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Hidden love by relic
Chapter 1 : chapter 1
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 They all said they expected him to come, they said he wouldn’t have the courage to face the world if he didn’t. But not one of them knew how right they were. He couldn’t live with himself. He didn’t know how. Life had been so easy for him before this; he had had his own share of problems but nothing could or ever would compare to this.

 He stood at the very front of the crowd expressionless, in fact it didn’t even seem as though he was alive.  He didn’t feel alive anymore. People had told him that he would regret living so callously and he believed them. He knew that he could have prevented this. Only he could’ve and he knew that even then and yet he left. She seemed to be managing fine without him, without anyone in fact. She liked independence, she liked to feel free. And he used to love to watch her run screaming with joy. He had helped her break the chains of her insecurities, he had freed her. And he hadn’t loved anyone more than he loved her.

Yet he left. An act that was so unforgivable yet quietly accepted. She kept to herself, a morose expression on her pretty face watching him walk out of her life. She hadn’t cried, she hadn’t begged for him to come back. There were no explanations, no goodbyes. She knew he was leaving, she knew he had no reason to other than pure selfishness, and that she had done nothing wrong. So she said nothing. Many asked her later and even more asked him why they had done what they did. But she spoke to no one about that day and neither did he. But neither forgot the last time they saw each other. He became ruder; more self obsessed and lived a life many envied. She began to live life even more unreservedly, spiraling downwards so fast that no one could catch her even if they had tried. And not many did. It was though they knew that only one person could help her and she had already accepted that he would not.

They acted as though each other didn’t exist and as their lives progressed the people who entered their lives had no idea about their past. No idea how much they had shared, how much they had cared. How could they?  He had scarred whatever they had, he had disappeared and technically he had no right coming today. She lived a life so painful but it was the life she had wanted. He had lived without her but he would do anything to take it back, to let her know why he had left. How it was to help her, to give her the life she had had. But she never knew how much he cared and he so badly wanted her to. He wanted to tell her that no one else was as important, how she was his world, his life. He regretted his life but he would do it all over again if it made her life better. He wanted her to know. Not forgive him but just understand. And he knew it was perhaps a little too late to come back home but he had to see her at least one last time.

He shut his eyes steadying himself as the music began. This was it. Everyone around began whispering and shushing each other but he couldn’t hear them. Because it was her. After all these years he was seeing what he had craved to see so much. He felt his throat clench with pain as he saw her up close. She was so beautiful; she always had been. He opened his mouth to speak, he had to say something, anything before it was too late. But he was cut off. And the words he heard next spilled the first tears down his face after a very long time.
“Its okay daddy, I love you too”
 and he watched proudly as she continued to walk down the aisle...

A tiny one-shot :) let me know what you think!!!!


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Hidden love: chapter 1


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