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Wizards by epikhippo
Chapter 2 : Chapter 2
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A/N: Thank you very much for the reviews and reads! Enjoy!


Draco walked over to his flat, all the way across the hall, and sat on his counter. He just liked the cool feeling of the granite top against his bottom. Thinking about what Hermione said about Samantha, he levitated his black bookshelf in front of his door for good measure. Sure, everyone had wards, but no one could be too careful- a paranoid idea drilled into his head since the war. The war was three years ago, and for Draco, it felt like a whole decade. Never in his life did he see himself buddy-buddy with Hermione Granger and Luna Lovegood. He still remembered the day,

two years ago…

Hermione gently pushed her parents into the red telephone booth, “For the hundredth time mum, it’s safe.”

“Yes, but why can’t you go first with your father or something?” Mrs. Granger demanded more so than asked.

“But then you wouldn’t even get in.” Hermione glanced at her watch, “It’s almost 1:30, we’re going to be late.”

“Honey, let’s just get this over with,” said Mr. Granger looking nervously around the tiny booth.

“Thank you dad, it’s 62442,” Hermione quipped as she glanced at her watch again, “Just pick up the phone and put in the number dad. Remember mum! Kingsley will be there when you guys arrive, so just follow him. I’ll be right behind you!” Hermione smiled as best she could as her parents descended down.

Today was the day her parents had to testify, or just tell, Kingsley about their time in Australia during the war. Hermione just wanted to make sure her parents’ memories were unharmed, and make sure no suspicious people were encountered. Even after Voldemort’s death, one couldn’t be too sure. Hermione bounced nervously on her heels as she waited for the next empty payphone. Despite Kingsley repeatedly telling her that she did what had to be done, it still didn’t appease her guilt, even if the condolences came from the minister himself. With a quiet ding, the telephone booth was ready, and Hermione got in. Just as she was going to shut the door, she heard someone shouting,

“Wait, wait! Please! I can’t be late!”

Hermione rolled her eyes. She was almost late as well, as she would be damned if someone actually made her late. She was about to finally close the door, a mass of white blonde hair got in the way. “Are you out of your mind?” she scolded, “Get in then.”

“Thank you very much, I do appre-“ the stranger stopped talking all of the sudden, and Hermione looked up.

She let out a little yelp when she saw who it was. There he was, Draco Malfoy, slightly panting and looking just as shocked as she was. Gaping at him, she squeaked out, “You’re… welcome?”

Draco blinked hard a couple of times, trying to gather his thoughts. He stuttered, “Um, th-the code? Entrance code?” as he reached for the phone behind her.

“Y-Yes. The code.” Hermione went stiff as if someone hit her with a body-bind curse as she became aware of just how small the booth was. Using her wits, she started to cast a wandless extension charm on the telephone booth. She was almost finished when she heard him,

Shit.” Draco started to frantically push all the buttons, until he slammed the phone died, and muttered, “It broke.”

“It WHAT?” Hermione abruptly turned around and tried it for herself. “I can’t believe it. I’m late, and my parents are going to freak out if I don’t show up, and it’s Kingsley for heaven’s sake! I can’t be late! I’m always punct-“

“Did you try casting a wandless spell in here Granger?” Draco incredulously asked.

Hermione stared at the phone and tugged at the ends of her beige scarf, “Why, yes I did.”

“Fuck. You broke it.”

I broke it? Excuse me, but I did not do such a thing Malfoy!”

“Yes you did. Try to use one of your fancy wandless spells in one of these, it’s going to break Granger.”

WELL, don’t blame-“

“I’m surprised the so-called, brightest witch of our age, didn’t know that little fact,” he mocked while getting in her face.

How DARE you mock me, you little pasty white ferr-“
Don’t. you. Dare.”  

Both of them were livid. Stuck in a tiny telephone booth, with the tension thick as smoke, Hermione finally whipped around to face him. She glared up at him; with anger ablaze in her eyes just to be faced with the most severe pair of grey eyes she has ever seen. However, the silent battle was halted when a voice pierced through the air,

“Hermione, Draco, what an odd coincidence. Why are you two in the booth together?”

“Luna?!” both Hermione and Draco exclaimed simultaneously.

Luna took in the scene before her and smiled gently, “Yes?” 

With a huff, Hermione asked, “Luna, could you please let someone in the Ministry know that the guest entrance is stuck?” She glanced at Draco and added, “Also, could you inform them that Malfoy and I are trapped in here as well?”

“Of course, good to see you again Draco,” and with that, Luna skipped away.

Hermione let out a deep breath and rested her forehead against the cool glass. She was brainstorming different insults to hurl at the git next to her when his voice broke her thoughts, 

“Look Granger, I’m sorry, it’s just that I was late for something really important and –“

“It’s alright Malfoy,” she sighed, “Guess we’re stuck.” With that, she turned around and actually looked at him this time. Surprisingly, he wasn’t a lanky boy anymore. He still was oddly pale, but it wasn’t a ghostly pale. Wearing a crisp, long sleeve button down with a slim, black tie, with a pair of black trousers, Draco Malfoy looked quite, normal.

“Yeah, I guess we are,” he replied while running his fingers through his hair. He looked down at Hermione. Wearing a thick white cardigan, beige scarf, and black jeans, to Draco, she looked exactly the same; except for the fact that her hair was in a long, straight ponytail. For some reason, he felt compelled to strike a conversation with her, whether from how he treated her in school or which side he stood on during the war, he didn’t care. So, he took in a deep breath, extended his right hand out, and tried speak in a steady voice,

“Hello, I’m Draco Malfoy,” 

Bewildered, Hermione slowly uncrossed her arms and extended her right hand. “Hello, I’m Hermione Granger,” and for some reason, she couldn’t help but smile the faintest of smiles, at this very strange encounter. 

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