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The Year You Stole My Heart by alicia and anne
Chapter 4 : Chapter 4
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"Do you know that I think you're a jerk?” Mariah cried as she used a dustpan and brush provided by the Headmaster, to pick up the mounds of food that Albus had pushed together, and placed them into a barrel they were using as a bin.

"Well, I think that you stink," Albus told her pathetically. Mariah let out a groan as she put more food into the barrel and saw that it was mostly over her hands.

She wiped them on the back of her trousers; unlike the other girls Mariah had been wearing a pair of trousers as her school uniform, mainly due to the fact that she had forgotten to bring her skirt with her to school. She was currently waiting for her mum to send them to her so was having to resort to borrowing a pair of Scorpius which were much too long for her.

"I can't believe you got me into trouble," Albus cried, throwing his own dust pan and brush onto the floor and sitting down normally, his feet were aching and his trousers were sticking to him. The only enjoyment that he got from this was that Mariah still had mash dried into her hair that would take more than one wash to get out.

"Me?” Mariah yelled incredulously, glaring at Albus as she wiped her forehead with her arm.

"You were the one who threw a sausage at me."

"Well, you shouldn't have deserved it," Albus told her as he looked around the room, seeing that they hadn't really made a dent in the amount of rubbish and food that was covering the floor.

Mariah threw her dustpan and brush in retaliation at Albus who only just ducked out of the way in time.

He barely had time to get to his feet when Mariah jumped on him, getting him into a headlock and rubbing her knuckles into his head, he let out a loud yell of pain as he tried to push her off of him. But she grabbed him by the hair.

Albus poked her in the ribs hard which finally made her let go of him, he moved away from her and out of arm's reach as he tried to find a way to defend himself if she ran at him again.

"You’re a crazy bint!' Albus cried, pointing at her, his hair was sticking out in all directions and he was getting the start of a headache.

"I'm going to take your eyes out if you're not careful" Mariah threatened him, Albus this time moving to behind a table.

"That’s what I'm afraid of," Albus said the worry evident in his voice.

Mariah glared at him for a moment before she smiled widely, "I'm going back to the dormitory."

"But we haven't finished yet," Albus stated, pointing around the room.

"I know, but that's your problem, not mine," and with one last smile at Albus she began to walk out of the Great Hall, making sure to push the barrel of food over on her way.

Albus groaned before looking around again, he’ll be damned if he was the only one left cleaning all of this mess up. So he too walked out of the great hall, knowing that he was going to get severely punished for leaving it in that mess.

The next time Mariah and Albus saw each other was the next day during Quidditch practice. As soon as Albus had arrived down at the Quidditch pitch Mariah was already there smiling evilly once she noticed Albus.

Albus glared at her as he walked towards the changing rooms, nearly walking into the wall as he was in 'the glaring zone', wondering just what in the name of Merlin Mariah was up to.

He found the answer as soon as he opened his locker to get out his Quidditch robes, and saw that nothing was in there.

After a lot of searching around, Albus came to the conclusion that his robes were nowhere to be found so he picked up a pair of shorts and a small t shirt from the lost property box in the corner of the changing room.

"Fine,” Albus cried as he hurried to change his clothes. “If you don’t want me to wear my uniform I won’t!”

He pulled on the shorts and top that was a size too small for him. He would have gone out in his underwear, but he didn’t want people jealous of his body.

Grabbing his beater's bat, Albus quickly sauntered out of the room and onto the pitch, the shorts were beginning to dig into his skin but he didn’t care. He was met with loud mocking laughter and a few, 'what in Merlins name is going on,’ once the others had seen him.

His captain frowned over at him.

“And the reason we’re dressed like this is because?” he asked, raising an eyebrow and rolling his hand around for emphasis.

Albus posed, jiggling his hips around to try and stop the shorts digging into him, as he rested his beater's bat on his shoulder.

“Well, it seems that someone,” he looked pointedly at Mariah who was trying to look innocent, “took all of my clothes so I had no choice really.”

"And you couldn't wear the clothes you had been wearing?”

Albus looked at him blankly, he had never thought of that.

His captain sighed, “Never mind,” he yelled rolling his eyes as he turned around and walked away from them all and going further onto the pitch.

