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A Collection of Hearts - Burning Ice by GirlOnTheSidelines
Chapter 1 : Burning Ice
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This is a one-shot from the point of view of both Lucy Jane Weasley and Luke David Moon, it takes place during a party at the Burrow in the summer of 2022.



Burning Ice


August 2022, The Burrow


His hand is before me, stretched out, palm up, requesting. I think to myself why not? As I take his hand, he pulls me out of my seat and into his arms in one swift motion. We spin to the music, he smiles at me. It seems funny to think I have known him since my first year at Hogwarts… But I don’t know him, not really. Looking into his eyes, I try to read what is behind them, behind the mask he always wears. His eyes are blue, the sort of deep, ocean blue that is rarely seen anywhere other than the frozen seas in the North. Yet behind their frozen surface, they burn with an inner fire I have never noticed before.



I stretch out my hand, willing her to take it. She looks at me with her steel blue eyes. She takes my hand. Pulling her up, out of her chair and into my arms, I begin to find the rhythm of the song. She looks at me, a small frown creasing her forehead. I can tell she is trying to look behind my mask. She has done it before – tried, I mean. I have never let her see through me. But perhaps, just this once… I can see it register in her face that she has seen something new in my eyes. The force of her gaze is almost unbearable.



I remember when I first met him. I had been searching for a book in the library when I came across them: Molly Audrey Weasley and Luke David Moon, Third Years. She had been tall for her age, with dark brown hair – uncommon on a Weasley – and large, intelligent eyes. He had been taller, with darker hair – hair that fell across his face – and these blue eyes, the eyes I am now staring into.



I remember when I first saw her; she was with Molly, tagging on behind her, clinging to her robes. She was eleven years old. I was thirteen. Then that day in the library, Molly and I had been studying and she had found us. Lucy Jane Weasley. I cannot remember what was said, only that even then, she had a determined look in her steel blue eyes.



They have been together since before I knew him. They are happy. Content. They do not need anyone else to understand them… She brought him home the summer after. I was thirteen. He never spoke to me then. Two years later, Charlie noticed me. Charlie Thomas Goldstein. He soon became my everything; I studied with him, I talked to him, I fell in love with him…



I think of Molly. She has been by my side all these years. Six, to be exact. She was with me through the hard times, the times when I didn’t know what to do with myself. I would not be who I am without her. I owe her so much. I remember when I learned that Charlie Goldstein had finally made his move. I cannot remember how I felt – I think I just shut it out, what did it matter to me? I was in love with Molly…



His smile has faded now. I drag myself from my thought and focus on the music. It has changed… The gentle notes of a flute now drift over the dancers and he pulls me closer to him. I can feel his body, pressed against mine, it is warm. He moves his hand from my waist up to his chest, where my hand rests, entwining our fingers before lifting it and guiding it – with my other hand, still linked with his – round to the back to his neck. He holds them there for a moment before letting go and moving both his hands back down to my waist. I can feel my fingers threading into the wisps of hair at the base of his skull. He slides his hands around to the small of my back and pulls me closer once again.



The music changes, she does not notice. Not at first. She seems far away in her thoughts… I pull her closer to me. Her body fits perfectly into mine. I move my hand to where hers is resting on my chest. Gently, I guide both of her hands to my neck to allow me to get a better hold of her. She is hesitant at first, then more willing. I can feel her fingers entwining themselves into the hair on my neck. I repress a shudder. Pulling her closer to me once again, I slide my hands to the small of her back.



I look away from his burning eyes.



She looks away from my burning gaze.



The music changes once again and he spins me suddenly away from him. No sooner am I out of his arms than he pulls me back into them. Twirling and spinning me until I cannot distinguish where my body ends and his begins. He is an amazing dancer. He holds me up even when I feel I am about to fall, even when my feet lose touch with the ground.



The music changes once again and I spin her away from me, giving her space to collect her thought. There is an emptiness where her body was and I cannot help but pull her back into my arms. I let her go again. I spin her, I twirl her, I never let my eyes leave her face. She seems dazed, unsure… I hold her up when she threatens to fall.



The dance makes my pulse quicken… Or is it the dance? No, I cannot allow myself to think like that. He will not let me go. Why would he, we are dancing?



