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Admirable Sentiments by luciusobsessed
Chapter 1 : Admirable Sentiments
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“Severus, are you sure about this?” Narcissa Malfoy asked for the third time that night.

“Narcissa, I’m completely capable of keeping an eye on a sleeping six month old,” Severus Snape drawled in his usual dry tone.

He stood rigidly in the Malfoy Manor, dressed in his conventional black robes that crept up his neck, blending him into the darkness. He tapped his foot anxiously, waiting for Narcissa to desist from her fussing, but she didn’t seem to notice the irked sensation that so longingly hinted through his black-rimmed eyes.

“Really,” Narcissa began, setting down her leather purse, “if it’s too much for you to handle then-“

“Honestly Narcissa, you’re making poor Draco sound like a menacing, fire-breathing dragon,” Lucius Malfoy interrupted his wife, taking a few firm steps towards her.

He had been leaning against the wall, arms crossed, for the past twenty minutes, patiently watching his wife go over every meticulous detail that regarded Draco. Every now and then he couldn’t help but let slip a smile. After all, that was only one of the many things he loved about Narcissa. Her tender and loving nature was what had attracted him to her in the first place, not to mention her resolute will and determination.

“He’s only a baby. I’m sure Severus can look after himself,” Lucius continued, warmly slipping her delicate hand into his robust, dexterous palm.

Looking back and forth from Lucius to Severus, Narcissa blinked vigorously before tensely muttering, “Yes, alright.”

“Shall we?” Lucius led the way, placing his hand on Narcissa’s slender waist.

“Let’s hurry up before I change my mind,” Narcissa quickly stated as she made her way out the door.

Lucius glanced back at Severus, who gave him a quick, curt nod, silently thanking him for preventing another don’t-forget-to-check-up-on-Draco-every-so-often speech. Chuckling silently to himself, Lucius followed his wife out the door.

“Something amusing, Lucius?” Narcissa asked, turning towards her husband.

“Nothing dear, besides you badgering poor Severus to the brink of insanity.”

“Oh Lucius, do you really think he’s going to be alright?” Narcissa piped again, rubbing her hands nervously together.

“Narcissa…” Lucius sighed as Narcissa went on.

“Perhaps we should lift the Anti-Apparation charm from the manor, just for tonight, so I can check up on Draco once in a while.”

“Are you really implying that you don’t trust Severus? You know as much as I do that he can handle far more trouble than a simple nanny.”

“I know, I know,” Narcissa breathed out, collecting herself. “It’s just…we’ve never let Draco out of our sight.”

“Which is exactly why we need a night to ourselves. Now, as your husband, who has felt quite neglected for the past six moths, I insist that you focus solely on enjoying tonight…with me,” he said tentatively, a sensual suggestion in his voice.

Narcissa looked up into her husband’s grey eyes, her own blue rims twinkling as a deep, velvet color flushed her fair skin. It was remarkable that even after all these years, Lucius could take her breath away with a single look.

“Very well. Tonight will be about us. I promise,” she added, twining her fingers around his.

They made their way down the marble path, walking straight through the black iron gate. They turned to face the manor, marveling not only at its beauty, but the many memories it held, and meant to hold in the future as well.

“Ready?” Lucius inquired, thoughtfully watching Narcissa’s gaze.

When she nodded her head, they disappeared through the thin air, leaving behind nothing but a faint pop.

“Lucius, where are we?” Narcissa asked, astonished, as they landed in the middle of a vast ocean of green grass.

She looked around, vaguely recognizing the far stretched lake that lay before her. The grand, leafy blades of the forest undulated towards her with a welcoming breeze. Even the grass that she stepped on brushed against her with a wave of familiarity.

“I’ve been here before…” she whispered quietly to herself, looking out into the distance.

“Fonthill Lake, 1962,” Lucius said, startling her.

“What?” Narcissa frowned in confusion.

“You came here in 1962, when you were seven. You told me the day you came here with your parents and your sisters was the day you felt your family was the closest. You said it never felt the same again, especially not since Andromeda ran off with that Muggle-born. That’s the day your family fell apart.”

“Lucius…”she started, unable to project her voice into the words.

