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Wounded Vexation by ScorpiusRose17
Chapter 6 : The Morning After
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The dawn light hours began to break through the empty darkness that hung over Malfoy Manor the day after Narcissa had passed away. Draco could be found standing by the window in his study gazing out upon his mother's beloved garden. His hands in his pockets and his head turned slightly gave him the defined look of a broken man.

A soft knock graced the black wooden door as he ignored the request of the outsider entry to his private quarters. He was hiding himself in solitued and preferred it. He heard a gentle click of the handle which allowed him knowledge that whoever had been knocking had now entered despite his quiet demeanor.

Amelia walked slowly in his direction, but he continued to look longingly on the garden. She cleared her throat once she was within feet of him, "Draco?"

He slowly turned to look at her. His pointed face was pale and his eyes were filled with sorrow.

"Draco," she repeated, "did your mum have a will?"

He turned his head back to the window as a gentle rain began its mournful pitter-patter against the panes of glass. He nodded his head in reply, "Yes, her and father both did."

Amelia nodded her approval which went unnoticed by Draco who was still intent to keep his eyes averted from hers. Without anything to add to the conversation, Amelia began to turn around and walk back to the door. Before she could reach the handle she heard his weak voice call out to her.


She turned slowly around to find him standing quite close to her. Her stomach gave a flutter as his eyes gazed intently into hers.

"What happens now?" He asked with wonder.

"I need to get my things packed as my job is complete here," she gestured as she spoke, "then I'll go back to my flat and back to working at the hospital until someone else needs my help."

He raised his eyebrows as she finished, before softly saying, "But you haven't finished here." She looked at him quizzically before he continued on, "You promised me that you would be here until the end right?" She nodded in agreement. "Well what about the funeral? We haven't even held it yet, so you can't go until we've had it."

Standing there in shock, she took in the seriousness painted across his face. "Are you sure that it's what you want?"

"Yes," he started, "because my mother would have wanted it too."

They both smiled a little at the thought of Narcissa and the words that she spoke to the both of them before she passed. They were both drawn out of their reflections by a knock at the door.

"Enter." Draco called out glancing towards the door.

When the door opened they saw nobody there until a small high pitched voice met their ears, and they both cast their eyes downwards. "Excuse me Master Malfoy, but Mr. Lamport is here to see you and Misses Shaw."

"Thank you, Gibby. Please show him to the study." he finished nodding to the elf.

Gibby gave a bow and shut the door behind her.

"I wonder what he wants to talk to me about." Draco wondered aloud to Amelia.

She gave him a curious look, "I just think that he will want to go over what happens when services end from hospital staff."

"Well I hope he makes this quick because I don't want to have to repeat it again." He made a distasteful face.

Amelia listened before stating, "Maybe we should walk over to the desk and have a seat?"

Draco agreed and they both made their way over to the large walnut colored desk. The small lamp that stood on it was pushed to a corner as Draco made to clear the top contents before Mr. Lamport arrived. As he was shuffling around the papers and books, a note with his hand writing appeared to fall to the desk top addressed to Amelia. She looked down curiously at the note before asking, "Draco what is this?"

Peeling his eyes in the direction of her pointed finger he saw in horror the note that he had written to her before he had Gibby exchange them. "Oh, um that is uh...nothing." He went to grab for the note, but Amelia got to it first.


'Damn it' he thought, 'This is not going to go over well.' His anxiety began to rise along with the color in his face.

Amelia opened the sealed parchment and began to read it as Draco stared at her.



I am sorry for the way that I treated you while we were at Hogwarts. I really appreciate the bond that you have with my mother and I am grateful to have you in my home whilst you continue to care for her in her time of need. I hope you will accept this as a sign of gratitude and that we can then put the past behind us to focus on what is needed to be focused on. I would like to talk to you later this afternoon in the study.

Thank you,


Her eyes raced through the note and as every sentence that they grazed over, the larger her eyes had become. When she finished she sat there in pure shock with her jaw hanging open. Draco sat down behind the desk and leaned backwards in the chair, covering his eyes. He didn't want to see the expression on her face as he was mortified to what was in that letter. He knew he should have never put his feelings on parchment like that. He was a Malfoy after all and showing your feelings like this wasn't the 'pureblood' way.

'I knew I should have burned that stupid note!' He internally scolded himself.

Before he could say anything to Amelia about it a knock was once again heard on the study door.

"Enter." Draco called out in a muffled voice.

Amelia hastily put the note into the pocket of her scrubs as Mr. Lamport walked into the study. His bald head bobbed as he walked over to the empty chair next to Amelia.

"Ah, Mr. Malfoy!" He exclaimed as Draco and Amelia both stood as he drew nearer to them. He extended his hand towards Draco who shook it quickly, "My condolences sir." He turned to look at Amelia who was blushing and shook her hand as well, "Ms. Shaw."

Draco both gestured for them to sit down. They took his lead and sat down just as he was.

"Mr. Lamport to what do I owe this meeting?" Draco questioned.

"Well, I am here because owl has reached me that your mother has passed away. I need Ms. Shaw here," He gestured to Amelia, "to give me a full report on what had happened. I also need to know what it is that we plan on doing for a funeral." He finished.

Draco looking annoyed at the Hospital Director was going to begin explaining what the plans were, until Amelia interrupted, "Mr. Lamport I have already written the report and it should be to you within the next couple of days after the funeral takes place."

