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Hermione Zabini?? Why me... by Dracos Sex Goddess
Chapter 10 : Chips and Champions
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I was the last to depart the Burrow and arrive in my room.  I chuckled to myself as I stepped out of the fireplace and watched as the blue carpet became the dark hardwood floor it was on the day of my arrival.  Ginny was lounging on my bed and Harry and Ron jumped when they witnessed the floor change beneath their feet.


“So… what do you think?”  I asked in an amused voice.


“It’s bloody brilliant!  Maybe I’ve had a glamour charm on me my whole life too and am really a Zabini.  Do you have an extra room I can have?”  Ronald asked as he looked around.  No, I do NOT want to live with you Ron; I’d probably kill myself in the first 5 minutes.


“Sure she does, the manor is huge, but why would she want to live with you?”  Ginny’s snarky reply earned her a glare.  Yes, right on target Gin.


“Ok, tour later.  Let’s go get some food and head to the pool.”  I skipped excitedly to the door.  “Oh, and Ginny has some things to tell you on the way.”  I smiled at Ginny and received a glare.  I did NOT want to be the one to inform the boys that they would be spending a day with Malfoy.


Halfway to the kitchen I heard Ron shout.  “Are you bloody insane Hermione?!  There is no way I’m going to spend my summer holiday being nice to that ferret!”  He fumed.


“Ron, please?  It’s just one day, and who said you had to be nice to him?  You can still hate him; just don’t voice it unless provoked.  Please… I need you guys here if I’m going to survive.  Just try to ignore him the best you can, for mine and my brother’s sake.”  I begged him.  Harry looked back and forth between us.  He looked a little green.


“Harry, you ok?”  I asked him.


“Yeah… It’s just I don’t fancy being around Malfoy more then I have to, but for you Mione I’ll deal with it.”  I threw my arms around Harry and thanked him.  “You’re welcome.  And by the way, you look good, but it’s still weird.” 


I gave him a smile.  “Yeah, I know.  It’s still weird for me every day I wake up till I go to bed.”


We started moving toward the kitchen again.  Food food food food, singin in my head.


“Ron, let’s go.”  Ginny commanded her brother.  “Oh yeah, before I forget.  I like Blaise and I think he likes me, so if you see us together, deal with it.”


Oh geez Ginny, way to ease him into it slowly.  “WHAT?”  Ron bellowed through my house.


“Ronald Weasley shut up!”  I whisper yelled to him.


“Ron, if you don’t control your temper and let me and Blaise be then Hermione told me she has a secret about that two of you that she will share with us and the family.”  Ginny smiled at her brother.


Ron looked at me in shock and I just folded my arms across my chest, set my face to stone and nodded my head.  He eventually admitted defeat and let his head drop.


“Fine… but if he does anything to hurt either of you, I’ll kill him.”  He said looking back up.


“Don’t worry; I’ll be there first to kill him if anything happens to Gin.”  I told him with a pat on the back.


Finally people, let’s get a move on.  Ok, chips, nacho cheese, salsa.  Check.  Fruit platter.  Check.  Hot dogs and hamburgers to cook on the grill.  Check.


“Thanks Lars!  Come join us around the pool if you get bored in here, yeah?”  I smiled at my favorite chef.


“Will do Mia.  Now run along and have some fun!”  He ushered us out of the kitchen.


We reached the deck doors and could hear shouts and laughter coming from the back yard.  Ok, we’re all adults.  We can handle a day together right, how hard could this be?


“Ok, pinky swear that you will all be on your best behavior?”  I turned around to ask them before opening the doors to hell.  Ron and Harry looked at me like I was mental. 


“What’s a pinky swear?”  Ron asked with his head tilted to the side.  Ginny and I demonstrated and the boys, while still looking at me like I was crazy, obliged.


“Ok.  Here.  We.  Go.”  I mumbled to myself as I opened the double doors to the back yard.


“Wow.”  Came all three of their replies.  It was a beautiful sight I must say.  Gardens full of flowers on either side of the lawn with a pond in the background surrounded by woods.  There was a fountain in the center of the stone pathway leading down to the enormous in ground swimming pool in the center of the yard.  There was also a small pool house on the edge of the stone walkway and a large grill on the patio.


“Ok, let’s go.”  I led the way down the stone steps and onto the area surrounding the pool silently praying for no blood shed.


“Hey Mi!  It’s about time!”  I heard Blaise shout from the pool.  All eyes were then trained on me and my guests. 


When we got to the edge of the stone surrounding the pool we stopped and I conjured four lounge chairs for us. 