“I brought you here to remind you that you still have a family. You have me…and Draco. I want you to know that our family will never fall apart. I’ll always be here.”

He reached down and wiped the crystal drop that fell from her eye, letting it dissolve into his fingertips.

“How-how do you remember…” she barely got out, grasping her stomach.

“How could I ever forget?” he answered, wrapping his arms around her waist.

He led her over to a small, white table that sat perched beside the lake. Candlelight illuminated the starry-lit sky, the breeze gently flowing through Narcissa’s blonde and black hair.

“Happy anniversary, love,” Lucius whispered into her ear, pulling back the small garden chair.

“You did all this?” Narcissa asked with wide-set eyes.

“Yes. No house-elves, no servants…just me.”

He sat himself down across from her, staring into her bewildered blue eyes. Those eyes, at the moment, were taking in his poised and composed appearance, from his long blonde hair, which was tied back in a neat ponytail, to his emerald robes that gracefully coveted his fit form.

“Not even Dobby?” she chuckled as her husband scowled.

“What good is that pathetic excuse of a house-elf when all he does is cringe and recoil upon my presence?”

“Honestly darling, you do petrify the poor creature with your intimidating approach and harsh beatings,” she pointed out, taking a sip of wine. “If you go on to treat him so poorly, we’re not going to have any house-elves left.”

Intrigued by his wife’s troubled conjecture, he arched his eyebrow, his lips broadening into a coy smile. “I don’t suppose you’ll make me do the dishes if that happens?”

“No dear, I’ll make Draco do them,” she mocked, tilting her head.

“Speaking of Draco,” Lucius shifted uncomfortably, “I’ve been thinking. I know the time is yet to come, but I would prefer Draco to attend Durmstrang rather than Hogwarts.”

“Durmstrang?” Narcissa inquired as a few fireflies glowed against her hair. Biting her lip indecisively, she said, “But Hogwarts is much closer to home, and I couldn’t bear him to be so afar.”

Lucius sighed, setting down his fork. “Very well,” he gave in to his wife’s wishes. “Besides, we have plenty of time to decide on the matter.”

“Lucius?” Narcissa said softly. “Is something the matter? I mean…is there something bothering you?”

Lucius frowned in confusion.“Why would you say that?”

“Well…it’s nothing,” she waved away, laughing silently to herself.

“Tell me,” he egged on, reaching across the table and brushing his fingertips against hers.

“It’s just…you’ve been spending so much time with…him.”

Lucius’s jaw immediately tightened, all signs of comfort and relaxation leaving him.

“Narcissa,” he hissed, his voice hoarse, “you know I don’t have a choice.”

“Then tell me why?” she pleaded with her head held high.

“The Dark Lord,” he began uneasily, “is devising a plan. There have been rumors of a prophecy to come. He’s been keeping his followers close for when the time comes.”

“Is that the truth, Lucius? Is that what’s really bothering you?” Narcissa asked softly, standing up and moving towards him. She lifted him up, brushing the back of her hand against his pale, smooth skin. Lucius stood still, every muscle in his body gone rigid, every feeling in his soul creeping up his throat. He shook his head, closing the distance between them.

“I can’t burden you with my thoughts, Narcissa-“

“Burden? I am your wife. You’re supposed to talk with me. You know you can tell me your thoughts, Lucius, you know you can.”

“Not these,” he continued, shaking his head.

“For heaven’s sake,” Narcissa muttered, turning to walk away. Before she could take another step, however, Lucius snaked his arm around her waist, pulling her into him. She spun around in his arms, facing him as his chest crushed her breasts.

After a few moments of silence, Lucius finally spoke.

“I’m scared,” he said firmly, looking deep into her eyes.

“Scared of what?” she replied calmly, relaxing against him.

He took a deep breath and started, “These thoughts were-are-my worst fears…in the flesh.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’m scared…that…the Dark Lord will expect Draco’s loyalties to lie with him.”

Narcissa’s eyes widened with terror as she took in her husband’s words. She’d been so absorbed into the happiness that had come with Draco’s birth that the terrifying possibility of losing her only son had never even come to mind.

“He can’t do that,” she said, her words muffled. “You can protect him.”

“You know I will, Narcissa, but-“

“No buts, Lucius. You will protect him from the Dark Lord. He will not go down that path.”

