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Rise of the Phoenix by thetrueauror
Chapter 1 : A new world
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Chapter 1.

Circling the Great Hall looking for the only person that can end this war, Voldermort was in the center of the hall dueling three members of the Order. Harry knew that it was only a matter of time before the Order would lose that battle. Making his way through the mayhem of the Order of the Phoenix, DA, and current Hogwarts students battling Death Eaters Harry walks to the center of the Great Hall, under his invisibility cloak. Spotting Ginny, Hermione, and Luna locked in a duel with Bellatrix causing Harry to stop in his tracks. All sound in the Hall vanished; everything was quiet except for Bellatrix, one word escaped her lips, and it was the one word that has haunted Harry his entire life always being followed by a flashing green light. Avarda Kadarva!!!! Screamed Bellatrix. Green light was all that could be seen through out the Hall; enveloping the one person Harry cared the most about. The spell hit Ginny in the chest sending her soaring threw the air hitting the ground with a deadpan look. Seeing Ginny thrown back, Harry ran to where she landed hoping that he had heard the wrong spell being fired, hoping that she wasn’t dead. She couldn’t be dead, not Ginny, not his Ginny. Not seeing her get back up he knew in his heart that she was gone. He froze in the thick of all the chaos eyes only on the spot where Ginny landed, “GINNY!!!” Harry screamed as he ran towards her with no care for himself or anybody else around him. Sliding to his knees Harry sees the girl he was supposed to be with for the rest of his life, laying with lifeless eyes staring back at him. Picking her up to cradle her, Harry felt a powerful surge of energy exude from him like water breaking through a dam. The power was tremendous, shaking the very foundation of the school bringing all the occupants to their knees with the sheer force of it.

Softly laying Ginny back down, Harry stands up and shouts for the one that killed his Ginny. Searching around the hall, the crowd parts away to revile Bellatrix Lestrange standing off to the middle with a wide evil grin from ear to ear waiting for him wand hanging loosely from her fingers. “Come on baby Potter, let’s play.” Laughed Bella.

Dropping his wand, Harry slowly walks toward her and points his finger at her whispering one final thing to her, “You’re dead Bella.” Making her laugh all the more. Without waiting for a reply Harry lifted up his hand sending a beam of green light shooting at his target. Hitting Bellatrix as she stood still with a shocked expression as she realized what just happened, as the light engulfed and lifted her into the air. The light brightened as Harry increased the power, causing Bella to shriek in pain. Harry closed his fingers into a fist, and all the screaming sounds ceased as the body of Bellatrix Lestrange disintegrated into ash.

Seeing his last most loyal lieutenant perish into nothing, Voldermort took a look at the scene unfolding around him, deciding that the battle was over and his forces have lost he called the retreat. Gaining one last long look at his nemesis Harry Potter, he turned and disapparated leaving nothing but death and destruction in his quest for supremacy.


Peaking through the crimson draperies of the boy’s dormitory at the highest point of Gryffindor tower was the sun, shining in the face of the room’s only occupant. He was a boy of eighteen, with raven black hair, and was famous for having emerald green eyes and a lightning bolt scar on his forehead. Since the time he was one year old the wizarding world his looked to him as a beacon of hope, just from the fact that he was the only known person to have survived the killing curse, being singled out by the Darkest wizard ever to walk the earth. And now having survived it for a second time the world would look to him even more, to strike the hold the darkness has inflicted on the world, wizard and muggle alike.

The Battle of Hogwarts the previous night, left him battered and worn out, to go along with a restless night. As the sun woke him up, he jumped up out of bed forgetting his surroundings, as he gasps in sudden pain as all of his aches and pains surface from the battle. Sweat soaked through his clothes as the images from his dream replayed in his mind. Remembering, all the death that surrounded the mêlée dropped him to his knees, as he remembered who was killed. He remembered seeing the flash of green strike something precious and dear to him. Remembering the beautiful red haired girl that stole his heart, falling down to the ground with a vacant expression on her face as her life ended taking his along with her. Using all of the strength he could muster to pull himself up to make his way to the bathroom, to try and wash all the grime and dirt off of him hoping to the hot water would be able to reduce the pain in his chest.