I can feel my heart thudding against my chest… I tell myself it is the dance. She seems to want to get away. I know I should let her go. I cannot. Why can’t you? I ask myself.



Suddenly, the lights become dimmer. My eyes widen in panic. What is happening?



Suddenly, the lights become dimmer. I clench my jaw. What is happening?



Again, the music changes… How many songs have I danced with him? An image of Charlie floats into my mind but for some reason, I repress it. I do not want to think about him now. I want to think about nothing… nothing but the music and the ebb and flow of the dance. I lean into him and – after a moment’s hesitation – he wraps his arms around me once more and presses me to him. For some inexplicable reason, I feel safe.



Once more, the music changes… I have danced too many songs with her. I try to think of Molly but the image of her face refuses to form in my mind. Instead, I can only think about the beat of this new song and how it matches the pace of my heart. She leans into me. I freeze. I should leave now or I will change things irrevocably… That is, if I haven’t done so already. A small noise escapes her and I wrap my arms around her without a second thought. For some inexplicable reason, I want to protect her.



My thoughts race, what am I doing? But I cannot seem to stop; I cannot seem to bring myself to leave. I do not want to leave. I can hear the sound of his heart beating through the folds of his dress-robes and I realise it is beating in time with my own. I should leave. I know already that I won’t.



My mind cannot formulate a single coherent thought. I know I should just go; I know I should just leave. But I can’t… or rather, I won’t. She presses the side of her face into my chest and my heart beat quickens.



The lights have dimmed completely now and the mass of bodies on the dance floor makes it almost impossible to distinguish anyone’s face. I bring my arms up, around his neck again; I pull him closer to me, closing the little space still left between us. He runs his fingertips down my spine. I entwine my fingers in his hair, running them through it, pulling him closer still. His hair is softer than Charlie’s.



The only face I can make out is hers, the rest are all blurs in the corners of my eye. She pulls me towards her and this time, without hesitation, I wrap her in my arms. I know it is too late to turn back now. I trace a line down her back, making her shiver. She responds by running her hands through my hair, dragging me even closer to her. Her hands are softer than Molly’s.



He is so close. I can feel his breath on my neck. Tormenting. I bite back a whimper. I know by now that things will never be the same. His hands are still running up and down my back making my body tingle. Charlie never made me feel like this.



She is so close. Her neck is tantalizingly near. I bite my lip, I cannot help myself. It can never be the same again. She makes a tiny whimpering noise and I have to force my body not to convulse. Molly never made me feel like this.



Without warning, all thoughts of Charlie vanish from my mind and every particle of my existence focuses on the music and the man in whose arms I am now swaying. My heart beats erratically. His lips graze the sensitive skin on my bear neck. Not kissing. Just lightly brushing. I should feel guilty. I cannot. With the emotion constricting my heart, there is no room for guilt. Although I know it will come.



I no longer try to reconstruct Molly’s face. It is too late for that now. The skin on her neck is so soft, it tastes like warm honey. She is intoxicating. Fate, it seems, has already mapped out our journey. My heart beats to a tune of its own… or perhaps to the tune of her heart. I know this is wrong. I know I will have to face the consequences. There is nothing I can do to stop it now, even if I wanted to. I cannot feel guilty when it feels so right. Not yet, anyway…



Pulling my head back slightly, I angle it so that I can look into his frozen eyes.



She tilts her head away from me, angling it so that I can look into her steel blue eyes.



They are burning.



I let my mask slide off completely, more completely than I ever have.



He lets me in.



I let her in.



I know him now. I know him better than anyone ever has. But most of all, I know I love him.



She knows me now. She knows me better than anyone ever has. But most of all, she knows I love her.



I love him. He loves me. If you strip everything away, you know that that is all that really matters.



I love her. She loves me. At the end of the day, nothing else really matters.



Together, we will face the world. We will face the blame and the pain. But we will face it together.



Together, we will face the world. We will face the horrors and the guilt. But we will face it together.



His lips are to close, so painfully close.



Her lips are so close, so painfully close.



His eyes say yes to my unspoken question and I know that nothing could ever possibly be the same again. This is the start of forever.



The questioning look fades from her eyes and I know this is it. This is the start of the rest of my life.



He closes the gap at last.



With one burning kiss…



…We seal our fate.



Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy this collection, if you have any requests let me know and I'll see what I can do,

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