“I’m sorry, “ he sighed, resting his head on her shoulder.

“For what, Lucius? You haven’t done anything.”

“I’m sorry for everything. I’m sorry for…joining him. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into, Narcissa, I didn’t.”

“I know, Lucius,” she whispered, embracing him tightly. “We’ve talked about it before. You know I will never hold it against you. It was a mistake.”

“I’ve put you all in grave danger,” he argued, her scent filling his nostrils.

“Stop it. Draco’s only a baby. The Dark Lord will be long gone by the time Draco is a man. And if he’s not…well we still have years to figure something out.”

Yes, Narcissa Malfoy was trying her best to be nothing but optimistic. She needed to be strong for her husband, for her son, and for herself. Running his fingers through her long, silky hair, Lucius lifted up Narcissa’s chin, smiling down at her.

“You know, you grow more and more beautiful with each passing day,” Lucius breathed against her neck as she laughed lightly.

“Do you remember the first time you called me beautiful?” Narcissa queried, reminiscing on a time so long ago.

“Of course I remember,” Lucius said matter-of-factly. “You scoffed and called me a connoisseur of women.”

“Really? Is that what I said? I thought I called you a roguish plague.”

“Perhaps it was both?” he answered inquisitively, flashing her that crooked smile he knew she loved.

“Well you deserved it, Lucius Malfoy,” she bit her lip, wrapping her arms around his neck. “There wasn’t a single girl in our year who wasn’t irrevocably infatuated with you.”

“Except for you, Cissa. You were the only one I wanted. Courting you was the most challenging conquest of my life.”

“Is that all I am to you? A conquest?” she narrowed her eyes, which were twinkling in amusement.

“You’re quite the bloody minx, if you must know,” he said with a wicked grin as she playfully hit her husband on the shoulder.

“You’ve always been so brazen,” she laughed, blushing deeply. “Especially on the night before our wedding.”

It had been a long day for Narcissa Black, what with all the wedding preparations and the exhausting rehearsals that seemed to go on endlessly for days. She was sitting in her tub, filled to the brim with warm, gleaming bubbles that hugged her soft, silky skin…the same skin that tomorrow night would be coveted by the luscious and dreamy Lucius Malfoy, her soon to be husband.

She tilted her head back against the tub, letting the lyrics from her favorite love song “Poisonous Remembrance” by Loreena Willow flow through her soul. She hummed along to the melodious tune, sinking under the bubbles.

Just as she closed her eyes, she heard the door to her room creak open, irritating her beyond comprehension.

“Bella? Is that you?” she asked, regretting not locking the door. As if not locking her door wasn’t bad enough, Narcissa suddenly realized that she hadn’t locked the door leading to her bath either. “I told you I didn’t want anyone disturbing me. Bella, I said get out-“

She froze as the door to her lavatory opened, in its place not standing Bella, but her tall and handsome blonde fiancé.

“Lucius!” she exclaimed, immediately sinking deeper into the tub, concealing herself from the sensational man that stood in her doorway. “W-what are you doing here?”

“I’m here to see my wife, what else?” he asked with a sensual smile, moving closer to her.

“Soon to be wife,” she corrected, smiling hesitantly. “Lucius, if my mother knew you were up here-“

“Well she doesn’t have to know, does she?” he grinned enigmatically, taking in her appearance.

“How did you even get in here?”

He sighed, leaning against the wall in an attractive pose. “If you must know, your mother actually is quite aware of my presence. She just isn’t informed of your, er, current circumstance.”

“Well then, I must insist that you wait in my bedroom until I can put on some proper attire, Lucius,” Narcissa blushed, crossing her arms over her already hidden chest.

“Do you really want me to do that, Cissa?” he whispered seductively, moving towards her until he stood beside the tub.

“L-Lucius,” she stuttered, her face now the color of a rose petal, “I-You-You’re so brazen.”

“You like that love, I know you do,” he stated without doubt, kneeling down beside her.

“Y-you know it’s b-bad luck for the g-groom to see the bride b-before the w-wedding,” Narcissa inched away from him, her body heating up as it was so close to his.