Standing in the steaming hot shower helped the tenderness of his muscles dissipate a little, but the constant pain in his heart was steadily growing. The pain was more than just an ache for Ginny it was more of an anger at himself and at Voldermort (no Tom his name is Tom Riddle, not wanting to use that name that gave himself). Walking out the bathroom, he glanced at the full-length mirror between the beds giving him a glimpse of what the past years damage had inflicted on his body. The sight wasn’t shocking; to go along with, the cuts and bruises that surrounded his torso, he had an oval shaped piece of skin missing with a large S in the middle of his chest. Just a little to the left where the heart resides was another freshly cut lightning shaped scar, imbedded with a dark black bruise surrounding it. What shocked him was the color of his eyes, no longer where they the emerald green of his mothers, they were now pale and faded with not a hint of green in them. Deep dark circles surrounded his eyes, in which made him look menacing. It spoke volumes of how he was feeling; he liked it, it would strike fear in the hearts of his enemies he thought. Ginny wouldn’t love it though….As soon as her name came to the front of his thoughts, his heart began to break with a renewed sadness. It all came back to him as he thought of the battle, all of the horrors, and death that destroyed the spirit of the wizarding world. His worst fears came true that night and he knew that it was his fault, it was his fault Tom Riddle escaped, his fault Hogwarts was destroyed, and it was his fault that Ginny died along with all of the others.
“Harry?” hearing a familiar voice that took him out of his reverie. Turning toward her knowing if he didn’t reassure her, she would never let him brood alone. The moment he turned to face her, her shocked expression wasn’t easily concealed.

“It’s ok Hermione, it’s looks worse than it really is promise.” Harry said.

“I don’t believe you Harry, I know how you are, and I know you wont say anything even if your life depended on it.” Sighing she asks her next question, “So how are feeling?” with this question he looked directly at her letting her see his eyes for the first time, and the reaction he got from her was as expected. “What happened to your eyes?”

Ignoring her comment Harry stayed quiet for a few minutes before answering, barely over a whisper “She’s gone Hermione, she’s gone and I never told her how I felt. I never told her that I loved her and that she was the reason I came back. So please tell me how I should be feeling at this moment? Because I sure as hell would like to know.”
Confusion evidently written on her face she asked the question that he did not want to answer this soon, “Came back?”

Nodding with a heavy sigh Harry explained about the memories he seen in the pensive, and how he was meant to live only to be killed at the right moment, “I gave myself up to him, knowing I was going to die. I was ok with it though, if it meant saving her and everyone else.” Hermione had tears falling down her face, “he said the curse Hermione, and he hit me square in the chest.” Seeing her look down at where the curse hit him, and seeing her eyes open wide when she noticed the lightning cut. “It was supposed to end right there and then for me, but it didn’t. I was given the choice to come back, and I wish I didn’t because I wouldn’t have knowing this out come.” Seeing her still confused expression, Harry divulged the story of Kings Cross station and the choice Dumbledore gave him. Much to the shock of Hermione, Harry kept his flat emotionless demeanor.

“In all retrospect I came back for her, and for what? So I could go on with my life with out her?” He asked showing the anger in his new eyes that took Hermione at back.

“I don’t know Harry, I just don’t know, but we can’t give up. Yes we lost people, and yes it’s painful but we have to live for them. We still have to fight.”

“I’ve been living and fighting for other people for the majority of my life, and when I thought I was going to be able live for myself for once; it was taken away from me. No Hermione, I don’t think I want to anymore.” And with that Harry strode past her putting his shirt on as he walked out of the dormitory.

“Where is he?” asked a very morbid Ron as he was waiting for Hermione to come down Gryffindor tower by the double doors leading toward the Great Hall. Nobody has seen or heard from Harry since the battle the night before, so the general consensus was to send her to try and talk him into coming down.

“Gone. He’s not taking it good. He wants to be alone, but I don’t think it’s a good idea. You know what he’s like Ron; he puts everything on his shoulders, thinking everything is his fault if things don’t go accordingly. He needs to know that it’s not always his responsibility.” Said an exasperated Hermione, as they walked up to the Gryffindor table and sat down with Ron’s family.

“Why is he taking it all on himself? Is it because of Ginny?” Ron asked remembering his sister.

“He was in love with her Ron, you can’t fault him for being torn up. It’s like he’s given up hope. Oh and his eyes are different now for some reason.” Explained Hermione, much to the alarmed looks from around the table.

“What do you mean different?” asked a puzzled Mrs. Weasley

“They aren’t green anymore.” She said to the group of remaining Weasley’s. “They’re a pale grey. And I have to be honest he is in a very dangerous frame of mind right now, and it’s frightening. I’m sure I’m not the only one that remembers the amount of power that he was emitting during the battle when he seen Ginny fall. He lost control of his power; he lost control of himself and I’m afraid he’s going do something he will regret if he loses it again.”

