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What If? by RomioneWriter
Chapter 1 : A Simple Life
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A breath of fresh air felt like a blessing to everyone who lived in the wizarding world. Voldemort was scattering people, striking fear into everyone he laid eyes on. People refused to stop in the streets for even a quick hello anymore. Only last week Lily found herself striding past Mary MacDonald in Diagon Alley, who indicated no sign of having met Lily before in her life. Life in Surrey sure was horrid.

Surrey was a small area highly inhabited with muggles. In fact, Lily knew that her sister, Petunia, lived somewhere in the area. She didn't dare try to contact her. She tirelessly campaigned for her sister to move somewhere and leave her dreaded husband. Petunia, it seemed, was too intoxicated by his fancy cars and money to realise that she could do so much better.

She seemed to like the idea that she could have more then Lily could ever. She wanted to better what she clearly stated was an insult of a sister. Lily tried to take no offence. She knew Petunia just wanted to be like her, but it hurt nonetheless. She missed having her sister there when she cried like when they were small and innocent. She never thought they could grow apart. The only thing that had caused their separation was magic. Yes, magic was the root of all evil, Lily thought. As much as she knew it was important and she was lucky to have it, a lot of horrid things happened because of the use of magic.

The Potters lived in a little place known as Dorking. It was small and quite, not densely populated. They enjoyed their life there. It was as though they were secluded from the strange happenings of the wizarding world. That was how they wanted their son to grow up. They didn't want him spoilt or abused. They just wanted him to be happy and grateful for what he had.

Harry was their pride and joy. For a long time they didn't know whether Lily would be able to have children when test results confirmed that she had a seventy percent possibility of not being able to. It was devastating news to her. She had to continually tell herself that there was a thirty percent chance of survival. She was therefore overjoyed to hear that she was to expect a son in late July, early August 1980.

Both James and Lily had decided early on that Lily would stay at home, looking after Harry and making sure everything in the house was fine while James would go off and train for his upcoming Quidditch match, coming home muddy and exhausted.

Juggling Harry wasn't easy in the slightest. He had been a colicky baby from the beginning; always crying and whining. She would rock him sweetly in her arms for a few minutes and he would eventually calm down. She would then leave him silently, begin dinner only to have him start up again. It's just a faze, she would tell herself, it's just a faze.




And so it was. By the age of one Harry became more inquisitive and fascinated by the different going ons in the wizarding world. Lily had much trouble contacting members of the Order without him constantly on her tail, gazing at her, his eyes bright and eager.

Many of the Order were constantly in and out of the house, giving Lily updates on what was happening and discussing plans on how they should tackle the mishaps in the collapsing world around them.

One evening, Arabella Figg stopped by. Specks of snow lay sweetly on her cloak. Harry ran straight over to her and gave her a hug he reserved just for her.

“Oh look at you, you've gotten so big!” she exclaimed, smiling at him. Harry giggled as he pressed his chubby fingers onto each snowflake still visible on her cloak, laughing shrilly when they disappeared.

Mrs Figg looked past him and into the eyes of Lily, who seemed to realise that she could only come with bad news. Being a Squib, she had to travel just like an ordinary muggle. She wouldn't have stopped by if it hadn't been urgent. Lily's mind immediately travelled to her sister who lived nearby Arabella.

“Gideon and Fabian,” she said, her eyes sparkling with tears while Harry wailed as the last snowflake disappeared.

Lily took Harry and settled him to sleep. She held back tears as she marched down the stairs and into the dining room where Mrs Figg sat fiddling with the catch on her cloak.

“Would you like a butterbeer?” Lily asked, heading for the kitchen to get herself one.

“No thank you dear, not very good on the stomach,” Mrs Figg replied dryly.

Lily sat herself down, butterbeer in hand, staring at Mrs Figg, her eyes red and puffy.

“I know you were close to them,” Mrs Figg said, reaching her hand out and grasping Lily's, which was warm from the butterbeer she had clasped her hands around.

“They were my mentors,” Lily said, a tear rolling down her cheek. When Lily had left Hogwarts and began to train as an Auror, Gideon and Fabian had been her mentors. She was rather close to them and enjoyed their company immensely. Only last week had they stopped by to say hello.

“They fought like heros,” Mrs Figg said reassuringly, rubbing Lily's hand.

“Do you know how they -” Lily swallowed, “how they died?”

“They were outnumbered, five Death Eaters to the two of them,” Mrs Figg said, “They did everything they could but Antonin Dolohov won.”
Lily nodded, staring into her lap, tears dripping into it. She couldn't see how they could die. Over all the years they had been the ones to whom she had always looked up to, who she admired. To have them snatched from the world was like having Harry taken from her. She couldn't see how it was possible. She sipped her butterbeer in the silence.