“Potty?  Weasel?”  I heard Malfoy question in distaste.  I glared at him but then noticed his toned upper body.  Shit, get Malfoy out of your head Hermione!  He raised an eyebrow at my staring and I quickly looked away.  I felt a blush creeping up my cheeks and hoped to Merlin no one noticed as to why.


“Hello Malfoy.”  I heard Harry say behind me in the most polite voice he could muster.


“What the bloody hell are you two doing here?”  Malfoy shouted.


“Excuse me Malfoy.  Like it or not this is my house along with Blaise.  Not.  Yours.  If you have a problem with the friends I bring here then you can run along home.”  I scolded him. 


Yeah, that better shut you up.  You’re guna pout at me?  Really?  Fine, be a baby.


Blaise, Pete and Chris got out of the pool and walked over to our group.  Merlin I really do love my brother.  He held out his hand to Harry.


“Potter, how are you?” 


Harry hesitantly shook Blaise’s hand.  “I’m doing well Zabini, thanks.”


Next was Ron, oh gosh please don’t be a total ass Ron.  Please!


“Weasley, good to see you again.”  Blaise said as Ron shook his hand.  Ok Ron, no need to squeeze the life out of it.


“Yeah.”  Was all Ron had to say and then released Blaise’s now throbbing hand.


I gave Blaise a thankful smile and he put his arm around my shoulders.  Pete and Chris introduced themselves and started conversations with Harry and Ron rather easily.


“Thank you.  That meant a lot.”  I looked up at Blaise and smiled again.


“Of course.  I love my family and I’ll do whatever I can to try and make them happy.”  He told me.  “Now, where’s that food I saw you bring.  All that pool time made me hungry.”  I chuckled and shook my head.  Boys, all they think about is food.


“It’s over by the chairs.  By the way, is that Parkinson in the pool with Malfoy?”  I whispered to him with a whine.


He shrugged his shoulders and walked towards the chairs.  “Yeah, you knew she was one of my ‘sorta’ friends.  Give her a chance; she’s not as bad as you think.”


“Fine.  But only if you tell your buddy that’s glaring at my friends to behave himself.”  I countered.  He peered over his shoulder to look at Malfoy.  Then he nodded his head at me while stuffing his face with chips.


“You know these hotdogs and hamburgers are going to go bad if we don’t cook them right now.”  Blaise said after swallowing.


I flashed him a smile.  “No they won’t.  I placed a freezing charm on them until we’re ready.  Brightest witch of our age remember.”  I pointed to myself.


He laughed and shook his head then continued cramming chips into his mouth until he looked like a chipmunk.  The boys went over to join him in the ‘see how much food I can get in my mouth’ contest. 


I pulled my tank top over my head, stepped out of my flip flops and slid off my skirt.  I threw it all on one of the lounge chairs and was pulling my hair into a ponytail when Ginny came to stand next to me.


“You know, Malfoy’s starring at you like he’s ready to pounce.  I mean all the guys except your brother stared at you at first, but with one look from Blaise they turned away.  But Draco’s eyes are glued to your body.  I doubt he’d care if Blaise punched him again right now.”  Ginny whispered to me while taking off her sundress.


After my ponytail was in place I looked toward Malfoy and sure enough his eyes were scanning my body.  Ugh whatever.  Look all you want, but if you’re guna be a complete ass then don’t even think about coming near me.


“Parkinson 11 o’clock and headed this way.”  Ginny mumbled out of the side of her mouth.  Yup, Pansy was headed straight for us.  She stopped about 2 feet away and looked really uncomfortable.  I turned my head and saw Blaise give me a ‘please, for me’ look and I rolled my eyes.


I turned back to Pansy and stuck my hand out.  “Hey Pansy, how are you?”


She looked shocked to say the least, but recovered quickly and shook my hand.  “I’m good Hermione thanks.  Hi, Ginny, right?”  Pansy said and turned to shake a dumbfounded Ginny’s hand.


“Um, yeah.  Hi Pansy.”  Ginny mumbled confusedly. 


“You can call me Mia by the way.  Might be easier for Blaise’s friends to associate me with the Zabini family instead of the Granger’s.  All of his friends call me that anyway, except Malfoy.  I’m still either Granger or Hermione occasionally.” 


“Alright, Mia it is.”  Pansy said with a smile.  “The waters perfect, you should come in.”  She then turned around to join Malfoy in the pool.


“Malfoy is still looking at you, but now he has kind of a confused and pained expression on his face.  Probably wondering how you can be so nice to Parkinson and not him.”  Ginny snorted.


“Well, the days not over.  Maybe if he’s not a total jerk for once I can ease up a bit.”


The boys all jumped in the water after they were done with their snack and a fun plan formed in my head.