“Doesn’t that superstition regard the day of the wedding, and not the night before?” Lucius inquired with the arch of a brow. When Narcissa didn’t reply, he finished with, “Very well. I’ll wait in your bedroom.”

As soon as the door shut, Narcissa slumped back, breathing out in relief. Chest heaving up and down frantically, she rose out of the tub, composing herself as she slipped on a robe.

“Bloody hell,” she muttered to herself. “This man will be my downfall.”

She walked out into her room to find Lucius standing by her bedside, looking down at one of her pictures. She quickly walked over to the door, making sure it was locked. All she needed was her mother intruding on an intimate scene. Turning to face him, she sucked in a sharp breath when she noticed he was already watching her, a tantalizing glint in his grey eyes.

He made his way over to her, gathering her in his arms as he devoured her lips, leaving her to draw in air. He gently laid her down on the bed, climbing over her just as she gasped. Running his fingers along her jaw-line, he forced his way into her mouth with his tongue, driving himself mad with desire. She was the perfect woman, the only woman, who could arouse such feelings in his soul, the only woman who would ever have his heart as her own.

“Lucius, we can’t,” she barely breathed. “Not till tomorrow night. You know that.”

“Yes, I do know,” he sighed, rolling over beside her. “And I also know that I love you, Narcissa Black, and tomorrow will be the happiest day of my life.”

“Ah, the night before the wedding,” he smiled, the memory flashing across his eyes as clearly as it had happened.

Pulling him closer, Narcissa reached up and locked lips with her husband. He allowed the sweet flavor of her kiss to fill him, reminding him of the yearning he harvested for her. Without a warning, he lifted her up into his arms and began moving towards the trees.

“Lucius!” she exclaimed. “What are you doing?”

“What does it look like I’m doing?” he stated casually. “I’m going to make wild, passionate love to my wife.”

She giggled, sounding like an infatuated schoolgirl. “In the trees?”

“Why not?” he winked, carrying her into the forest.

“Lucius!” she laughed, pounding his chest.

“Look over there,” he pointed ahead as dry leaves cracked beneath his footsteps.

Narcissa looked to where Lucius was motioning, squinting her eyes as a small wooden cabin came into view. A plain design of rough logs lined the cabin’s walls, enclosing the small room that lay inside. Making their way in, Lucius still holding his wife tightly in his arms, Narcissa noted the simplicity of the lodgings, which consisted of a small bed and a table. The bed was pushed up against the wall, covered in thick, warm quilts and blankets. On the table sat a glass of wine with a few glasses. Two, to be exact.

“Surprise,” he said, cutting in her thoughts.

“Lucius Malfoy,” she smiled up at him. “The last place I imagine you is a cabin in the woods.”

“I’ll go anywhere you do,” he whispered sensually, laying her down on the bed.

He brought his lips down to Narcissa’s neck, but she stopped him, pushing him up.

“Wait,” she said, biting her lip. “I just want to tell you that I love you, and being with you is a joy within itself that is unparalleled in human life.”

Lucius looked taken aback, and with a seductive snarl, let slip from his lips, “Admirable sentiments.”

“That’s all?” Narcissa asked, surprised.

“Cissa,” he teased, shaking his head. “I’ll have you know that my love for you has blinded me from the rest of the world. I want to share each and every moment of my life with you, living and growing old together.”

Narcissa smiled sincerely at her husband, slowly removing his robes. “Admirable sentiments.”

Throughout the rest of the night, Lucius and Narcissa went on to explore each other’s bodies, losing themselves in the utter sensational bliss that followed every touch, every brushing of the skin. They caressed each other, they shared their souls with each other, but most importantly, they loved each other.

A few hours later, Lucius sat up against a clutter of pillows, Narcissa glued to his bare chest. He poured her a glass of wine, handing it to her before pouring himself a glass as well.

Kissing her forehead, he raised his glass, toasting, "To us, to our happiness, and to the rest of our lives.”

Narcissa smiled and clanked her glass gently against his. “To the rest of our lives.”

A/N: Hello Harry Potter fanatics! Here with a one-shot of my favorite ravishing characters, Lucius&Narcissa *sighs smittenly.* Please read and leave a wonderful REVIEW for me to respond to. It would make my day. Thanks loves!

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