"Well that is fine Ms. Shaw, but you will be leaving here shortly and won't be present for the funeral. Make sure that you have it on my desk tomorrow." He stated to her in a sharp manner.

Draco cleared his throat, "I'm sorry Mr. Lamport, but Amelia has to be at the funeral."

"Well Mr. Malfoy she is needed at the hospital and that is more important. Her job is done and that is all she was here for is to do her job." Mr. Lamport shot at Draco.

"Mr. Lamport, I promised Draco I would stay for the funeral." she informed him.

"Like I said Ms. Shaw, your job is done. Done. It is time for you to collect your things and return to work tomorrow at the hospital." He informed her.

"Well I am sorry, but I am NOT going to return until I have fulfilled my promise to Draco and Narcissa." She snapped back at him as she shifted uncomfortably in her chair.

"Suit yourself then. If you cannot follow directions then I will have to fire you." Mr. Lamport stated gruffly. His portly belly jiggled as he turned his entire body to face her.

Amelia was enraged at his attitude. Draco who had been watching the exchange quietly from behind the desk had an expression of pure dislike upon his face. Mr. Lamport was about to say something else before Draco interrupted him, "If you fire her, I will go straight to the head of the hospital and tell them how you threatened her into making a choice between her patients and their families, or her job. Either way I am sure that you would find that you would be the one getting fired instead of Amelia." He finished angrily. "My family maybe disgraced after the war Mr. Lamport, but I assure you my money still holds power."

"Mr. Malfoy!" Mr. Lamport stated in shock, "You would never do such a thing!"

"Try me." Draco sneered, he then lifted the sleeve covering his left forearm. "Remember Mr. Lamport there is nothing I am afriad to do."

Mr. Lamport shuttered from the sight of the Dark Mark brannded into Draco's arm. Amelia had covered her mouth with her hand. She always had known that he had been a Death Eater, but it was another thing to actually see the mark itself. Draco's eyes flashed a dangerous, challenging glare. "Don't ever come into my home and threaten anyone ever again. She will make sure that you get your stupid report," he continued as he stood up, "and as for the plans of the funeral, those are none of your damn business." He walked around to the side of the desk and gestured towards the closed door, "You may leave NOW!" He emphasised the last word.

Mr. Lamport stuttered while trying to pry himself from the grips of the chair that he was sitting in. "Well, I've never..." he stated while standing and bustling out of the room. Draco still stood watching him until the door shut. When the snap of the lock met their ears, Amelia turned to look at Draco.

"I should probably go and send my report," she started.

Draco, still standing watched as the red rosie hue crept back onto her face, "Amelia, wait."

"What?" She asked him curiously.

He looked at her, his face was filled with sympathy, "I'm sorry if that note embarrassed you, but I wrote it after I spoke to my mother one night about you."

Amelia watched his facial expression, "I understand." She confirmed.

Then there was silence between them. It was awkward, but not uncomfortable. Amelia gave him a simple smile in which he had returned. She knew that he was hurting and she was to. She was also starting to feel sorry for Draco and something else that she couldn't quite place her finger on.

He sat there pondering about what Amelia could be thinking. Everytime he looked at her, his heart began to race alittle more, but he shrugged it off. 'I'm Draco Malfoy, she doesn't like me, not even as a friend' He tried to convince his thoughts.

After the drawn out silence, they both started to talk at the same time.

"Well," Amelia started to say.

"I just," Draco began.

They both looked at one another and said in chorus, "You first."

They sat there staring at one another in disbelief. Draco cleared his throat and began again, "Go ahead, what were you going to say?"

"I," Amelia blushed, "was just wondering what the plans for the funeral were." She finished.

Draco gave her a look of understanding, "The funeral will be in a couple of days. I have invited a few people, but not a lot. I don't want the press to be involved, although, I am sure that they will after the little incident with Mr. Lamport." He finished.

Amelia looked curiously at the remourseful look upon his face before she continued the conversation, "I understand. Where are you going to have the funeral and burial?" She questioned.

Draco sighed heavily, "The funeral I would like to have in the garden as it was my mothers favorite place. The burial," he ran his hand through his hair before he carried on, "will be in the family cemetary over by the edge of the forest."

Just as he finished talking about the funeral and burial plans the sun shone brightly through the windows. The rain had stopped. Amelia turned her head in the direction of the windows and gave a smile. Draco stood up and walked over to where he was earlier. Amelia got up and followed him across the room. As they both peered out of the glass, a rainbow was coming into focus in the darker clouds on the horizion. Narcissa was letting them see her happiness in the sky above them. Draco couldn't help it when he turned to glance at Amelia's pretty face in the sunlight. She caught him looking at her out of the corner of her eye, but didn't say anything.

They turned to face one another as the water on the window began to sparkle like tiny diamonds. Amelia looked up into Draco's eyes and was met by his with a look of longing. He bent down and kissed her on the cheek. When his lips touched her skin, she felt a shiver down her spine.

"I want to be friends," Draco stated, "friends?"

Amelia stood there with her mind racing, 'Why would he want to be friends with me? What the hell was that kiss about? Friendship?' She thought to herself. She nodded, "Yes, friends."

They smiled at one another as a rainbow vanished in the distance. After what they both went through last night it seemed impossible that both of them could be this happy. Was it fate? Was it Magic? Or was it both? Neither of them knew the right answer to those questions, but they were friends. Friends who have come along way since their time at Hogwarts, their time as they grew into who they would become. They had a common bond in life who had now passed away, and it only seemed befitting for Amelia to be there beside Draco as the friends that they now were.

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