“Come on, I say cannonballs next to the guys.”  Ginny nodded with a smile and we ran opposite ways around the pool.


“Cannon ball!!”  We both screamed out as we flew through the air towards the group of guys.  I saw a huge wave of water from both of us collide with them.  When I surfaced I was pulled into Chris’ arms. 


“You think that was funny?”  He asked with a laugh in his voice.  I tried to struggle and let out a few laughs and managed a “Yes!” before he dunked me under water a couple of times.  I continued laughing, holding my breath, being dunked, laughing, holding my breath, being dunked but I was pulled away and held into someone’s chest. 


“That’s enough.”  I heard a low growl and knew exactly who it was that tore me away from the fun.  I wiped the water out of my eyes and looked up into Malfoy’s face.  He had his arms around my back pinning me to him. 


What is his deal?  I wasn’t hurt, we were just having fun.  It is kind of nice being in his arms though…


“Are you alright?”  His voice was dripping with concern.  I tore my eyes away from his.


“Yeah, umm… I’m fine.”  I mumbled and I unlatched his arms from around my back.  I turned to see everyone with raised eyebrows.  Harry and Ron had their mouths open in shock.


Well, that certainly wasn’t what I had in mind when I jumped in the pool.  Always have to make a scene it seems.


I clapped my hands to get everyone’s attention.  “Ok, who’s in the mood for some pool volleyball?”


“What’s that?”  I heard Ron wonder.


“Seriously?  It’s a fun game.  You guys don’t have it here?”  Pete asked and received a bunch of no’s.  “Well, I guess it’s a mungle or whatever you call us thing.”  He then proceeded to teach the rules to everyone magical.  I transfigured one of the lounge chairs into a net and stretched it across the pool, another I made into a lifeguard chair so Pansy could be referee.  I then transfigured one of Blaise’s quaffles that was lying near the pool into a volleyball.


“Ok, we need to pick teams.  Captains, Blaise and Malfoy.”  I called out.


“What, come on that’s not fair!”  Ron whined.  Oh geez Ron, stop being a baby.


“Yes, it’s fair.  This way they can’t be on the same team.”  I smiled.  “Ok volley to see who picks first.”  Malfoy won.


“Ok, let’s see... Granger.  Get your cute arse over here.”  He smirked at me and I scowled.  Great, I don’t get to hit him with the ball.


“Ginny.”  Blaise called out.


“Oh looks like the love sick puppies choose their lovers over their friends.”  Chris laughed.  Everyone shot him a glare.  He held up his hands in defeat.


“Potter.”  Harry swam over to us and gave Malfoy a questioning look.


“I hate to admit it Potter, really truly hate to, but you always beat me to the snitch.  So I figure you’d be a good asset to my team.”  Both Harry and I looked at him in shock.


“Did I just receive a compliment from the great Draco Malfoy?”  Harry asked with a smirk on his face.


“Don’t get used to it Potter.”  Malfoy sneered at him.


“Ok… Chris.”  Chris swam to Blaise’s side of the net.


“Pete.”  Malfoy called.


“Last again.  Doesn’t surprise me.”  Ron swam to Blaise and his team.


Poor Ron.  He was never that great at sports.  “Ok, everyone knows the rules, let’s volley to see who serves first and then let the games begin!” I shouted excitedly.


Pansy was a surprisingly great referee.  Fair in every sense.  We played 3 games.  My team won 2 out of those 3, of course.  After our workout we decided to start up the grill to cook our food.


Climbing out of the pool I started to gloat and Pete joined in.  He put an arm around my waist and lifted me off the ground.  I raised my fist in the air and the two of us started to sing.


“We are the champions my friends… dun na na, and we’ll keep on fightin till the end.  We are the champions, we are the champions.”  Pete spun around to face Blaise and his team and we pointed at them then at ourselves.  “No time for losers cuz we are the champions… of the WORLD!” 


We were in hysterics by the time we finished.  He put me down and I walked off to grab a towel from the towel box by the pool house and wrapped it around my shoulders.  Damn it’s cold!  I felt myself shivering then felt a pair of hands rubbing my arms to warm me up.  Oh Merlin not him, not him please…  I turned around and sure enough, it was the stormy eyed Slytherin.


He continued to run his hands up and down my arms creating friction and warmth.  Merlin he’s gorgeous.  He had a towel draped around his shoulders and I let my eyes travel to his chest and stomach. 


Oh god he’s bloody perfect.  Stomach please stop doing summersaults, it’s not the most comfortable feeling.  And heart be quiet, he can probably hear you, along with the people in Timbuktu.