“Arthur and I will talk with him dear, we will make him see reason one way or another.” Mrs. Weasley said with a look of sad determination in her eyes. Although she lost her only daughter, Molly Weasley still considered Harry one of her own.

After Harry left the Gryffindor tower he went on a walk of the grounds, and found himself sitting on a rock at the edge of the lake. Sitting there reminiscing about the good times when he and Ginny would take walks, and relax around by the lake. The memories of their intimate moments together will be all he has left to remember her. The worst feeling was how short their time together had been. He had always known her feelings toward him, but he didn’t reciprocate them until the end of last year. The last days with her were the best days of his life, but the days like that are over for him now. As he sat there in his and Ginny’s spot he played those last moments just before she died in his head over and over. Before the battle he knew what to do, and he just did it with out hesitation, and without any regard for his own wellbeing. The thought of never being able to hold her, or start a life with her was something he wasn’t able to rap his head around. As long as he defeated Riddle even if it cost him his own life, which he knew was a strong possibility, he hoped Ginny would be able to live a normal and happy life without any pain or any suffering. Hoping after the defeat of Riddle things would be quiet and life would go on, but his mission was far from over. This mission would take Harry on a journey into the pit of darkness. With this mission he had every intention to go it alone, and leave the rest of the Weasley’s and Hermione to get on with their lives. He wanted to give them to have a life without danger or having to look over their shoulders. Sitting there reflecting Harry could feel the anger absorb him; he had felt this power when he had seen Ginny killed. It felt like a lion ready to explode out of him at any moment.

Hearing footsteps he turned his head a little to look out the corner of his eye, seeing Mr. and Mrs. Weasley walking towards him. And before they got to him, he stood up and spoke before they got the chance to give him any solace for their only daughter’s death, “I’m so sorry about Ginny, I’m sorry that I couldn’t protect her. It was meant to have been me not her. I understand if you don’t want anything to do with me after this, I know it was my fault that her and so many others lost their lives last night.” Harry said this knowing that the two people that he viewed as his adoptive parents should hate him as he hated himself. Mrs. Weasley came to him instead and rapped her arms around him in a warm motherly embrace, “It was supposed to be me, not her.” Harry whispered through the tears as he collapsed into her arms.

“It’s all right Harry. It’s all right. It isn’t you’re fault. ” Replied Mrs. Weasley.

“You were not her protector Harry, we were.” Arthur said coming up to him and his wife, “If anyone should feel guilty at her death it should be us. Especially me.” He finished.

“No, it was my responsibility to keep her safe, it was my responsibility to keep them all safe. It should’ve been me, not her. It was supposed to be me. It was always supposed to be me.” Not knowing what to do anymore he pushed himself away from Mrs. Weasley and she shuddered at the sight of what she saw, as he looked like death standing in front of her. Arthur walked up to him in disbelief and then he noticed that his eyes weren’t the same color that he and his wife have known and always loved. His eyes terrified them to the point that neither could look for too long.

Mr. Weasley spoke instead and told him the one thing they hoped would give him the peace that the bravest man they have ever known deserved “Harry, what happened to Ginny is nobodies fault, she died fighting for what she believed the most in. She along with Remus and Tonks and all the others died for freedom, not because of you or for you. You were the hope for us all Harry. Do not tarnish what they sacrificed with your guilt.”

Sensing that, it was a good time to end their conversation they turned and started to walk back up to the castle leaving him to think about what they had said but turned to say one more thing to him before leaving, “I just want you to know son, that no matter what happens in the future, you are family and always will be.”


“I don’t know what to do for him.” said an exasperated Hermione, “What can we do for him professor? He needs our help. Does anybody have an idea?” she asked the group of people standing around the Head Masters office, trying to figure out what they were going to do with the situation concerning Harry. They had called this little meeting in the office because of the conversations that Hermione, and Mr. and Mrs. Weasley had with him. All of the remaining Order of the Phoenix was there and also some of the DA as well, because they all felt a sense of pull towards Harry.