The front door opened.

“That'll be James,” said Lily, not being able to stand the quiet much longer. She got out of her chair and travelled into the hallway where James was travelling through to the kitchen.

“You wouldn't believe the weath -” he said, stopping and staring into his wife's tear stained face. “What happened?” he said gently, heading over to her in his muddy Quidditch robes and hugging her.

“Gideon and Fabian,” Lily sobbed.




It took Lily some time to get over Gideon and Fabian's deaths. She thought of their sister, Molly. She had sent her a letter after Mrs Figg had left the house. Molly had only just given birth to their first daughter. She must be completely lost and anxious. Though Lily had only met Molly in person once, she found that she owed Molly a simple sign of condolence.

But Lily had to turn her life around if she was to keep track of her every growing son and the one inside her stomach. Three months pregnant and Harry was seven. It was a rather busy time for them.

Voldemort had disappeared for the time being. Although they heard of strange happenings in America which indicated otherwise. It wasn't their problem at the moment though. That was up to the American Ministy of Magic. It was out of their hands for once.

Though nothing was going, Lily still was rather busier than ever. Harry always seemed keen to go and see his father's Quidditch games and Lily had to put her foot down many times because of James' idiocy of thinking that Harry should be allowed to watch Quidditch games.

“I just don't have time!” Lily told him as she hurriedly started dinner and spilt sauce all down her front.

“But the Magpies are coming first and I really wanna see dad play!” begged Harry, his eyes shining with anticipation.

“Your dad's team has been coming first for years!” Lily stated, “You'll have plenty of time to watch him later in the year when I'm not so busy.”

“You're always busy,” Harry muttered as he stomped out of the kitchen.

“You watch you're mouth or you won't be going to any of them!” Lily shouted aggressively. He was rather hard to work with sometimes. He had, unfortunately, gained his father's thrill for the game of Quidditch. Lily thought his time could be much more useful going through some books so he was prepared when he started to display some of his powers.

Harry was co-operative but he was very keen on ideas he produced and he wasn't very useful when Lily had to put her foot down and say “No!”. He had inherited the genes of his father's uncanny ability to have a strong opinion and set his mind on something. But it was James' ability of doing that that had one her over in the first place.

She remembered her sixth year. James had been like a horrifying slime on the bottom of her shoe. He wasn't exactly a pleasant person to be around. He always seemed to ruffle his hair and wouldn't leave her alone for a second. She needed space!

It hadn't been until her seventh year that he calmed down a little bit and stopped being so obnoxious. She had been sitting on the Hogwarts Express with Mary and Rachel, biding their time reading “Witch Weekly”. She had been reading a fascinating article on a rising star, Celestine Warbeck, when she heard a knock on her compartment door. She looked up. It was James Potter.

“Potter if you want to ask me out you might need to get rid of that ridiculous posse you have lagging behind you,” Lily started, looking up into the eyes of James Potter who appeared very much alone.

“Just me … Lily,” he said nervously, peering into the compartment where all the girls had taken their noses out of their magazines and were staring into his eyes with anticipation.

“Since when did you call me by my first name?” Lily asked sceptically, skimming her magazine absent mindedly.

James looked at his feet.

“What do you want?” Lily said, staring up into his face, her lips pursed. She was in no mood to listen to any small and sad tail of his lonely summer like he always seemed to tell her.

“I just wanted to give you this,” James said quickly while producing from the end of his wand, a beautiful lily which sent a gorgeous fragrance throughout the compartment.

Lily smiled. “Thank you James,” she said, accepting it and kissing him lightly on the cheek. It was this small gesture of nervousness and daring which caused Lily to believe that maybe there was something deeper within James Potter than just a hard shell behind which he hid. Maybe this could possibly be his turnaround year.

And it had. He seemed to have sprung a desire not to show off his love for her but to privately seek her company, going so far as to attempt to climb up the stairs to her dormitory, only to be sent back down again as the stairs turned to a slope. Through raucous laughter he had regained himself and continued to attempt to climb up until Lily came down and in spite of everything she thought she believed in, kissed him in front of the entire common room.

It was from that moment that Lily had been glad she let a moron like James Potter enter her life and take of hold of it to the extent that they would marry and have children.




A/N: Hope you guys really liked the first chapter of the story :) Please don't be shy to give suggestions or advice as to what you'd like to see or any mistakes I may have missed. Thanks for reading :) 

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