I wanted to reach my hand out and run it along his perfect abs still glistening from the water but I restrained myself.  I lifted my eyes to take in his face.  Perfect pink lips, slightly parted.  Hair, disheveled and wet.  Rosy cheeks.  I focused on his eyes to see they were fixed on mine.  They were dark and intense. 


He took a step towards me and cupped my cheeks in his warm hands.  I closed my eyes knowing what was coming next.  I could feel his hot breath on my face…


“Hey!  None of that you two, it’s food time!”  Pete said running over to the towel box.  I snapped my eyes open and looked into Draco’s.  He looked annoyed, hopefully because Pete interrupted us and not at me.   I finally broke away and turned back to join the group.  Wow… that was really close.


“So, everything ready to go?”  I asked trying to ignore the stares I was receiving from Harry and Ron.  Ron looked livid.  Everyone else just had knowing looks on their faces.


“Yeah, you just forgot condiments; you know cheese, ketchup, mustard etc.  I can get Grady to get it though.”  Blaise said while flipping a burger.


“No, no leave that poor man alone.  Harry, Ron would you like to help me?”  I looked at them and inclined my head towards the house.  They nodded and started walking to the doors while drying themselves off.


I turned around quickly and took a step into a firm body.  I started to fall backwards but was held up by someone grabbing onto my upper arms.  I knew who it was so I just mumbled a ‘sorry’ and ran to catch up with the boys.


I passed them on our way to the kitchen and heard a, “What the bloody hell was that?” from Ron.  Oh boy…


“Yeah Mione, you were about to kiss him.  What’s going on?  First he gets upset and tries to protect you when you were getting dunked in the pool, he picked you first for his team and held you up on his shoulders so you could spike the ball, and then he just tried to kiss you!  Are we in some kind of parallel universe or something?”  Harry asked confusedly.


When we reached the kitchen I sat on one of the benches and put my head in my hands.  I then went on to explain all that had happened between Malfoy and I over the past couple days starting with the surprise dinner.  Ron paced around the room running his hand through his hair.  Harry got everything we originally came in here for while silently listening to my story.  When I finished everything was quiet except for Ron’s feet on the tile.


It was Harry who first spoke up.  “Well… I’m not going to say I’m happy about this.  He still sounds like a git, but if you like him then I’ll deal with it.  Hopefully he has changed or is on his way.  Your story sounds like he has at least a little and I have to agree with Ginny and Blaise about wounding his pride.  That’s why he got so upset with you.  But I know, I know, it is Malfoy.  Just don’t jump in blindly.”  I got up to give Harry a hug.


“What?!  That’s it?  You’re just going to let her be with that ferret?  You can’t be serious Harry, after all he’s done.  He has the Dark Mark for Merlin’s sake!  Mione I forbid you to be with him.”  Ron huffed and crossed his arms over his chest.


“Uh oh...”  Harry breathed.  I got off my seat and stared at Ron.  What the hell does he mean he forbids me! 


“What did you say Ronald?  You forbid me to see Draco?”  I asked in a low calm voice.


“Hermione… I” he started to say but I was already on my way out of the kitchen. 


“You stupid arse!”  I shouted over my shoulder as I ran into the entrance hall.


“Who does he bloody think he is?  That was so not the way to get me not to do something.”  I grumbled to myself as I continued to run past the stairs and out the back doors letting my towel drop in the process.  I ran all the way down the path and saw everyone standing around the grill laughing.


Draco had his back to me and had shed his towel.  Damn, nice back too.  When I reached him I spun him around, pulled his head towards mine and crashed my lips onto his.  It took him a minute to recover from shock but he eventually gave into the kiss and slid his hands around my back.  Our lips moved together in perfect harmony and our eyes closed to enjoy the moment.  I ran my free hand up his stomach and chest and felt his body shudder at my touch.  My fingers eventually found their way into his hair.  He brought my body into his as close as possible and I had to rise up on my toes to be level with him. 


He darted his tongue out and teased my lower lip with its juicy touch.  I obliged and let him in.  He tasted spicy and salty, probably from the chips and salsa.  It tasted surprisingly good.  This was perfect; I could live on this alone.  He moaned into my mouth as our tongues danced together and brought his hand to the back of my head to deepen the kiss even further.  I could feel his heart pounding in time with mine.


I regretfully pulled away a bit when I couldn’t breathe anymore.  He leaned back in and moved his lips softly over mine then planted sweet light kisses from my lips, down my jaw and to my neck.  Shocking me, he buried his face between my neck and shoulder and held me tight.  I tightened my hold on him and relished in the feeling of being in his arms. 


This was most definitely Heaven.  Thank you universe for hating me so much because it brought me here.




A/N:  ‘We are the Champions’ is a song by Queen.  Great group.


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