“Welcome back everyone,” he told them as they trudged after him, everyone making sure not to walk behind Albus. “We’re going to get straight back into training seeing as though no one needs replacing. Although sometimes I’d like to replace some people.”

“Don’t hate me because my body is beautiful,” Albus said, pointing down at his body, almost everyone looked disgusted. Mariah looked a little enticed, Albus noticing this made a mental note to dance in front of her.

The captain ignored him. “We’ll start with running laps, five times around the pitch off you go.”

Everyone let out a groan.

"What!” Albus cried incredulously, throwing his bat to the floor in protest it bounced towards his fellow teammates who moved out of the way and glared at him, Albus ignored them.

"Why do we need to run? We sit on brooms and basically don't move at all. Why do you think we keep giving Gerald extra helpings at dinner? It’s so he can block the rings better.”

"It’s not my fault I like food,' Gerald said with a shrug smiling at the others who laughed and high fived him, they also liked food and didn’t like the idea of running around the pitch needlessly.

"What if you have to run away from a rogue Bludger on the pitch if it’s knocked you off your broom?”

"As if that's going to happen!” Albus scoffed, folding his arms with difficulty, the shirt felt like it was going to rip around his arms.

“It happened to your dad!” The captain replied.

“A lot of things happened to my dad, but you don't see everyone defeating dark lords do you? No, because it happens rarely.”

The captain stared at Albus for a while before saying, “Get running before I make it seven laps,”

Albus let out a loud huff before he began running.

He was panting and sweating wildly as he had run for what felt like twenty minutes, but in actual fact had only been about twenty steps. Albus collapsed onto the floor clutching a stitch in his side.

Looking up, he saw that Gerald had made it almost a whole lap, beating everyone else. Man he could really run, Albus made a mental note to eat what Gerald did to get more energy.

No one seemed to have noticed Albus lying on the ground so he continued to keep lying until someone noticed. It seemed though that he wasn’t noticed because most of the team ran around him as they passed on their first lap, Mariah choosing to run over him.

Albus let out a loud ‘oomph’ before reaching his hand forward to grab her ankle and trip her up, he missed by inches.

Grumbling to himself, he made a pact to himself that he would trip her before the day was out.

“Get up off of the floor you pathetic excuse for a beater.”

Albus looked up to see his captain standing above him with his arm crossed. “If you don’t pull your weight you’re going to be dropped from the team.”

“Do you really want to see me running around in these clothes?” Albus asked, still laying on the floor, keeping an eye out for when Mariah was going to run past him.

“I don’t even want to see you when you’re fully clothed, but unfortunately you’re a good beater so I’m stuck with you.”

“You make it sound like you don’t like me,” Albus stated choosing to get off of the floor, he stood up and brushed the grass off of him. The captain sneered at him before rolling his eyes and walking away.

It was an hour into the practice when things started to go wrong. The captain had made them all jump on their brooms and practice together, Mariah being the other beater was stuck with Albus for a partner so they were throwing balls at each other and hitting them back so they could focus on their aim.

This in itself was a difficult feat as both of them kept aiming for the other deliberately, trying to cause as much harm as they could. This was why they were found hovering only five feet off of the ground in case one of them actually managed to throw the other one off of their broom.

Albus whacked the ball as hard as he could, Mariah having just thrown it at him at full pelt. It went careening off towards the ground and Mariah rolled her eyes at Albus as she had to go and get it, flying down slowly on her broom.

Albus in celebration began dancing on his broom, waving his bat in the air in triumph, flying after Mariah he continued his dancing, making sure to get as close to her as possible and make her uncomfortable. But just as he began ‘shaking his booty’ in her direction he accidentally brushed his arm against her arm, causing her to let out a shriek and shoving him off of the broom in retaliation.

Albus fell off his broom from the five foot height it was at and landed on his right arm, a sickening crunch was heard and Albus let out a yell of pain. Mariah looked down at Albus before looking around at everyone else who was carrying on with their practices; she gave a shrug before she flew off towards them hoping to join in with them instead.

Albus was left crying on the floor and being ignored by everyone of his team mates.

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The Year You Stole My Heart: Chapter 4


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