaped nose as well as on the underlining of her delicately shaped chin and forehead. Her complexion which was once as pale as snow now had a slight tinged of pink as the blood continued to hurdle through her to accommodate her need to get to class on time. At times like these, she had wished that she had been slightly taller than she was now, with longer legs for wider strides. However, she is thankful for having such a delicate and petite frame as speed was on her side.

Her entrance had not been so subtle as she hurdled through the door causing it to slam on the wall right behind it and recoiling back towards her. The sturdy entry could’ve hit her right on the face if it weren’t for her fast reflexes as she brought her forearms up to protect your face. Numerous giggles had emanated from different areas of the class, while the professor looked at her sternly from where she sat. With her face flushed with embarrassment, she headed towards the only available seat, right at the center of the classroom. Aside from the uncontrollable giggles from her classmates, on top of the whispers of gossip and icy stares, the class continued on and Sage forced her concentration on the lecture rather than on the rest of the class.

To her relief, the only person in the class that hadn’t paid any attention to her disruptions towards the class was the person sitting in front of her, Lucius Malfoy. Even though he hadn’t even turned around to give her an icy stare just as the rest of the class did, she was sure that she had seen him around.  She was tall with a lean build that’s for sure. He was the Slytherin boy with the strong facial features; his oval shaped face, strong jaw, prominent nose, thin lips and robust cheekbones had complemented his fierce grey eyes that seemed cold on any part of the day. His voice was romantically deep further adding to the mysterious charisma that his aristocratic family is well- known for. However, the feature that made him stand out from the rest of the Slytherin house was his pale blond hair that elegantly hung just below his shoulder blades.  Although he scowls more than he smiles, he definitely was one of the most beautiful boys that she has ever seen with the softest looking skin and hair. Despite the attraction of his physical characteristics, which had the potential to dominate over any woman, his personality, however, implies the opposite effect. It was evident through his replies in class discussions that he was overly confident with his responses furthermore; he was cold, thoughtless and callous to the replies of others including the professors. It is who he is. Nevertheless, with each passing day of each term, he gains more and more admirers whether male or female, one of them being Sage, but unlike his other female admirers, she has no intentions to establishing any more than a relationship between acquaintances.

Class droned on without further disruptions, the papers were assigned and the class had been dismissed. After her final afternoon class at the greenhouse, Sage spent the rest of the afternoon in the library, searching for references on the establishment of government and the rest of the politics amongst the Ministry of Magic and how it had been influenced by the muggle type of government. It had been assigned on the first day of classes by Professor Burbage, who’d only allow three days for students to complete the paper, so Sage made her way towards the library determined to complete at least half of the assignment.  

After spending much time with the references she had gathered, she felt that she has yet to find the right information she needed so she scoured the shelves once again. After half an hour without any luck, she turned to Madam Pince for any available literature that may satisfy her assignment requirements. Madam Pince had given her a title of the book and she returned to the shelves of books behind her. She scoured the shelves once again and at the moment that she had found, the overwhelming feeling of stress and over excitement had gotten the best of her as the book had accidentally slipped through her grasped and fell to the other side of the doubled sided shelf.

“Ow!” a voice groaned at the opposite end of where the book had fallen.

Sage made her way to the opposite side of the shelf to see who had been attacked by the monstrous textbook. There stood a boy. The boy stood with his back turned to her, dusting himself off, while he carried her book with the other hand. He had the lightest blonde hair that she has ever seen. He stood at a fairly taller height than she did with an apparently lean build. The familiar physique of the boy that stood in front her and that familiar boy-ish scent that hung in the air reminded her of a particular person, a classmate. To her surprise, the boy had turned around to face her.

No, it can’t be…

“Is this your book?” Lucius coldly asked, holding the worn out textbook out towards her.

Sage nodded where she stood, feeling ashamed and defeated for having to admit that it was her book that made contact with one of the most well- known boy in school. However, she didn’t allow herself to display such feelings.

“And I suppose, it was because of you that this book hit my head?” A scowl had grown on his face as he coldly asked her the second question, “are you going to get this book from me or not?”

She scowled back at him as she took the book from him, “no need to be so rude.”

“Hey, I wasn’t the one who dropped a book on my head,” Lucius replied, annoyed. The air had suddenly reeked with annoyance and scorn.

“It’s not like I did it on purpose,” Sage retorted as she turned her back towards him, “If I had planned it, I would’ve chosen a bigger book, maybe it might even decrease your arrogance.”

“Why you-”

Enraged, Lucius took a few steps towards her, in hopes to knock some sense into her until the voice of Madam Pince rung in the air. She instructed them to stop quarreling as they were creating much noise and were attracting attention of the other students surrounding them. Lucius Malfoy, grabbed his bag and glared at Sage one last time before he left.

Hmmm, so that was him. That’s the Lucius Malfoy that every girl swoons about. I admit, he I devilishly handsome, but his attitude reeks of arrogance and stubbornness. I have no idea as to why people crave to be in the same limelight as him. I don’t think that it’s worth it.

After her run in with Lucius Malfoy, Sage had gathered all her things and headed to her dormitory to complete her assignments there. As she made her way down the hall, towards her dormitory, she allowed herself to mindlessly continue to think about the recent incident in the library.


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Through His Eyes: The First Meeting


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