“I think that we should give him the space that he needs to except all of what has occurred. If we rush him, he may push us away and never come back us.” Professor McGonagall explained, “as to your other concern, for that I have no answer for you. ”

“His heart is broken Minerva.” Professor Dumbledore chimed in from his portrait hanging up from behind the desk. “I think that has a lot to do with why the color has left them.” Silence followed as they all contemplated what Dumbledore said before he continued. “We must all prepare our selves for the events that are about to unfold. Harry lost the person he care fore the most, and he will take his revenge.” Silence fell after Dumbledore’s last statement.

What seemed like an eternity Minerva finally broke the ice, and a change of subject, “So what should the plan of action be for taking down Voldermort and rounding up all the rest of the Death Eaters that managed to escape.” She said this in the direction of Kingsley Shacklebolt the new appointed Minister of Magic.

“What ever it is I want in on it.” A voice rang out from across the room. Standing in the doorway was Harry, with a look that bored in to everyone in the room. “I’m going to hunt Riddle and the rest of them down. I will be making my preparations to set out in a month’s time.” Harry said with the rage evident in his eyes. Looking directly at Ron and Hermione he told them the one thing they expected him to say, “You are not going to come with me, nobody is. This is something I will be going alone.”

“And what do you plan on doing when you do manage to find them Harry?” came the stern voice of professor McGonagall.

“I would like to know that as well Harry.” Came from Hermione as she crossed the room to come up to him, Ron following right behind her.
Looking around the room Harry realized that they didn’t like the idea of him traipsing around the country looking for dark wizards. Much to the dismay of the men and women the taking up the office (including the portraits of the old headmasters and headmistresses) staring at him intently, he kept the silence going until it seemed they couldn’t take it anymore. “There is no other option for me Kingsley, I have always wanted to be an Auror but this take precedence for me. I have to get them, and I am gong to wipe them all out. And I will not be turning in any prisoners into the authorities. I’m going to kill any I find, especially Riddle. ” He voiced to the group but looking at Kingsley the whole time.

“Harry.” Hermione through sad glistening eyes, the sound of her voice was evident the she was sympathetic to how he felt. “You can’t go after them like this Harry. If you do, you are going to regret this for the rest of your life.”

Looking back at her through his now pale grey eyes, he spoke with conviction and determination that was helping sedate the raging lion his magical self was struggling to keep in check. “I’m sorry if this isn’t what you wanted to hear, but there it is. I guess this is my official resignation from Hogwarts professor.” Harry said to a bewildered Professor McGonagall. With that he left the office and them with more questions that answers.

As soon as he stepped out of the office Harry knew that they would continue to wonder what their course of action against him would be. Harry also knew that he would have to come up with a suitable plan of action on his own, and quickly if they were going to try to stop him. Devising a plan was never his strong suit that belonged to Hermione, but with the circumstances the way things are he highly doubted she would help him. His friends have been through hell and back with him, but the line that he was about to cross was somewhere he knew his friends would not follow this time. That thought truly saddened him, that after all the devastation he and his friends have been through now would he would truly be on his own.

“So what’s the plan now?” Hermione asked a very subdued group around the room. When no one spoke up, she decided that she would take the first step. “I for one do not think Harry is in his right mind at the moment, but with that being said, I think that he is going to do something with us or without us, and the approval of authority has never meant anything to him so why should we not help him? Steer him in a different direction?”

It was professor Dumbledore that spoke next and what he said amazed her. “I think what miss Granger has said has some truth and value in it. Harry has just lost the most important person in his life that he planned on having a future with. Now with that gone he feels lost, enraged, and alone.” When Dumbledore stopped the room went silent once again for a few moments.

It was Hermione once again who broke the silence, “Then what ever he decides I will go with him, with the approval of the Ministry or without, I will not abandon him now.” Saying this drew all eyes on her, but she did not waver, instead she stood up and look around at everyone. Lastly her gaze rested on Kingsley, speaking to everyone but directing it at him, “I’m sorry everyone, but I cant let Harry go through all this by him self.” Walking toward the door, she turned back to look at the Minister, “Personally I think you should let Harry join the Auror department, or give him his own team, because if you don’t he’s just going to find others to join his cause, and I don’t think he will have to much trouble doing it.”

As she reached for the door Kingsley finally spoke up, “Your right Hermione, I can’t stop him because he is viewed as the savior of our world as we know it and the people will always side with him. So yes, to answer your question I will let him join the Auror department. Or if he so chooses I will allow him to have his own team of recruits hand picked by him, with no rules or protocols to follow except the ones that he deems fit. Agreed?” He asked looking around the room at all the faces looking back at each other and then at him all saying at once. “Agreed.”

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