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Detention by wish right now x
Chapter 6 : From Twelve to One
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Silence was all around. It was not that the group felt awkward anymore, half of them had already had a small outburst in front of the group of strangers. It was more that they were uncomfortable. They could hear the clock ticking, on and on and on. Almost like it was never ending. They knew that it was leading and waiting for them to have one thing. They knew that they were waiting for someone else to suffer their own mental breakdown.

The six kept the heads firmly down, only occasionally looking up to check everyone around them. If someone else looked up, another would immediately look down, terrified to make eye contact with someone else. They now knew what was going to happen. It was inevitable. One of the remaining three members of the detention group would suddenly burst out with their emotions, pour their deepest, darkest secrets and problems into the ears of people who were strangers less than a day ago. The only question was, who would it be?

Would it be James Potter, the shocked and confused best friend, who had spent many detentions here, but never one so dramatic?

Would it be Carly Korply, who had spent the majority of detention quiet as a mouse, the same way she had spent most of her Hogwarts’ years?

Would it be Lily Evans, the girl who seemed pristine and perfect on the outside, but suffered turmoil within?

Tick, tick, tock...

The clock went on, causing a migraine in their fellow pupils brains. Lily and James’ heads both rose from the table, and they looked into each others eyes. Their looks turned into stares, daring the other to go, to take their turn. It was obvious Carly was not going to be next, as the two Gryffindor’s were pushing each other, determined to not backdown and force the others to go first. If they were going to reveal their biggest secrets, the other could go first.

Their staring continued as the minuets passed. Neither of them dared to tear their eyes away, neither of them dared to even blink. They were determined not to show any signs of weakness, only the strength they had. Until finally one of them just snapped.

“I can’t take the waiting anymore!” James screamed, standing up and storming around the room. A small smirk came to Lily’s lips, for she had won.

“Here we go again” Carly mumbled, to no one in particular.

“Right, so your brother wishes you were dead, your dad abandoned you and your parents honestly don’t care about you at all!” He shouted, turning to Sirius, Aiden and Stella as he revealed their secrets. “Well, that can not be as bad as what I have to deal with!”

“Don’t be silly Prongs, your parents are lovely!” Sirius claimed.

“Yeah, to you! They are so lovely to someone like you, who is not their son. Who is only their son’s friend and has nothing to do with them really. If you mess up, then it’s ‘Oh, Sirius messed up, that’s got nothing to do with us’, but me, if I mess up, then nobody would want to be there...” He began his rant, mimicking his parents at every opportunity.

“If I mess up it’s not ‘whoops, a little slip up! Don’t worry about it son”. Oh no, it’s much worse than that. If I eat with the wrong fork then I automatically become a disgrace to the Potter name! If I wear the wrong shirt I’m not to go out for weeks and am a complete embarrassment! If I put a toe out of line then I never, never get to hear the end of it! And you think for that, for all that I have to go through, for all the appearances that I have to work on and try really hard to keep up with I’d get a lot. Get a pat on the back, a ‘good job, son’, or maybe even a hug? You really think that they’d at least give me that. But I get nothing. To my parents, I am just someone to bring to a party and not to embarrass them in any way, shape or form. My dad is head of the auror department, so we hosted his grand ball last year. He makes his speech, thanking everyone important in his life, by name of course. My mother, his parents, his colleagues. But not me. I am completely left off that list. And that night, that night I tried so hard to impress my parents. I smiled at the right times, I laughed at the bad jokes, I even danced with the fat, ugly woman! And what do I get at the end of the night? Well, my dad comes over and leans up to me. I thought this was it, this was when I was going to get my hug. But what do I get? He pushes my hair down and complains about it. I had been faultless all evening so he finds faults in my hair of all things!”

James’ rant was now over. He had said everything that he wanted to say, everything that he had needed to say. He had gotten it all off of his chest in a matter of minuets. He was now breathless from the quickness of his voice. He looked around at the people, who although taken aback by his words, were less shocked than before. With everything that had already happened, you’d think nothing could surprise them. They knew James’ revelations were coming, that it was inevitable they wouldn’t find out something new. They knew they’d be surprised. They knew that no matter what other people might say, they had to expect the unexpected.

“Wow, it feels so good to get that off my chest!” James sat down, smiling. The others still gaped around him, realizing they were completely unaware of the torment James went through at home. They sat motionless, until Sirius got up and walked towards his best friend. He leaned down and hugged him.

“If all you wanted was a hug, I’d give one to you mate!” He said, clapping him on the back. Both laughed. They were even again, best friends again and forever more.

‘Come here Potter” Lily smiled, opening her arms for the boy she had rejected so many times to go into. He walked towards her and leaned in, giving her a friendly hug. It was warm, gentle and comforting.

“Right, you can let go now!” Lily told him.

“I don’t want to”  

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